tagIncest/TabooAunt Faye Ch. 01

Aunt Faye Ch. 01


I remember the first time I saw my "New Aunt Faye", like it was yesterday. My dad and his brother, Uncle Ned, are twins. Uncle Ned and dad had sort of a parting of the ways a long time ago and have had very little contact for almost twenty years. The story goes that they were both in love with my mother and when dad asked her to marry him, Uncle Ned took it kinda hard, leaving town to take a hi-tech job on the west coast.

He remained single until a couple of years ago and then married a woman ten years younger than him. Mom told me about all of this a few months ago when she learned that Ned and his wife would be moving back to Florida and settling down close by. Dad didn't seem upset, but he didn't seem too excited about the idea either. Dad said that he hoped Uncle Ned had gotten over his disappointment and that they wouldn't have any hard feelings. But twins being twins, he just didn't know how it would work out.

I was nineteen at the time and in my freshman year of college. Mom and dad didn't mention any more about my aunt and uncle arriving in town. One night, I was sitting at home studying when the phone rang. Mom and dad were off to one of their friend's houses for the evening and when the phone rang I answered it. The man on the phone introduced himself as Ned, me uncle and we chatted briefly.

Ned seemed like a nice enough guy on the phone, asking if I had heard about any of the difficulties between him and my dad. I told him what mom had told me and he said that was pretty much the way things were. He also said that he felt really bad for the way he had acted and wanted to get it all straightened out with dad. I said I thought that was a great idea and hoped we could all be friends. He left his number with a message for the folks and then told me that if I wanted to drop by his place to feel free to do so anytime.

He said that my Aunt Faye was dying to meet us and would love it if I could visit. Giving me his address, he also gave me the open invitation to come by whenever I was in his neighborhood.

We live in a beach community in Northeast Florida. I attend college in the city across the Intra-coastal Waterway. The drive is about 25 miles each way and takes about an hour in traffic for the commute. I pass just a few blocks from Uncle Ned's house going in each direction so I told him I'd probably have no trouble getting to meet him within a few days.

The first time I drove up in front of their house, I saw Aunt Faye. I pulled into the driveway and stopped. Aunt Faye was sitting on the front steps, smoking a cigarette. I sat in my car and stared at the beautiful woman with my mouth hanging open. My throat went absolutely dry.

Her flaxen hair had the texture of corn silk and cascaded to the middle of her back. Her skin was bronze from many hours lying by the pool, and glistened in the late afternoon sun. She wore ragged cut-offs that barely covered her soft behind when she stood, and a hot pink band-aid halter top, which left her gorgeous boobs mostly exposed. Her lush pouting lips and long nails bore the same shade of hot pink as her top.

Aunt Faye stood on the step and took a final drag from her cigarette, then dropped it to the concrete of the driveway. I stared as she stepped off the step, crushing the butt with the sole of her clear plastic high-heeled shoe. Her toenails were painted hot pink.

She's tall, 5'-10" and I guess she weighs about 125 pounds. Her breasts filled the halter-top to overflowing. Her bottom is full and round and her cheeks rolled as she walked past the front of my car, dragging her long pink nails along the shiny paint on the hood of my car.

I hadn't taken a breath since I turned off the car. When I did, I gulped my breath in. Faye stepped up and leaned on her elbows on the windowsill on my door. I gazed into her shining blue eyes. My eyes drifted down to stare at her breasts, which hung in the miniscule halter. I looked right through between her titties and out the bottom of it. Her nipples stood out like shooter marbles.

"I'm Faye," a soft voice murmured as I stared.

I think I tried to say "I'm Dave." But I can't be sure.

"Do I know you?" Faye asked.

"I'm Ted's son," I managed to croak out.

I could feel my cock lengthening in the leg of my pants. I could feel cold sweat under my shirt. My face was scalding and the palms of my hands were wet on the steering wheel.

"You're cute," Faye breathed. "Ted's on the golf course. You want to come in for awhile?"

I was so embarrassed. I'm not exactly what you'd call a stud, or anything. I stand 6'-3'' and weigh 205. I'm not an athlete, but I'm not too much out of shape. I wouldn't call myself a ladies man, but I do all right. I date regularly and get my fair share of sex. Aunt Faye turned me to Jell-O. I could never remember being affected this way by the presence of a woman before. This female reeked of sex.

When she spoke, I could smell the cigarette on her breath. I could also smell the perfume that she was wearing and it made me light headed.

