tagInterracial LoveAvoiding the Storm Ch. 01-02

Avoiding the Storm Ch. 01-02


-Hello everyone, this is my first submission so please be patient as I learn. Comments welcomed and taken into consideration...This is the first and second chapter of Avoiding the Storm... Hope you enjoy!

German words:

-Ein fauler Sack = lazy bastard

-Er geht mir auf den Sack = He's a pain in the ass

*Adrian --- In Germany*

"Ein fauler Sack!" hissed Adrian at his younger brother Conrad.

"Brother, why are you so uptight?" asked a sitting Conrad.

"Is Elena not fulfilling her duties as your personal whore?" mocked Conrad while looking Adrian.

Adrian made his way from behind his desk and approached his brother slowly, never breaking eye contact with Conrad.

"Tell me this younger brother," requested Adrian as he looked down at a sitting Conrad.

"Why would I concern myself with Elena or her sister if you have fucked them both?" said Adrian with a growl.

Conrad feeling challenged stood up from his seat, and they stood face to face staring into each other eyes. Conrad being the lax brother coyly laughed off the tension between him and Adrian. He moved towards the door while ignoring Adrian because Conrad would not admit defeat to his older brother. Touching the doorknob, Conrad took one last look at his brother and grinned. He finally walked out of Adrian office, slamming the door behind him. Adrian looked at the door and smiled, he knew what it took to piss off Conrad. Both are stubborn and both dismiss the fact that they are the Hitzag brothers.

Adrian stood 6 feet 3 with a body built as a swimmer. His eyes were a pale onyx (thanks to his mother) but when he is pissed off those onyx eyes would turn into the color of dark clouds as a thunderstorm approached. His eyes always seemed to have the stormy effect. Showing emotion was a weakness, and nothing about Adrian stated weakness. Adrian hair was a light golden brown and he kept his hair as a crew cut. He kept a mean facial expression with narrowed eyes. A strong jaw line, mixed with a sturdy chin, and a semi sharp nose gave him the 'don't fuck with me' appearance. However, no one knew he hid the dimple in his right cheek by not smiling. Made of completely masculinity, Adrian believes dimples did not fit in with the rest of his attire.

In contrast, everything about Conrad stated pretty boy, he stood 6 foot 1 with a body as a soccer player. Conrad wide hazel eyes are the best of his features. The scare that stretches from the edge of his left eyebrow to the middle of his cheek was the only mark that shows imperfection. Just like Adrian, Conrad dimple was on the right side of his cheek, and he had the same light golden brown hair. However, Conrad hair almost hit his shoulders. Conrad facial features held strong jaw long, kissable lips, and a bright smile. He is the male version of his mother except his hazel eyes and the scare.

Both Adrian and Conrad knew they could have any women they desired. However, Adrian did not want just any women he craved for a companion, his companion. The women he could not live without, the women who would invade his dreams, most importantly he wanted his women. Adrian grew tired of his games, during his 375 years of existences; he never met the women who could tame the beast within. Adrian always figured that he had time to settle down because to the werewolf society he was just hitting his prime. Conrad was a different story, he seduced every attractive female he met, and his hormones is one of a teenage boy. He treated women only as a sex object, as if they were unable to have an intellect conversation. Being 65 years younger than his brother is, Conrad still had the stamina to have sex all day if he desired.

*Zaira --- Back in New York*

"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy, it's time to wakey wakey!" shouted 5-year-old Eli as he jumped up and down on his mother bed.

'Damn, I shouldn't have been working on that case all night' thought Zaira as she rubs her eyes and forced a smile on her face.

"Good morning sweetheart" Zaira said with a husky voice.

"Morning mommy," said Eli as he kissed the tip of Zaira nose.

"Mommy can you fix my favorite since its Saturday?" asked Eli as he put on his pout face.

"Please! I would even pick up my toys today mommy, please!" pleaded Eli as he bounced by his mother side.

"Okay, okay but you have to wash your face, brush your teeth, pick up your toys, and give mommy a big kiss!" she said as she attacked her son with kisses and raspberries on his stomach.

"Okay mommy you win" said a laughing Eli.

"Now, go brush your teeth, wash your face, and put on some clothes...," said Zaira as she held her fingers out displaying the number of things Eli had to do.

