tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 15

Auntie Mabel Ch. 15


John lay on the bed deep in thought, he'd just made Jane and then Diana cum all over his balls, why wasn't he fucking happy?

He felt since he had come to Alison's Mansion, that he had been drowning in cunt.

Everywhere he turned there was cunt, Jane's cunt, Diana's cunt. Mabel's cunt; and even Lady fucking Alison's cunt.

These last two fucks he hadn't dared to come, in case he was grabbed by the next sexy fucker.

Oh for the days when he only had Mabel to please, he had been happy, fucking deliriously happy.

Now with four sexy women to fuck, he was getting depressed.

If only he didn't love them all, he even was starting to like Alison.

Since she'd fucked him, she seemed a bit more human and less aloof.

His problem was he didn't want to hurt any of them.

His thoughts were shattered by the return of Jane.

Still naked but holding a plate of nibbles, that she had taken from the kitchen.

She plonked herself on the bed, and passed him a sandwich.

As she was munching she looked intently at his cock, it was minding its own business and lying along his leg peacefully.

'Did I soak your balls that much? Its gone and made a wet patch on the covers.'

'No, it was Diana,' he answered still preoccupied with his own problems.

'That cheeky, fucking, hairy arsed, cunt faced, fucking sneaky bastard.

Can't I leave you for five fucking minutes, without her bouncing on your cock?' said Jane reasonably.

'She was lonely and needed a cuddle,' he replied absently.

Jane picked up his limp cock, and let it drop onto his thigh.

'Please tell me you didn't cum in her hairy cunt.'

'No, I thought I had better save myself for later.'

'Things are getting out of hand here John,' she said seriously.

'I thought that you and I were you know, special, like going steady or something,'

Jane stopped talking and looked down at the covers avoiding his eyes.

He held out his arms and said, ' Come here you foul mouthed little minx,' she put her plate down and snuggled up to him.

He lay there holding her gently,

'I know exactly what you mean Jane; it was complicated enough when we were both fucking Auntie Mabel and didn't realise it.

I want you to be my steady girlfriend, if you would like to.

We are the same age and everything.

We both love Auntie and love to fuck her sexy little body.

I feel very protective towards Diana, and I think she has a crush on me.

I am terrified of Alison, she is so far out of my league that I would get a nosebleed if I went up to her level.'

'Is that all John, are you sure you haven't forgotten anything else you want to tell me?' said Jane light heartedly.

John smiled at her and tousled her hair,

'Sorry about waffling on, but I really think I should talk to May about all this before I get into deep shit.'

'We can both talk to her together,' said Jane firmly.

'The way things are going you would only end up shagging her as well, then nothing would be sorted.'

'Do you like Diana?' he asked suddenly.

Jane thought for a moment and replied 'Yes fuck me I do, I feel sorry for the poor cunt just as you do.

My life has been heaven compared to hers; did you see her poor arse? How many times do you have to be buggered, to get it to stretch like that?'

'Any more sandwiches?' asked John.

Jane passed him another one and asked

'Have you seen Mabel since the ride, I wonder what she's doing?'

Mabel was worrying her tits off; Alison had gone into the house to get dressed in more suitable clothes than a riding cloak.

Mabel had stayed behind to finish putting away her horse's tack.

Alison had just hit her with a bombshell, completely out of the blue.

She had apparently decided to sell Armatage Hall, and move into the same village as Mabel.

She had even suggested that they buy a bigger place so they could all live together.

Mabel hadn't dared ask who "all" were.

Why the fuck did she bring the kids with her this weekend.

They must have spread their pheromones all through the fucking house, the sex mad little fuckers.

Who was she kidding; it was her fault that this situation existed.

It was she who told John to drop his pants, to show Alison that a man's cock was nothing to be scared of.

She had only meant to show Alison that there was more to sex than women.

Somehow Alison had taken all those years of frustration, and allowed its backlash to propel her into a mad crush on the first man available, her John.

The poor little man was being chased by four hungry cunts, hers included.

She couldn't wait to drive home tomorrow.

Perhaps some distance between them, would calm things down.

One bit of good news, Alison did have some condoms in the house.

She had promised to give them to John, and make sure he used them if he fucked the younger girls.

Mabel had quickly pointed out that Alison was still having periods, and was just as likely to get pregnant as Jane or Diana.

Alison had gone bright red at the thought, and assured Mabel that she had no interest in John.

