Aunt Brandy Initiates Virgin Nephew


I stuck my 2 long fingers in her asshole. I could feel my dick in the other side of a thin skin separating the two.

"Oh fuck yeah! How do you like that Jimmy? Fucking my pussy and fingering my asshole... like that? "

"Oh Aunt Brandy...!"

"Now I want you to cum in Auntie's pussy! Ok? Finger my butt and cum on my pussy! You can spank my ass if you want...!"

I lay my hand on her big firm ass cheek nice and hard. Aunt Brandy just went crazy, jumping up and down on my full length in her pussy and with her buns opened wide with my 2 fingers buried in her ass.

"Oh I like this Jimmy! Fuck your fingers up my butt and spank it! Oh yeah! Harder!"

Aunt Brandy was driving me crazy, riding my cock and opening her awesome ass for my fingers, all the while talking so dirty. I was slapping her bun and could feel how firm her buns are. I was about to blow my wad.

"Cum for Auntie Jimmy...Cum in my pussy!"

"Aunt Brandy I...I gonna cum!"

"Yes! Give me your cherry baby! Cum in Auntie's pussy for your first time!"

Aunt Brandy started to ride me even harder, still pulling her ass open for me.

"Yeah baby! Cum for me. Enjoy it baby. Cum in your Auntie's pussy. I'm cumming too!"

We both came like a hurricane. It was her 3rd and my 2nd orgasm so far, my first inside a woman. Aunt Brandy kept riding me for a good while, her ass pink from my spanking. Then, still grinding her ass at my still hard cock Aunt Brandy looked back:

"How was that for the first fuck of your life little Jimmy? Did you like it?"

"Oh yes! I am still cuming!"

"It was good, wasn't it? I wanted to make it especially kinky for you. I thought you would enjoy spanking and fingering my ass while loosing your cherry. I am sure you will remember Auntie after tonight!"

Still grinding her pussy on my cock and caressing her buns, Aunt Brandy asked:

"Don't you think I have a nice ass for a 36 year old Jimmy?"

"Aunt Brandy, you have the most awesome ass I've ever seen. It drives all my friends and me and Daddy crazy."

"Oh, yeah?! I will take care of your friends and your Daddy later. Now... are you still up for fucking it baby?"

" you mean....."

"My ass Jimmy! Do you still wanna butt fuck my big ass?"

"Y... yes! Of course! Are you gonna give it to me?"

"You're a kinky nasty boy! All right... I will let you butt fuck me because I love you and I want to make your first fuck one that you remember and tell all your friends about. But you will have to do what I say OK?"


Aunt Brandy pulled my 9 inches out of her pussy and backed over me in a 69 position. She raised her body, mounted my face and opened her big ass cheeks with both hands. She looked down at me with her lewd face still full of hardening cum. Cum juices free flowing down her stretched out pussy down on my face. I didn't know what to do.

"Are you sure you wanna butt fuck my big ass Jimmy?"

"Yes, yes..."

" see my butt hole... right there....where that big hard dick is gonna go?"


"Be a good boy and lick your tongue around Auntie's asshole to make it wet and relaxed open for your cock."


"Well, if you wanna fuck it you gotta eat it my boy...!"

"But Aunt Bran..."

"Lick that ass Jimmy! You wanna butt fuck it don't you? So stick your tongue out and rim my asshole or forget about fucking it!"

I immediately pulled her ass down to my mouth. She grabbed my head to make sure it was centered to meet her butt hole.

"Yeah! Right there...!"

I couldn't believe my nasty Aunt Brandy. I reached around her ass cheeks and open them to get some air. I stuck my tongue out and pushed it straight into her asshole and she moaned:

"Oh Yeah! Good start! That's it! Boy, you really wanna fuck that ass don't you Jimmy?"

"Huh... huh!"

Aunt Brandy was rocking back and forth, riding my face with her big hard butt.

"Yeah?! You wanna butt fuck me Jimmy? I didn't hear you..."

"Huh... huh!"

"I take that as a yes. Ok, lick that ass good and I'm gonna let you butt fuck it OK?!! Now stick your tongue in and out!"