"I'll be in there to help you pick out your clothes for today" said Zaira as she stood up and stretch.

"Mommy, I'm a big boy now...I don't need you to dress me anymore" said Eli as he puffed out his little chest.

"Oh, well excuse me then..." stated Zaira as she opened her blinds.

"Now you better hurry up before I change my mind about..." before she could finish her sentence Eli jumped off the bed and ran towards his room.

'God, he reminds me so much of his father...why did you have to leave so soon?' thought Zaira as she tried to keep the memories afar. It has been 3 years since her best friend, husband, and better half died on a mission in Iraq. She sat on her bed and pulled out the last printed email her husband sent her.

'Aye, Doll. I know you probably worried your pretty head off about me, but I'm okay. Every morning I thank God for the love that you have given me and for the birth of our son. If I don't make it back just know this...You are my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on, you're the love of my life, you're my one and only, you and Eli are my everything. Kiss our son Eli for me and tell him daddy loves him very much. Love you baby doll. Be home soon, hopefully! Love yours forever...your Jeremiah

Instead of him coming home by the end of the month, he never got the opportunity to board the plane for New York. She felt tears streaming down her face as she held the letter tightly in her hand. 'It's been 3 years and here I am crying over the man who took my heart six feet under...the ironic part is that Eli reminds me so much of him. He has his father's green eyes and Jeremiah active personality. Every day I look at Eli, all I can see is his father, the man who I loved with all that I had and now he's gone...' Zaira wiped the tears off her face and walked to the bathroom. She closed the door and stood by the sink. To get her mind off her deceased husband she decided to think about her big case. Her job was demanding but she loved working for NYPD as a homicide detective. Other than Eli, her job was the only excitement in her life.

As Zaira looked into the mirror, she thought 'who would want a black widow with a child?' The thought of becoming someone else baggage, made her give up on dating. The last person she had sex with was her husband. Being only 28-years-old, she was already another single black mother. When she was with her husband she felt sexy, but now she settled her looks on pretty. She was 5 foot 6 with straight dark brown hair in the sunlight, which she kept in a bob. Her hair complimented her pecan colored chubby face that held dimples and thick pouty lips. People would think she was between the ages of 24-26 thanks to her baby face. She has brown eyes, but in the sunlight, you could see flits of gold in them. Zaira is thicker than most her breast size was a 36 C and she could easily fit in a 12 but a 10 for a more snug fit. Zaira ass was not too big and not too small, but just enough for more than a hand full. Her son Eli skin color was caramel (thanks to her and his father), he had gorgeous emerald eyes, but his looks came from his mother except for his curly light brown hair and nose.

After she finished brushing her teeth, she changed into her clothes, and she combed her hair. When she was dressed for the day, she walked into the kitchen. She looked in the living room and saw Eli sitting on the floor looking at cartoons with a Hulk shirt and black shorts. 'Well I guess he is old enough to dress himself' she thought as she laughed to herself.

"Okay. Eli I'm about to fix waffles, eggs, and turkey sausage but you have to eat the fruit salad first. Okay?" she asked as she looked at Eli.

Eli just nodded his head and continued to watch TV. She knew better than to try to get Eli attention while looking at the Hulk. He adored everything about the Hulk; he knew line from line in every Hulk movie. When 'The Avengers' came to the movies, he begged to watch it twice a month and she allowed him. How could she refuse a persistent little boy? She took out the ingredients for the waffles, the eggs, turkey sausages, and the fruit for the salad. After she finished fixing breakfast, she sat the silverware at the table for her and Eli.

While she was getting breakfast prepared, all she could think about was her big case. This is the case, which would establish how great she was at her job. Maybe she will finally get the credit she deserves. Here she was about to take down someone who has connections to the Italian, Russian, and the Mexican Mafia. He has killed countless number of people, he exports and imports guns, and he plays a role in drug trifling. She knew he influenced people of higher places such as NYPD chief, but he did not influence her. Zaira knew he would not spend a day in New York jail, but she prepared others to make sure he would spend countless nights at the FBI headquarters in confinement. Nelly, who was a dear friend of Jeremiah, now plays an important role with her and Eli. When Jeremiah died, Nelly made the funeral arrangements, Nelly made sure she and Eli were comfortable, and she cried on Nelly shoulders plenty of nights. Jeremiah and Nelly both trained/worked together in the army, but now Nelly worked for the FBI.

