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Avengers: Some Enchanted Evening


All characters in this story are TM and © Marvel Entertainment. Their appearance here is unauthorised and is intended as parody. It should not be read any under the age of 18.

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Tigra prowled through the darkness of Avengers Mansion as silently and gracefully as the animal she was named after, sniffing as she went.

There was something strange in the air this night. Something...off. It was crackling with the musky scent of rutting, the tang of it setting Tigra's fine fur on edge and driving her wild.

Skittering up alongside the wall in the hallway, she unlatched the vent of the air-conditioning system and swung inside, following the musky aromas that were setting her feline senses off like a finely-tuned radar.

She navigated the ducting with ease, her eyesight even sharper in the dark than it would be in the noonday light. In the distance, she could hear the sound of a shower pouring at full-bore. Beneath that, however, she could hear something else.

A woman moaning.

Or was it? Garbled as it was, it was hard to tell. As she scampered ever onward, she knew she was both wrong and right at the same time. It wasn't just a woman moaning. It was two women moaning.

Turning a corner in the pressed steel confines of the duct, the air suddenly became misty. Running the floorplans of the building through her mind, Tigra placed herself as being just above the change rooms by the gym.

Finding a grate in the duct, she crawled over to peer out, shocked by what she saw below.

Looking out at the women's showers, she watched as Carol Danvers, aka Ms Marvel, pressed her lips hungrily to those of Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk.

They were both naked, She-Hulk's emerald skin dripping wet as she and Ms Marvel indulged themselves beneath the powerful jets of the shower stream, gold hair tangling with green.

She-Hulk had her hand thrust between Carol's thighs, her fingers dipping in and out of her fellow Avenger's pussy. Carol, easily a full head shorter than She-Hulk, was at the perfect height to tongue and suck her teammate's breasts, the massive mammaries glossy, pressed tightly together, the dark green nipples sticking out hard and proud.

"Mmmnnnnnnyyyyeaaahhh!" Ms Marvel breathed as She-Hulk hurriedly fingerfucked her, running her hands down the curve of Jennifer's back to cup and squeeze her tight ass. "Unnhhhhhthhhhat's iiiiitttttt!"

Tigra watched with wide-eyed amazement, her senses flooding with raw sex – the sight, smell and sound of it. She'd always wondered what way both women swung. Now she knew...and the image of it was sending bolts of arousal blasting straight to her quickly moistening pussy.

"Fuck!" She-Hulk suddenly cried out, distracting Tigra. Ms Marvel had managed to gain the upper hand, seeking out She-Hulk's clit to run teasing circles around it before frigging the little nub, making the Jade Giantess shudder and convulse with need, her thighs parting wide.

Ms Marvel pressed the advantage, pivoting She-Hulk around and pressing her up against the cool tiles of the shower wall, her hot mouth searching out Jennifer's to kiss her voraciously, burying the fingers of one hand in her emerald cunt as the other hand busied itself with the clit, stroking and flicking it with single-minded determination.

"Oh God, Carol! God, yes! Yesss!!" She-Hulk moaned, parting her thighs wide, her hands hard on Ms Marvel's back, her toes curling on the puddled floor of the shower.

Ms Marvel sucked on a massive tit as she fingerbanged her unexpected lover up to the apex of her desire, before tipping her over into the spiralling void of release.

"Fuh-fuh-fuhhhh-fuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkk!" She-Hulk screamed, every muscle in her toned body constricting as her sudden orgasm took her completely by surprise, her green face blushing as the water continued to rain down on the both of them.

Ms Marvel smirked with smug satisfaction, quickly offering her fingers up to She-Hulk's olive lips before the shower had the chance to wash them clean. She pushed her digits into Jennifer's mouth, making her suck and swallow her own fluids.

She-Hulk chuckled in response, accepting Carol's fingers between her lips, slurping them hungrily. Ms Marvel straightened, her own sizeable tits wobbling beneath the spattering stream of water. She looked to be very proudly considering herself the victor of this little one-on-one session.

She-Hulk, however, had other plans, which she quickly revealed by grabbing Ms Marvel and spinning her around, reversing their positions, slapping the sexy blonde's back against the wall.

"That tasted good," She-Hulk said. "Now let's see how you taste!"

The emerald Avenger dropped to her knees, ideally positioned to start lapping at Carol's swollen labia and the river of pleasure that was running between.

"Ohhhhsshhiiiiittttt!" Ms Marvel cried out, her clear victory now fading quickly as She-Hulk squeezed her ass and tongued her cunt with all the might she had to offer.

