tagIncest/TabooAuntie Was A Nun

Auntie Was A Nun


Auntie Was a Nun,

My name is Matt, I am 5ft10 with blond hair and blue eyes, I have always been fond of sport and it has helped me being quite muscular. I have had a few girlfriends but I can't say that I am a model, in fact I cannot really play with my physic to seduce girls, I need more time than others to seduce and I let my sense of humour do the job.

I have always been quite close to my auntie, I suppose the fact that she was the youngest helped having a better relationship. Indeed my grand mother on my fathers side has had 3 kids, my uncle was the first one, then my dad and finally my aunt. She was only 18 when I was born, therefore she was 36 years old when I reached 18 years old, age at which it all started.

Let me tell you more about aunt Sara, she had a very serious relationship at 16 until the age of 18 but for some reasons, that I never discovered, her boyfriend ran away a few month before their wedding, she must have been very disappointed and shocked at the time because she decided to become a nun after this event. I have spent many holidays at her convent in a house for the nuns' families. We had good times together there and when I became a teenager I quite often fantasized about her. My aunt is quite pretty, she is 5ft7 tall with nice long black hair and green eyes. When she was 35 she decided to leave the convent and to go on with her career as a nun with a catholic church (helping the priest do his job) in the same town as my parents. I was delighted to hear this as it meant I could see her much more often.

On my 18th birthday, my parents had of course invited my aunt and after dinner, my parents announced that in July they would go on holidays at Hawaii, they said they trusted me enough to stay at home alone for a month but that they would like my aunt to stay at the house with me during that month because they did not want me to feel lonely. In fact I understood very clearly that they did not want me to organise wild house parties while they were away and wanted my aunt to keep an eye on me. My aunt agreed and I was delighted to spend a whole month with my aunt.

At the very end of June I had finished college and my parents went into my room while I was watching TV, they told me:

" Matt as you know we are going in two days to Hawaii, could you go to your aunt's she is moving in today."

"Ok Dad, I'll go and get her," I replied.

I went to my aunt's and rang at the bell...

"Hi Matt, my stuff are ready can you carry this suitcase for me, it is very heavy."

"Ok auntie, no problem."

A few minutes later we were in the car and I drove back home, not much was said but I loved the way she was dressed. Indeed now that she was working for a church she could dress as she wanted, and boy!!!! was she very attractive in her tight white skirt and light pink blouse. I had a nice view on her cleavage during the trip as she hadn't buttoned up the top three buttons. She was wearing a lacy white bra and I was very disappointed with not being able to benefit of this view as I was driving. We finally arrived at the house an hour later. My parents were their to welcome my aunt and I went straight into my room to jack off while thinking about my aunt. I took off my T-shirt and pulled down my jeans and boxers, I already had a big hard on. I started stroking my 7 inches dick on my bed, after a few minutes I heard a knock on my bedroom door, every thoughts were flying at the speed of light in my head... Who is it? It can't be my parents they never knock but just come in.... OH SHIT, it must be my aunt, I thought in panic.

I quickly got off my bed and heard a second knock on the door. "Yeah, who is it?" I replied trying to gain a bit of time.

"It's Sara, can I come in?" at that point I had put back on my jeans but I didn't have time to pass on my T-shirt.

" Hm...Yeah of course auntie."

She came in and looked at me, she seemed a bit surprised to see me only wearing my jeans. I sat in an armchair immediately to hide my still raging hard on, after all I didn't have time to cum.

"Hum, you are quite well built Matt, are you still playing football," she started.

"Yes, I should be playing as a wide receiver next year at university."

"Didn't you hear me knock on the door? It took you quite some time to reply."

What kind of excuse could I find to justify this? Suddenly I found one, and a good one. "Well, I was doing push-ups while listening to some music with my headphones so I couldn't hear you knocking,"I said with a smile on my face.

"Oh! I see and this must also be why you have taken of your T-Shirt, I understand", she replied walking towards the armchair opposite mine. She sat down and her skirt rode up her thighs which allowed me to catch a glimpse at her white knickers and look at her perfect tanned legs.

"I came to see you because I am worried you could be upset at me for being here, I know a man your age would have loved to spend a month without your old aunt to baby-sit you. "

"It's ok auntie, I am glad to be able to spend some time with you, and moreover you are not old you are only 36 and look even younger," I dared.