I stuck my tongue hard and drove it in and out of her bun.

"Oh yeah! That's it boy! Yeah! Jam your tongue up my bun as far as you can! Yeah! Hungry virgin boy! That's it! Eat that ass good!"

Aunt Brandy reached down and opened both cheeks farther and her sphincter gave away and my tongue went all the way up her ass. I could feel her asshole ring around my taste buds.

"Oh! That's good! You are doing great! Oh yeah! Fuck that asshole with a thick tongue!"

Aunt Brandy went down and stuffed my cock in her mouth and I let out a sigh.


"Don't stop eating that asshole you little pervert! Now eat this..."

She forced my own cum out her snatch and I couldn't help but mix it and swallow with my ass licking.

"Yeah eat it! That's a good nasty boy! I know you like it.... just like your Daddy!"

I licked and stuck my tongue up her asshole for a good 5 minutes.

"You and your Daddy both like to butt fuck me and eat your own cum... big cock perverts!"

Aunt Brandy was barking at me to lick harder while grinding her ass down onto my face and sucking my cock.

"Uuuumm! Yeah, that's it!! Fuck in and out! Yeah, like that! Tongue my asshole like that! Yeah! Uuuummm! ... don't stop!"

Aunt Brandy as out of control. She was a real nasty ass wore, I tell you. As soon as she started playing with her clit, she squeezed my cock hard and yelled another huge orgasm. She tensed all over and squirted a lot of cum on my face.

"Oh yes Jimmy! Yes baby! gonna fuck that ass good! Oh god, I'm cumming! Oh!"

After her 4th orgasm, Aunt Brandy resumed her sweet-talking personality. It was just then when realized that she seemed to have a kinky personality every time she fucked her ass on me. Every time I stuck a finger, a tongue or my cock up her ass, she would just talk and act like the nastiest kinkiest slut. Then, a sweet Aunt Brandy persona would come back right after her orgasms. Really weird and harmless I suppose, but quite a turn on.

"That was a real treat my boy toy! Thank you so much my angel!"

"Oh, Aunt Brandy...."

"Yes my dear nephew."

"Can we try it now?"

"Oh poor thing, wanna it in my butt now? Huh? Ok..."

Aunt Brandy went to all fours. What a beauty! I couldn't get over how wide and plentiful and perfect her ass was, raised up in the air like that. Her shaved pussy and puckered anus so inviting! Her pussy was all stretched and sloppy dripping cum. She had gobbles of cum splattered on her face and dangling from her chin. And her asshole was just wet and relaxed, very inviting to my cock.

"First let's have a good doggy fuck Jimmy, OK?! You gonna like it I promise... then I let you butt fuck me! Ok? Come on fuck my pussy hard!"

I kneeled behind Aunt Brandy and pushed my dick in her pussy at once.

"Oh yeah! I love a hard doggy fuck! Shove it in nice and hard! Yeah! Good!"

I held onto her waist and pushed my whole cock hard into her stretched out and sloppy pussy.

"Oh yeah!! Give it to me hard!"

"Like that?"

"HARDER! Bang me like a bitch!"

I fucked her with all my strength. She was bucking her ass back and taking all my cock in her pussy. We were really going at it.

"Fuck yeah! Yeah!!!!!"

Aunt Brandy arched her back and was high up on her hands and knees, pushing back at my cock.

"...put your finger up my ass!"

I pushed one finger deep in her asshole.

"Oh Yeah, that's it!! Yeah!! Put another one...!"

I pushed another finger in her ass, and fucked her pussy hard and with hard long strokes. Aunt Brandy's ass was so nice and wide. Holding her by the waist I pumped her pussy really hard, alternating with my 2 fingers up her butt.

"OH YEAH!!!! That's it!! Stretch my asshole for your dick!! YEAH!"

I fucked her hard with all my dick, 2 fingers up her asshole and slapping her ass real hard. She was pushing the floor back with all her strength, screaming and fucking her pussy back at my cock. It was quite wild. Aunt Brandy had her 5th orgasm as soon as my 3rd finger entered her asshole.