"I'd better not," I stammered. "I'll stop another time, maybe I can catch him then."

"Any time, Hon," Faye replied and pushed herself up off the car.

She stood there with me staring straight into the crotch of her cut-offs, which were cut so short that nothing but the seam was left where they disappeared between her legs. The bottoms of the pockets hung down on the front of each leg under the ragged edge. I could see wisps of blond pubic hair curling around the thick seam, pulled tight up into her cleft.

With a trembling hand, I started my car and backed slowly down the drive. I continued to stare at Aunt Faye's crotch until the loud horn from a car coming down the street brought me back to reality. Slamming on the brakes, I came to a lurching stop at the foot of her driveway.

Aunt Faye was smiling, and I was dying inside. I backed out and drove out of her sight. My cock was stiff as a steel post in my pants and I was ringing wet with sweat. My Aunt Faye was the sexiest woman I had ever seen in my life. I decided that my Uncle Ned was one lucky man.

I drove home and went directly to my room. I was leaking. A big wet spot had formed on the leg of my pants from the tremendous stimulation I had endured during my brief visit with Aunt Faye. Stripping out of my clothes, I sat on the side of my bed, holding my still granite hard cock in my hand. I closed my eyes, slowly stroking myself. Visions of Aunt Faye flooded my brain. I imagined her darkly tanned body and the way her hair seemed to float as she walked past the front of my car.

The scent of her perfume lingered in my nostrils and the vivid color of her blue eyes burned behind my closed lids. Opening my eyes, I was surprised to see my hand rapidly sliding up and down the length of my cock. Suddenly I erupted, splashing thick ropes of milky white jizz on the floor between my feet. I had never cum like that before. The feeling was intense.

I jerked off three more times that night. All the while envisioning my Aunt Faye, standing in her driveway with the sun shining on her. I was exhausted the next day during class.

I waited for four days before I drove past Uncle Ned's house again. I rolled slowly into the driveway and stopped. The garage door was open and a red Porsche, Turbo-Carrara convertible sat in the garage. I climbed out of my car and walked into the garage and admired the sleek sports car. I heard the door into the house open and looked up over the car to see Aunt Faye standing in the doorway. I felt the lump in my throat again.

"Nice car," I squeaked.

"Ned bought it for me," Aunt Faye said, stepping out into the garage, and walking around the car to where I was standing.

She wore a short, pale yellow sundress held up by the thinnest of spaghetti straps. Her nipples strained to be free. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra because the dark areola around her nipples showed plainly through the thin fabric of her dress. Her high-heeled slippers had fluffy pink puffs on the straps over her toes. We stood nearly eye-to-eye beside the car. Barely six inches separated us. She extended a long, pink-tipped finger, touching me on the arm.

"Guess what?" Aunt Faye whispered.

Goose flesh crawled over every inch of my body. "What?" I rasped.

"Your Uncle Ned just left to play golf again," Faye said, softly. "He plays almost every day."

"Oh?" Was all I could manage.

"Would you like a glass of lemonade?" Aunt Faye asked.

"Uh, sure," I answered. "That'd be nice." Jesus, was I ever being charming.

I followed Aunt Faye into the kitchen and stood there wondering what to say next. She turned to me and giggled a little girl giggle and came back over to me.

"Relax, Sweetheart. I won't bite you," she said softly, touching my cheek with the softest hand I had ever felt. "Unless you want me to."

She pointed to a tall padded stool next to the center island bar in the kitchen. I pulled the stool out and sat on it. I felt totally stupid. I'd never been dumbfounded by a woman before, and I was completely out of character. I can usually carry on a conversation without acting like a nerd.

She placed a frosty glass of lemonade on the counter by my hand and smiled, taking a stool right next to me.

"Thanks, Aunt Faye," I said.

"Why don't you just call me Faye," she said. "Aunt Faye makes me feel so old."

"You're not old," I said.

"You're so sweet," she cooed. "But I'll be thirty-three next month. How old are you, Sugar?"

"Twenty, next Monday," I answered.

I watched her lips close over the straw sticking out of her glass of lemonade. Her throat pulsed as she sucked the cool liquid into her mouth. She tilted her head back and let the refreshing drink trickle down her throat. Every movement she made was sensuous. She turned her face toward mine. The corners of her mouth were turned up in a soft smile. She moved her hand and let her hot pink nails slide over the skin on my arm, which lay on the counter top. I erupted in goose flesh for the second time in fifteen minutes.

