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Aunt Robyn



"My Robyn is not the prettiest of my daughters", Mr. Feinberg once explained flippantly. "Not as pretty as her younger sister Stacey. And very shy also, my Robyn is. But smart", he emphasized, "no one has smarts like my Robyn."

Robyn Feinberg grew up in the shadow of her younger sister Stacey. Robyn was shy, plain, bookish, awkward and nerdy, while Stacey was outgoing, attractive and popular. It wasn't so much that Robyn was un-attractive, but more that she paled in comparison to her sister. Despite this, the two got along very well.

Robyn was known as the "smart sister", and Stacey the "pretty one". Robyn earned good grades, Ivy League scholarships, an MBA and a six-figure income. Her sister Stacey had lots of friends, was head cheerleader, prom queen, won a state beauty pageant, and became the trophy-wife of a shrewd and wealthy investment banker.

In her late 30s and to everyone's surprise, Robyn met and married a successful dentist. But the marriage lasted less than 2 years when he left her for his younger, prettier dental assistant. Robyn got the townhouse and nearly $1million from the pre-nup.

Now both in their 40s, Robyn became the "Plain Jane" and Stacey the hot "MILF". Stacey and her husband had one child, a son they named David. Davey -- as everyone called him -- grew up with his mother's good looks and his father's A-type personality. In time, Davey became a spoiled, manipulative jerk. By the time he turned 18, he was fully aware that he could have and do just about anything he wanted.

Robyn adored her nephew and constantly showered him with elaborate gifts. For his Bar Mitzvah, she gave him $50,000 in cash. For his 17th birthday she gave him an expensive, convertible sports-car. And when he went away to college, rather than have him stay in the dorms, she rented for him a posh, upscale apartment. In her Will, Davey was due to receive her entire estate. There wasn't anything that Robyn wouldn't give or do for her nephew, and he was fully aware that he had her wrapped around his finger.

In the summer of his junior year, Davey decided to find out just how much of a push-over his aunt was.


Rather than move back home once the semester was done, it was decided that Davey would spend the summer living with his aunt. Robyn was ecstatic -- she had become very lonely in her 3-bedroom townhouse. She frantically spent an entire month redecorating the guest room to his liking.

Once he'd settled in, Robyn went overboard to dote on her nephew -- buying him new clothes, preparing the foods he liked, taking him to any movie, concert or restaurant he wanted. Robyn virtually became his live-in maid.

One morning as she prepared his breakfast, Robyn received an unexpected shock. Normally she carried a tray of food up to his room. Today Davey walked into the kitchen wearing only his red, silk shorts and slippers. His prominent "morning boner" caught her completely off guard.

"Morning Robby." He yawned. She had tolerated this nickname ever since his "smart-ass 12-year-old" phase.

"M-morning...!" she stammered turning beet-red and attempting to avert her eyes.

They sat at the kitchen table to eat and made small talk. Davey deliberately made every attempt to show off his hard-on, insisting on getting up each time to serve himself or reaching across the table for more butter or juice.

This left Robyn slightly unsettled and flushed, which was exactly what Davey was hoping for.

Once his plate was empty, she hurriedly collected his dishes and went to the sink to begin washing. Doing her best to turn her back to him and not look at his crotch.

Slowly finishing his coffee, Davey watched her nervously fumble about. Smiling to himself, he walked over to the sink and sunk his empty mug into the soapy water. Before leaving, he suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist so that he lifted her large, slightly sagging breasts on his forearms, while pressing his boner between the cheeks of her wide ass.

"Thanks for breakfast, Robby", he moaned into the back of her neck, as he softly dry-humped her through her robe and pajama bottoms. "You're the best."

"S-sure." She answered as he released her and headed back to his room. It took Robyn a few seconds to compose herself after he left. She could still feel the heat from his groin against her ass. She went to work still feeling flustered and remained that way through most of the day.

This wasn't the first time that Davey had hugged or touched her in that manner -- pressing his face against her breasts, playfully slapping her on the butt and exclaiming "way to go, Robby". Robyn had written it off as adolescent curiosity or his "smart-ass" nature, but mostly she'd been too timid or embarrassed to say anything to him or his parents. This morning's brief encounter was by far the most daring her nephew had ever been, and was also the most intimate contact she'd had since her ex-husband had moved out more than a year before.