Tigra, hunched in the airduct, settled in to watch Round 2. But as she did, she caught wind of another pair of scents drifting from further down the line, and another pair of voices echoing in the darkness.

Turning towards the source, she stole one last glance at She-Hulk eating out Ms Marvel's pussy, one hand working her cunt while she used the other to stick her pinky finger in Carol's puckered asshole.

Ms Marvel's screams of orgasmic joy were almost enough to convince Tigra to stay and keep watching, but the promise of what might lay beyond proved too tempting. She dashed soundlessly forward, eager to see what else this wild night had to offer her...

She came to the next grate in the ducting system and, just as before, she arrived to the moaning of two separate voices. This time, however, it was a woman and a man. Peering through the slits of the grate, Tigra worked out that she was staring in at Tony Stark's private office.

At first she didn't see anything. All she could hear was groaning and the slrrp sqlllcch plllrrp of something – or more likely, someone – sucking as if their life depended on it.

The room was flooded with pheromones, and the scent made every nerve in Tigra's body hum like a livewire. She rubbed her palm against the dark patch of material covering her tender pussy as she scanned the room, looking for the spring of this overwhelming desire.

Finally she spotted them. In the corner of the room, behind a large oak desk, Tony Stark –

aka Iron Man – sat in his padded leather chair, leaning back as Natasha Romanoff – aka The Black Widow – ran her mouth up and down along his hard shaft, sucking him off with the most incredible blowjob Tigra had ever witnessed.

The red-haired Russian was moving her head up and down on the industrialist's cock with the enthusiasm and ability of a porn star, her bare breasts swaying as she gurgled around the base of his shaft.

"NnnnJeezzuusss, Natasshhaaa!" Stark slurred. "Thassssoooo fucking gooodd!"

He hunched his hips further forward, trying to get ever more of her amazing mouth wrapped around his dick, as she broke off her sucking long enough to nibble at his balls.

"Mmmmm Tony!" She mumbled, her assassin's hands milking his pole and stroking his tight sack. "Nothing tastes quite so good as billionaire cock! It's better than caviar!"

She popped the flushed head of his dick back between her lips, loudly slurping on it as he ran trembling hands through her scarlet locks.

"Keep wuh-working me like this, honey...and I'll have something else entirely for you to t-taste..." he said, wincing between the mind-searing sensations of her diving mouth. "...and I promise you it won't be ca-caviar!"

With her saliva sparkling on his scrotum and her hand blurring on his dick, Natasha leaned back to flash him a wicked grin.

"Promise?" She said, extending her tongue to wrap it around his helmet and the widening hole that was leaking just the first teasing drops of his jizz.

"Fffucking guarantee!" He groaned, thrusting his pelvis up into her mouth with his eyes clenched shut.

All the while, Tigra was rubbing herself furiously, licking her own lips with a twitching need, wondering what the pair below would do if they knew she was watching them.

"Then do it, Tony!" The Black Widow hissed, her tight fist nothing more than a high-speed haze on Iron Man's hard-as-steel cock. "Fill my mouth with it, baby! I want to feel it flowing down my fucking throat!"

Natasha's encouragement was all Stark needed. As he started to grunt and convulse, the Black Widow clamped her pouty lips around the rim of his bulging cockhead, squeezing him hard and aiming him straight for the back of her throat.

"Nnnnnnrrrrrrgggggggod!" Stark bellowed as he lost himself in Natasha's mouth, his load blasting hot and humming with energy as it ran over her tongue and down her gullet, the Russian heroine thirstily drinking down every drop he had to offer.

"Mmmmmmyyyessss!" She moaned, sponging up all the cum and drool that had collected on his cock and around his balls as Stark panted above her, trying to collect himself. "Nnnn, Tony! Always so impressive, the things you offer me."

There was no witty rejoinder from Stark. He was so lost in his breathless post-orgasmic bliss that all he could do was watch as the Black Widow stood, her ass shining in her black leather uniform, her tits rippling as she turned to his desk.

With one sweeping motion, she scattered everything collected on top of it to the ground, hauling herself up onto its surface, the high heels of her boots scraping the varnish.

"Tell me," she said, running the zipper on the front of her outfit down so far that it left the red tuft of her pubic hair peeking out. "What else can you offer me?"

Tigra watched with her breath hooked in her throat as Stark stood, his dick hanging half-erect.

"Nothing, I'm afraid, until I recover a bit..." He said, gesturing toward his lolling member.

