tagLoving WivesAverage Wifey Files #20

Average Wifey Files #20


***IF you have not already, you might want to read File #11 since this picks up where that left off.***

Usually when I wake-up the morning after sex, I can still feel some of Michael's cum inside of me. It is warm and makes me feel warm. It is a good feeling; one of the benefits of using the pill for birth control rather than a condom.

Usually, Valentine's Day is a special day for us. We both look forward to our romantic date, admittedly I more for the romance and he more for the sex.

But, as I dropped my feet over the side of the bed and slid them into my slippers and pulled on my robe, this was not the usual morning after sex nor was it the usual Valentine's Day. I was tortured by the twist of events that culminated in Michael's off the charts passion the night before.

As my slippers scraped the bedroom carpet, each step I took immediately reminded me that my pussy had been soaked just a few hours ago. His mouth. His cock. My juices. His cum. It was a messy pool of arousal that had been bubbling between my folds. Now it was in various stages of crusty smears between my thighs, semi-gelatin like glaze near my pussy, and a oozing flow seeping out of me.

As I turned on the shower, I stood there and shook my head. How could a well-intended self-pic sent to him have taken such a turn? And worse yet, what was I thinking when instead of putting a stop to things, I just kept adding fuel to the fire?

As I stood in the shower seeking more than just a cleansing of my body, my mind kept asking questions it could not answer. Was it me that turned him on so much last night or his mistaken belief it was somebody else? Was all that passion directed at me or someone else? Had he compared those self-pics of me, that he did not know was me, and run them through the rolodex of images in his mind of women he knew and had mentally undressed?

He had already left for work before I had risen. I felt his soft kiss on my cheek as he whispered "happy valentine's day", then headed out to work. I pretended to be worn out from the night before; it did not take much acting.

I stepped out of the shower and dried off. The towel in my hand squeaked as I rubbed a circle out on the fogged up bathroom mirror. As I pulled the comb through my hair, the small beachball-sized circle on the large plate glass mirror reflected back to me a partial view of what Michael had devoured. But was it ME that he enjoyed or was it someone else?

I pulled on my robe and went downstairs to the kitchen to get my morning cup of coffee. There on the table was a small, heart-shaped box of chocolate candies with a card resting against it. "Happy V-Day my HLF" the envelope read, a cryptic reference to his favorite, private pet-name for me, "hot little fuck". I didn't touch it. I just looked at it, conflicted.

That's when that little devil propped himself on my shoulder again, speaking words in my ear that only I could hear. Kathleen, what's your problem?

My mind was trying to figure that out!

My naughty advisor continued. Kathleen. What more could you possibly want? He fucked you good. He left you chocolates. And certainly more fun awaits you tonight!

I sat down to ponder my little devil's perspective. My hands curved around my cup of coffee as I sat at the table, staring at the unopened card and box of chocolates as if it were not mine to open. I muttered to myself, "What is wrong with you, Kathleen?" I had no answer. My little devil was silent as well.

I reached in my robe pocket and withdrew my phone. There was one person I thought I could count on to help me figure this out. She had already held my hand across forbidden boundaries in the past (File #13). She could certainly help me get a handle on this situation. I called her.

"Good morning, Jen."

"Hey girlfriend! Happy Valentine's Day."

"Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. Do you have a minute?"

"Kathleen, for you I have all the time in the world. What's up?"

I took a deep breath. "I have a situation here that I need your help with. It is complicated and I don't know what to do." I got no more than two or three minutes into a rambling preamble that quickly revealed to her that this was a touchy one. She listened until she had to interrupt.

"Would you like me to come over?"

"Oh Jen..." I hesitated with the words 'no thanks' dangling from my lips as my little devil whispered say YES... you know you want to.

"Kathleen? Are you there?"

"Yeah, yeah... I'm here Jen. I don't want to be a bother. I just need to talk."

A short fifteen minutes later, Jen was at my door. I had not moved from the table, my thoughts dazed and confused. My mind was spinning over that box of chocolates and card like vultures narrowing in on their next meal.

