Finance - Audrey

When CFO Willis had hired Kimberly to run the finance department, she managed to bring in a few very talented, and very beautiful, women into the department. He knew she was hiring two additional women to support the latest contract but was out of town for the interview process. It was a Monday morning when he returned.

As he walked into the building from his car, he noticed a mature, well-dressed woman walk into the building ahead of him. She was about five foot six with blond highlights in front of her shoulder length brown hair. She looked to be in her mid forties and wore a light colored blouse and a full length skirt that, from behind, showed a narrow waist that flared out to full hips. Intrigued by this new woman, Willis walked faster and caught up to her just as she reached to open the door. She heard his footsteps and turned to hold the door for him. When they made eye contact again, he found she was very pretty in the face, with deep blue-grey eyes.

"Thank you," he said with a warm smile. She returned his smile a mumbled a reply. As she quickly turned away, Willis walked the other way to his office. The administrative assistant he shared with the rest of the executive team was waiting for him with a pile of work to get caught up on. He buried himself in getting caught up on the work and had forgotten about the women he met at the door.

Near the end of the day, Kimberly knocked on his door. He looked up to see Kimberly dressed in tight slacks that really showed her long legs and firm butt off to great advantage, and a light blue sweater that made every man in the building want to reach out and touch her. With her was the sophisticated women Willis had met at the doorway. As he ushered them into his office, he had a much better opportunity to check out the new woman. She was slightly fuller in figure than Kimberly's lean body, with that slight abdomen bulge that suggests a mature fertility. Her hips and legs were also fuller, but what was very noticeable now was that she had full breasts. They were obviously supported by a bra but had the freedom to move and sway as she walked into the room. Her hair hung just over her eyes giving her a shy and guarded sort of look.

Kimberly was all smiles as she said, "Willis, I want to introduce you to our newest employee, Audrey. Audrey, this is our CFO, Willis. He takes great care of us." This last was said with a twinkle in her eye that caused Willis flush a bit, remembering her moans of passion. But as he reached out to shake Audrey's hands, the both started to laugh.

"Actually Kimberly," Willis said. "We met earlier today." Shifting his attention to Audrey, he said "It's a pleasure to formally meet you, Audrey." He looked into her deep blue-grey eyes and felt a stirring connection to her, but as he looked at her hand, he also saw a wedding band.

"It's nice to meet you as well," she said with an engaging smile. The ladies sat down in his office and they chatted about her background and the job. She had grown up in the local area and married a local police officer. She had moved away with him when he became an ATF agent, but had returned when he was posted to the local office as supervisory agent. She had one son in high school. Willis noticed a forlorn look in her eyes as she talked about her family, and hoped there would not be any problems in her future.

Over the next few weeks, Willis found himself seeking her out. He had lunch with her the few times he saw her sitting alone in the dinning/break room. She was easy and interesting to talk to and they did share some interests in movies and music. He was cautious to not spend too much time with her as she was directly subordinate to him. Over time, he explained how he had married shortly after college and started with the company as the accountant when there were only twenty employees. The incredible growth of the company in the last three years had taken too many 12 plus hour days on his part and his wife had divorced him for a man that could provide her more attention as well as money.

Audrey reveled more of her background as well. She had married her husband right out of high school, and he immediately started to work towards becoming a police officer. She became pregnant right away with their first child. Her pregnancy was troubled and they eventually lost the child. With her husband working days and taking college classes at night, it was a severe strain on their new marriage. It was not until after Christmas together that things returned to a normal relationship. Her husband completed his criminal justice degree and got picked up by ATF as a federal agent.

Following his job, they moved to the mid-west. They settled in but he was off and running with the new job. They did have time together again and she got pregnant soon after. Trying to ensure this pregnancy went to term, she was very over-cautious about everything that she did. She was mostly alone as she worried her way through the second pregnancy while he worked at his new job. After the baby was born, she was not really a very good wife, she readily admitted.