"Then fucking improvise!" Black Widow snapped, demonstrating her significant athletic ability by grabbing him by his neck with her ankles, using only the power of her legs to thrust his face towards her crotch. She clamped his head between her thighs, cackling with delight, as Stark grunted and garbled from beneath her smothering pussy.

Black Widow's laughter and Iron Man's moaning reverberated in the duct so loudly they drowned out the sounds coming from the room next door – but not to Tigra's ears. No, her eardrums honed in perfectly on the noises emanating from just around the corner and, just as it had done already so many times tonight, curiosity got the better of her.

Venturing onward, Tigra sought out the next exhaust opening, assured that whatever she found she'd be sure to enjoy.

Fortune did not prove her wrong. Peering through the gaps of the vent, she found she didn't have to search for the source of the noises as she'd done in the previous room.

Instead, the pair of them were splayed out before her in a dizzying tableau of carnal indulgence, tangled in bedsheets made filthy with their mutual desire.

In her now heated state, Tigra tore away the annoying distraction of her black briefs, settling in to watch the show with her fingers busy at her bubbling pussy.

Below her, Sersi – the Avenger belonging to an immortal race known as the Eternals – was completely naked, her dark hair falling in her eyes as she slowly fucked herself atop the Sentinel of Liberty known as Captain America, aka Steve Rogers.

They were making rhythmic love in a king-size bed by candlelight, the walls decorated with various black-and-white photos from the 1940s, leaving it obvious whose room this was.

The Captain's hands were running up and over Sersi's body, stroking her firmly defined abs, squeezing her sizeable breasts and rubbing at her small, stiff nipples. He seemed lost in wonderment, his usually formal demeanour having completely slipped away.

"D-didn't I tell you, Captain...?" Sersi asked breathily, her hips rolling on Cap's pelvis, her pussy stretched wide to accommodate his solid cock. "Didn't I s-say how good this would feel? To...to let go? To indulge in the pah!---in the passion...we've so long denied ourselves...?"

As she slid herself up and down along the length of his stalwart cock, she raked her nails through the blond curls of his chest hair, her lips curling in building need.

"You are a thing of beauty...!" He groaned, his strong hands ensnaring her tiny waist, adding his strength to her motion, making her gasp. "...I don't know how I've deprived myself of you for so--- for so long!"

"Shh, my darling!" Sersi told him, stroking her fingers over his mouth, allowing him to lick at their tips. "Now's not the time for recriminations. Now is the time...for everything we've ever wanted!"

With her last word, Sersi braced her hands on the Captain's broad torso and picked up her speed, her breasts bouncing as she started to fuck herself frantically on his cock.

Chivalrously, Cap reached up to hold her breasts steady, though not without squeezing and playing with the exquisitely soft orbs.

With his chiselled good looks, his perfect body and his gentlemanly manner, Tigra had long nursed an attraction to the good Captain, but with his almost monkish sense of courtship and personal conduct, she'd all but abandoned any prospect of ever indulging in that attraction.

It was obvious, however, that not only did Sersi desire Cap as well, but she'd actually managed to sway him into acting on it. Tigra watched with lustful envy as the raven-haired beauty slid every perfect inch of Steve Rogers' cock in and out of her dripping womanhood.

"Mmnnhhh! Nmmmnhh! Hnnnnmmhh!" Sersi panted with every lunge, every thrust, as she threw her head back, her long black hair falling between her shoulder blades to tickle at the top of her asscrack.

"Captain! Ooohhhh, my Captain!" She cried out, her thighs dipping up and slamming down to plunge his relentless shaft into her sweaty cunt. "I'm so close, my darling! Please! I'm so utterly close!"

"Then...unh!...then by all means..." He grunted, his legs shifting beneath her. "...Ladies first!"

With her mouth parted wide open and her eyes squeezed shut, Sersi sped toward the edge of oblivion, teetering there as if in agony.

"Unnnhhh!" She cried out, her orgasm painfully eluding here.

Using the same precision he showed whenever he slung his legendary shield, Captain America reached out to finger Sersi's clitoris, flickering the nib with a firm tenderness that hit the mark with almost violent results.

"Ohhhhnnhhnnnn! Oh! Ahhnnn! Yyeeeeeessssssssss!" Sersi screamed, smashing her sizzling pussy down against the First Avenger's pelvis, his dick resolutely firm and deep inside her.