"Oh Jimmy!! Fuck!. Oh god! I'm cuming again! I'm cumm...!"

She tensed, shook and contracted her pussy for 20 seconds while I waited for her to cum. After her orgasm I started to fuck her again and I felt like cuming too.

"Oh Aunt Brandy I think I am gonna cum again!"

Aunt Brandy stopped moving and hissed at me with her cum splattered face.

"Don't you cum Jimmy! Save it!"

"... I am almost..."

Aunt Brandy pulled my cock out of her pussy and ordered me to stay still. She turned around; grab my cock and spat and pumped on it a couple times making it slick and wet:

"Uuumm! ...Don't you cum in my mouth either! Uuumm! I want this bad boy super hard and sleek up my butt... Uuumm!"

"Oh Aunt Brandy!"

She kept on sucking the pussy juices out of my cock and spitting it back on it several times.

"Uuumm!...Oh God! It's bigger than before! Uuumm! Can't even suck the head! Uuumm!

My almost cuming and her pumping and sucking really swell my cock as never before. The purple head was out clear of foreskin. Her pumping hand could not close around the middle and her mouth was stuffed to the limit. My cock was glistering with cum and saliva.

"Uuumm! Uuumm!! I can't believe I gonna let my nephew butt fuck me with his huge dick! Uuumm! It's gonna be so tight.... Uummm! Ok... Uummm! are nice and ready! Let's do it... Now... you are gonna do what I say, understand?"

"Yes, yes of course...."

"You are too fucking big for my shitter so go slow OK you punk?

"Ok, ok..."

She spat a couple more times in her hand and spread it on her asshole.

"This is the best ass you will ever have my boy... so remember how good this is..."

"I definitely will."

"All right then... Let's do it...! Boy you gonna love this..."

She turned around leaning on the bed and pulled her cheeks wide open with both hands.

" we go Jimmy...Was this what you wanna?"

"Oh yeah!"

"So come butt fuck your Aunt's big ass baby!"

I kneeled behind her awesome ass and held my cock by the base while she pulled her ass buns wide open. She looked at the mirror and saw my huge cock aligned with her already gapping asshole.

"Oh yeah! This is gonna be a royal butt fuck all right!"

"Can I stuff my cock all the way in your ass Aunt Brandy?"

She looked back at me with a strand of cum dangling from her chin:

"You mother fucker! You fuck as much as I tell you and you better enjoy it cause when you are done this ass will not be the same! Now fuck that ass already!

Her ass was so nasty and inviting now that it was nicely stretched out. She spread it so wide and made it even wider by arching it back really high and flexing the sphincter to invite my cock. Aunt Brandy grabbed my cock and impatiently guided it to the entrance of her asshole:

"Fuck that nasty cock in my ass ...."


"Yes, right there. Now push it in. PUSH IT IN!"

Her hands holding her ass cheeks wide open, I pushed my cock into her asshole and felt the head pop in.

"Oh! You got it! You got my ass. Oh! That's it! Your cock is in my ass! Oh fuck it's big!"

"Oh Aunt Brandy...!"

"Oh! ass! OH SHIT!"

I tried to push more cock inside:

"Ah! Goddamit!!! Slow down you son of a bitch! I told you!"

"I'm sorry... It's so good! tight"

"Ah! Fuck!'s tight all right but it's not gonna be this tight after you fuck it you mother fucker! Ah!"

"Can I put more in?"

"NOOO!! You fuck... you gotta go slow... hold it..."

Aunt Brandy tried to relax and started to slowly fuck my cockhead back and forth.

"Ah my ass! Fuck!! You are so fucking thick! Ah! My ass...! Ouch!"

"I wanna put more in!"

"NOOOO! Ah!! You fuck! Ah!"

Aunt Brandy looked so nasty, with cum all over her face and in apparent pain, with her ass up in the air, both hands pulling her ass open, the head of my dick buried inside her stretched asshole, another 8 thick inches to go. Aunt Brandy was watching us in the mirror and was walling and cursing dirty nasty talk.

