Aunt Jill Cums to Visit


I noticed that Eric was looking very lost and confused as his girlfriend was sucking her cousin's cock so greedily. I walked toward him and extended my hand. "Hi, I'm Lisa."

"Hi, nice to meet you," he responded tentatively. He was probably trying to decide if I was going to grab his cock and start sucking it. "Are you guys nudists?" he asked.

"No," I said almost laughing. "We're just a very loving family, and normally we're pretty horny."

"Well, why doesn't everyone get more comfortable," Mom said, beckoning people over toward the deck chairs clustered by the pool. "There is plenty of sun for us to enjoy. Does any one want anything to drink?"

"I would love to get a little sun," Jill declared. She kicked her heels off and under one of the chairs and started to unbutton her gossamer shirt. Her nipples already seemed to be pushing at the fabric of her bra. "What do you have in the wine cabinet? I would love to have a glass of Riesling if you have any."

"I'll see what we have," Mom replied as she disappeared into the house.

"Oh, Fuck. I'm fucking cumming," we heard Jim cry from across the deck.

Jenna lips were tightly wrapped around Jim's cock her head still sliding over his shaft, as his hips bucked into her face, pumping his hot cum down her throat. Jenna was moaning around the hard shaft has she tried to swallow as much of Jim's cum as she could manage. Some was dripping from the corners of her mouth, and landing in large wet drops on her white tank top, creating blotches of transparent material.

"Oh my god, Jenna, you are still such a great cock sucker," Jim gasped. "That was incredible."

Jenna smiled up at her cousin, his cum thick on her lips. "Your cock is so tasty, how can I pass up such an invitation?"

I looked at Eric who still seemed completely unsure of what to make of the situation. Though I did notice that the surrounding events were having their effect, there was a large bulge in the front of his pants.

"Ah, that is so much better," I heard Aunt Jill declare. Turning toward her I noticed that she too was now completely naked and reclining on one of the lounge chairs. Her seemingly perpetually hard nipples pointed straight at the sun.

"Have you put on any suntan lotion?" I asked Aunt Jill. "You wouldn't want to burn that beautiful body of yours."

"Oh, yes, I've totally forgotten. Thanks for reminding me. Would you be so good to grab the bottle there?"

I followed her gaze to the bottle of lotion perched on the table beside me. "I can do better then that," I responded, picking up the bottle and squirting a liberal glob into my hand. It reminded me of a puddle of cum.

I moved over toward the chair where my aunt was reclined. "If you sit up, I'll help you apply it."

Jill quickly rose up and scooted to the edge of the chair allowing me room to get behind her. I started with her back rubbing the cool cream into her soft skin. My hands glided over her back, slick with the lotion. Once her back was completely covered I let my hands slid around her sides and over her taut abs then up to the firm tits above. I took one breast in each hand and massaged the lotion into them. Her nipples were thick and rubbery; I made sure that they too were well covered with lotion. No nipple was going to get sun burn on my watch.

Just then Mom returned with two glasses of wine for her and Aunt Jill. She handed one over and they both took a sip. "That is very good Marie," Jill stated.

"Well I can't take credit for more then picking it out at the store, but I have always liked this label."

Aunt Jill relaxed in my arms, leaning back against me so that my breast were pressed firmly into her back as I continued to massage her tits while she sipped the wine. "This is so nice," she murmured.

"Oh, I got cum all over my shirt," I heard Jenna exclaim.

"Let's see what we can do about that," Mom said, putting down her glass and walking toward her niece. "Oh, and you've got some all over you lips too."

Mom leaned forward and kissed Jenna full on the lips. The two women's tongues intertwined as Mom used hers to push the dollops of cum into Jenna's mouth. She moved lower placing her lips over each drop of her son's cream. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked at the offending locations, leaving them twice as wet. She took extra time with the drop that fell right on Jenna's left nipple. Jenna too seemed to enjoy the removal that drop, as she held Mom's head against her breast and moaned with pleasure.

My hands slid off of Jill's now thoroughly protected tits. After replenishing my supply of suntan lotion I moved on to her legs. My hands glided over the smooth skin of my aunts toned legs, spreading lotion as they went.

Mom's head came up briefly from Jenna's chest, as her fingers nimbly snuck under the hem of Jenna's tank top, lifting it up and over her head. Mom's lips attached themselves to the supple flesh of Jenna's right breast, sucking the rigid nipple into her hungry mouth.

"Oh god, Aunt Marie, your tongue feels sooo good on my nipples," Jenna moaned.