"Ohhn! Ohh! O!" Sersi rasped, her chest heaving as she struggled to maintain her balance, floating down from the high of her orgasm like a leaf on the wind, Cap's cock pinning her in place.

"Satisfied?" Cap asked, his voice low and velvety, a tranquil smile on his face.

"Not until you are, lover." Sersi said with a saucy grin, leaning forward so that her perky breasts dangled in his face. Taking the opportunity to lick at the pink tips of her nipples, the Captain was left surprised as Sersi grabbed him by the shoulders and roughly rolled him over on the bed until he was firmly on top of her.

"It's your turn now, my darling..." She said, her eyes sparkling in the half-light, her legs wrapping around his waist. "...Fuck me with everything you have!"

They grinned to each other, happy to be sharing this secret moment, before they embraced in a needful kiss.

Tigra fingered her aching pussy, watching with wrapt attention as Captain America's buttocks clenched with every plunge and thrust into Sersi's grateful cunt, the Eternal writhing and moaning beneath him.

She lost track of how long she crouched staring at them and pleasuring herself, as Cap's famous stamina obviously extended well into the bedroom. Just as she started to wonder if he would ever cum, the strongest scent of the night wafted past her, spiking her nose with the spicy aroma of pure, unreserved sex.

Leaving the lovers to their candle-lit chamber, Tigra darted even further down the duct.

Lightning flashed and thunder cracked as Tigra approached the final room. She placed it immediately as the main drawing room of Avengers Mansion, the large bay windows exposing the storm building outside.

The two figures in front of the roaring fireplace, however, were paying the weather no attention whatsoever.

Tigra recognised the Asgardian sorceress known as the Enchantress, naked save for her headdress and arm-length gloves, her long blonde hair whipping around her face as she was fucked from behind and on all fours by none other than the Mighty Thor himself.

"---so---so easy, in the end!" The Enchantress was in the middle of saying, her speech splintered by the merciless fucking she was receiving. "One suh!---ah!---simple...simple spell!...and all your walls just cuh!-come tumbling down...unnnh! Oouunh!"

Thor's teeth were gritted tight, his huge hands were squeezing the Enchantress's ample tits, and his thick thighs were slapping lewdly against the curve of her exquisite ass.

"Uunnhh! All the----ahhn!---all the civility thou mighty Avengers hide thyselves bee—ennhhh!---behind! All of it flicked off, like a switch. That's when – oh fffuck!....that's when the tru!-true beasts that lie ins-suh-side thy hearts are exposed! Unnnnrrhhh!"

Her words seemed to be having no effect on Thor. The only thing he was focused on was fucking the alluring sorceress with all the power he could summon, the thick cable of his godhood hammering in and out of her divine cunt.

"But you don't even care about that...do you, my handsome one? All you care about is the nectar of my----mmmnnhh!---my womanhood! And it---it feels so---so---uuuunnnhhhhhh!"

The moment overwhelmed the Enchantress, leaving her defenceless against the onslaught of pleasure that swallowed her up whole. For an untold time that evening alone, her cunney quickened as she came, her hips bucking and her fingers digging into the carpet as she wailed with release.


She shook and coiled, her back curving as her pussy pulsed around Thor's mighty cock. Outside, the storm swelled stronger.

Tigra couldn't take it anymore. She had been toying at her slit all night, but with this latest display she was too overcome with heat to continue denying herself. With feline flexibility, she arched her back and pivoted her hips upward, presenting her pussy to her own mouth.

With one leg reaching into the air and ravenous desire taking hold of her, she delved into licking herself out, kissing her pussylips and lashing her clit, drool plastering her chin and cunt juice spilling over her thighs.

Even with her mouth full, she never took her eyes from the view of the Asgardians fucking before her. Thor's thrusts were reaching a fever pitch now, the sounds of his cock smacking into Enchantress's cunt like the cracks of thunder booming overhead.

"Ohhhuuunnhh my Lllloorrd! My lord, strong and able! Unnnnhhhffff! Give me your seed, my lord! Give----nnnnhhhh!---give me everything you have!" The Enchantress cried out as the storm reached its crescendo, lightning filling the room in a strobe-light assault of the senses.

"Aaarrnnnnhhh!" Thor bellowed, pulling out of the Enchantress's sweetly syrupy cunt and standing to his full height, his hand pumping his engorged cock. Spinning around in place, her tits quivering as she knelt before the Odinson, the Enchantress cooed her eager encouragement.

"Yes, my lord! Yes! Anoint me as I worship you! I beseech you, please!"

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