Davey, on the other hand, was very pleased with himself. He had "plans" for his aunt and things were beginning to fall into place.

In the three weeks since he'd moved in he had already searched her belongings, finding her Jack Rabbit vibrator; he'd also hacked into her home computer, pulled up any adult sites she visited, and found the folder where she'd downloaded a large number of porn movies. He made note that she liked to watch bondage, orgies, some lesbian and some gang-bang.

Davey speculated that his aunt was sexually submissive, which was exactly the kind of woman he liked. Although he admitted that finding submissive girls had proven harder than he'd thought at the private college he attended. Most of his conquests had been the less-attractive, nerdy girls, who rarely dated -- the "Plain Janes". Though put off at first, Davey eventually came to realize that their looks didn't matter as much as their eagerness to please and submit to him. In his short college career, Davey had cultivated relationships with 2 girls, and another he'd been "grooming", who submitted to his whims however and whenever he wanted.

Robyn would be his first older woman, and the crown jewel in his collection -- the fact that she was also his aunt only made it that much sweeter.

When she got home that evening, Robyn was jumpy and nervous, anticipating that Davey would make another advance. Nothing happened that night or for the remainder of the week.

Davey was simply taking his time.


That Saturday morning, the day that Robyn always did laundry, she received another early morning shock. Davey had left her a present on the very top of the clothes pile -- a pair of her favorite black panties, stained with a large glob of his semen. He'd blasted a load of cum onto her undergarments only seconds before she'd entered the room. Robyn hesitantly picked up her panties and brought them close to her nose -- her nephew's jism smelled musky and it was still warm.

Robyn softly closed the door behind her. Looking closely at the stain, she dipped her right index finger in and stuck it into her mouth. She hadn't tasted a man's cum in a long time. Robyn then licked the remaining cum like she was licking chocolate from a candy wrapper. Stuffing the clothes into the washing machine and starting the cycle, she rushed back to her bedroom to find her vibrator.

Extracting himself from his hiding place in the washroom where he'd witnessed his aunt eat his cum, Davey smiled and thought of the next phase of his plan.

Over the following days, Robyn found it difficult to look her nephew in the eye. She was too embarrassed to say anything about the panties, while also being turned on by the fact that he'd used them to jerk-off. Without knowing how, she somehow felt he knew that she'd eaten his cum and then masturbated afterward. In fact, she'd been masturbating a lot since Davey had come to live with her -- each time she'd done it thinking about him.

The following Wednesday night, Davey kicked his plans into over-drive.

After dinner, they went to her room to watch a movie. Rather than sit on the love-seat in front of the TV, Davey insisted that they lie across her bed and turn the screen for them to see it better. Timidly, Robyn agreed, stretching out on her stomach next to him.

Twenty-minutes into the movie, Davey made slow, subtle moves to get closer. In no time, he was spooning her. Robyn, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, was both nervous and turned on, but said nothing, despite the fact that she could feel her nephew's hard-on growing against her thigh. Both continued to watch the movie.

Davey, slightly shorter than his aunt, and dressed in his favorite sweats, continued to make slow subtle moves -- grinding against her ass, touching her breasts with his arm or back of his hand -- pleased that she did nothing to protest.

This continued until the movie ended when Davey realized he'd learned all he needed to know.

"You should get comfortable -- change into your nightgown." he said sitting up.

Robyn wasn't sure if this was a suggestion or an order; the bigger mystery would be why she did exactly as he told her!

"O-oK." She stammered after a pause.

Entering her large walk-in closet, Robyn got another surprise -- Davey had chosen a nightgown and laid it across the chair. It turned out to be the one she'd purchased for her honeymoon -- which was also the only time she'd worn it. It was black, made of a silky material, knee-length, with spaghetti-straps and a matching belt tie at the waist. Next to the nightgown was one of the few thongs she owned.

Her hands trembled as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and began unfastening her bra. She knew exactly what might, and probably would, happen if she changed into her nightgown and went back into her bedroom - she knew it was wrong, but knew that she wanted it to happen. Her hands continued to tremble as she struggled with her decision. Finally she did the only thing she felt she could -- pulled down her jeans and panties, put on the thong and the now snug fitting nightgown and went back into her bedroom.


