tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 04

Auntie Mabel Ch. 04


John was over the moon, Auntie Mabel was sucking his cock, and had just bought a brand new Mini. His dad was driving it home from the showroom, with John and Mabel sitting in the back seat. She explained that the excitement had been a bit too much for her, and needed to relax in the back. John had offered to sit with her, to keep an eye on her.

Sam was concentrating hard on the road, he was aware that this was a brand new, reasonably expensive car, and he didn't want to have an accident. This gave Mabel the opportunity to slip her hand onto John's lap, and fondle his cock. She asked Sam if she could use his jacket as a pillow, so she could lay with her head on John's lap for a little rest.

Under the cover of his dad's jacket, she quietly got John's cock out of his trousers, and settling herself comfortably, popped it into her mouth. Things were going well for May, she had bought this car simply to have an excuse to see more of John.

She didn't need to learn to drive, she had been driving since she was twenty. Mabel had learned to drive in Europe, and had an international drivers licence. Neither John, Sam or Doreen knew this, so she was looking forward to having plenty of opportunities to fuck John.

She closed her eyes and gently sucked on his cock, it was still quite soft as he had just recently pumped all his cum into her cunt. She had finally noticed it running down her legs, and using her skirt had managed to stop it dripping.

She loved the feel of a big cock in her mouth, she didn't mind if it was hard or soft. Mabel loved men, she had tried various women and had enjoyed the experience, but she defiantly preferred cock to cunt.

Laying there on John's lap with his big cock in her mouth she cast her mind back to her university days, and her first lesbian experience, Miss Simpson.

Miss Simpson

Mabel was exercising in the gym, she had been daydreaming about her latest boyfriend Charles, she hadn't fucked him yet but was seriously considering it. Thoughts of him, and hard exercise, had made the crotch of her leotards very damp, and her cunt very hot and juicey.

Miss Simpson was in charge of the gym that night, she was about Thirty years old, blond, blue eyed and beautiful. She was the PE teacher, and had little patience with lazy girls. Mabel was alone in the gym with her, as she was the only girl exercising that late at night.

Miss Simpson was dressed in her usual gym skirt and tee shirt, and Mabel noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra, as her big nipples clearly showed through the thin material. As she walked past Mabel she dropped her papers, and bending from the waist to pick them up, her gym skirt rose up.

Mabel had a clear view of her arse and naked cunt lips; she wasn't wearing any knickers under her gymslip. As her legs were spread for balance, Mabel could see every detail of Miss Simpson's cunt, it was clean-shaven and her inner lips protruded slightly beyond her pubes.

Mabel was already wet from thinking about Charles, and she realised that no one would take that long to pick up a few papers from the floor, perhaps she was showing me her cunt on purpose. Mabel had heard whispers that Miss Simpson was a lesbian, although nobody could prove such a thing.

As she was already bored with exercise, Mabel took a chance. She approached Miss Simpson, and asking if she could help her pick up the papers, she gently placed her hand on her firm naked arse. Miss Simpson looked up at her and smiled, 'That's nice of you Mabel dear, but I can do it, perhaps you can hold me tightly in case I fall over.'

'Certainly Miss, I'd love to' Mabel said, and reaching around, slid her left hand under the woman's tee shirt. She took hold of her teacher's left breast firmly, holding her large nipple between her thumb and forefinger, and pulled on it gently. Whilst her right hand slid down between Miss Simpson's cool firm bum cheeks, until it could cup her hot shaven cunt firmly.

'Is this all right Miss? Mabel asked, squeezing both breast and cunt gently.

'Oh yes dear that is really nice, I feel a lot better now.'

Miss Simpson swayed her naked arse from side to side, until Mabel fingers slipped up into her hot cunt. It was very hot, and was dripping wet, and her fingers entered it easily.

Miss Simpson gasped, and pushed her cunt back onto Mabel's hand swallowing her fingers even deeper. The woman ran her hand up the inside of Mabel's leg, until her fingers brushed her crotch. Her leotard was soaking wet by now, and the touch of Miss Simpson's hand made her gasp in pleasure, and rub her hot wet cunt against the exploring hand.

Mabel was so turned on by this, that she withdrew one of her fingers from Miss Simpson's cunt, and thrust it gently into the teachers tight arse hole. Pleasure flooded through the woman's body, and she groaned loudly as Mabel gently fingered her cunt and arse.

