tagMind ControlAwakening Ch. 01

Awakening Ch. 01


It was inky black, blacker than even the time my flashlight died deep in that cave. There was no light, absolutely none. I couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed, but then I couldn't seem to feel my eyelids, or my hands or feet or legs or...well, anything. I seemed to be just floating there. Surprisingly the fact that I couldn't feel anything didn't bother me. I wasn't panicked. Too late for that.

I remembered clearly climbing on to my motorcycle a few minutes ago, or was it hours? Days? Did time even matter in eternity? I was dead, right? I mean this was dead, wasn't it? I remember so clearly that blue Nissan pulling out in front of me, my efforts to lay my bike down so that I wouldn't hit it broad side, only to have her lay on the brakes when she realized what she had done. I remember clearly the young twenty something blond girl turn her head and see me, her blue eyes big as saucers, the phone slipping from her hand as she realized what she had done. I remember sliding on the pavement, the bumps and ridges banging my body through the leathers. I remember hitting my whole left side into the side of the car at the same time my bike hit, the two of is crumpling the door panels in.

Yeah, no doubt about it, I was dead. This wasn't what I expected though. This was...well...boring. I expected heaven, or hell, but well, maybe the Catholics got it right and there really was a purgatory? If so this must be it. I just floated there, wondering what was next.

I saw it as a pinprick of light in the total inky distance. Just a tiny little speck of light. What was it they always said in the movies, go to the light? I would if I knew how. I couldn't feel my body so I guess moving was out of the question. How was I supposed to move to the light? Think my way there?

Oh yeah, I guess that was pretty dumb. All I had was my thoughts. I concentrated on the light and it seemed to move closer. Well I think closer, or bigger or something. There really isn't any sense of time or distance when you're dead. This isn't what I expected, but at least unlike the atheists I believed there was some form of life after death. I thought the light closer and closer, or was it bigger and bigger? Either way I could "feel" it getting closer. Was that a sound? Music? No...not music, a sound. Constant, repetitive, soft, but getting slightly louder. Can you really hear when you're dead?

Yeah it was a sound. Quiet, soothing, repetitive, almost familiar. A beep, that's what it was. A beeping. Soft, repetitive, soothing. BEEP...BEEP...BEEP. Yeah I liked that. I listened to it as the light grew, a white mist or fog. I couldn't see through it, or even into it. It just seemed to envelope me. like being inside a cloud. This was nice. I liked it. I could hear the beeping, constant, steady, soft, soothing. What was that other noise? Oh....it sounds like a voice. An angel? Maybe I was going to heaven. It was sweet, soft, soothing. I could make out her words, "Take it easy, I'm here. No rush." She said softly. No rush for what? To get to heaven? To go someplace besides heaven? It was getting jumbled now. It seemed like I could feel parts of my body, my legs, my arms. I couldn't move anything, but I could tell they were there. I felt a soft breeze blow across my face, ruffling my eyelashes, moving a few of my hairs. A soft touch on my arm, gentle, soothing, fingers sliding along my arm, then....then.... what? Wait!

My mind was flooded with images, sensations, things I didn't understand.

I was suddenly in a large room, dark all around, faceless bodies sitting facing a round, slowly turning stage with a single fat silver pole sticking up through the center, like a carousel without any horses on it. I sat with the faceless bodies waiting, soft music playing it the background. The music ramped up, a sensuous tune making me think of....what, a strip club? Heaven was a strip club? Then she came out. Tall, slender, long brown hair flowing around her as a breeze blew it around her face, dark green eyes, sultry red lips. She wore medical scrubs, dark purple medical scrubs. I tried to shake my head and clear the images, but gave up, realizing I had no control of my head, or anything else.

She stepped to the center of the stage her high heels easily five inches tall, making her slim form look even taller. She began to gyrate around the pole, swinging and twirling, hooking her leg around it and bending back to look at us as she rotated with the stage. She stepped from the pole to the edge of the round platform and pulled the baggy scrub shirt up, throwing it to the crowd, her now bared torso clad only with a purple lacy bra containing a pair of large, easily double or triple D tits, sexy, full, round, each with a hard nipple poking the lace of the bra out at us as she went back to the pole and twirled and swung around it.

