tagRomanceAverage Joe Ch. 07

Average Joe Ch. 07

byDG Hear©

This is the conclusion of my Average Joe series. Thank you to all who followed it through. A special 'Thank You' to WanderingScot for taking the time to edit this story for me.

Chapter 7: The conclusion

When I last left off I had Ariel lying on my bed naked. To me she was the most beautiful girl in the world and I told her so,

"I feel funny lying here naked and you staring at me," Ariel responded. "If I didn't love you and trust you so much I might be a bit worried."

"Just give me a sec. I'm going to give you somewhat of a massage." I reached in the drawer and took out the lotion.

I went to the end of the bed and began rubbing her feet. I may not have been the best masseur but I had a pretty good idea what to do. I took her foot in my hand and began rubbing the bottom and heel of her foot. I put a bit of oil on my fingers and rubbed the ball of each foot, spreading her pretty little toes and massaging each one.

"That feels so good, especially since I've been on them all day and all that dancing," said Ariel.

I put more oil on my hands and began rubbing her calves. This wasn't a deep massage but just a gentle rubbing of oil on her body. I put her leg on my shoulder and began applying oil to her thigh. She had these tight muscles in her legs from exercising.

She lay there with her eyes closed as I did each thigh. I had I perfect view of her pussy and I could see it becoming moist. I did my best not to touch her pussy but it wasn't easy. I did rub right up to it. I said to myself, "Take your time, do as you were taught."

Next I moved up to her shoulders and rubbed the light oil on her working my way down to her breasts. She opened her eyes and said, "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone." I knew she meant it because I could see a tear in her eye. I leaned over and kissed her.

I moved down and began massaging her breasts. It only took seconds before her nipples became hard and I had to suck on them. She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me to her breasts and held me there.

It was now time to do her taut belly. I rubbed some oil on her and massaged her from her belly button to her muff. I then kissed her body following the same trail. My face again ended up in her muff. I could see her pussy was so wet and I could again smell her sex.

I reached over in my drawer and she saw me. "You don't need a condom Joey," she said.

"It's not a condom, it's a surprise." I took out my little finger vibrator and slipped it on.

I began sucking on her wet pussy and I applied the vibrator to her clit. "Oh my God, what is that?" she said as she had her first orgasm of the night. I received a face full of her juice.

"Kiss me Joey, kiss me now." I did what she asked and we were doing some really heavy kissing. I showed her the little vibrator.

I rolled over on my back and Ariel got on stop of me. Watching the woman I loved slowly lowering herself on my cock was the most wonderful turn on. She was smiling at me while she moved up and down on my stiff cock. She was having mini orgasms and I could see it in her face. I couldn't hold back any longer.

I shot my load of love juice up in her pussy. I knew she felt it and lowered herself all the way down taking all of my cock. She stretched out her legs and laid her head on my chest and she fell asleep with my cock still in her.

After it softened I felt it fall out and dozed off myself. Sometime during the night she must have gotten off of me and covered us both up. I woke up with her cuddled up to me still sleeping with a smile on her face.

I wasn't going to disturb her for the world. I lay there and just thought about how lucky I was.

She woke up and rushed to the bathroom. When she came back she slipped on her panties and pajama top that she never had a chance to wear the night before.

"I'm sorry for putting some clothes on but I'm a little self conscious about being nude in front of men, it's just something I've never done."

I slipped on my jockeys and a pair of pajama bottoms. "I could get used to seeing you naked. You're so beautiful."

"Joey, I feel I should tell you a little about my past love life. I don't want us to have secrets."

"Honey, your past is your past and mine is mine. Knowing who you had sex with isn't something I really want to know."

"I still want to tell you. I've only had sex with two guys. They were boyfriends at the time. I cared for them and even thought I might have loved them at the time. I know I mentioned Brian when I first met you. He was the second guy I was with. We broke up because he asked me to marry him and I realized he wasn't the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because after being with you and making love with you I realize what love truly is. I just want you to know that I've never played around. Yes I dated quite a few guys but wasn't intimate with them. I just needed for you to know." She came over and just hugged me.

"Ok, short and simple. I've had sex with a number of women. Most all were older than me. I was naive and nervous. One particular lady taught me how to make women happy. At first I thought I loved her. She was my first but she explained to me that it was just sex between us and I would know when I found my true love. She was right.

"I met you and life was never the same for me. When we finally made love I knew there would never be another like you. That's all I'm going to say about my sex life."