She smiled and said : "thank you Matt, well I am glad you ain't upset at me." With this she left the room and I took a deep breath as I realised I was safe and that she didn't discover my previous masturbating session.

For the next two days nothing really occurred, my parents slept upstairs in their bedroom, my room was downstairs by the side of the spare bedroom where my aunt slept. We lived together, my aunt going to work during the day as did my father, my mom was already on vacation and prepared the luggage and everything. They finally left for Hawaii and I stayed with my aunt.

"Matt, I am going to swim in the pool, do you want to join in?"

"Yeah, sure auntie." I was really quite excited at the idea of seeing my aunt in her swimsuit.

"Matt I am sorry but suddenly I realise that I forgot my swimsuit, I'll take the car and drive to my place to fetch it."

Ohh no I thought, I don't know if I can bear to wait, I am already so excited just thinking about it. But then I had a great idea, and told her: "Auntie, I could go to my mom's room and get one of hers for you." In fact I knew my mom was a B cup and my aunt is a C cup and I knew my mom always complained that one of her bikini was too tight for her so I thought that I would give this one to my aunt and there was a good chance it should still be in her cupboard as my mom wouldn't have taken that one to go to Hawaii.

"Good idea if she hasn't taken all of them."

I ran up to my parent's bedroom and was delighted to find my mom's bikini. It was a nice one, blue and yellow.

"Here it is." I told Sara giving her the bikini with a big grin on my face.

"Ok I'll try it" she went to her room and came back 15 minutes later, I was relieved to see she finally decided to wear it but she took so long that I thought she must have hesitated a long time. She was such a beauty with this bikini, in fact Her boobs were pushing hard against the fabric and threatening to pop out at any time.

"It is a bit..., a bit tight Matt, isn't there another one?" she said with an embarrassed look on her face.

I decided to lie and replied that my mom had taken all the others.

She resigned herself and joined me in the pool, we swam for a while and after a few minutes I started teasing her throwing water at her, and pulling her under the water by her legs. She played around with me and a mock fight took place, it was real great and after some time happened what I expected, one of her breast popped out. I was so happy to look at this breast and brushed against it with the palm of my hand each time I could, I was amazed that she had not noticed anything and it went on for a good while. I started to get hard and I humped every so often on her leg, I was getting by that time really turned on. After a while she noticed her naked breast and swam away "wooooops!!" She climbed out of the swimming pool and laid on her towel.

"Could you put some sun cream on my back please?" "Hem, ok," I was really happy she was on her front and could not see the tent in my swim trunks.

I started massaging lotion on her shoulders, her skin was so smooth and silky I loved the feeling and started really massaging her. "HHHmmm, that feel nice!" my aunt said.

I kept massaging and went lower purposefully rubbing the knot of her bikini after a while my aunt told me to stop and detached the knot to let me a better access. What a mischievous mind I thought. I went on lower to the top of her bottom going each time a bit closer onto her butt. After 5 minutes which seemed like an eternity for me, I processed to apply some lotion on the back of her calves, moving slowly towards her thigh and spread them apart to kneel between them. At that moment my Aunt looked back at me with a puzzled look on her face and realizing what I was doing smiled at me and put back her head on the towel. When I massaged the inside of her thigh her breathing was a bit heavier and my thumb was now only 3 inches away from her covered pussy lips.

"Done, do you want me to do the front too??"

She thought for a bit and finally replied " ok then; you can do the front of my legs I'll do the top myself."

"Ok!" I started at her feet and processed slowly upward towards the inside of her thigh where I insisted longer and she started to breath more heavily again. After some time I was slightly brushing her covered lips with my thumb and my aunt closed her leg quickly trapping my thumbs on her pussy lips with a shiver. She opened her eyes, looked at me embarrassed "thank you that was great, I think that will do now. "

We stayed lied side by side for some time in the afternoon and my aunt went back in the pool. I stayed on my front as my hard-on wouldn't go away.

When she came back from her swimming, she laid on her front once again.

I thought about asking her if she wanted some more lotion on her, but I did not want to be to pushy about it. Finally I decided to be brave and asked her. She thought about it for a while and finally agreed.

This time I went directly between her thigh and lotioned her back only for a short while before applying lotion to her thigh. My aunt didn't say anything but seemed to be aroused very fast this time.