The crowd cheered and whistled in appreciation as she leaned away from the pole and wiggled her purple pants covered butt at us. A few dollar bills flew through the air toward the stage as she began to gyrate her hips, one hand holding the silver pole, the other stroking down into her pants between her legs, the bulge in the baggy material leaving no doubt about where her hand was. She let go of the pole and reached both hands to her hips, slowly working the material over her hips and practically bare ass as she and the stage rotated, giving each of us a spectacular view of her sliding the pants over her butt and down her legs. She bent straight legged, working the pants over her heels, leaving her in nothing but the purple high heels, a purple lace thong that left her entire ass bare and exposed, hardly covering her pussy as she pushed her ass out at us.

Around and around she swung on the pole, giving all of us a view of her body in multiple angles. She finally left the pole, moving to the very edge of the stage and knelt down, her legs splayed wide, exposing her purple lace pussy to us, her completely shaved mound exposed above the tiny thong and her fat pussy lips trying to show through the lace material. She reached behind herself and unclasped the bra, one arm across her chest to hold it in place while she worked the straps off her arms, one at a time. Finally she pulled it away, her arm still in place, covering her now obviously bare tits. She held that position for one full revolution of the stage, giving each spectator a view of what she was hiding, teasing, tantalizing them.

She looked down from the stage into my eyes as she slid her arm from her breasts, moving both hands to cup and press them together, one finger of each hand teasing her nipples, stroking the hard nubs in the middle of each silver dollar sized pink areola. Her nipples seemed to grow harder with each passing moment as she teased them, the stage slowly turning around and around, giving all the patrons the view they were cheering for.

She pushed herself up and went back to the pole. Making love to it, sliding her body up and down the silver shaft, her legs on either side of it so her pussy rubbed the slick chrome steel, her tits split by it, one on each side as if making love to a monstrously long fat cock.

She pushed away from the pole, leaning over until her hands nearly touched the ground at the base of the pole, her legs slowly moving farther apart, exposing more and more of the barely covered pussy.

I wanted to jump on the stage and rip the thong off and stuff my face between those legs, to lick that pussy and then stuff my cock into it, but I couldn't move. I just sat there, cheering and whistling with the rest of the audience as she slowly straightened her legs, bringing them together, small step by small step, until they were together. She reached up, staying bent over, and began to slide the strings of the thong down over her ass. She pulled it down slowly, letting each member of the audience watch her slowly uncover her pussy, her fat outer lips pushing out at us between her legs and a good portion of her soft flowery inner lips protruding as well. She slid the thong down her legs and stepped out of it and then slowly hooked one leg around the pole and spiraled in a circle, one leg on the pole and the other stuck far out, exposing her whole pussy for all to see.

She let go of the pole and crawled to the edge of the stage, her tits hanging down and swinging tantalizingly as she moved, her totally nude body exposed to all. Those on the other side of the stage saw her pussy sticking at them and those on this side her fantastic tits swinging and swaying as she slowly made her way across the stage to the edge. The turning stage platform provided us each with a view from all angles, my cock rock hard in my pants as I sat and watched.

She reached the edge of the stage and rolled herself to her butt, sitting down on the stage and then laying back, her legs high in the air. She slowly spread her legs apart, making them stick in the air in a wide V as she reached down and slowly stroked her exposes pussy, pushing a single finger into herself as we watched. She stroked the finger in and out several times, her finger glistening with her juices when she removed it.

She bent her legs, dropping them together and rolling once again to her knees, climbing to her feet and walking to the pole. She leaned against it and pushed her ass out at us, her feet a couple feet apart so we could all see her wet ready pussy.

I expected the show to be over, but a member of the crowd climbed on stage. He was young, nearly the same age as she was, wearing a straw cowboy hat, blue denim jeans, pointed boots and a white striped button down shirt. I expected the bouncers to come carry him away, but instead he stood there, one hand on each of her round ass cheeks, playing with and squeezing her ass. His hand went between her legs and slowly stroked his fingers across her wet pussy, drawing a shudder from her entire body. She pulled from his touch and turned, putting her back to the bar as she reached for his hands and pulled him toward her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, one hand tossing away the cowboy hat to reveal a mop of moderately short, unruly blond hair. She pressed her lips to his, kissing him hungrily for long minutes as the crowd chanted "fuck her...fuck her"

She moved her hands from his neck and began undoing his shirt, one button at a time until his shirt was undone. She pushed it off his shoulders, working it down his arms so his bare muscular chest pressed against her full soft tits, their embrace never faltering.