Mabel had reminded her that she had been there, when Alison had been bouncing her cunt on John's cock.

Alison had put her hands over her ears, and run towards the house.

Alison ran up the steps and through the main door.

She was still only wearing her riding cloak over her naked body, and the feel of it rubbing against her skin had kept her motor running.

She ran towards her room intending to change into something more practical.

She was about to pass John's room when she lost all sense, and knocked on the door.

'Come in,' said John and Jane together.

John had dreaded seeing Diana again, but when he saw it was Alison standing in the doorway he whispered

' Oh fuck me, what have I done now?'

'Can I have a quick private word John?' asked Alison in her upper class accent.

Her tone of voice was perfunctory, and he found himself getting to his feet and throwing on a bathrobe.

'I won't be long Jane 'he muttered, as he followed Alison out into the corridor.

She was already striding away down the corridor, and he had to hurry to keep up.

He had followed her into her bedroom before he realised it.

He stopped when she turned, and told him to please sit on the bed as she had something serious to tell him.

'Mabel is getting very concerned about you John, she has asked me to give you some Condoms.

She would like you to wear one, if you have sex with any of the younger girls.'

John went to ask a question.

'Please let me finish John, this is very important,' she continued riding roughshod over his interruption.

'It's no good me giving you condoms if you don't know how to use them, have you ever used one before?'

'Er, no,'

'Just as I thought, I will show you how they go on.

Lay back on the bed for me, and think of Jane naked.'

Bemused, john did as ordered and laid back on her bed.

For the life of him he couldn't think of Jane at all.

His thoughts spun around Alison and her actions.

'You need to be hard John, rub yourself while I undo this condom,' said Alison concentrating on opening the small packet.

John's cock was semi hard, and only needed a small rub to bring it back to its usual rampant stiffness.

'That's better, God you young men can certainly impress us poor girls.

Now hold it steady, and watch as I unroll this onto your member.'

John looked down the length of his body, and saw his cock sticking out of his bath robe.

He held his balls steadying his shaft for her.

Alison had just placed a condom on the end of his knob. and as he watched she began to unroll it down his quivering shaft.

He could see that she was naked under her riding cloak, as her breasts were exposed.

'There' she said 'how doe's that feel John? not to tight on your shaft?'

'No Miss, it feels fine.'

'Tell me John have you ever cum in Jane's cunt?'

'Er no Miss.'

'How about Diana's?'

'Er, no Miss.'

'Well Mabel doesn't count as she is too old to get pregnant, who's cunt have you cum in lately?' may I ask.

John went red and stuttered ' Just yours Miss.'

'Oh yes during that game wasn't it?

Have you ever fucked Jane up her arse?'

'Yes Miss,'


'Yes Miss.'


'No Miss but I did fist her arse by accident as it were.'

'So all the girls have been fucked up their arses haven't they.

All except me of course.

I hadn't even been fucked in my cunt until you came along.

Did you know that?'

'No Miss.'

'Yes, forty years old and never fucked, sad isn't it.

I am one sad fucking woman aren't I?'

'No Miss, you are anything but sad, you are so beautiful and sexy it makes me hard just to look at you.'

'Yes you are hard aren't you, do you mind if I suck you for a bit?'

'Gulp, no Miss, go ahead.'

Alison leaned down, and slipped her mouth over his upright cock.

John closed his eyes in pleasure, as he felt her hot mouth encompass his knob.

The condom didn't seem to detract from the sensations one bit.

He even thought he could feel her tongue, licking around the hole in the end of his throbbing cock.

John wasn't imagining her tongue licking his pre-cum juice from where it was oozing out of his knob hole.

Alison hadn't liked the little balloon on the end of the condom, and had bitten through it to expose John's knob end to her tongue.

Her hormones were flooding through her body and brain, like a flash flood.

She was a fucking woman and wanted a baby, and nothing was going to fucking stop her.

It was her right to be pregnant, and by fuck she intended to get pregnant.

John saw her shrug of her riding cloak, and as it hit the floor she was crawling up over his body.

She knelt over him, and pulled his robe open to expose his naked chest and belly.

Reaching down between her legs she grasped his cock, and guided it into her soaking vagina.

Soon she was sitting comfortably on his cock.

Alison began to grind her cunt against his groin in a slow circular motion.

'This feel nice John?'

'Oh yes Miss, Oh yes.'

'How about this?'

She started to bounce her cunt up and down his shaft, faster and faster.