"One needy baby in diapers does not make for any romantic dinners," she told him on one occasion. "Plus I was so focused on doing everything I could for him as a baby that I really was a very poor partner."

They moved again as her husband gained more responsibility, this time to the northeast. With the boy now a toddler and sleeping all night, she tried to relax and have a more normal relationship, but the weight that she had gained had destroyed the wonderful figure she had in high school. Her self- image of how fat she was made her feel unappealing and therefore not interested in sex. She presented herself for her husband's use but received very little pleasure from it. She was honest that much of the apathy in her marriage was her own fault. When they had the chance to move back to home, she was excited and resolved to change everything.

With her boy approaching high school, Audrey started spending time on improving herself. She started to lose the extra weight and went back to school to develop a useful business skill. After four years as Agent in Charge in the local office, her husband was promoted to Special Supervisory agent and traveled a lot overseeing major investigations. He was now in his early fifties and he was assigned a secretary named Barbra. Audrey had met Barbra and found out she was a divorced woman in her mid thirties. As much time as he spent away from home, Audrey was starting to suspect that her husband was having an affair with her. Willis now saw the reason for her sad eyes.

The very next Tuesday after she had told Willis this, he pulled into the parking lot. Each day he found himself looking for Audrey's car to see if he could walk her in or something. He was struggling to balance his growing desire for her with the requirements of being her supervisor and the awareness that she was apparently married. He saw her car in the corner of the parking lot, far away from where she would usually park. As he got closer, he saw that she was in the car, but her face was in her hands. He pulled up beside her and she looked up. She had been crying.

"Are you OK?" he asked after she rolled down the window. She shook her head no but did not say anything. Willis got out of his car and got into Audrey's car on the passenger side.

"What is it?" he asked, taking her hand. "What's wrong?" Between sobs, she told him the story.

Audrey's husband left on Saturday to go to New York to oversee an investigation and was supposed to be gone for a week. When her car broken down Monday on the way home, she had it towed to her house and wanted to call her husband to let him know. His cell phone was out of service repeatedly, so Audrey called his office to see if Barbra could get a message to him. When she called one of the agents answered. Audrey asked to speak to Barbra and the voice answered, "I'm sorry. Barbra is in New York and will not be back until Friday. Is there something I can help you with?" Audrey hung up the phone and collapsed into tears.

"I pulled myself together before Tyler came home," she said through her tears. "I didn't want him to know." She took a deep sobbing breath.

"What am I to do? My child will leave for college next year. My son doesn't need me anymore and my husband banging some younger slut. I feel so useless."

"You are not useless," Willis comforted. "I have been through divorce, remember. You can get through it too, if that's what you want."

"I don't know what I want," she sobbed. "I would hate to face Tyler and tell him I failed my husband as a wife. He was the only man I have ever known and I've been faithful to him every day of our marriage. This is how he rewards me. I have failed to keep my husband."

"You have not failed, Audrey," Willis told her. He used a tone of voice that was strong enough to penetrate her cloud of despair. "He has failed you. He broke the covenant agreement you two had, not you. You are a very beautiful and very smart woman. If he wants to give you up for something younger, it is his loss." She smiled at him through her tears.

"Thank you for that, but you should be more honest." She shook her head at him. "I am more than fifteen years older than you and definitely showing the effects of age and childbirth."

"Other than when you are crying, you do not look your age," he replied with a smile. "My age has nothing to do with it. You are a beautiful and sexy woman." The word sexy was not what he had intended to say, but it slipped out from what his mind was thinking. Willis quickly tried to backtrack.

"I did not mean that at all negatively," he said hastily, his face turning red. "In fact, I should not have said that at all." But Audrey laughed at his slip-up.

"Thank you!" she said, laughing at his embarrassment. "You should not worry. The girls have a rule that it's not sexual harassment once you're over forty." She wiped her eyes and looked in the mirror.

"I'm a wreck!" she said, taking a deep breath. "Thank you so much for listening to me and building me up. You should go inside now; I'll be ok."