Her hand moved to his jeans, undoing the front and working the tight material over his firm ass, exposing an already hard cock, long and fat. Her hands circled it and stroked it between them as we watched, her mouth devouring his, her heaving chest rubbing her nipples up and down his chest.

His hands moved from the pole, where they had been holding behind her, to her shoulders, slowly pushing her down, breaking the kiss as he worked his boots off, kicking them to the side as she sunk down in front of him, her hands still around his manhood. We cheered and whistled as she closed her mouth around his fat cockhead, sucking and licking it as she slid her mouth on and off if it, one hand following it as she worked his pants down and off of him with her other hand.

Now as nude as she was, she stood, turning her body from him, pressing her back against his chest, pushing her ass against his hard cock as she backed him away from the pole. She kept pushing until she was holding the pole at arm's length, her upper body horizontal with the rotating stage, her tits hanging down and swaying slightly as she wiggled her ass against his hard prick.

He stepped back slightly reaching for his own cock as he aimed it at her pussy. He pushed in quickly, driving his long fat cock into her pussy, a cry of pleasure escaping her lips as her wet tunnel engulfed him.

He started stroking into her, long and deep, his hips pounding against her bare ass, the impact making a loud smack, her tits flying to and fro under her as she held the pole to balance herself against his powerful strokes. Over and over he stroked into her, her cries of pleasure rising louder and louder as she begged him to fuck her pussy harder, to fuck her hot cunt, and any number of other verbal invitations to pound her hot pussy.

Her climax came to her hard, her whole body shaking and trembling as she let out one long scream of pleasure, mingling with the cheers of the crowd as we watched her. She continued to stay bent over, moaning and gasping as the cowboy continued to pound into her, his own orgasm working toward its pinnacle, based on the look on his face and the stiffness of his actions.

Without warning she pulled herself off his cock and whirled around, squatting down with her knees splayed wide, exposing her pussy as she grabbed his pussy juice slicked cock with both hands and stroked it feverishly, coaxing his impending orgasm toward its ultimate conclusion.

His cock erupted before her, her hands aiming the shot after shot of hot cum out onto her face and tits, strings of the sticky jizz laying across both tits and her face, before his copious flow subsided. She reached her face to his cock and sucked the head into her mouth, sucking the last dregs from him. She released his cock and he stepped back , seeming to disappear as she crawled to the edge of the stage, kneeling on the edge with her legs splayed wide, her dripping pussy on full display as she rubbed the cum on her tits into them like lotion and then used her fingers to collect the remains on her face and lick them clean.

She leaned to the very edge of the stage and looked to the crowd, looking, searching for something, or someone. Finally hear eyes settled on me, her dark green eyes boring into mine, a fire deep within her, making her eyes sparkle, but not from the bright lights, but from the burning fire within them. She stared at me as the stage turned, getting up and standing so she could watch me as the stage turned. As the stage came around again she sat back down, lifting and spreading her legs, almost in invitation.

"Do I look sexy now?" She seemed to ask, her whisper easily reaching me over the noise of the crowd.

"Fuck yes!" I shouted back, my own voice seeming to be drowned by the crowd as the lights on the stage and in the room lowered and finally faded to black, the image of the sexy nude woman disappearing from view.

Wow, that was intense! I've seen some strip club shows, but that was....well, different. I could practically feel her desire as she was stripping, how turned on it was making her, how badly she wanted to be looked at, but in particular, being looked at by someone in particular. Not sure who that was, but she seemed to think it was me, but I've never seen her before. I suppose if this is heaven it could be anyone. Damn, I'm going to like being in heaven!