We took a shower together and I took her home. I dropped her off hoping she wouldn't have to answer many questions.

After that night life for me was never the same. Ariel's schedule was pretty much the same but Saturday nights were ours to share. A lot of Sundays I was also invited over for family events. I guess I was somewhat a part of the family.

One day a week we tried to have lunch together. It had been a few weeks since Mary and Henry's wedding. I saw Nancy and asked her if she would go shopping with me. I needed her help.

"Do I get lunch and a movie?" she asked smiling at me.

"Yes, as long as you promise not to tell Ariel."

"Why would you want to hide it from Ariel? It's just shopping and a movie."

"I want to buy her an engagement ring and I know she would wonder what I went shopping for and why I needed you along. I'm not very good at lying to her. I love her too much.

Nancy came up with a solution. She would just tell Ariel that she felt I owed her a favor and asked me to take her shopping for some school clothes.

Ariel bought it. Of course we did have to pick up some clothes also. When we got to the jewelry store Nancy went over to the smaller, cheaper sets. "No, Nancy, this is for the love of my life, I don't want to skimp on her ring."

"Joey, the rings in this section you're looking at run almost four-thousand dollars. Do you have that kind of money to spend on a ring?"

"If it's for Ariel, yes, I have a large savings plan for special situations and I think this falls into that category."

Nancy found what I thought would be perfect for Ariel. The dealer said it regularly sold forty-five hundred dollars but would sell it to me for four thousand dollars which including the wedding ring.

I was ready to buy it when Nancy said, "Joey, I think I saw a similar set at the other jewelry store we were at. It was only thirty-five hundred dollars. Maybe we should go back and look at it."

I had to wonder what Nancy was talking about. We didn't go to any other Jewelry store. The sales person quickly said, "Let me talk to the manager and see if we can do any better."

Nancy looked at me and I realized she was a real shopper. The manager came over and gave his sales pitch. "I can come down two hundred dollars but that's the best I can do." I was ready to say ok when Nancy spoke.

"Well, three hundred dollars is three hundred dollars, thank you for your offer but I think we'll go with the thirty-five hundred." As I turned to leave following Nancy the manager said, "Wait! Would you be paying cash or charge?"

"Cash." I said to the manager.

He looked over at Nancy and said, "Little Lady, you drive a hard bargain but I'll let you have it for thirty-five hundred, plus sales tax."

"It's a deal," said Nancy. "Joey, pay the man." Nancy couldn't believe I had the money in my pocket. I had withdrawn five-thousand dollars before we had left to go shopping. I paid for the ring and we got our package and walked away.

When we left Nancy asked me if I was nuts. "Why are you carrying that kind of cash?"

"I don't have a checking account and we said cash, so I couldn't use my credit account. Thank you for saving me so much money. I'll take you anywhere you want for dinner."

I had to laugh when she said the Red Lobster. You could tell she and Ariel were related. After we ate we took in a Harry Potter movie. Not exactly my type of movie but Nancy enjoyed it. I had to buy her a bucket of popcorn too.

Ariel stopped by on Sunday to see Mary. While she was there Nancy showed her the clothes that she had bought. Nancy had also told her that we ate at the Red Lobster and saw Harry Potter.

Ariel came up to my apartment. "I heard a rumor that you were out with a young woman. You were seen smiling at her at the Red Lobster. Later you were seen entering the theatre. Is any of this true?"

"Yes, it's all true but the young girl was Nancy. I promised to take her shopping."

Ariel laughed, "See how blown out of proportion things can get. That's why we always need to be honest with each other. Nancy just told me you took her shopping." She put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

I wanted more but she said she had to get home. I did take the time to grab her by the cheeks of her ass pull her into me and kiss her again. She smiled and told me she loved me and that I could grab her ass most anytime but preferably not in public or in front of her family.

At work on Monday I got some great news. The manager of the dairy department was retiring and I was offered the job. There wasn't much of a pay raise but I would be working day shift. I would have one full time and three part time employees working under me. It would be up to me to set the work schedule.

I could hardly wait to tell Ariel. We met for lunch on Wednesday and she was really happy for me. She was always worried about calling me and waking me up. Now we would be on similar shifts. I could still meet her for lunch once a week. My new position was to start the following Monday.

Now I had to work on my plan to surprise her. On Thursday night I went to her Karaoke performance she was great as always. Some of her friends at work knew me and I asked Craig and Jerry to do me a favor. I didn't want Ariel to know anything about it.