"So sensitive to touch," she muttered.

Words evaded me again. I had a huge woody lying along my leg and was afraid to move. The strap on Faye's dress, closest to me, had slipped off her shoulder and hung down on her arm. I reached a trembling hand out and lifted it back up on her shoulder.

"First time in a long time I've had a man help me back into my clothes," Faye said.

I felt utterly helpless.

"Are you uncomfortable with me?" she asked.

"Yeah, sort of," I whispered.

"Why?" she asked.

"You're so beautiful and sexy," I answered, hardly making a sound.

Her hand moved off the counter and came to rest on my leg. Her long fingers closed along my erection.

"Oh, my," she cooed. "No wonder you're uncomfortable."

Her hand slid slowly along my hardness until she reached the wet spot where I was oozing again. Her fingers slid over the dampness and back up my length to the bottom of my zipper. She turned her stool to face me, looking deep into my eyes. I must have looked like a dear in the headlights. Her smile grew on her face when she moved her hand over me again.

"So tell me your wildest fantasy, Big Guy," she said.

Her hand stopped moving on me. I was about to cum in my pants. I had no idea about any fantasies. I wanted to run home and jerk off. This woman was making me crazy. God she smelled fantastic. I couldn't think.

"You're not a virgin, are you?" She asked.

"Of course not," I answered.

"You're ready to explode in your pants, aren't you?" She whispered.

"Yes," I whispered back.

Her hands found the button on my pants and pulled it open. She slowly tugged the zipper down and pulled me off the stool to stand in front of her. Pushing me pants and shorts down at the same time, she sank to her knees in front of me and pushed me back on the stool. With my pants around my ankles, she took my throbbing prick in both hands and pumped me firmly for about a minute until I felt myself convulse and send a huge glob of gooey sperm arching through the air, landing squarely on Faye's beautiful face right next to her nose. She opened her mouth wide and the second spurt disappeared into her throat. The next two streams draped across her eye and chin. The last one landed in her hair above her forehead.

I was shaking as I watched Faye lean forward, taking my still rigid cock into her mouth, sucking firmly. Her cheeks hollowed as she increased the suction on me, emptying every last drop from I had to offer.

She turned her cum splattered face up to me smiling, "I guess you were ready," she giggled.

She took her fingers and wiped the thick semen from her face and licked it off with her tongue. She repeated this until she had cleaned most of it from her face. Standing, she leaned forward and covered my mouth with hers. I could taste my cum in her mouth. My cock was as hard as it had ever been.

Faye reached up under her dress and pulled her panties down her long shapely legs. Dropping them on the counter next to my glass, she turned around and presented her naked backside to me.

"I want that hard pecker in my pussy, Sweetie," she hissed.

My pants were still bunched around my ankles so I kind of waddled up behind her and pushed my cock into her as she lay forward over the counter. She was positively dripping. I slid into her warm cunt in one smooth motion, burying myself balls deep in her wetness.

"Now fuck me," Faye said.

I started slowly and increased the speed 'til I was hammering her against the edge of the countertop. She wailed like a banshee each time I slapped into her. I was afraid I was hurting her but when I slowed down, she screamed for me to fuck her harder. After the tremendous load I had splashed across her face, it took me a long time to cum again. But when I did, it was with a fury that I had never experienced before. Her orgasms were coming continuously when I finally unleashed my flood into her. She went ballistic, screaming and kicking her legs out behind me as I ground my prick deep into her hot sheath.

When it was over, we were both bathed in sweat. The lemonade had been spilled across the counter and ran down the front of the cabinet onto the floor. Our legs were coated with sticky fuck juices that had oozed from our loins as we coupled. I was drained. Faye lay there, seemingly lifeless, face down on the counter.

"Nice to meet you," she gasped, when her breathing slowed a bit.

"Oh, yeah." I said. "Very nice."

"Ned's going to wonder what happened to the kitchen," she said.

"I'll help you clean it up," I said, pulling my cum stained britches back up over my hips.

"I'll clean it up," she told me, then she kissed me hard on the mouth and squeezed my cock through my pants.

Faye looked me square in the eye and said, "Go home, David. Before Ned gets here. I don't think he'd understand what's happened here."

"I'm sorry, Faye," I said.

"Don't be sorry," she said. "Just promise me you'll call me tomorrow so we can talk."

"Absolutely," I said, pushing the door to the garage open and leaving her standing in the kitchen.

I hadn't answered her question about my fantasy yet.

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