This story was inspired by a novel we recently discovered. Due to Literotica's guidelines we can't tell you the name of said novel. Enjoy the story anyway.


Every male head turned as she entered the bar, locking onto her gorgeous person. She was perfection the likes of which they had never seen before. Hair, skin, face, breasts, ass, legs, everything was visually phenomenal. The power she had over them only intensified their hunger for her. She was searching for the strongest to feed her unholy lust for power. The power she sought was not of physical strength or even beauty but what she called Aura. She could sense each man's strength, as easy as looking at them.

She wasn't fully human, aging much slower than normal but needing to feed on men's Aura to sustain her energy and life force. Humans call her succubus, but she isn't a demon from hell. She was born as humans are, but with power, strength and abilities humans only dream of.

She zeroed in on the Aura of choice, controlling his mind before he finished his beer. He looked average, nothing about him made him stand out among the other men, at least to normal human females, but she felt his inner 'lust signature' was the strongest of the bunch. His eyes were locked onto her. Already his thoughts were of sex with her, since that was what she persuaded him to want. Her thoughts controlled his body instantly. He would do anything she wanted him to do. Steal, fight, kill, or die. Anything. She wasted no time, approaching the group of men he was in, singling him out among the others.

"You, come with me," was all she said.

His friends hooted and hollered after him with jealously. The woman they saw was beyond gorgeous, making the other females in the bar extremely self conscious and protective of the men they came with or recently met.

"Have fun Rod!" a few of his friends called after him.

Rod briefly turned to smile at them, turning back quickly to view the incredible body before him. He didn't know such women existed; he had never seen one before that was so perfect in every way. Rod followed the long haired brunette outside like a little puppy. His mind was full of dirty thoughts, which seemed to increase in explicitness as the minutes passed. He was so taken and controlled he didn't even ask where they were going before getting behind the wheel of her yellow Porsche.

She wanted him to drive so she could sample his Aura before they got back to the hotel. Any orgasm the man had, released the energy she needed to feed on. Even if that orgasm consisted of her mouth on his erect penis. As he put the car in gear and drove out of the small parking lot she influenced his mind to unzip his zipper without uttering a word. His average member grew quickly as she filled his mind with images of what she was going to do to him, along with where to drive the car. He followed her directions as she took his hardened shaft in her hand.

Leaning over she enveloped his head in her hot wet mouth, causing a groan of pleasure to escape the doomed human's lips. You see a succubus as powerful as she could drain a man of his Aura in one night, killing him and leaving him a dried up corpse. He never complained, never even knew fear or pain. Only absolute pleasure over and over until nothing remained of his Aura, killing him.

Taking him further in her mouth, she forced his pants open, cupping his tightening orbs with her left hand. Sucking hard she made him squeal again with pleasure as the semen boiled in his loins. She felt his Aura grow, slowly increasing to a peak when his orgasm would release the power for her to consume. Her talent, along with her control over his mind, had him ready to explode in a matter of seconds. She didn't need to consume the actual semen to gain his power; the Aura seeped out of his body and into hers the minute his body convulsed in orgasmic bliss.

He was strong. She felt his power flow into her as his penis erupted in her mouth, filling her with strength and power, energy she needed to sustain her life. She decided to swallow to protect her leather interior, slurping up Rod's hot load and taking every glorious portion of his Aura he released along with it. This was only the first of many she would coax out of Rod's body.

"Good hell that was incredible!" Rod yelled over the radio as the woman cleaned him off between his legs.

"There's more to come, lots more," she replied, sitting up in her seat.

The strength she consumed turned her on, wanting more of Rod, more of his life force to strengthen her own. She realized they had arrived at the hotel, opened the car door and searched for her room keycard. Rod got out, zipped up his fly and followed her quickly into the hotel. In the elevator to the third floor she slammed him against the wall and kissed him, filling his mouth with cinnamon flavor, stimulating him with the natural aphrodisiac.

Not only was she glorious to look upon, her smell, and taste were designed to please and allure. Rod was hard again before the door to the elevator even opened. She pulled him bodily out the door and tugged him by his shirt, down the hall to the room. Once the door was open, she ripped the shirt off his body with ease. Her strength should have frightened Rod but her control over his mind erased any concerns. His pants came off next and she shoved him onto the bed.

Rod watched in absolute ecstasy as the perfect woman removed her clothing. He had never seen such ideal breasts in all his life. They were large but very firm and they were real, defying gravity before his eyes. The rest of her body put any Playboy bunny to shame. He was speechless and almost came lying on the bed with the vision of perfection before him. She felt his Aura rise again as her clothing fell to the floor. She was going to enjoy every second of his Aura, sucking him dry.

Crawling on the bed she went right after his hardened member again, devouring it deep into her mouth. She sucked and stroked him, letting his Aura build up again for the release. She knew the more stimulated and excited he was, the bigger the release would be when he finally climaxed. She teased his dick and balls for fifteen minutes with her mouth until she had him on the verge again. Releasing him she crawled further up, easing his wet and very hard rod into her tight dripping pussy.

She had no fear of disease or pregnancy, nothing could harm her and she couldn't get pregnant. Pleasure engulfed her body as his hard member penetrated her folds. She told his mind to grab her breasts, which he immediately did, twisting the nipples between his thumb and first finger just like she wanted him too. He was the perfect lover because her mind told him exactly what she wanted done. How hard to pinch, where to touch her, when to kiss, and when to die. She was in total control and he loved every minute to his death.

Rising up and back down, she took his member in and out of her while he did exactly as she thought. He was soon ready for another release. She didn't slow, letting him climax inside of her, filling her with his semen and power. The orgasm was intense, sending him into convulsions and moans of pleasure. She absorbed more and more of his power, causing him to sweat and breathe heavily as his dick spewed forth inside of her hot tunnel.