Two weeks later, I was now on day shift, and I planned to attend Karaoke night with Ariel. I had already had my talk with Craig and Jerry. I was sitting with Ariel at the table with her co-worker friends. They knew she was my girlfriend. Hell, everyone knew now.

What she didn't know was I invited her parents, also Mary and Henry, I told them to bring Nancy. I got hold of Aunt Trudy and Uncle Ralph and asked them to come. Everyone was sitting on the opposite side of the room so Ariel couldn't see them. There seemed to be an overflow crowd that night.

Craig and Jerry had both sung and when they came back to the table they were kidding with me about singing. "I can't sing, that's Ariel's department."

"We dare you to even try. How do you know if you don't try," said Craig.

"Yeah, I'd like to hear you try to sing." said Jerry.

"Alright guys, that's enough, quit picking on Joey," Ariel responded.

"Guess he is too chicken to even try," said Craig.

"I said that's enough," said Ariel. "I thought you guys were our friends." Ariel was a bit aggravated.

"Hell with it, I'm not chicken, I'll give it a try," I said as I stood up.

"Joey, you don't have to prove anything to anybody. Please sit down," said Ariel.

"Nope, I'm going to do it." I got up and wondered if this was a good idea. The place was packed. I could see our families sitting on the other side of the room.

I took the microphone, and there was dead silence. I looked over at Ariel and she was giving Craig and Jerry the evil eye.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Joey Holder. I'm not a singer and won't put you through the agony of listening to me." I heard a few laughs.

"The reason I'm up here is to ask a very special person a very important question" Ariel was now staring at me.

"Most of you know Ariel, she sings here regularly. She has the voice of an angel and she looks like one too." Ariel knew what was going on as I saw tears running down her face.

"Ariel, I love you and the world knows it. I always considered myself an average Joe but you taught me that everyone is special in some way. I'm the luckiest man alive to just have met you. Now I want much, much more. I want you to be my wife."

I had tears coming down my cheeks. "If you say no I'm going to be awfully embarrassed. You can't see them from where you're sitting but your family and mine are here tonight to hear you sing."

Ariel stood up and walked toward the stage. She saw everyone sitting there. I have to say you really could have heard a pin drop. Ariel continued up on the stage and put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"Of course I'll marry you. I wouldn't want to live without you."

Everyone started cheering and her family and friends stood up and applauded. I reached in my pocket and took out the ring and put it on her shaking hand.

"If you don't like the ring, blame Nancy, she helped me pick it out."

"Oh my God, I love the ring and I love you." She looked over the huge crowd now beginning to sit down. "I will sing a song in a few minutes but please give me some time to get my composure back."

We went back down to our seats where our friends congratulated us. She told Craig and Jerry that she owed them big time. "We just did what Joey asked," said Jerry.

"Oh, he going to get his, I can assure you."

I looked at her and said, "I sure hope so."

Awhile later Ariel got up and said she wanted to sing 'Over the Rainbow' because it was my favorite song. When she finished singing she had half the audience including me with tears in their eyes.

We met our families outside after singing was over. Everyone was so happy for us. The two women who seemed to cry the most were my Aunt Trudy and Mary.

Nancy was so happy that there would be another wedding to plan and go to. Life was great, it honestly couldn't be better.

We did get married six months later and everyone we knew attended. We lived in my apartment till Ariel found out we would be having a baby. She stopped taking the pill the night before our wedding.

We found a nice house with three bedrooms. We weren't going to stop with one child. Ariel still did her exercise twice a week, we had lunch together at least once a week, and we visited family most every Sunday. Every few months she still had her night out with the girls. But if they were going to stop for drinks, I made sure I was there to meet her.

The nicest part was we were together every night. We enjoyed making love. Sometimes we had some pretty raw sex. Even cuddling with her was great.

We attended a number of ball games, both baseball and football. We usually took Nancy with us and she always brought a friend. We learned we had so much in common. I believe it was because we wanted to be with each other.

If I'm average then being average is very good, I wouldn't want it any other way. I love it when the average guy gets the girl.


Hope you enjoyed my story

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

DG Hear

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by Anonymous04/10/18

I really liked this series, nicely done. Some spelling issues or misused of words. and as another reader commented it's nice to see a happy ending and not have a twist at the end that leaves you pissedmore...

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Fantastic. ......

A story that leaves me feeling this good has to be bookmarked. Thank you so much. Not being way pissed off at the end is great.

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