tagNonHumanAunt Lilith Ch. 01

Aunt Lilith Ch. 01


Maurice Koenig woke up in his apartment bedroom to see a shadow above him, in the curvaceous silhouette of a woman. Suddenly, despite the lack of electric light in the room, he saw clearly the naked body of a sexy and beautiful lady.

Her skin was swarthy, her hair jet-black, her eyes a bizarrely bright shade of green, and her breasts were magnificent. Her hips were the most voluptuous ones that he had ever seen in his 40 years of life. She was absolutely ravishing in a very exotic way. She was definitely better looking than the Parisian women with which he was familiar, not to mention the more provincial girls of his adolescence in Strasbourg.

He couldn't believe the sight of this deliciously gorgeous lady standing in front of him. He had to wonder why she would bother to visit him, a dentist from Alsace-Lorraine. He was not even very young anymore. He had children by his ex-wife, Clothilde: a son of 19 and a daughter of 16. He was reasonably prosperous, but not rich, and what he had was partly taken by his ex in child support for his daughter and partly by the government in punitive income taxes.

Maurice had largely resorted to prostitutes for a guarantee of regular sex, whenever he could afford it. There was no disgrace in it, nor any trouble. Brothels were legal in France, which was one of the good things that he could say about his country.

He dated every now and then, but had mostly given up on the scene. He didn't trust the women of Paris. Many of them wanted a wealthy man who would be faithful to them and pathetically grateful for any sex, enough to grovel for it. They were gold-diggers and few bothered to disguise it. Worse, they were anorexic junkies in many cases, obsessed with fashion and inclined to spread their legs for more drugs. They were hypocrites, bigger whores than the official ladies of the night, and more promiscuous than any cheating husband.

At least the prostitutes were disease-free, hard-working, tax-paying, honest, and regulated by the state. They were prevented from stealing from their clients and less likely to abuse drugs. That was more than he could say for most models and other "respectable women" of Paris.

Koenig made a point of using protection with his women and they made one of insisting upon it.

The last things that he wanted were STDs, HIV, and pregnancy. He wished to raise his present children before even thinking of having more of them. However, something about this woman made him want to just take her and think of the consequences later. She had an earthy, full-figured look to her that screamed fertility, sensuality, and a voracious appetite for animalistic sex.

"Aren't you going to say 'bon soir' to your Aunt, Maurice?" the woman finally asked him, obviously flirting despite the claim of kinship she was making on him.

"Excuse me, ma'am? Who are you?" he questioned her, both excited and stunned by her unexpected arrival.

"Like I said, I'm your aunt. Well, your greatest aunt, to be precise. My name is Lilith, but you should call me 'Aunt Lilith'," she informed him.

"How are you related to me?" he demanded, now regaining some of his normal assertiveness. He was never accused of being a wimp, even by his ex.

"Well, I am the younger sister of your direct ancestors, Adam and Bath-Tammuz. They were man and wife as well as siblings. I was Adam's 2nd wife. I loved both of them very much, you know," she clarified.

"So, you're a ghost of a plural wife married to her brother? That's pretty wild, Aunt Lilith!" he exclaimed in surprise.

"Not a ghost. I never died. I am immortal and have been for the past 50,000 years," she explained.

"50,000 years? How in the hell can you be that old? Nobody lives that long!" Maurice shouted.

"I told you. I am immortal. I can not die," Lilith reminded him patiently. Obviously, this was someone who had trouble accepting the idea of immortality and the paranormal.

"So, you're a Goddess? I have to admit that you're gorgeous, but I have difficulty with the idea of any kind of deity. I'm an agnostic leaning toward atheism. After all, what kind of God would be so cruel to so many good people?" he replied.

"First of all, I didn't say that I'm a Goddess. I'm a Demigod. I serve a God, but I'm only his daughter and agent. I have special powers, but I can't control everything. Not even the Supreme Being can do that, as much as he would like to do so. I am an angel, but I have abilities that you won't find in the Bible. I can please any man that I wish and make him climax so much that I wear him out. I am one of the Nephilim, angelic creatures with some mortal blood. I can also give people crippling diseases and impair their senses, but I only do that in self-defense," she declared.

"So, why are you here? What kind of angel visits her distant relations, anyway?" he inquired.