'Oh fuck me Miss that's fucking wonderful, your cunt is so fucking tight.'

'That's because your cock is the only one ever to have been up it, what do you think of that?' she said changing her motion into a hip thrusting one that rubbed her naked bum over his balls.

'Do you know if Jane likes me?'

'Oh fuck yes Miss, she wants to fuck you really badly, especially your virgin arse.'

'Is it right that Mabel loves it up the arse?'

'Yes Miss.' He gasped.

'How about Jane, she love it up her arse?'


'Would you like to fuck my virgin arse? After all you fucked my virgin cunt didn't you?'


'Yes what?'

'Yes, I would love to fuck you up your virgin arse Miss.' He panted.

'Mmmmm, perhaps later, for now I want you to fuck my cunt just like you have fucked Jane, Mabel and Diana.

So far I have fucked you, now I want you to fuck me.

It seems only fair, don't you agree?'

'Yes Miss.'

Alison stopped riding his cock and lifted her juicy cunt off his cock.

She rolled over onto her back and opened her legs for him.

With manic strength she pulled him on top of her naked body, and grasping his cock thrust it between her legs.

'Fuck me John, as hard as you can please, I want to feel my tits bouncing as you fuck me.'

She was fucking beautiful; she looked like an Angel laying there with her long blond hair spread out on the pillow.

He began thrusting into her, harder and harder.

She was egging him on and had gripped his naked arse, pulling his cock into her and in the process digging her nails into his bum cheeks.

'Fuck me John, Fuck me.' She kept repeating.

'If I get a good cunt fucking then I will let you fuck my virgin arse, Jane can watch if you like.'

This thought was all it took to slam him into an almost painful orgasm.

'AAAGGGGHHHH' he screamed as his balls contracted violently, causing his cum to explode out of his knob hole and flood her eager womb with his fertile seed.

Alison smiled wickedly and wrapped her lovely long legs around his waist, holding his body tightly against hers.

'Shhhhhh, John Shhhhh, theres a good boy, I want every drop of your cum in my belly,' she crooned into his exhausted ear.

'It's OK Miss I was wearing a condom just like you ordered.' He whispered tiredly.

'Oh yes silly me I had forgotten, just as well considering the amount of cum you produce isn't it?'

John slowly pulled his cock out of her satisfied cunt.

She could see that his knob had burst completely through the rubber membrane, and was still dripping cum onto her cunt hairs.

She quickly reached down, and pulled the ruined condom off his cock.

'I'll get rid of this John, you had better get back to Jane.

Let this little fuck be our secret, no need to tell Jane or Mabel is there?'

'No Miss, thank you Miss that was as fantastic as it was unexpected, I think I've ruptured my balls.'

Alison fondled the balls in question.

'Nonsense my randy boy, there's nothing at all wrong with these balls.'

Grabbing the box of condoms and adjusting his bathrobe, John staggered back to his bedroom and Jane.

Jane wasn't in the bedroom she had used the opportunity to nip downstairs into Alison's study, and play with her state of the art computer.

She had lost all track of time and Mabel found her sitting naked at the computer looking down at Armatage Hall from one of the Earth view satellites.

'Fuck me Mabel, this place is huge, how many acres do you think it covers?'

'About 200 I think,' she replied absently.

'There's even a lake, we could have gone skinny dipping.'

Jane looked at Mabel and noticed that she didn't seem too happy.

'What's the matter Auntie?'

'Nothing that a good licking wouldn't cure, are you up for it?'

'Fuck me yes, your room or mine?'

'Mine I think,' answered Mabel and taking Jane's hand, led her upstairs to her bed.

Diana was in he kitchen preparing dinner, when she felt a pair of hand slide around her waist from behind and move up to cup her heavy breasts.

She closed her eyes as fingers rubbed her nipples, until they stood out hard and throbbing like two little cocks.

'Oh Jonny, you sexy boy you are getting me wet again,' she whispered.

'WHO THE FUCK IS JONNY?' shouted an angry voice in her ear.

She jumped and spun around, it was Charlie, and he wasn't happy.

'Who is this fucking Jonny then, is he fucking you up the arse as well?'

'No Charlie, he is just a guest of the Mistress and will be leaving tomorrow' she replied placatingly.

'He'd better be you dirty cunt, I thought I was your lover?'

'You are, were my lover Charlie, but now I want to, how you say, chop off our relationship.'

'What about your plan to blackmail fucking Lady Armatage?'

