Auntie Maureen fucks her nephew Ch. 02


Kerry closed her mouth and as I pushed my cock inside it her lips held tight against my foreskin and pushed it all the way back and then I felt her tongue try to ease its way into my cum hole. This was the most sensational feeling ever.

Then I saw Uncle stand up and come over to the bed. He stood in front of his daughter and eased her legs apart. His cock stood in front of him he said, ‘Ass or cunt’.

Kerry said, ‘Oh ass, definitely’.

Uncle Peter eased forward and his cock slid deep inside his daughter’s ass. He immediately started fucking his daughter’s lovely rounded ass.

Auntie Maureen was now fucking me in the ass with the butt plug and at the same time squeezing my balls. Kerry was still rubbing the tip of her tongue around my cum hole while Auntie Maureen’s other hand was wanking my cock

Uncle Peter was dildo fucking his wife’s ass while fucking his daughter.

As they sensed my orgasm nearing, Kerry opened her mouth wide and put her tongue on the cum hole and Auntie Maureen said to Uncle Peter, ‘Watch how I wank Roberts cock and make him cum in our daughter’s mouth. I want you to cum in our daughter’s ass at the same time as Robert cums in his cousins mouth. Quick he’s almost there, oh yes I can feel it cumming, it’s cumming, oh yes, look at that hot cum shooting into our daughters lovely mouth’.

At almost the same instant Uncle Peter did as he was told as he plunged his cock as deep as possible inside his daughter’s ass and filled her insides with his hot seed.

As I withdrew my cock from Kerry’s mouth Auntie Maureen kissed her daughter and scooped my cum out with her tongue. Then she lay between her daughter’s legs and transferred my cum with her tongue into her pussy.

Uncle Peter and I both had held hand dildos and started fucking Auntie Maureen with them. Uncle put one in her ass and I used the other one in her cunt as she licked and sucked her daughter’s cunt. As her excitement grew, she licked and sucked harder. Her daughter’s huge orgasm was only seconds in front of her own.

We were all now totally exhausted and called a halt for the night.

I am pleased to say that these proceedings are now carried out once a week.


If you would like you wife or girlfriend to appear in chapter 3 of Auntie Maureen fucks her nephew, please send me as many details as you can and I’ll see what I can do.

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what a bunch of scum of the earth animals...couz never did fuck Kelly...

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