Davey had changed the channel to watch ESPN and had propped himself up on her pillows. He'd also removed his sweats, now wearing only silk shorts similar to those he'd worn a few mornings ago -- this pair was emerald green.

Robyn was about to climb onto the bed when he stopped her using only a hand gesture. Taking a few steps back, she stood there as he sat up on the edge of the bed and slowly inspected her from bottom to top.

Robyn had long, slim feet, she wore a size 10; and had long, thick, bowed legs, making her just under 5'11". Her hips were wide, about 44-inches and her butt was rather flat, and sagged slightly; she had a pear-shaped figure. Her most prominent feature was her breasts, which were also long and sagged over her small paunch of her belly. She usually wore a 44D bra, which she filled to overflowing, and could easily fit a larger size. Her arms were thin and pale, with freckles along her slumped shoulders. There were now several streaks of gray in her shoulder-length, brown hair, which she usually worn in a pony-tail or, like tonight, a bun. The distant, blue-gray eyes were the only thing she had in common with her sister, Stacey.

Davey's eyes came to rest, as they usually did, on her breasts and the six inches of cleavage on display just a few feet away from him. Her nipples were large and pressed against the thin nightgown material. This caused his cock to twitch in his shorts, which Robyn couldn't help but notice as she stood there awaiting his next order.

"Very nice, Robby." Davey grinned. His approval gave her goose-bumps.

He motioned for her to turn around, which she did slowly. Once she'd made one complete revolution, he told her to move towards him, stopping her with her breasts inches from his face. Although nervous, Robyn attempted to remain motionless with her arms at her sides, almost as if at attention.

Davey pulled the belt from her waist and told her to get on her knees, which placed her eyesight even with his stomach. He told her to close her eyes, and then wrapped the belt twice around her head, tying it firmly at the back, making a perfect blindfold.

"You like being told what to do, don't you Robby?" he asked. The devilish intentions were apparent in his voice.

Just as she opened her mouth to answered, he roughly tugged her head back and kissed her. His tongue assaulted hers as she struggled to catch her breath and kiss him back. His free hand found her right nipple and pinched until it remained hard.

Abruptly pulling away, Davey allowed her a few seconds to catch her breath before giving his next order.

"Open your mouth, wide."

When she did he sank his cock all the way in. Davey's cock was slightly longer than the average length and girth (7" x 6"), but he had a rare talent that he was very proud of -- he could cum when, and if, he wanted to. This meant that he could last for hours, leaving his sex partners completely spent, sore and at his mercy.

"We won't stop until you make me cum!" he often told his conquests. Inwardly he laughed at their misfortune.

Robyn sucked and slurped as she gasped for air. Davey now stood, forcing her back and causing her to grope for balance. Maintaining a firm grip on her hair, he thrust his cock further into her throat.

After 10 minutes or more of this assault, just like before, he abruptly stopped and pulled away. This left her gasping for air, off balance and slightly disoriented; just as he'd intended.

Robyn couldn't tell where Davey was. Her knees, thighs and throat ached slightly, and small beads of sweat were forming on her neck and shoulders. Her nipples and clit tingled and the thong was soaked with her juice.

Davey smiled and admired his handy-work, but he was only getting started. The bedside alarm clock read 7:48PM. His intention was to keep this up until midnight, or Robyn passed out, whichever came first.

"You OK, Robby?" he grinned, standing behind her.

"Yes..." she panted. "Yes."

"Good. Stand up, please." He told her.

She half expected him to help her, but when he didn't she groped for the bedside. Pulling herself to a sitting position, she slowly rose on slightly wobbly legs, turning to the sound of his voice.

"Remove the nightgown." He told her.

She slipped the left and then the right strap from her shoulders, pulling the snug gown over her breasts, pushing it past her hips to the floor and stepping over it.

There was a long pause where he said and did nothing -- this both thrilled and scared her; not knowing what he planned to do next.

"Play with your nipples -- make them hard."

Raising her still trembling fingers to her breasts, she pulled and twisted her nipples. After a few minutes, she moaned aloud, tossing her head back, as her large, pink nipples grew to protrude ½ inch from her breasts.

"Very good, Robby. Now hold them out for me."

