tagIncest/TabooAunt Tammy's Niece

Aunt Tammy's Niece


Lori was eighteen years old. Since she lived at home with her mother, she was forced to do things her mother wanted. One of those things was helping out her uncle who had recently become a widow. His wife, Lori's Aunt Tammy had been killed in a car accident just two months before.

Today her mother had asked her to take some dinners to Uncle Mike so he could freeze them and have dinners when needed. She was dressed for a date, even though she didn't have one. She wanted to be able to tell him she had one in case she needed an escape.

Aunt Tammy was her father's sister. So Uncle Mike was just married to her aunt. He wasn't a blood relative, so she didn't get why she had to do things for him.

Pulling in front of the large house he now occupied by himself, she slowed her car to a halt. Climbing out, she tugged at her short skirt and pulled her top up. She wished she hadn't worn such high heels.

When she walked into the house, Uncle Mike wasn't there. She made her way through the other rooms looking for him. When she reached his office, he was at his desk. He had his back to her, clutching something.

As she made her way over to him, she could see it was the photo of him and Aunt Tammy on their honeymoon. In the photo Aunt Tammy was wearing nothing but her bottoms and her tits were pressed again Uncle Mike's bare chest. When she looked closer, Uncle Mike's cock was hard and poking out against his shorts.

She coughed to make him aware of her presence. He looked up, obviously embarrassed. She smiled softly and said, "Hey Uncle Mike, I brought you some dinners. Are you ok?"

His cheeks were red, "Sorry Lori, I didn't see you come in. I'm fine, just thinking of Tammy today. Three years ago, we were on our honeymoon at the nude beach she loved so much."

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know," she replied.

"It's ok, I was just about to make a drink, would you like one?"

She thought, Why not? She didn't really have a date, she could stay a bit. "Of course Uncle Mike, I'd love one."

He fixed them vodka and orange juice. While he was making their drinks, she picked up an album from his desk. As she began to flip through it, she saw many different photos of her aunt topless and some completely naked.

"Your trip looks like it was fun," she said.

He smiled, "It was, your aunt was very, should I say, adventurous."

"Tell me about the please? Will you?"

He laughed, "I'd love to, Lori. You remind me alot of your aunt."

He told her tale after tale of her aunt dancing nude, grabbing men's bare asses, even kissing other women. Then going back to their hotel or the car or wherever was close and ripping his clothes off and fucking his brains out.

As they talked, the drinks flowed. She drank more than she should have and he did too. As they drank, she kicked off her shoes and relaxed. He settled next to her and told story after story.

Soon he had his arm around her and they were looking at a different album, one of her aunt a little younger and posing naked for the camera. As they went back through the years, he commented on how much she looked like her aunt.

Before long, the alcohol had them touching each other more and more. Soon he was leading her up to the bedroom to try on some of her aunt's clothes.

When she tried to protest, he laughed it off, "It's ok lori, she isn't coming back. Someone might as well wear them."

As she looked through the drawers, she found the exact bikini her aunt had been wearing on her honeymoon.

He asked her to try it on for him, so she did. Her breasts were bigger than her aunts, so they almost spilled out of the top. Her ass was bigger too, so the bottoms were tighter.

When she walked out of the bathroom, his eyes grew larger and his grin wider. "Wow Lori, you look even more like her in her clothes."

Within moments, he set his drink down and made his way to her side. As he slid a hand around her waist, he chickled, "I wish we were at the beach, I'd like to recreate that photo with you."

"Uncle Mike, I should change."

Before she could push away from him, his other arm wrapped around her and he pulled her close. His arms were strong and he smelled of alcohol. before she knew what was happening, his lips met hers.

As she kissed him back, her mind raced. He was her uncle, but not really. He was a good kisser and if he knew how to use the fat cock pressing against her belly, she was going to be one lucky girl.

With a flick of his wrist, he unfasted the top and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were now against his chest and his tongue was in her mouth. She savored his taste, kissing him deeper and harder. Hoping for more, wanting more, she was being a naughty girl.

When they let go of each other, he raced out of the room. She stood there wearing her aunt's bikini bottoms. Unsure if she should follow, she slipped the bottoms off.

Naked and unsure, she wandered back to her uncle's office. When she walked over to him, his eyes were unsure.

"I'm sorry Lori, I shouldn't have."

Lori couldn't let him feel bad, she had agreed to try on the clothes. "It's ok Uncle Mike, I was just trying to make you feel better."

"Oh Lori, you did sweetie. More than you could know. It's not right though, your parents wouldn't like it."

She marched over to him and cupped his chin in her hand, forcing him to look up. "I said I agreed, now do you want to feel better or not?"

With that said, she slid into his lap. He caressed her bare body, cupping each breast, flicking each nipple. before he reached her slit, he looked up for reassurance.

"Uncle Mike, if you don't do something soon, I'm going to march back to your room, put my clothes back on and go find someone who will!"

With that, he slipped a finger inside her. She moaned loudly. She was so much like her aunt, possesive, in control and very sexy.

He pushed her off so he could strip himself. As she watched his cock flop out, she dropped to her knees. She gripped it in both hands and began stroking over and over.

Finally, when he thought he was going to get blue balls, she swallowed his entire cock. All seven and a half inches were deep in the mouth of his niece. She was good at giving head, she bobbed and stroked. He thought he'd cum right there.

When she rose up to meet his lips again, he pushed her back onto the desk. Her pussy was bare except for a small strip of hair leading to her clit. He lowered his mouth to her cunt. Lapping and teasing her.

Before she could cum, he stood and slipped his swollen cock into her. She lay back and watched as he fucked her. In and out of her, he moved faster and faster.

He didn't know if she was on birth control. He didn't care, he wanted to fill her with his cum. He lifted her legs to his shoulders. Pressing so deep into her. Without a moment to think about it, he came. Filling her with his warm semen. She came too, screaming, "Uncle Mike, Uncle Mike!"

When he helped her off his desk, he apologized again, "I'm sorry Lori, I don't know what came over me."

"Uncle Mike, if you apologize again, you'll be jacking off every night instead of fucking me! Now, which do you want?"

His smile said it all, he wanted to fuck her over and over again.

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Okay, here’s my dilemma: I’ve read four of your stories and they all get me going, but your bio brought out the juice. Thanks

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