"...fuck that ass! Oh god! You dirty fucker! Look what you doing to me! Ah!"

"...Oh thank you Aunt Brandy... your ass is so good!

"You wanna butt fuck me didn't you pervert! Now how do you like fucking my ass you mother fucker?"

"It's great!"

"We are not done yet you prick! Keep fucking that ass slowly!"

"It's tight...!"

"Ah! ... what a fucking slut fuck my mouth...Ah!... fuck my pussy... Ah!!"


"Ah!!! Now you are corning my ass with that big cock! Ah!"

I fucked another inch inside:

"Ah!!!! Mother fucker! ass! Ah!!!"

I was fucking to the thick part and her butt hole was wider than a silver dollar! My dick was definitely doing some damage to her sphincter.

"Oh my ass Jimmy! Oh! It's fucking big..."

"Should I pull out and cum in your face again Aunt Brandy?"

"Fuck you pervert! You cum all over my face already, you bastard! You cum right there in my ass now!"

I pushed it further, her ass was getting tighter.

"Ah! FUCK!!... my ass! Dam!"

"Never dreamt it could be this good!"

"Yeah? fucking Auntie in the ass?... pervert... fuck that nasty cock up your Auntie's ass! Come on! Butt fuck your Aunt Brandy good!"

"You want some more?"

"Yeah put in more!"

I fucked Aunt Brandy's tight asshole with 4 thick inches.

"Oh my God! Ah!"

"Oh yeah!"

"Oh god! Oh fuck... AH!! That's enough... pull it out... PULL IT OUT!!!..."

I pulled out of her ass and Aunt Brandy adjusted herself, opening her legs and ass farther apart.

"Fuck my pussy now!"

I shoved my cock all the way into her wet pussy.

"Oh yeah! Good boy! Fuck that pussy! Yeah! Nice and deep! Yeah! Now back in the ass!"

It worked! I pushed 5 thick inches into her ass much easier now. Aunt Brandy really knew what she was doing.

"There we go... You got it! Yeah, that's it! You are fucking my butt good now baby! Oh Yeah! Enjoy it!!"

I pushed into her ass with 5 thick inches. I worked on pumping my cock in and out while Aunt Brandy worked to pull her butt checks wide open, her anal ring was stretching to my cock.

"Oh yeah! That's it! You are fucking my ass now you bastard! Enjoy my big tight butt you pervert!"

"Got about half still to go in!"

"Oh, you mother fucker! ... gonna fuck all that bad boy up my ass?"

" gonna love it!"

"... fucking pervert! That's what you always wanna, huh?...corn my tight ass with that big cock?"

"You wanted my big cock in your ass didn't you Aunt Brandy?"

"I didn't think you would go for it tonight! I planned a blow job and a kinky doggy fuck ... But you pervert wanna to fuck me in the ass... so... Ah!"

I forced another inch.

"Oh my ass!! Ah! Fucking bastard! Ah!!"

We kept butt fucking in a nice pace with half of my cock buried in her incredible beautiful asshole. Aunt Brandy kept looking at the mirror enjoying the view of my huge cock going in and out of her ass.

"Do you like fucking Aunt Brandy in the ass Jimmy? Are you enjoying my big tight butt?"

"This is incredible!"

"I bet you gonna tell your teenage friends you butt fucked me tonight, won't you pervert?"

"I will tell and they will cum in their pants."

"Bunch of perverts! Tell them I will take turns with all 5 of you next time."

"We will fuck you all night!"

"Oh yeah? Would you like to see your friends butt fuck me? Huh?"

"Yeah, that would be hot!"

"I will have a cock in my pussy, one in my ass and 3 in my mouth at the same time..."

"Fucking slut...!"

"...then you can swap places so everyone gets to cum on each hole!"

"Oh god you are so fucking nasty!"

"You like nasty don't you? How about this..."

With that Aunt Brandy pulled her ass from my cock, turned around and stuffed it in her mouth with gusto.

"Uhmmm! Uhmmm! ... nasty big cock! Uhmmm! Uhmmm!"