Lifting each breast into her hands, Robyn held them out for him, facing each nipple directly in front of her. Starting with the left, Davey slowly and softly flicked his tongue over the erect nipple, teasing it and teasing her. Finally, he sucked it into his mouth, before biting down gently and firmly -- which caused her to moan aloud.

He paused again, before repeating his actions with the right nipple, slowly teasing her and building up to the gentle but firm bite. Again she moaned aloud.

Again there was another pause, as he left her standing there, trembling, panting and waiting. Both nipples throbbed slightly and she continued to hold her breasts out for display.

"Remove the thong, Robby." He finally said.

Robyn's hands trembled even more, anticipating what would happen next. Slowly she slipped the black thong down her hips; the scent of her own moist, warm pussy filled her nostrils as she bent forward. She tossed it aside, where they landed inches from Davey's foot.

He bent down to retrieve them. Bringing the damp fabric to his nose he took a deep breathe.

"She is so ready!" he smiled to himself.

"Lie back on the bed and spread your legs."

Feeling for the mattress, Robyn sat down and then fell back. She lifted her heels up onto the bed and spread her thighs wide. Stretching her arms to either side, she clutched at the bed-sheet; she bit her bottom lip to suppress another moan.

"Omigod, he's going to fuck me", she thought to herself, "My nephew is going to put his hard cock in me and fuck me!"

Davey delighted at watching his horny, submissive aunt quivering on the bed in front of him. He noticed every detail of her body and what he was causing -- the handfuls of bed-sheet she pulled, the slight tremble in her spread thighs, the clenching and unclenching of her toes, her heavy breathing. But most of all, the strong aroma of her hot, wet, hairy pussy -- Davey could almost see the juices pouring from her cunt.

Davey ran his fingers through her hairy bush -- it had been a long time since her last bikini trim. She jumped at his touch.

"You will have to get a shave." Davey told her. She nodded in response.

With his left hand, he slowly pushed his index and middle finger into her up to the knuckle, gently rubbing his thumb around her erect clit. Her pussy was hot, soaked and much tighter than he'd anticipated.

"Probably because she's been fucked less than 10 times in her whole friggin' life!" he mused. This was a secret he'd overheard from his mother.

Davey teased and stroked Robyn's pussy, spreading and clutching his fingers inside of her. Her entire body shook with each sensation.

And again, after building her up, he suddenly stopped and withdrew. He paused and waited -- which caused his aunt to beg.

"Davey, please," Robyn whimpered. "Please don't stop...please."

After another pause he reinserted his fingers. Only this time, he remained perfectly still.

"Oh Davey, please..." she begged again, this time pushing and grinding her crotch against his hand.

This was exactly the reaction he wanted.

Robyn continued to buck and grind on his fingers. Sweat now formed on her thighs, stomach and breasts, and a stain began to grow on the sheets below her ass.

Davey grinned. Robyn would indeed be his best conquest ever.

"I would never have thought that my sweet, generous aunt could be such a horny slut." He said.

She only moaned in reply.

"Do you like it when I call you that, Robby? A horny slut?"

"Y-yes..." she stammered.

"Say it, Robby." He ordered, giving her a quick thrust of his hand and inserting a third finger. "Tell me you like being MY horny slut aunt!"

She squealed and repeated his words.

"Yes, Davey! I like being your horny slut aunt!"

"Say it again!" he commanded, giving her another thrust.

"I like being your horny slut aunt!"

Davey made her repeat the phrase another ten times, thrusting his fingers into her in a quick jab on each one. She bucked against him faster -- she could feel her orgasm building.

Again -- he stopped and withdrew.

"Davey, please, no!" Robyn was almost in tears now. "Don't stop please....I'll do anything, but please don't stop!"

Davey almost laughed as his aunt quivered and gyrated on the bed in front of him.

"Oh, don't worry, Robby." He assured her. "I won't leave you hanging much longer; I know you probably need to cum really badly. And by the way -- I KNOW you'll to ANYTHING I want. That goes without saying."

He told her to roll over onto her stomach and raise her ass -- which she did. This time he didn't keep her waiting -- Davey immediately inserted his cock into her, grabbed her hips and began slamming away, his thighs slapped loudly against her ass. Clutching and biting into her pillow, Robyn again struggled to catch her breath. Robyn had been with only two other men -- her ex-husband, and a former co-worker after a night of heavy drinking. Married sex and drunken sex were her only references.

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