As a succubus she didn't have the same problem as many women who complain about the man going soft after orgasm. Her power kept him hard and eager so she could continue extracting his Aura, hour after hour. She never tired because of the energy she was receiving from him. His body weakened as did his Aura each time he climaxed but he was unaware of the danger he was in because of the thoughts and sweet bliss she caused.

"Now it's your turn to fuck me!" she said crawling over him.

His load gushed out of her open hole, dripping up his stomach to his face, leaving a trail of white semen on his body. She told his mind to eat her, feasting on her fluids and his together. He obeyed instantly, placing his mouth over her entire area and forcing his tongue deep inside her vagina. He sucked, licked, nibbled and performed perfectly to all her thoughts, causing sensations to rush through her empowered body until she climaxed on his face.

Rod had never tasted something so exquisite in his life. Just as her saliva was flavored as cinnamon her pussy juices were a natural aphrodisiac the likes of which were beyond human comprehension. Rod was so aroused and turned on his penis looked like it had a ring around the base holding the blood in. The head was purple, the shaft dark red with veins protruding from the surface. Her superb flavor only made him suck and slurp her up all the more until she lost her balance in rapture.

She fell off of him as her body convulsed, sending intense pleasure through her. As she fell she told him to rise and fuck her from behind. Rod quickly knelt behind her, lifting her light tight body to her knees and spreading her legs. They both moaned as his hard shaft spread her well eaten pussy again. He reached forward, grabbing her excited breasts, pulling her back onto his shaft while pinching her erect nipples. They both screamed and moaned in passion as Rod thrust forward, burying all he had deep inside of her.

Her mind told him to take his left hand and place it under her body to stimulate her clitoris while twisting her right nipple with his other hand. He complied, while thrusting in and out of her dripping pussy. She yearned for his next release, feeling his Aura begin to peak again. Each time the release was less than the first but collectively she felt eternal and unstoppable. It took longer to build up to climax each time, because the drain on Rod's body was more severe from exertion and her theft of his Aura.

"Fuck me Rod! Fuck my hot pussy harder!" she screamed urging his release.

Thirty minutes later sweat was dripping from his body, his lungs were screaming for more air as his heart pounded away inside his chest. He was thrusting viciously inside her from behind, grabbing her hips and pulling her incredible ass back to him as he thrust in. She was in ecstasy, riding the wave of her own pleasure and basking in the added power from Rod. She felt his Aura slowly grow as Rod worked tirelessly to his own doom. Rod tightened up, holding his release as long as he could until his muscles gave in, spewing another load deep inside of her. His life power rushed into her, filling her immortal body with strength, energy and pleasure.

Rod thrust while ejecting his load and then collapsed onto the bed exhausted. His energy level was becoming dangerously low. Already his muscles were atrophying and his cheeks began to sink in. Dark circles appeared under his sunken eyes, he wasn't going to last until morning. She smiled, feeling invincible, as she glanced at the weakening human. She spurred his body and mind on with thoughts of further depravity with her. She added talk to urge his penis hard again.

"You like fucking me, don't you Rod? Like my tight pussy, how it makes your big cock feel. You're going to love my ass," she whispered in his ear.

Rod, though exhausted and dying, felt his heart jump in his chest and his dick engorge with new found energy. The thoughts and images she put into his mind of fucking her in the ass were too good, too erotic to resist. He struggled to get back to his knees; she was going to make him work once again, to his final demise. She lay on her back and brought her legs up and out as Rod knelt below her. She was coated in his cum and her own secretions, oozing out of her opened vagina down over her tight rosebud.

"Do it Rod, stick your big fat cock in my ass. Fuck my ass Rod, now!" she ordered him.

His dick was rock hard again as he ran it up and down her tight hole and vagina. Pressing the head in her body opened easily for his wide penis until Rod's entire raw member was deep inside her bowels.

"That's it! Now fuck my ass hard and fast!"

Rod pulled out and pounded his cock back in as fast as he could. The tight hot grip on his dick was incredible. He had no care in the world besides the incredible woman below him and the ass tightly wrapped around his throbbing dick. The pleasure her mind and body caused was the best Rod had ever felt. He thrust over and over, pounding away at her tight ass, watching her round, large breasts sway in circles with each thrust of his body. He was mesmerized by her power, locked on to her perfect body with his unblinking eyes as he thrust to his death.

The harder he worked the more wasted his body became. She watched with anticipation as his body shrunk. The skin tightened around his face and bones, leaving him emaciated and hardly alive. She knew his last release would take time. Making him work for it made it all the more fun. She played with her clitoris and breasts as he worked tirelessly to his end, pounding away at her ass with the only thing on his body that wasn't shrinking. An hour when by and still he hadn't slowed, fucking her ass with all the effort he could. He only had one thought; to please her. Another hour and she knew he was close to death.

His eyes sunk back, dropping into his empty head as his penis spewed its final load inside her bowels. The last of his Aura was depleted; she took everything he had. His dead, dried up corpse fell forward onto her body; he had literally killed himself screwing her to the end.

She easily tossed his light, lifeless, wasted corpse onto the floor, basking in the new found energy from Rod. Her body tingled, her muscles twitched, she loved the way she felt right after sucking a man dry. Energy coursed through every molecule in her body, holding her inhuman frame together. She smiled, fondling her stimulated breasts and rubbing the cum, oozing out of her ass around her pussy. She turned her head and viewed Rod's shrunken corpse on the ground.

"Was it good for you? Because you were wonderful," she mocked, laughing at his dead hollow eyes.

She lay there for ten extra glorious minutes before dressing and preparing Rod's body for discarding. Looking at the clock she contemplated if she had enough time before light to find another...

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