Zaira knew her boss, Mr. Campbell would dismiss her case, and that is where Nelly would step in. As soon as Mr. Campbell dismiss her case, she would resign and text her friend Nelly to put everything in process. She gave copies of all the evidence, pictures, and documents to Nelly. If she was unable to bring this criminal down, then Nelly surly would. Zaira was prepared, for whatever storm approached.

The loud music "Tonight, we are young...So let's set the world on fire and we can grow brighter than the sun" brought Zaira out of her deep. 'I wonder who this could be'

She rushed to answer her cellphone and looked at the picture of Nelly.

"Sup Nelly," Zaira asked as she made her way to the kitchen table.

"Oh nothing much, just wanted to let you know everything is ready," she heard a husky voice say.

"Everything...including the passports, your guys, the apartment, and money?" asked Zaira in disbelief as she sat down on the kitchen chair.

'Goodness that man moves quickly' thought Zaira.

"Yes everything is ready Zi...don't worry, I have everything under control" said a reassuring Nelly. Zaira looked at her son Eli; there was nothing left for them here except memories.

"Thank you Nelly...," Zaira said as she sighed.

"For everything" Zaira whispered as she felt the tears streaming down her face.

She did not realize how everything was about to change, and she did not realize how it would affect her so much.

Nelly and Zaira said their goodbyes and hung up the phone. She remembered the first time she met Nelly. It was a double date, Nelly with his date, and Jeremiah with Zaira. Nelly was the cutest Asian she has met. Nelly overall appearance said masculine. His real name is Nel, but Zaira gave him the nickname Nelly. She gave him the nickname because he sounds just like the hip-hop artist Nelly from Saint Louis. He stood 5 foot 10 with long black hair and almond shaped eyes. Leaving New York meant she left behind Nelly, the memories, her job, and the pain. However, she knew it was time to move on with their life. All of Zaira family was in Florida or Texas, but she did not want to move back so close to her family. She loved her mother and her grandmother, but she be damned if she let them rule her life this time.

Because of Zaira stubbornness and her emotional life, she allowed herself to focus on her work. She would not let anyone deprive her of her glory. The beeping oven awoke her from her deep thoughts.

Zaira softly said "Time to eat sweetheart" to Eli.

Eli quickly got off the floor and ran to the kitchen. He pulled out his chair with his booster seat and looked at his plate, which contained fruit. Eli face then displayed a disgusted look.

"Remember, your fruit first" Zaira smiled at Eli.

"The quicker you eat your fruit the quicker you can enjoy those homemade waffles I made for you" said a grinning Zaira.

Eli picked up his spoon and began to eat his fruit while playing with his Hulk toy.

"Eli, no toys on the table" said Zaira with a stern look on her face.

They sat at the table enjoying their breakfast and she allowed Eli to talk about his jealous friend Roberto. She laughed at Eli and his many face expressions. Some expressions were very serious while others made her laugh very hard.

After breakfast, they began to pack. Zaira told Eli they were moving from New York, but she did not tell him where. She knew Eli could not hold a secret because he loved to talk especially when he was excited. Zaira helped him to pack all his clothes and his action figures. They also decided to pack their favorite cartoons, appliances, and pictures of Jeremiah. When they finally packed Eli belongings in boxes, she put the address of their new home on his box.

Next, it was time to pack everything in her room. She could feel tears roam down her face while she looked at photos of her and Jeremiah. Only thing she would take of Jeremiah are a couple of photos, his last letter, and his medals. Everything else was going into storage. She packed up her perfume, clothes, shoes, and personal items all in boxes that held their new address. Zaira had everything planned out, Monday the movers would come and ship their items off, Wednesday is when she would make her move, and Friday her and her son would leave to begin their new life.

Zaira received information that her suspect would fly in on Tuesday morning and she would arrest him Wednesday night at his nightclub. She figured that by Thursday morning she would receive a call from Mr. Campbell telling her to drop the murder charge. Which she would, but by Friday morning, her suspect would belong to the FBI. The FBI will get him on murders, drug trafficking, and countless number of other things. By noon Friday, she and Eli would be on the plane headed to a new life. Tomorrow she and Eli will go to an old Pentecostal church, which she visited a couple times out of the month. To leave her home and to take down Conrad Hitzag would require all the strength and courage she has. Conrad Hitzag is a man who had many people in high places wrapped around his pinky. Taking down Conrad meant she had to deal with his brother, NYPD chief, and anyone else who swore alliances with Conrad. Taking on Conrad meant she needed an army to back her up; people who is not persuaded by money or power.