"The kind of angel that wants to bed her 'distant relative' as soon as possible, my dear nephew. That was part of my pact with Belial, my father. He is the principal God of Justice. His rival is Jehovah, the chief God of War and current Supreme Being. They have been in conflict for millenia, frequently deposing each other and occasionally making peace. In any case, I agreed to serve Belial in exchange for the ability and right to seduce my sister's descendents. I have been one of his agents ever since then," Lilith clarified with a wink.

"Wait a second now. You're claiming that you've arrived in my apartment for the specific purpose of seducing me, who just happens to be descended from your brother and sister?" Maurice asked skeptically.

"That is precisely what I am telling you, my dear. Trust me. I'll bring you more pleasure than you could ever experience with any of your prostitutes, not that I intend to replace them. I want you to remember our little tryst with a smile for the rest of your life. I'm giving you a week of absolute ecstasy, in exchange for which I only ask that you listen to what I say. I want to introduce you to a far different universe than the one that you perceive.

"This is a secret, though. You must swear not to tell just anyone. Alright? Tell only those with an open enough mind for this kind of ancient knowledge. Most people, including your ex-wife and your women, are not prepared for this concept of the Cosmos. They are set in their ways, traditions, and beliefs. Narrow-mindedness is sadly still too common. I know that you are different, despite your initial resistance to the truth. It is in your genes and your DNA. Most humans are pure Cro-Magnon, but you are semi-divine. The blood of angels and Gods is in you," she informed him.

"I swear not to tell a soul. So, how many Gods are there, Aunt Lilith? Why did you say your 'sister's descendents' instead of your 'brother and sister'? How many other wives did Adam have?" he asked her, clearly intrigued.

"Well, to begin with, Adam was the child of a union between a Cro-Magnon woman and Belial. He was Supreme Being at the time. He also sired a couple of daughters on other women, namely Bath-Tammuz and me. He figured that half-siblings were the best choice of spouses or lovers, since they would have some of the same DNA, but also some diversity.

"Mind you, there were some Elohim, such as Jehovah, who wanted NOTHING sexual to do with the Cro-Magnons. Jehovah had puritanical ideas about sexuality. He basically regarded mortals as inferior and a taint on his race. He wasn't alone. His faction particularly objected to sexual relations with 'lesser females', for fear of contamination and dilution of the blood. He wanted to maintain a strict separation that would guarantee, in his mind, the continued supremacy of the Elohim.

"Determined to weaken and undermine the new hybrid race, Jehovah secretly cloned Adam and feminized the duplicate. He called her 'Eve' and presented her to Adam as a gift. Trusting the God, my dear brother accepted the new wife as his 3rd. Tragically, that God had decided to tamper with her genetic makeup so as to increase her normal jealousy and possessiveness to an obsessive, narcissistic, and paranoid extent. She wanted Adam all to herself.

"She murdered Bath-Tammuz and struck me on the head while I carried a child in my womb. I lost the baby and never had another by Adam. Eve then killed him, when he confronted her with the crimes, by using a flint knife. I fled as soon as she left and took her children to raise as my own. I joined a nearby clan of Cro-Magnon and married one of the warriors. Eve found a man too, from a rival band, and encouraged the continuation of warfare.

"When my 2nd husband was slain before I could bear him any children, I invoked the Gods, not knowing for sure who they were. Belial appeared to me and announced that he was my father and would bring me justice. He said that was his specialty. He wanted to get to know me better and have me as his angel, since I was his daughter and he could trust me. I then asked for that favor and he granted it. He also told me how to get revenge on Eve for her treachery and I did that too.

"Since then, I have been one of his chief angels, which many wrongly confuse with demons. That is a big mistake, as demons are VERY distinct creatures and take offense to being called angels, 'fallen' or otherwise," Lilith explained.

"Merde! That is some tale. I have never heard of that stuff in catechism! I take it that the Gods are extraterrestrials. Is that right?" Maurice reacted to this arcane revelation.

"Yes, they are the Elder Race of the Universe. They govern the Cosmos as direct manifestations or emanations of it. Since they are composed mostly of energy, they can change shape and form as they please, even mating with mortals if they see fit. They are the Elohim.

"Haven't you ever wondered why the word is plural in Hebrew? It has nothing to do with the so-called Trinity, I assure you. That's one of the Church's lies, trying to explain away an inconvenient fact. Remember the passage in Exodus that says that you should not revile the Gods or 'Elohim'? There's a lot more behind the Bible than most people realize," she declared.

"My God, this is quite a load of information! Does everyone who gets to fuck you learn this?" he asked.