'I have changed my mind, I'm not going to do it now.'

'Fair enough, more money for me then,' he replied shrugging his thin shoulders.

'No Charlie I want the film back so I can destroy it.'

'Fuck off you stupid Italian cunt, I'm not going to pass up the chance of a million quid just because you have lost your bottle.'

'I will tell the Mistress if you do not give it to me,'

'Tell her what you stupid loose arsed whore, that you were going to blackmail her?

She would kick you out so fast your fat arse wouldn't know what hit it,' he sneered.

'Come to think of it, I may just tell her myself.

A nice anonymous phone call, and you would be kicked out into the street.

Still you could always sell your hairy arse, as long as it was dark.'

'No please Charlie don't do that, I was only thinking that it was too dangerous for you.'

Well try not to think in future, you're only a fucking stupid peasant girl. Leave all the planning to me OK?'

'Yes Charlie.' She agreed in a small, frightened voice.

'Just for upsetting me, you can bend over that table and take my dick up your arse like a good girl.'

Charlie roughly pushed Diana face down on the kitchen table.

He threw her skirt up over her back, exposing her naked arse.

'No fucking knickers? You are a dirty fucking whore aren't you?' he said getting his cock out and spreading her bum cheeks apart roughly.

With no foreplay or lubrication, he rammed his cock into her anus.

Diana sobbed as his cock thrust up her arse again and again, her sobs excited him and he twisted her nipples painfully as he buggered her arse.

Seeing her capitulating to him, made him come sooner than intended and he grunted as his cum shot up her arse hole.

He pulled his cock out and slapped her naked trembling arse hard, leaving a red handprint.

'Your arse hole is getting so loose, I may go back to fucking your hairy cunt.'

She lay bent over the table sobbing broken heartedly, as Charlie left the kitchen and drove off.

That was how John found her, he had thought that Jane was on another food run, and had come down to the kitchen to find her.

As he walked into the kitchen; he was greeted by the sight of Diana's naked bum.

There was a big red handprint on it, and what looked like cum running out of her anus and down the inside of her thighs.

She was crying and her body was shaking with fear.

'WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?' he yelled in shock and anger. 'WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO YOU?'

Hearing his voice, Diana turned and threw herself into his arms.

She was crying so much that she couldn't speak, so he just held her tight and led her back to his room.

He laid her gently on his bed, and lay down beside her.

She scrambled into his arms, and held him tightly until her tears had run their course.

'Was it any of the girls?' he asked coldly.

'No Jonny; they wouldn't hurt me like that, it was Charlie.

'Who the fuck is Charlie?'

'I have been a stupid girl Jonny, you are going to hate me and beat me just like Charlie.'

'I don't hit girls Di; and I don't like men who do.

Safe in his arms, Diana sobbed out the entire story leaving nothing out.

'Fuck me Di you have got yourself in a bit of a mess.

Still you tried to do the right thing in the end, and that means a lot to me.'

'Do you hate me now Jonny, am I a bad girl?'

'Shhhh, I don't hate you Di, we will sort this out without anybody else finding out about it, I promise.'

'I love you Jonny,' she whispered in his ear and kissed him slowly on his mouth.

His hand slid down her back towards her bum, but she suddenly jerked away.

'I have to go Jonny, I have to finish making the dinner and I have to wash his cum out of my bum.'

With a final kiss she painfully got out of bed and walked back to her work.

John lay on the bed, he was incandescent with rage, somebody was going to pay for this.

He was going to find out all about this fucking Charlie, and pay him a visit.

Mabel was lying on her back with her legs open, Jane still naked, was licking her cunt and arse, with occasional kisses for good measure.

She could feel all the tensions leaving her body, as Jane happily licked her favourite Auntie.

'Hello, hello, hello, what's all this then? Asked Alison popping her head around the door.

She was very happy and bubbly and naked.

She jumped on the bed with Mabel; and as Jane continued to lick her cunt Alison began to suck her nipples.

'Hello sexy, did you give John those condoms?' asked Mabel sleepily.

'Oh yes I certainly did, that should be one worry off your lovely naked shoulders Auntie mine.'

Bubbled Alison; kissing Mabel's breasts neck and shoulders.

'Good girl,' whispered Mabel.

'What about me, am I a good girl too?' asked Jane between licks.

'Of course you are my darling girl, apart from your mouth you are perfect.'

Jane happily slipped her finger into Mabel's cunt.

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