Chapter 2



Zaira was rushing to the airport with Eli in her hand. She recalled everything that happened during the week. Everything was going as planned, but she just did not plan for the Mayor to give her hell.

"How could you be so stupid?" shouted the Mayor.

"Did you really expect for Conrad Hitzag to remain in jail?" the Mayor asked sarcastically.

Before the Mayor could say anything else, Zaira hung up in his face.

"I never liked your big ass anyways, and don't expect my vote," Zaira said lowly to herself as she looked at her office phone.

Questing Conrad was not an easy task because all he did was grin and stare at her breast with a smile. When Conrad acts nonchalant, it pissed Zaira off, but she knew she would have the last laugh at the end. As soon as Conrad walked out of the NYPD headquarters, Nelly and his men stood there waiting for him. Zaira just admired the work she done from afar. 'Revenge is a son of a bitch' Zaira thought to herself as she grinned at a confused Conrad.

It was Friday; Eli and Zaira were rushing to get to the gate to board the plane. Zaira continued to ponder the scene from the week. Zaira felt accomplished, she felt if nothing could stand in her way now. That feeling was soon gone as she ran into something hard. She would have felled backwards if it were not for the hands, which wrapped around her waist and her upper back tightly.


Adrian Hitzag stood there in all his glory looking down at a beautiful creature. The scent of pears and cinnamon were driving his senses crazy. He had to figure out where it was coming from, and he did sooner than he imagined.

He set the woman on to her feet and removed his sunglasses so he could get a better view of her. As soon as Adrian descended off his private plane from Germany, he could pick up the scent of pears and cinnamon from afar. His wolf was bouncing up and down while howling. 'She's here! Mine! Find her now...' demanded his wolf. He sniffed the air trying to figure out where the scent was coming from. The scent became stronger and when he inhaled one last time, they collided. 'Bout time you found her you worthless human' grinned his wolf

She was beautiful, and she was something different from his previous preferences. Previous preferences were red heads and petite. This women hair was a dark shade of brown, which operated with her round brown eyes. Her skin tone contrasted against his ivory skin, which he admired. Adrian licked his lips as he noticed her curvy body. She wore an orange halter-top, khaki shorts, and orange high top converse. Adrian laughed to himself because her outfit was very simple but so sexy. Wait, she had a little boy with her. They looked just alike except the child eyes were green and the child hair was light and curly.

Adrian kneeled down, eye level to the little boy and gave him a charming smile.

"A Hulk fan huh?" Adrian asked the little boy as Adrian pointed at the action figures and shirt.

Eli face began to light up and his smiled showed all his teeth.

"Yes! The Hulk is the best..." Eli almost shouted.

"Who is your favorite superhero?" curious Eli asked.

Adrian stood back up and looked at the woman.

"My favorite superhero is Wolverine," stated an admiring Adrian, he never broke eye contact with her.

Adrian figured he was being rude to Eli therefore he glanced back at Eli who was still holding the women hand tightly.

"How rude...Let me introduce myself, my name is Adrian Hitzag and my deepest apologizes for bumping into you," said Adrian as he knocked his heels together and did a slight bow.


'Good, Adrian doesn't know who I am, that should give us enough time to get on the plane' Zaira thought to herself. Zaira observed Adrian from head to toe. Adrian wore a snug light blue business shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and the shirt tucked into black fitted jeans. He wore matching light blue Sperrys and black sunglass. Zaira bit her bottom and looked at Eli as he began to speak.

"My name is Eli Jacobs," Eli stated as he mocked Adrian moves by knocking his heels and bowing.

Adrian did a hearty laugh, which caused Zaira to look at him in awe a little longer. 'God this man is gorgeous. Look at the adorable dimple on his right cheek. The way he looks at me reminds me of how Jeremiah would stare at me. He looks at me as if I'm his world. Stop thinking about his looks, just get away while you can!' thought Zaira as she looked down at her son who was now speaking.

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