Miss Simpson stood up slowly to allow Mabel to slide her fingers out of her.

'I'll just lock the door, so we wont be disturbed, is that alright with you dear?

'Yes Miss, I'd really like that' she replied.

She locked the gymnasium door and turned off the lights, as she walked back to Mabel, pulled her tee shirt over her head. This revealed her large heavy breasts, with her big dark nipples already erect.

Standing before Mabel she pulled down her gymslip, and kicked off her shoes. She was now completely naked, and Mabel could see even in the dim light from the window, that her body was beautiful. She had swimmers shoulders, large firm breasts, and a firm tight arse, consequences of being a PE teacher she assumed.

'Let me see you naked dear,' she asked Mabel, and watched as the young girl stripped off her leotard until she stood naked before her. To Mabel's surprise, Miss Simpson took her in her arms and kissed her on the mouth. It was a long sensual kiss, and her tongue slipped deep into Mabel's mouth.

She had never been kissed by a woman before, and decided to go with the flow, she kissed her back and their tongues teased each other's. They were both the same height so their breasts, with their erect nipples, rubbed against each other's, as did their bellies.

'I want to lay you on the vaulting horse dear.' whispered Miss Simpson into her ear. Taking her by the hand, she led her to the leather-topped device at the side of the room. She helped Mabel up onto the horse, and arranged her so she was laying on her back on the horse, with her bottom almost hanging off it.

'Don't worry dear I'll hold you safe' she assured Mabel, and lifting the girl's legs up in the air, exposed Mabel's naked cunt and arse.

'Hold your legs like this for me ' she asked, 'so I can concentrate on your pussy.

As Mabel held on to her own legs to keep them up in the air, Miss Simpson gently opened her vagina with her fingers and kissed it.

'You have a beautiful little pussy, your cunt hair looks like spun gold, let me lick it for you'.

She ran the tip of her tongue between Mabel's cunt lips, and then started to lick her cunt. Every now and then she would kiss and suck on her clitoris, she loved thrusting her tongue deep into Mabel's hole like a small penis.

'Do you like this dear? She asked between licks.

'Oh yes Miss, it's lovely' she groaned in pleasure. Miss Simpson then slipped her fingers into Mabel's sopping pussy. Gently fingering her, until she writhed on the horse in pleasure. Every so often, she would insert another finger, until she had all four fingers deep inside Mabel. Stretching her cunt wider, than it had ever been stretched before.

She gently pulled her fingers out of Mabel's cunt and began to lick her little bum hole. Her tongue rubbed around the rim of her bum, and then pushed itself up into her bottom. Soon her bum hole was soaking wet, and ready for Miss Simpson's fingers to slip up inside.

Again she started out with just one finger, and slowly added additional fingers, until she had three fingers up Mabel's bum. Her fingers were stretching her arse, and giving her exquisite pleasure as they rubbed against her G-spot.

She withdrew her fingers from her anus, and began licking Mabel's cunt again, faster and harder. The pleasure became too much for her, and with a scream of pleasure she came over Miss Simpson's face.

Miss Simpson sucked at her young fresh cunt, as her juices splashed out and ran down over her arse hole. She kept licking and sucking, until Mabel's cunt and arse, were clean of her sex juices.

Mabel lay on the vaulting horse, with her legs dangling over the sides. She was shuddering with pleasure, and responded passionately when Miss Simpson deep kissed her again.

'Please let me do something for you Miss' she begged.

'That's very thoughtful of you my dear' she said.

'I'd like you to start by sucking my breasts, I have sensitive nipples and really enjoy them being sucked.'

Miss Simpson climbed onto the horse and kneeled over Mabel so her big breasts dangled over her mouth. She put her lips over one of the rubbery nipples, and gently started to suck Miss Simpson's breasts.

She squeezed and kneaded the PE teacher's big heavy breasts as she sucked them. She heard Miss Simpson groan in pleasure, as she sucked hard on her nipples. After a few minutes sucking, Miss Simpson pulled her nipple out of her mouth, and turned around on the horse so her shaven cunt was positioned directly over Mabel's mouth.

'Could you lick my cunt and arse please dear, while I lick yours? She whispered, before putting her head between Mabel's legs, and sucking on her clitoris.