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes," she replied. "I need to repaint my face and then I will come in. Thank you again." She blew him a kiss as he stepped away from the car.

As it turned out, that Friday was Audrey's birthday. Although the girls in finance did not know all the issues in Audrey's life, they knew something was wrong and also knew her husband was out of town. They all got together to take Audrey out for her birthday and asked Willis if he wanted to go. Although he did want to go, going out with all the girls that worked for him was not a great career move.

"No," he told Kimberly. "You girls go have a girls' night out." When Kimberly came back and said that Audrey insisted he be there, he appeared to reluctantly agree to go.

Friday night after work they all met at a nice local restaurant and club for dinner. The girls, mostly wine drinkers, were having a great time, laughing loudly every few minutes, much to Willis's embarrassment. On the other hand, the girls had all dressed up and most of the men in the place were looking at him wondering how he ended up with all these good looking women. After dinner, one of the girls left but the rest moved to the bar area. Three guys had walked up on the small stage and started playing a variety of pop music. The girls all danced the line dances together, while Willis would dance with one or the other of the girls for some of the medium or slower numbers where he could actually use some of his ballroom dance skills.

It was getting late as the group had been there for quite a while. The band said they were going to play one more number before their break, and everyone pushed Audrey and Willis out on the floor so the Birthday girl could have one more dance. The dance was slow and Audrey moved inside Willis's dance form to hold him close. He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest as her perfume wafted into his nose. With his hand firmly the small of her back their pelvises pressed together causing Willis to swell within his pants. He was sure Audrey could feel it press against her and was worried she would be offended. To his surprise and pleasure, he felt her press back against it, yet she said nothing.

Willis's ex-wife was never as erotic as he found Audrey right now. There was so much more to her: the way she pushed her ripe body against his, the way she caressed the back of his neck with her hand while they swayed to the music, the aroma of her stimulating perfume, or the wonderfully sexy tone of her voice when she spoke. Mostly she was a mature woman who knew how to turn a man on without being aware of it. He marveled that any man that possessed this woman would ever do anything to risk losing her. He knew that he wanted her.

As the song ended, he escorted her off the floor and discovered that all the other girls had left except Kimberly. He wanted to find a way to extend his time with her and asked if they would like to go somewhere else. Audrey looked at Willis like he was crazy.

"Are you trying to make this into date?" she asked him with a smile. "I couldn't do that. I'm nearly old enough to be your mother. How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-eight," I said.

"You see? I'm forty-four and my son is closer to your age than me." She poked a finger in his chest. "You may think this is cute now but tomorrow you will be so embarrassed that you were hitting on someone of your mother's generation. You must have had quite a bit to drink!"

"I quit drinking an hour ago." Willis answered. He held up his glass and sloshed it around. "Tonic and lime...no gin." That statement made her stop and stare at Willis. He waited, knowing that like any negotiation, the next person to speak would be the vanquished.

Just then Kimberly leaned over and whispered into Audrey's ear. Audrey's eyes opened wide, and then flicked to Willis's crotch.

"How do you know?" She asked Kimberly in a loud and amazed whisper. Kimberly again whispered into her ear

"Look at the size of his hands and feet. I know he will be very attentive and gentle." It was the way she said that that made Audrey wonder at what Kimberly was implying but would never admit to. Audrey looked at Kimberly and covered her mouth. Kimberly just smiled.

"Find out for yourself," Kimberly told her. "You may never have another chance like this."

Audrey turned and looked at Willis, reassessing him with the information that Kimberly had given her. Maybe it was the alcohol...or maybe it was her louse of a husband. But once the decision was made, she committed fully. She walked to Willis and looked up into his eyes, giving him the deep look that she had used since childhood to get her way. Willis felt like he would melt into her blue-grey eyes.

"Take me someplace soft and relaxing," she purred to him. "We can discuss this more when we get there." Willis took her arm and headed to the door as Kimberly whispered in his ear,

"Be gentle."