I slipped out from behind my aunt and moved around her so that I was sitting between her long sensuous legs. My hands ran up and down her soft supple skin massaging the lotion in as I went. Aunt Jill made soft cooing sounds, encouraging me. She parted her legs fully offering her moist pink center. I was drawn to her pussy as though it was a singing Siren. I crawled onto the lounge chair until I was lying between my aunt's spread legs. The heady aroma of her pussy was intoxicating. I could see that she was already slick with her own juices. My tongue snaked out and brushed lightly over Aunt Jill's tender folds. I could vaguely hear the sounds of Jenna and Mom as she continued to strip her buxom niece, this all soon faded into the background as my focus became my Aunts delicious pussy.

"Yes, Lisa, give your aunt what she needs. Make me cum on that beautiful and talented tongue of yours," Aunt Jill cooed.

Aunt Jill's pussy was absolutely saturated. I lapped at her opening savoring the taste of her nectar; remembering her sweet flavor from earlier in the summer. She moaned softly as my tongue played across her. I pushed my tongue into Jill's pussy, exploring her depths.

"Oh Lisa, you are such a good pussy eater, just like your mother," Aunt Jill moaned, her hands running softly through my hair as I continued to work her sopping hole. "Eric dear, why don't you come here," Jill breathed. "You must be in terrible need. Let me help you."

I heard some steps and the rustling of clothing, then Jill's sharp intake of breath, her hips trusting slightly, involuntarily. "You're even thicker then the last time," the marvel was apparent in Jill's voice. This was followed by a moan from Eric that could only mean that Jill had taken his cock into her mouth, and was now working her oral magic on him.

I listened to Jill slurp on Eric's shaft as I continued to eat her delicious cunt. I lapped at her hungrily, sucking her slick lips into my mouth intermittently. My own pussy was demanding attention and I reached between my legs to ease my own need. With my other hand I pushed two fingers into Jill's sodden gash. She was so incredibly wet that my fingers slid easily inside. Jill's cock muffled moans drifted down from above me. My tongue swirling up to and over her firm clit and my fingers pumped my aunt's sodden gash. Her hips started rising to meet my thrusts. I pushed my fingers in as deep as I could, while sucking gently on her engorged clit.

"Oh, fuck, Lisa, that feels so fucking good," cried Aunt Jill. She moaned as I pushed a third finger into her steaming entrance. "Oh fuck yes, Lisa, give them all to me. Fist fuck my pussy. If you can get your whole hand in my me I'll let Eric fuck your hot fucking cunt with this powerful tool of his, and he definitely knows how to use it. He gave me one of the hardest cums I've ever had."

I lifted my mouth from Jill's clit as she continued her dirty talk, telling me about the strength of her daughter's boyfriend's cock. I watched as she stroked Eric's length. It did look like a particularly delicious cock, but there are few I wouldn't want inside me. I noticed that Eric was looking behind me, following his gaze I saw that Mom had freed Jenna from her clothing and was now busy on satisfying her niece's pussy. Jenna had Mom's face held firmly between her legs.

"Oh, shit, Aunt Marie, that's fucking fantastic," Jenna moaned. She looked up, making eye contact with Eric, "Go ahead baby, you'll Love Lisa's twat, it's so sweet and tight." She clutched at her incredible boobs, as I turned back to her mother's pussy before me.

My aunt's pussy had adjusted to the three fingers that I had stuffed inside it. I aligned my pinky and thumb with the others; wrapping all five fingers into a single point. I pressed my hand into her Jill's dripping center. Her lips spread, welcoming my fingers inside her. I leaned forward extending my tongue to the top of her hot cunt. The warmth of her pussy engulfed my hand as I forced my way inside her. She felt so tight as I pushed my hand into her, then suddenly I was inside.

"FUCK," Aunt Jill cried. "Oh, Fuck, yes. Now fuck me with that fist of yours. I'm so close to cumming. Make me fucking cum all over that lovely hand."

I'm not sure if Eric decided it on his own or if Jill some how told him that he needed to indeed service me for fisting her. But I suddenly felt a pair of hands roughly grasping and squeezing at my ass. It felt great as Eric pulled my cheeks apart, spreading my pussy slightly. I rubbed at my entrance desperate for release. I enjoyed the slippery wetness of pussy under both oh my hands, but I was eager to feel what Eric's manhood could do for me. I pulled my hand away from my opening as I felt the head of his cock rub against my dripping lips.