Mabel was only to pleased to comply, and stuck her tongue deep into the waiting cunt hole. Miss Simpson had a large clitoris, and she ran her tongue around it for a while, before pulling it into her mouth and sucking it hard.

She had been sucking and nibbling at Miss Simpson's clitoris for a few minutes, before she started licking her arse hole. She was giving it a good thorough licking. Then she suddenly decided, to thrust her fingers up into Miss Simpson's cunt and arse holes, simultaneously.

Suddenly with a scream muffled by Mabel's thick golden cunt hair, Miss Simpson came in a gush of hot cunt juice, that soaked her face, and filled her mouth. She swallowed and licked as fast as she could, until Miss Simpson's shaven pussy and arse hole, were clean and shiny.

'Thank you my dear,' she gasped, ' that was lovely, I really needed a good orgasm, the students have been driving me mad all day.'

'It was my pleasure Miss, I really enjoyed it, but how did you know I would do it with you?'

'I didn't my dear, but I sensed a kindred spirit, and took a chance that even if you didn't respond, you wouldn't report me.'

'You surprised me when you came so fast.' said Mabel.

'That's because you stuck your finger up my bottom, it's very sensitive and pushed me over the edge quicker than I anticipated.'

As they were getting dressed she asked Miss Simpson if she could see her again.

'Certainly my dear, here is my phone number, give me a ring when you want to come and see me, I have lots of toys we can play with.'

She took the piece of paper, and with a final deep passionate kiss, said goodnight to Miss Simpson and went home.

Mabel's relationship with Miss Simpson lasted quite a while, she was a thoughtful and gentle lover. She enjoyed going round to visit her at her home in the evenings when it was mutually convenient.

She simply told her friends, that she was going to see her PE teacher. To join in a fitness class, that she ran for girls after studies. The first time she visited, Miss Simpson asked her to address her as just Miss, as it pleased her to be addressed like that. Mabel didn't mind this, and was only too happy to comply.

Miss had a comprehensive collection of sex toys, and allowed her to examine them. If she had any queries on their use, Miss was only too happy to explain their use to her, or indeed demonstrate their use on her.

Miss had a big old house with an open coal fire, in front of which was a big soft rug. She would gently strip Mabel naked, and lay her down on the rug before making love to her.

She particularly liked to fan Mabel's beautiful long golden hair, out on the rug.

'It's like fucking an angel,' she once confided to her. Miss particularly loved being fucked up the arse with a rubber cock. She liked the gentle way Mabel fucked her. After they had made love, they would lie together in front of the fire and talk.

Miss explained that she was a lesbian, and preferred sex with women rather than men. When asked why, she just said that she had very bad memories of her childhood, involving men.

Mabel was very happy with Miss, as she was always very gentle with her, and loved to kiss and cuddle her at every opportunity.

Her new boyfriend Charles, went to visit Mabel one evening. He saw her walking down the road away from him. He decided to follow her in the hopes of getting a fuck, she had been playing hard to get. Then he saw her turn into a driveway leading to the home of Miss Simpson.

Charles had heard rumours about Miss Simpson liking girls too much, so he determined to check that Mabel was all right. He crept up the driveway to the house, and seeing a light in a downstairs room went up to the window. Through a gap in the curtains saw Mabel chatting to Miss Simpson.

Suddenly he saw Mabel begin to take off her clothes, and hang them over a chair. Miss Simpson had left the room, but when she returned she showed no surprise to see Mabel lying naked on her rug. Her golden hair spread out around her.

Dave didn't know what to think, no one had made Mabel take her clothes off, and she had done it of her own free will.

The sight of the girl he fancied naked, gave him a massive hard on, as he could see Mabel clearly. She had nice big tits and a firm arse, her nipples were small and pink. He could also see between her legs, and her cunt was covered in thick golden curls.

To his further shock Miss Simpson started to take off her clothes at the side of the room closest to the curtains, so he had a very good view of her body as she stripped naked.

As she removed her bra, her big naked breasts bounced into view, her rubbery nipples prominent. As she pulled down her knickers he could see her cunt clearly, it unlike Mabel's was smooth and hairless.

By this time his cock was so big and throbbing, that he had to get it out of his trousers into the fresh air to cool down.

He was so close to the window, that he could hear what they were saying. Miss Simpson suggested to Mabel that they started off slowly with a bit of 69'ing. She knelt over Mabel with her shaven cunt above her face, the young girl opened her legs so the woman could have easy access to her clitoris.