I concentrated on massaging her very close to her pussy brushing on her pussy lips as I had done before. After a good 15 minutes my aunt said in between breath : "Ooo... Okkkkk....I believe..... this spot is ok fooooor the Mooooment." as her body was shivering. I did not want to stop, and processed on applying lotion on her back again, she did not say anything and I was glad to see that she seemed to still be aroused. I had to bend forward (on purpose) to massage the top of her shoulders and my dick was brushing against her ass with a slow but steady motion. My aunt's cheeks were redden and I knew why!!

I kept on doing this and massaged the side of her back slowly brushing on her boobs each time. With no reaction from her I brushed my dick harder on her bottom and I couldn't resist going back to massaging between her thigh again. My aunt was like in a different world and so was I.

She shuddered at my touch and by now I passed my thumb under the edge of her bikini bottom touching her pussy lips directly now. My aunt still did not move and I continued stroking her wet pussy lips, slowly moving my thumb toward her clitoris. I finally found it and started massaging it.

"MMMmmh," she moaned and shivered.

I kept on doing this for some time and she was now humping faster on my thumb.Breathing now very heavily.

"MMMMhhh mmmhhhhh... oooohh ... ooooohhh, ooooooooooohhhhh." She breathed out loudly as she climaxed, she had her mouth wide open her eyes shut and her whole body was shaking widely. Even after I removed my thumb she still was in heaven and I decided I needed some relief too. I pulled done my swimming trunks and pulled aside her bikini, finally looking at thus perfectly shaven pussy. I placed my cock at the entrance, my aunt did not seem to notice it as I slowly inserted my hard cock in her. She was so tight it was a gorgeous feeling. As the head of my cock went in with my first push, she looked back at me with wide eyes and an horrify look on her face.

"OOOOOhh... no, Matt please don't," she pleaded.

I did not reply and kept pushing in now half of my 7inches cock was inside her and she continued "Noo!! MATT I am your aunt and I am a nun I can't do this" I continued moving in and felt a resistance in her thought nothing of it, my aunt kept moving widly to resist but she was still weak from her orgasm and I was much stronger than she was.

"OOOoh!! PLEASE, Matt... I am still...,"

I pushed hardly the rest of my dick in her, tearing through her hymen.

"a vir....GIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!"

I was amazed, I never thought about that but after thinking about it, it made sense she was a nun and probably had never had sex with the guy she wanted to marry. God I thought I took my aunts virginity, what an experience. I slowly moved my dick in and out of her and she was now reluctant but couldn't resist her body feelings and she was meeting my thrusts each time. "MMm!!" This was so good, I massaged her boobs with both hands and kept fucking her very hard. She groaned now and gave herself totally to me. "Ooooooh ooooohh yeaaaaaaah," she exclaimed as she reached her climax. But I wasn't done yet I started French kissing her and she offered no resistance. It was great to kiss her I had always wanted to do that and now I was doing everything I had always desired. I stopped feeling my balls tighten and felt very close to shoot, I was now fucking her very hard and Fast!

She must have felt my dick pulse because between her moans she started pleading again "OOOOhhhh .....Oohhhhhh, no don't!!!" she breathed out. " Don"t what?!" I replied. "Maaatt OOOOOhhh...please don't!" " Don't what dear aunty???"

At that point I shot my load deep in her pussy as I heard her reach another climax shouting: "Don't cum in MEEEEEEEEE.... OOOOOOOh Nooooooo, you, you.....are.....ooooooh. not weaaaring a condooom. Aaaaaaaaawwwwww God, feels.... so fucking goooooooood!!!!!!!!" I was in heaven and I am sure she was too. She was breathless and her vagina was sucking every drop off my dick in her. I stayed in her until my dick went down and slipped out. Now afraid of what she would say I ran to my room hoping that she would not hate me or worse, tell everything to my parents.

I heard her go out of the house one hour later and when she came back, she knocked on my door.

" Yeah!"

She opened the door and looked at me, seeing my frightened look she smiled at me and said : "I bought something for you."

Surprised my mouth dropped as she waved a condom box in front of me.

Wow, I thought, this month is definitely going to be a wonderful one!!

I really hope you liked this work of fiction, and would be delighted to hear your comments. Remember that I am still new at writing stories and moreover I am French but hopefully my effort in intending to write enjoyable stories for you will be appreciated.

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