In just a few minutes, they were walking into his condo. As they approached the door, Audrey was having second thoughts. She really never expected this to go so far. She did not want hurt his feelings, especially since he was her boss. He seemed so young to her and was trying to think of a way to get out of this without embarrassment or shame. But before she could think of anything, they were inside the door.

It was still quite warm and humid out and the cool air in the room drew her into the room. For a bachelor, he kept a fairly clean and simple home, with some creative lighting that was great for watching television...or romance.

"Welcome to my home," he said graciously. "Can I get you something?" As he waved his hand around the room he turned and found himself very close to Audrey. In the soft light he could not see so deeply into her eyes, yet she seemed to still very stressed. He reached out to touch her and she jumped like she was shocked. He knew that she was afraid to go further, but afraid to leave as well, so he made the decision for her.

Willis kissed her gently at first, barely pressing his lips to hers as a tease. He backed away and saw her eyes were completely closed. He moved in again and they kissed long and passionately as Audrey wrapped her arms around him. As they continued passionately kissing, Audrey slid her hands down to his ass, pulling his groin to her own and now communicating the desire she had tried to contain and deny. Willis moved a hand to her breast and gently squeezed it, getting a moan in return.

Her relatively conservative clothes sometimes seemed old-fashioned but now were obviously a mask hiding the fire within. Willis backed away just a bit and, looking into her eyes, he started to unzip the dark dress she wore. She didn't say anything, but remained passive...waiting. This was the first time that she would be undressed by any man, even her husband, in a very long time. In her mind, it was the final break in the bond that held her to her husband.

As he pulled the dress free from her shoulders, Willis began kissing her neck and chest. Audrey sighed softly as she caressed his head, absorbing the sensations of his lips on her skin. He pushed the upper part of the dress down her arms and then reached to unhook her bra as the dress gathered at her waist. Audrey shrugged the bra off and it fell to the floor between them.

Willis stopped to look at her breasts. They were full and weighty with only a bit of sagging, like the breasts of a much younger woman. Her breast-flesh was pale but unblemished, almost like virgin flesh. Willis had never seen breasts so beautiful and was entranced by the drooping mounds. But the real shock was the tattoo of a moon with wings on her right breast. He never would have imagined she would have been that daring in her past. He slowly ran his fingers over Audrey's tattoo, experiencing the smooth softness of her multi-colored skin.

"So beautiful," he whispered as his fingers closed around one swollen nipple. It was such a contrast of hard and soft under his fingers. Willis reluctantly let go of the nipple and lifted the heavy breast to his mouth. She moaned as his mouth enveloped her nipple, and pulled his head into her breast with her hands. After an eternity of pleasure at one breast, he kissed his way down into the valley between the mounds and then up onto the other breast.

He pushed Audrey's dress down over her hips as he pursed his lips around her other nipple and began to suck on it. Audrey was glad it was so dark as he could not see what she considered to be her fat belly. As the dress gathered around her ankles, Willis was amused to find Audrey wore plain satin panties that fully covered her behind. He stood up and took her by the hand and led her into the dark bedroom. In the changing light, he watched the fullness of her body move and ripple, enticed by the curvy feminine softness.

He laid her on her back on the bed, where the light from the parking lot illuminated her beautiful pale body. Climbing onto the bed over her, he kissed and licked his way down her body, worshipping it with his mouth. Her tummy was smooth, soft, and slightly rounded with no stretch marks. Her legs were thick, strong, and so beautiful that Willis could not comprehend why she would keep them covered with her usual long dresses.

Audrey lifted her hips up as he slowly slid her panties down her body to reveal her womanhood. The pubic hair was thick and dark, but surprisingly soft. He rubbed his nose in her thatch, savoring her natural perfume like it was some intoxicating flower. As he moved lower, she opened her legs to his oral attention. He found her clitoris was more pronounced than others he had seen, but just had to taste it. As Willis gently sucked the swollen nub into his mouth, her breathing became heavy and irregular. He continued his oral attention, patiently driving her towards the climax he wanted to give her.

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