They both commenced to licking each others cunts, and he was transfixed by the sight of Mabel's most private parts being on view to him.

The woman lifted her face from between the girl's legs, and inserted two fingers into her cunt. She gently fucked her with her fingers, until Mabel was squirming on the rug in pleasure.

Charles then watched as Miss Simpson pulled her fingers out of Mabel's wet cunt, and thrust them up her arse hole. She proceeded to fuck her arse with her fingers, until the girl screamed in ecstasy and orgasmed.

Miss Simpson then helped Mabel put something on out of his sight. The next thing he saw, was that Mabel had a big cock sticking out from between her legs, very much the same as his now was.

Miss Simpson knelt down in front of the fire, and he saw Mabel kneeling down behind her. They were sideways to him, so he could see what they were doing clearly. Her cock was strapped on around her waist, and it looked like it was made of rubber.

She put her face between Miss Simpson's bum cheeks and started to lick her, he grabbed his cock and started to rub it, as he watched Mabel lick the woman's arse and cunt.

She then rubbed something from a jar, between Miss Simpson's legs. Mabel then gently inserted her big rubber cock into Miss Simpson's arse, and started to fuck her.

As Mabel thrust into her bum, both her breasts, and Miss Simpson's, were bouncing about wildly. The sight of two pairs of naked tits bouncing about, almost made him come. He wished he had brought his camera, as no one would believe him if he told them about this.

Suddenly Miss Simpson gave a small cry, and he realised she had come. The sight of his PE teacher coming in front of him, pushed him over the edge, and his cock shot a stream of cum all over the window.

He decided to call it a day, and go home to think about what if anything he should do about this.

After Miss came for her, Mabel removed the strap on cock, and lay down beside her. Miss pulled her head between her breasts and held her tightly.

'That was lovely Mable, I really enjoyed that,' she whispered kissing her neck.

The next day Charles cornered her in the library, he told her what he had seen and threatened to report Miss Simpson, if Mabel didn't fuck him. Mabel simply replied that if he did, nobody would believe him, and she would spread the word that he had a tiny cock. Nothing more was ever said.

May heard John warn her that they were nearly home, she gave his knob a last kiss, and tucked it back into his trousers. By the time they pulled into the drive they were both prim and proper again.

Doreen was waiting with a cup of tea, and they sat in the lounge and told her all about their trip. As Mabel's flat didn't have a garage she decided to leave the car with John.

'As he will be teaching me, he may as well have the use of it when I don't need it,' she said.

Sam pointed out, that this was in effect, giving John a brand new car. Mabel just shrugged, and said that until she learned to drive it was no good to her, so he may as well use it. Hearing this, John felt like jumping up and down and screaming with joy. He had a brand new car, and it was thanks to his darling May.

He bounded across the room, and was going to kiss her full on the mouth. Luckily she saw him coming, and managed to turn her face, so he ended up by kissing her on the cheek instead.

'Thank you so much, Auntie Mabel,' he gushed.

'How can I ever repay you?' he said sincerely.

'I'm sure I will think of something,' she replied, and gave him an innocent smile. It was getting late, so Mabel said she had better go home as she was tired. John jumped up and asked Sam if he could drive her home. Sam looked at his son's eager face and said ' Why not, it is late and Mabel is tired.'

John rushed out of the door and was in the car, before the rest of them got out the door.

Sam courteously opened the car door for Mabel, and helped her in. As it was only a few hundred yards to her flat, Mabel said it might be best if John took the scenic route. This would give him some practice with the car, before he tried to teach her how to drive it. Sam and Doreen thought this was a sensible idea, and waved as they drove off.

'How is my big boy's cock, is it waking up again yet?' she asked as they drove out of the village. John opened his legs wide, and invited her to investigate for herself. May declined with a laugh, ' Do I want to get us both killed?, if I play with your cock while you are driving we will end up in a hedge.'

She asked him to drive to a secluded lay-by, about a mile away from the village. The spot was off the road, and screened by a line of trees. John stopped the car and turned off the engine.

'How are you feeling?' he asked.

'Very horny, thank you,' she replied, ' if you remember you came in my cunt in the showroom, but I didn't get the chance, so you owe me a good fucking'. She reached over and got his cock out, it was nice and hard. This was why she always had preferred younger men. They recovered so fast, and were always randy.

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