The darkness seemed to be lightening again. I was still wondering about the nurse on the stage, who she might have been, how I had felt what she was feeling, how I could feel her ecstasy as she climaxed, practically making me climax with her as I sat watching. It seemed as if I could remember each curve and detail of her body, down to the tiny mole on the inside of her left breast that just peaked above the V neck of the purple scrubs, how the wetness of her own pussy felt on her fingers, how, as her fingers stroked across her own clit I could feel little shudders of electricity flow through my own body. I chuckled to myself at the self made joke of getting to know my feminine side.

I felt the darkness lighten around me, the beeping slowly coming back, soft and soothing, repeating over and over BEEP... BEEP.... BEEP. Little noises also starting to filter in again. I could almost feel a soft murmuring, not quite a voice, but too irregular to be just noise. No, irregular isn't right.... It seemed to repeat itself over and over again. It became clearer, soft, soothing, sweet, sensual....I've heard that voice, haven't I? Wasn't that the voice of that stripper nurse? How could that be? Wasn't this heaven? If not, where was I?

"Scott. Can you hear me?" The voice asked again as the darkness brightened more. I could feel my arms, my legs, nothing moved but I suddenly knew that they were there, they were attached to me. I could feel the heaviness of the blanket on my body, and an added heaviness on my left leg, holding it still, still. I felt a softness on my arm, sliding, moving, stroking. Soft fingers, slowly stroking my arm.

I smiled to myself. It was my wife, she used to do that, in the dark of the night when she wanted to be snuggled....or more. But then that wasn't possible, unless it really was heaven. She's been gone for four years, taken from me by an auto accident only a week after getting back from the middle east. Surviving IED's and fanatical lunatics to be killed by a fucking drunk driver. I shook my head at the injustice, and then realized that I actually could shake my head, or at least it felt like it.

"That's it Scott. Come on, you can do it. Nice and slow....That's it. Come on now. You can do it."

I opened my eyes, and saw...well sort of saw, shapes. Everything was too bright. I wanted to go back to the darkness, but her soft voice coaxed me forward. I tried to open my eyes again, seeing a little more, squinting against the brightness of the room.

"That's it. Hey there, welcome back to the living." She whispered quietly.

"What." I croaked, my voice sounding rough and raspy. "Where?"

"You've had an accident. You're in the hospital. Just take it easy, things will come back." She said soothingly.

I turned my head toward her voice, and struggled to focus. I'd seen that face, that brown flowing hair, those deep green eyes the shape of those soft lips. I'd seen her before, but how? Where? Slowly it dawned on me, I HAD seen her! She was the stripper, she was the nurse on the rotating platform! But how?

"Just take it a bit at a time. You've been out a long time, it's going to take a while to get your body to work again." She said softly, soothingly.

"Out? How long?"

"A little more than ten weeks." She said, reaching her hand up to my hair and brushing a lock out of my face.

"Ten weeks? How?" I struggled to ask, knowing that she had to be right, I haven't had hair long enough to get in my face since I was a teenager.

"The doctor will be here in a minute. She'll explain more. For now just concentrate on me, connect with your body again, try to move your arms and legs, just a little."

"Seems like I can move everything except my left leg. It's held down by something."

"That's the cast. It comes off in another week. Your leg was broken pretty badly."

"Motor cycle accident?" I asked trying to order my thoughts again.

"That's what I heard." She said, gently stroking my hair.

"Well, hello there. I see you're back with us again!" Another female voice said with a distinctive Indian accent. I turned as she walked up, her face had the dark skin tone and shape of an East Indian. "I'm Doctor Shakari. You gave us quite a time. The ER folks started giving you blood based on your dog tag." She said, my hand immediately moving to my chest to feel for my wife's old dog tag that I always wore. "It's in with your personal items. It took us a little while to realize that the dog tag wasn't yours, but by then your body was already reacting to the blood. We thought we were going to lose you, and almost did a few times before we got you stabilized. You've been in a coma for ten weeks."

"Ten weeks?"

"Yes, ten weeks. Most of your injuries are heeling nicely. Now, I want you to reach up and grasp my fingers and squeeze them." She said with a smile. "I want to check and see if everything is working the way it should."

"Okay," I croaked, reaching my hands unsteadily up to where she held her hands over my chest, reaching out to grasp her fingers.

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