"Oh yes, Eric, give it to me good and hard," I cooed, as his shaft made its first slow penetration of my sodden cunt. "I want it as fast and hard as you can handle."

It turned out that this was the perfect command for the hot stud. He proceeded to give me a fucking that I have only experienced once before when Kevin had an exceptional amount of extra energy. Eric's long tool plunged into me quickly and deeply, filling me completely as he did so. Every thrust caused me to moan into Aunt Jill's clit as I lapped at the engorged nub.

"How does that massive piece of meat feel in that tight little cunt of yours?" Jill inquired. "I just love the way it feels in my pussy."

"Oh, fuck, he feels so fucking good, Aunt Jill."

"Is it really true that this is only the third pussy that you've every fucked?" Jill questioned Eric, though he was too busy to respond. I did like the idea that Jenna had been his first, and hoped that was indeed true.

Suddenly Jill's body went rigid, her hips rising off the chair, pushing into my hand and mouth. I felt her pussy flood with her juices. They coursed around my hand and started to drip from her opening. I lapped up what I could, but the violence of her orgasm made it difficult. And then Eric increased his pace, something I had not thought possible. This was more then my body could take and soon the familiar warmth of my climax was washing over my convulsing body.

Eric slowed, but his full manhood continued to push into me. It felt like a piece of steel was being thrust into me. I moaned as I came down from the high of my culmination, lapping at Jill's pussy as I eased my hand back out of her.

"FUCK, Aunt Marie. Don't fucking stop, that feels so fucking good. Oh, yes, YES. Oh FUCK, yes. Oh, Fuck, I'm fucking cumming. Oh, fuck." Jenna screamed behind us. Mom as usual had worked her magic into another incredible orgasm for the person lucky enough to be the focus of her attention.

"I'm not going to be able to hold it much longer," I heard Eric gasp from behind me. "Where to do you want it?"

"In my mouth," I responded whirling around to face him. I grasped Eric in my hand and thrust his powerful cock into my mouth. I could taste my juices on his shaft, as I started to suck him.

"I want to taste some of that sweet cum, too," Jill declared as she saddled up next to me. I felt her face press against my cheek as she started to lick Eric's balls.

Soon her tongue was on his shaft. I released him from between my lips and watched as Jill hungrily swallowed the stiff cock before us. Her head bobbed on his rigid pole, her tongue swirling over him.

"Hey don't think that you are going to leave us out of this," I turned to see Mom and Jenna moving toward us.

"Oh, god, that's it, I'm going to cum," Eric cried out.

Jill released his cock just as the others arrived, our four faces pressed tightly together around the head of Eric's cock as he took his member in his hand stroking it. "Fuck," he gasped as the first thick rope of cum exploded from its end. It shot straight out and landed on Jill's face, on the side of her nose. Eric swiveled as his cock continued to spew its tasty secretion. A glob landed on the edge of my mouth, my tongue quickly darted out to pull it in. Eric's cum had a strong flavor, slightly different from that of the other men I've tasted but just as delicious.

Eric turned out to be carrying a large load in those heavy balls of his. Each of us had taken two full blasts of his thick cum before he went dry. Jenna reached out and took Eric's slick shaft in her hand, shoving his still twitching cock into her wanting mouth. She sucked his wilting manhood hungrily swallowing the dregs of his cum. Eric gasped as Jenna worked his cock until she was satisfied she had taken everything he had left.

Jenna rocked back onto her heels smiling contentedly. "Hmm, that was yummy baby. I just love your cum," she said, licking her lips.

I felt a hand squeeze my ass, and realized it was Jill inviting me into the cleaning that she and Mom were partaking in. The two sisters were busy licking Eric's cum from the other's face, neck, shoulders, tits and anywhere else that it might have splashed. I took hold of Jill's closest tit and licked a large dollop off her smooth flesh. Unable to resist I dropped to her thick nipple and sucked the tender nub into my mouth, flicking at it with my tongue.

Jill's hand grabbed at my ass, grasping my cheek firmly in her hand. This pulled at my pussy, making me gasp. My own hand slid between Jill's legs finding her warm and moist. My fingers glided over her lips spreading her wetness. Above me I could hear the juicy kisses passing between Jill and Mom, I imagined their tongues wrestling from one mouth to the next. I pressed a finger into Aunt Jill and she moaned. I kept the finger inside her as I pushed my thumb up to her clit, pressing against it as I continued to suck at her nipple.

"Well, I need to go work on dinner. I trust that you can handle cleaning up Lisa?" I heard Mom say as she stood and walked away toward the house.