I got up and went to the entry way, welcoming Jen in with a big hug that immediately let her know that I was upset more than she had picked up on the phone. "I am so glad you are here" I whimpered on her shoulder. "I am so confused."

"Well, first things first. I gotta have a cup of that coffee before we both get confused!" I smiled. Jen always had a way of getting me to see past my emotions in the moment by forcing a smile to my face. Still in just my robe and slippers, hair damp and plainly combed back, I retrieved a cup of coffee for her.

Jen wandered into the dining room to take a look at this ominous box of chocolates and card I had referenced. As I handed her the coffee cup she nodded at the table and playfully mused, "Such a menacing sight." Another smile.

I sat her down and unfolded the events of yesterday and last night. She listened intently. Jen seemed to never be judgmental about anything, and supportive in everything. She was a rare friend. I knew I did not need to worry about her reaction to my daring self-pic venture gone awry or Michael's unexpected interaction with it.

She patiently let me tell the whole story. When I led her to the final moment where I arrived at the box of chocolates and card, I ran out of gas and slumped back on the couch. I was ready for her help.

"Well Kathleen, the good news is that you have found another way to make it hot with Michael. Where did you come up with such an idea?!"

I shrugged my shoulders humbly, not all that concerned with credit at the moment, although my little devil did hiss in my ear, Hey, it was MY idea!

Jen continued, "Of course the bad news is that you have a fire burning that needs to be contained and you are at a loss for how to do that." She smiled at me with a dramatic pause... "And I can help you with that. I actually think this could be fun for you."

My little devil whispered, That's exactly what I said!

Jen pulled out her phone. "I have an idea. What is the addy and password for this secret email account you use?"

With blind trust in my friend's loyalty I gave it to her. She quickly navigated to my account on her phone. "Got it. Good. Now, let me see if I can ... " Her voiced tailed off as her finger swiped a few times over the screen of her phone. She tapped on the screen and smiled. "My my, girl, no wonder he got all horned up."

She was looking at my sent emails and the two pictures I had sent to Michael. "You are right. No face to give it away." She spread her fingers across the screen to zoom in on the pic. "And Michael is also right... VERY hot." She looked up and winked at me.

Her playful tease was therapeutic. It was a bit late and certainly not my target audience, but still nice anyway to receive that reaction to MY pic of MY body from someone who knew it was me.

That's when she got the sly smile on her face and an all-too-familiar naughty tone in her voice. She said, "Oh Kathleen, I have a great plan!" The little devil on my shoulder perked up and rubbed his wicked hands together, I love it when she talks like that.

Without bothering to first clue me in on the plan, she jumped into action. She flipped through her aps and opened up the camera on her phone as she said to me, "Take off your robe."

My startled look was not in protestation, although I did hesitate. Take it off! my little devil echoed in my ear exactly as Jen repeated, "Kathleen, take off your robe."

I set my coffee cup down and pealed back my robe so that I was still sitting on it, albeit naked on the couch. Being exposed to Jen was not a new experience. It was this yet unexplained plan of hers that had me so nervous.

Before I recognized what she was doing, I heard the -click- of her phone taking my photo and instinctively pulled my robe back over my body. "What are you doing?!"

She laughed and said, "Relax! This is going to be soo good! Now, hold your coffee cup in your lap so it teases the camera by covering your pussy."

I trustingly slid my robe back open and did as she said with the coffee cup. She took a couple of photos. Then she got up and moved behind on the couch, looking over my shoulder. I listened to the click of several more photos. "Spread your legs open" she said. I did. Another click.

After about a dozen more poses and countless photos, I finally could not go any further without knowing what this plan of hers was.

"Well, before I try to explain it to you, check out these pics." She handed me her phone and directed me to the thumbnails of me, row after row of my body. As I flipped from pic to pic, I noticed that not a single one showed my face. In fact, most of them were expertly angled to even disguise my identity.

My little devil drooled in my ear, Oh this is naughty! Jen proudly smiled at me and asked, "Got an idea of my plan yet?"

I don't know if I was dazed from the past 24 hours or overwhelmed by the unthinkable reality that I had just posed for dozens of nude pictures that were stored on somebody else's phone. All I could do was shake my head and murmur, "I have no idea."