"Oh Aunt Brandy!"

"Uhmmm! You friends are gonna love when I suck their cocks like that! Uhmmm!"

"Your fucking slut, I am gonna cum..."

Aunt Brandy stopped sucking and ordered:

"Don't...! Here, fuck your cock in my pussy again just like your friends will do to me..."

She turned her back to me and I pushed my cock into her moist pussy again.

"Uh Yeah! That's it!... nice and deep! Your friends will love to take turns in my ass, mouth and pussy..."

"They will love all the kinky ways you fuck."

"You think so? Then push that cock back in the ass!"

I pulled out or her pussy and into her asshole with ease.

"Oh Yeah! There we go! See how good Auntie butt fucks you baby? Isn't it the best ass?"

"You are a fucking slut!"

"Your friends will love to loose their cheery in my ass!! This is the best ass they will ever get!"

"I believe it."

"Oh yeah? Like to butt fuck me Jimmy? Like fucking Aunt Brandy's ass?"

"Wanna fuck more cock inside...."

"Fuck yeah!... push more cock in that ass now! Come on! Give it to me!"

I pushed and Aunt Brandy's asshole bottomed at 8 inches. She cried every time I pumped in and out.

"Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!"

"I am almost all the way in Aunt Brandy!"

"Oh god! Fuck!! ass!"

"I gonna go all the way..."

"Go for it baby! Push it all the way in! Stuff my ass good!"

Aunt Brandy released her hand from opening her ass cheeks and braced both hands onto the carpet to back herself onto my cock. I pushed the rest of my cock deep in her asshole. I felt her sphincter move snugly and hug the base of my cock. Each pump had a loud squeal from my nasty Aunt.

"Aah!!!! Aah! My ass! Aah!!!"

"All the way in!"

"Aah! My ass!! Aah!!!! Aah!! Fuck!"

It was way deep and better accommodated in her asshole. I made full contact with her bun and pushed hard, felling my cock grow inside her rectum. Pushing her stretched asshole onto my pole, she now was looking at the mirror in full enjoyment of conquering her challenge.

"Oh my god! Jimmy! Look at your 9 inches cock all the way up my ass! What a huge dick you have baby! Oh fuck!"

I started pumping full 9 inches in and out of her ass. I would pull all the way out and we would both see a huge gapping hole in the mirror.

"Oh Jimmy! Oh! You are fucking my ass so hard! Oh yeah! Fuck that ass baby!!"

In the mirror, my big cock pumping her stretched out asshole and my sperm still all over her face made Aunt Brandy go crazy and talk dirty.

"... like fucking your Aunt in the ass you pervert? Isn't it the best ass? Enjoy my butt you mother fucker... butt fuck me good and tell your friends how good your Aunt's ass is!"

Aunt Brandy put her face down in the pillow and legs high and wide open. Her asshole as stretched wide with a nice tight grip around my cock. Her big ass was bouncing as I was drilling down on it slapping against my body.

"Oh... my ass!! Oh my god... you are butt fucking me hard... Oh Jimmy!"

I was about to cum and Aunt Brandy knew it. So she decided she would show me one last trick.

"Hold still... Let me make us both cum! Enjoy the ride Jimmy boy!"

Aunt Brandy raised up and backed up onto my cock! Making me kneel back she sat on my cock which never left her asshole. She was butt fucking me now. It was amazing. She would gyrate her bun, move back and forth and bounce her own big ass against my pelvis.

"Enjoy my butt Jimmy! Enjoy that tight butt! How many nephews get to fuck their Aunties in the ass? Huh? Isn't it good? You kinky fucker! were virgin just moments ago! Now you are fucking me in the ass?! Oh! Feel your cock all the way in my ass?"

She was ready to cum, and so was I. I grabbed and squeezed her huge tits.

"Oh Fuck Yeah! That's it! Oh! I am cuming good baby..."

Moving back and forth on her knees she fucked my 9 inches slamming her big ass back on me. I was holding on to her tits, when she reached down opening her ass cheeks for even more access. What a butt fuck! Aunt Brandy started cuming.

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