"You don't have to worry about that, I think that Jenna and I can do what is necessary," Jill stated.

Jill grabbed my face in her hands and pulled me to her lips. Her tongue pushed into my mouth, where it sparred with mine. We kissed deeply and passionately. Then she pulled my head back and started to lick my face, her tongue finding every drop of cum that had been sprayed over me. I started to drive my finger in and out of Jill's pussy as she continued to lap at my face. Finally satisfied that she had found every last drop of Eric's cum on me, she pulled back still holding my head in her hands.

"You are such a knotty girl," Jill scolded in a mocking voice. "I think I know exactly what needs to be done with you."

With that she gave me a quick peck on the lips and then stood, my finger sliding from her slick lips. Taking my hand she led me over to one of the lounge chairs. She lay me on my back, and then called to her daughter, "Jenna I think I'm going to need your help over here."

Jill directed her daughter between my legs. Jenna pushed my legs apart to give her full access to me, as she crawled up to the end of the lounge. Her fingers gently slid over my tender folds, finding them already saturated with my juices.

"Oh, Lisa, your pussy is so deliciously wet," Jenna cooed as she pressed her palm against my opening, grinding it against me. "It feels like you really enjoyed Eric's cock. Isn't it great? I just love the way that he feels when he buries that monster of his in my pussy."

Jill watched as her daughter leaned forward and started to lick at my cunt. At first Jenna kept to the sides, only just brushing my lips as she lapped between my legs. This was driving me crazy, I needed to feel her tongue on my pussy; I needed her to eat me. I tried to shift my hips so that my pussy would fall under her talented tongue. She seemed to anticipate my every move and I was unable to get her tongue where I wanted it. Though thankfully she quickly tired of this game and started to lick me in earnest. Her tongue pushed deep between my folds, then drew up to the top of my slit and gave my clit a quick flick. This caused me to moan as I thrust my hips upward trying to prolong the contact. Jenna moved back to my entrance and started to lap at me, occasionally driving her tongue deep within me.

I clutched at my tits, pulling my nipples as Jenna worked at my pussy. Her tongue danced over my cunt, and was now touching all the right places. She sucked my lips into her mouth hungrily, drinking my juices off them, before giving me another lick. Her tongue slowly glided up to my clit, pressing against the rigid nub at the apex of my lips. I groaned as she licked at my clit, pushing it from side to side. Jenna's tongue fell into a delightful rhythm, lashed my pussy. She pushed it deep inside me drawing it up to my clit, where she would flick her tongue against my rigid nub, before sucking it gently and then repeating the process. Every once in a while she would suck my lips into her mouth. My eyes closed as I sank into the feelings of pleasure washing over my body.

"Fuck, Jenna, you are such a hot little pussy slut," I moaned. My hands continued to massage my tits, pulling at my sensitive nipples. "I just love the feel of your tongue inside me. Are you enjoying the taste of my sopping wet cunt? You're going to get more pretty soon, if you keep this up, I'm going to cum all over that hot fucking tongue."

Just then, Jenna pushed two fingers fast and deep into my wanting opening. I cried out, "Oh, FUCK, yes. Just like that, don't fucking stop, fucking my fucking pussy."

Some thing wet move over my mouth quickly. I opened my eyes with a start and found myself looking directly into Aunt Jill's eyes. I had completely forgotten about Aunt Jill, who must have stayed near by watching her daughter eat my pussy, and now wanted in on the action. She leaned back in, our lips met, and her tongue pressed into my mouth. I opened my lips welcoming the invader. Our tongues slid over and around each other, pushing and prodding. I felt her hand slip over one of my tits squeezing it firmly as her tongue continued to swirl around my mouth.

Jenna was fiercely fucking my pussy with her fingers; pushing them deep inside me with every thrust. This caused me moan into her mother's mouth, with the intense joy that it caused. Aunt Jill pulled back from me, her long fingers sliding off my tits, with a pull of my nipples. I wanted her to come back I enjoyed kissing while I was being fucked. I opened my mouth to protest when only to find a pair of wet lips pressing down on my mouth once again. I joyfully pushed my tongue between them, and quickly realized that Jill's mouth had not returned to mine. Instead she had straddled my face and was pressing her pussy onto my mouth. The heady aroma of her sex flooded my senses. My tongue was now proceeding with a mind of its own, pressing into Jill's tender flesh. Her pussy had a delightful flavor, as my tongue worked its way inside her. Jill moaned, grinding her, now sopping, cunt on my mouth.

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