For the next 20 minutes, Jen detailed her naughty plan for me. I shivered a few times when I was unable to distinguish between her voice and that of my little devil. I suppose nothing was more telling of my understanding and full acceptance and comfort with her plan than the fact that the entire time I sat there listening to her I remained completely naked.

When she finished explaining and we agreed to the details we needed to coordinate on, she stood up to leave and we hugged. I didn't bother with my robe. If I could entrust my naked pics to her custody and my upcoming evening to her naughty mind, then certainly my body was secure in her embrace.

"Dammit, Kathleen" she whispered in my ear as her arms smoothed over my lower back and ass, "I don't know how Michael controls himself around you."

We walked toward the entry way. Before she opened the door, she kissed me goodbye on the cheek, momentarily leaned back to glance up and down my body once more, and then returned for one more kiss. It was on my mouth. It was sweeter. It was erotic. And yes, it was so affirming. Just what I needed.

Later that evening, Michael arrived home just a few minutes before we needed to leave for our reservations at our favorite restaurant. I was dressed and ready to go, wearing a daring ensemble he had given me for birthday. Of course it had the required plunging neckline and hip-hugging fit that he seemed to never tire of admiring on my body. The gray, cowlneck, cashmere sweater hung so low that I had to carefully keep track to make sure that the collar folds rippled just right or the upper edge of my large, light, pink nipples would peak out. The burgundy, wrap-around skirt dared to go higher than just about any other skirt I wore.

When Michael's eyes greeted me, I was relieved when I felt the return of the thrill of his lustful eyes on me. I had not resolved my conflict of last night, but that was balanced by my eager anticipation for Jen's naughty plan to begin to play out. I bounced into his arms and gave him a warm, welcome home, Happy Valentine's Day kiss. His mouth opened and wasted no time returning my greeting. As I felt his hands smooth over my hips and under my skirt, a flash of Jen's warm embrace from earlier that day moved across my mind, serving to remind me that I had work to do.

I playfully guided his hand away from me as I sung in his ear, "Plenty of time for that, baby. But we need to go or we will be late for our reservation." He knew I was right. It only took two more playful slaps at his roaming hand over my ass to effectively disengage our bodies and head out to the car.

On the drive, he decompressed a little while about his day. Typical, executive pressures that I had heard a thousand times before. My mind was wandering to what was awaiting us around the corner. His eyes were wandering down my sweater and up my legs. The conversation was dry, but our minds were filled with excitement.

As we entered the restaurant, the lobby was already packed with guests waiting for a table. Michael winked at me, silently signaling to me how he liked that my body had the attention of many in the room. I certainly could feel their eyes on me. My little devil whispered, Even on Valentine's Day, men's eyes betray their lovers for a chance to check you out. I smiled.

Michael found us a place to stand in the corner as we waited. I fumbled with my phone in my purse out of Michael's sight. I had pre-typed a message to Jen reading, "NOW". I glanced in my purse and directed my finger to hit SEND.

Moments later, as my phone signaled a new text message had arrived, I pulled it out of my purse and gave Michael a disinterested shrug as I said, "It's Jen. I can get back to her later."

He smiled, "No problem. See what she wants." Damn. Jen was right! She told me it would play just like that. I held my phone casually so that if he wanted to, Michael could read her message. It was our preplanned, meaningless opening signal statement. "Could I borrow your red heels with the buttoned-bow over the toes?"

Michael slid his hand over my thigh and glanced at the text message, reading Jen's words and then my reply. "Sure. But we are not home. Help yourself."

What Michael did not know is that those words actually meant, "Yes, we are at the restaurant. You are free to begin sending emails to Michael."

Michael ALWAYS is looking at his phone. His business responsibilities require him to be on top of things, including any emails that might alert him to urgent information. So it was all too predictable that Jen's emails would be instantly viewed by him.

But would he actually open them up? That was the big question. Our plan would fail if he did not. Jen assured me he would. I was less confident, reminding her that he would recognize the address from last night. She had laughed and said, "From last night, and this morning, and later this afternoon, and few dozen other times in between. That is exactly why he won't be able to resist."