"Well, only the ones descended from Adam and Bath-Tammuz. Which brings to mind my other purpose for coming here, which was to pleasure my nephew until he is too exhausted for anything but sleep. How does that sound to you, monsieur?" Lilith offered him.

"Very nice, my dear Aunt. What did exactly you want first?" Maurice agreed.

"My favorite act, so enjoyable to me that some claim I invented it. Oral sex," she replied, as she knelt to take his cock in her mouth.

Lilith put her tongue over the head of his dick, licking his manhood. This made him stiff rather quickly. He felt an intense boner that let him know that this situation would not disappoint him. There would be no erectile dysfunction tonight. The immortal lady began to deep-throat him, which caused his balls to react and expand. They weren't the only things that grew. His length and thickness increased as well.

No sooner than he felt like he was in danger of cumming too quickly, but his "aunt" let his cock escape her lips. She climbed on top of him and sat on his face. Then she put her jaws back to work, sucking him off thoroughly. Evidently, she wanted to attempt a 69 with him, a position that had frustrated Koenig in the past. This time, however, he seemed to find the ability to just relax and focus on eating her pussy while she gave him head.

Her moans and groans became louder still when he started rimming her ass. Her womanhood and bottom took turns receiving satisfaction from his tongue, teeth, and lips. She didn't protest this twist. In fact, she lowered her butt to a better position for his mouth several times. Her very clean derriere tasted extremely delicious, as if it were designed for a man (or woman) to lick it.

After this anilingus nearly caused her to climax, Lilith got up and planted her cunt right on his hard cock. She rode him with a seemingly supernatural fury, sliding on his manhood as she welcomed him inside her sex. She exclaimed repeatedly in a guttural language that Maurice deduced was her native dialect. This screaming continued and grew more frequent as she took him in the "cowgirl" position.

When she had her orgasm at last, she got up briefly and moved to the middle of the bed, getting on her hands and knees with her ass in the air. Koenig took the hint and rammed his sore cock into her pussy. Apparently, it was HIS turn to take control. He mounted her body and used her as he wished. She was now his slut and they both knew it. He fucked her mercilessly, making her whimper, which reminded him that she was still basically a woman with needs.

Maurice screwed Lilith doggie-style for several minutes, losing track of time. It was pure, animal mating, just as his lover once knew in her Cro-Magnon days. She didn't resent it, either. As a matter of fact, she reveled in it. It was precisely what she enjoyed most with a man: raw sex with him in charge. There were no painful throwbacks to the feelings that she had known with her brother and sister when making love to them. There was straightforward ecstasy like Adam and Bath-Tammuz had given her though. She would never love anyone as passionately as she loved them, but she could still take care of her basic desires.

This man would definitely do for her at the moment. He had just the right mixture of aggression, intellect, and empathy for her taste. He was also the descendent of her lovers/siblings, which meant that they were somewhat present in his genes and his nature. He reminded her of them, but not too painfully so. She really needed to feel him dominating her.

There was one more act that Lilith intended before she gave the mortal a chance to rest. He was clearly tired and would not have the same stamina as she did. She would stick around to wait for him to recuperate, but for now, she wanted him to cum inside her ass.

"Take my bottom, please. Butt-fuck me!" she pleaded.

"I don't have time to lube it up," he warned her.

"I'm a Demigod. I have a higher pain threshold than you. Just use my juices to for lube," Lilith replied.

Maurice quite happily granted her request, moving his cock from her pussy to her ass. As he eased his manhood inside her backdoor, she grunted again with the expected combination of pleasure and pain. Having a man take her there had been a treat that she hadn't discovered until she was 100 years old. The caveman in question could never be thanked enough in her mind, despite the rough way that he entered her. She had never forgotten the experience of a dick in her butt.

The more Koenig thrust into Lilith, the more the angel enjoyed the feeling of him inside her. She squirmed her way through another orgasm as he rode her bottom, even gushing her juices out on his bed. As she met his cock with her ass, bucking against him, his brain received the signals of pleasure from his meat and balls. He groaned a bit himself as his seed was released into her sphincter.

Fatigued, Maurice let his shrinking cock slip out of her butt, as he fell on top of her. The Demigod loved the embrace of the Alsatian as he lay on her. She, not required to sleep, stayed awake and listened to the satisfied man snore, toss, and turn. Eventually, he was off of her and lying parallel with her on his mattress. There was no doubt that she would continue to enjoy her tryst with him for a while. Tonight was just an introduction for the two of them.

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