She was right. No sooner had the first email hit his phone than he got up to check with the hostess to see how much longer our wait would be, conveniently timed so that he could open the email and read it ... and view the pic Jen had sent.

It was the pic of me sitting on the couch with my legs spread open and the cup of coffee steaming strategically over my pussy. No face. No way to identify me. His mind would register it as whoever he thought his secret admirer was.

I pretended to be distracted by the lobsters awaiting their doom in the large fish tank directly across from me as he secretly viewed the pic and the caption beneath it: "My body is steaming hot for you baby. Happy Valentine's Day."

Before he slipped his phone back in his shirt pocket and returned to my side he quickly tapped back, "Hot indeed! Happy V-Day to you too!!!!" Our plan was working!

I smiled, "What's the news?"

With a calm exterior he casually replied, "Something came up. Got to stay on top of it. But don't worry."

I smiled, secretly thinking to myself thoughts at the speed of light. My thought, 'I bet something is up,' accompanied my naughty glance at the crotch of his slacks. My little devil chipped in, And you know who he plans to stay on top of, don't you?!

I pretended to be confused by his answer, clarifying my question. "I mean, what's the news on our wait time?"

I took devilish delight in his awkward moment as he said, "Oh yeah... she said about ten more minutes."

I secretly passed along the updated wait time to Jen.

The plan was for me to alert her the moment the hostess told us our table was ready. When we got to our table, I would tell Michael I needed to visit the ladies room.

As we waited those last few minutes, it was easy for me to see that Michael's mind was somewhere else. Any other time I would have naturally attributed it to the job. But of course, I knew better at this moment. As his finger daringly traced a series of circles up my thigh, I shivered at the thought that the pic he had just viewed was fueling his lust at this very moment. Compared to how indecent that pic was, the placement of his finger was modest.

Of course, the eyes in the lobby which were glancing at his finger on my skin did not have such a frame of reference. Their judgment more accurately interpreted the location and movement of his finger to be daring, indecent, even naughty.

When the hostess announced to us that our wait was over and our table was ready, I sent that next message to Jen. By the time we reached our table and I was informing Michael of my ladies room visit, I heard his phone signal another email. I walked away knowing he would be devouring that email that arrived just on time.

I rushed inside the ladies room and excitedly shut the stall door behind me, sat down on the toilet and pulled my phone from my purse. I called Jen. She answered with a naughty sing-song voice, "Jen's email temptress service."

I laughed and blurted out, "It's working!"

"And you doubted me?" She giggled in harmony with the little devil on my shoulder.

"So what did you send him just now?"

"An up close pic of your pussy with a caption that says, 'I know you must be out with our wife on this special night... touch her pussy as soon as you can while you are thinking of me... let me know when we are connected.' Pretty naughty, eh girl?!"

"Oh my god! VERY naughty! We both know what that means, right?"

"Um hmm" Jen's naughty voice replied. "My only regret is that I can't be there to join him!" I laughed. Jen was amazing, even though she could be edgy. That she would tease me like that, insinuating that she would love to finger me as well, was her way of affirming me. It certainly worked for me.

"Okay, I gotta go. Call me in about fifteen, okay?" I was confirming the next stage of our naughty plan.

Upon my return to our table, Michael had obviously already read and viewed the email from Jen. He stood up, inviting me sit next to him rather than across from him at the table. I easily was able to make out the outline of his erection bulging in his slacks. He was like a puppet on a string!

As I slid across the warm leather of the seat bench, my panties hardly covered my ass as my skirt was only long enough to wedge between my lower back and the back cushion of the bench. It took all of three seconds for Michael to use one hand to slide a menu in front of me while his other hand eagerly moved between my legs.

I squirmed as I tried to read the menu, feeling his fingers in a rush, prying their way under the fabric of my silky, red, bikini bottom panties. Before I could even turn to the page listing the main entrées, his finger was worming over my main entrée.

To anyone who happened to see us sitting there side by side, we appeared to be a sweet couple browsing the menu with casual expressions of interest on our faces. Of course, that was far from the truth of that naughty moment.

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