tagMind ControlAwakening Ch. 05

Awakening Ch. 05


"Morning Scott. Time to go down for therapy." the big burly orderly said as he stepped into the room.

"Sure. Guess it is that time." I answered him. He reached out to help me get into the chair, but I held a hand up to stop him. "No, I wanna do it. I gotta get mobile somehow, don't I?"

"Yes sir, you do." He said with a smile as I worked my way out of the bed onto my good leg and then turned and sat in the wheelchair. "I hear you're quite the ladies man."

"Oh? How's that?" I asked as he spread a blanket over my legs.

"Heard a couple nurses talking at the station earlier. Seems like when they come in to see you they go away feeling so damn horny. One of them swore she orgasmed standing right next to your bed. What's your secret man?"

"I have no clue. It's just me!" I said with a shrug.

"Well, whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it because man, both of those ladies were damn fine looking."

"Yeah, I have had a few good looking nurses." I agreed with a nod.

"Good looking? Just good looking? Man some of them are smokin' hot!"

"Okay, okay. Some of them are damn good looking."

"Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Run with it. Flirt a little. Maybe you can even get one to give you a little company one night, ya know?"

"Yeah, I do." I agreed with a chuckle as we waited for the elevator.

The doors finally opened and revealed a relatively full car. "Wow. Full. We can sneak in though." The orderly said, turning us around and backing us into the elevator. "B1 please." He said to the woman in a white lab coat that barely extended far enough to cover her short skirt. She held a clipboard in her hands in front of her crotch, and letting go of it with one hand, leaned over and, smiling, pressed the button.

I leaned my hand over the side of the chair, resting it on the wheel for lack of anything better to do with it as the car started down. "Headed for therapy?" she asked with a smile, looking down at me.

"Yeah, I guess I start two a day now." I answered, looking up at her. She was maybe mid-thirties, slender but with a well-shaped, almost sculpted body, a pleasant smiling face and deep green eyes that seemed to look deep inside me.

"Well, it's important to have a strong positive mental attitude." She said softly as the elevator slowed at the next floor. The doors slid open and another man stepped in, pushing himself between her and the wall, forcing her closer to my chair. As the doors closed I felt her leg press accidently, or I supposed accidently, against my hand, her stockings smooth against the back of my fingers. I was almost immediately tempted to slide my hand up her thigh and stroke the soft skin pressing against me.

she dropped the clipboard to the floor and then slowly unbuttoned the white coat, letting it slide off her shoulders and pool on the floor around her. She wore a short black skirt and white satin blouse, which she started to unbutton. She slowly worked the buttons down the front, spreading the satin material apart to expose a pale yellow lace bra. She slowly, sensuously, pulled the sleeves off her arms, allowing the material to land and pool on the elevator floor around her. She seemed oblivious to the rest of the passengers as she unzipped the back of the black skirt and let it slide down her legs.

She spread her legs apart as she stepped out of the , only the bra and an absolutely tiny thong panty, covering her private parts, her legs still encased in a pair of nude colored thigh high stockings, the lace tops almost touching the pale yellow thong.

"You wanna see more? All ya have to do is ask." She whispered.

"Yeah, Take it off." I answered.

"How much?"

"All of it. Take it all off."

She grinned down at me and reached behind her back, unclipping the bra and letting it spring apart, the straps easily sliding off her shoulders. The bra slid down her arms, her full round tits jutting out from her chest, her nipples hardening before my eyes as I stared at the almost perfectly formed mounds. She stared deep into my eyes as she reached for the thong panty. She bent over, pushing the strings down over her hips, sliding the panty down as she went, bringing her face closer to mine with each inch she worked the thong down. She tilted her head and leaned toward me as she lifted one leg to slip the panty off, her lips pressing against mine in a soft wet sensuous kiss. I felt her tongue slide into my mouth, swirling around mine and then teasing my tip to coax me to follow.

As my tongue slipped into her hot wet mouth she sucked it, drawing it deeper into her mouth for a few moments before opening her lips slightly wider to break the suction. She let her face pull slightly from mine, her teeth closing on my lower lip and then slowly pulling it.

As she kissed me her hand had been busy, pushing the blanket off my lap and tugging the gown up, exposing my already hard cock. She wrapped her fingers around it, her hand sliding down its length as she moved her face in for another long soft erotic kiss.

I let my hand slide up her leg, along her soft thigh, feeling the firmness of her muscular legs and the softness of her delicate smooth skin. I felt the ruffled edge of the thigh high stockings as I pushed my hand higher, my fingers seeking her hot wet pussy. I could smell her arousal, the scent of her wetness strong in the small car.

Everyone seemed to be completely ignoring us as my fingers found her soft inner lips, protruding from her round smooth outer lips, obviously shaved clean . I pressed my finger between her lips and slowly stroked it along her pubic bone, feeling her hotness flow into my hand as her desire flowed into me from that hot sensuous kiss. My finger slid all the way to the end of her slit, her hard clit sliding along the side of my finger as I dragged it, wet with her juices, up out of her pussy, across her mound, and then up along her firm well-muscled body to her tits.

I rolled my hand over and cupped one of her breasts, the full round mound filling my hand, and then some, her hardened nipple pressed into my palm. I felt her moan softly into my mouth as I squeezed her breast gently , her hand returning the squeeze around my rock hard shaft.

She straightened up, releasing my cock and swinging her leg over me in one smooth motion. She rested her foot on the left arm of the chair and leaned toward it, bringing her bare pussy within inches of my face.

I looked up at her as I leaned my face closer to her, my hands closing on her firm ass and pulling it toward me as I inhaled her arousal. She arched her back slightly to present more of her pussy to me, and I eagerly licked up her wet lips, tasting the juices clinging to them.

"Ohhhh yessssss." She hissed softly as I spread her lips with my tongue, pressing it deep into her and then sliding it along her pubic bone until I reached her clit. Time and again I licked, her pussy growing wetter by the second as my tongue teased her slit and exposed clit. I slowly pushed my left thumb into her, pushing her lips apart and driving it ever so slowly into her tunnel.

Her body easily accepted my thumb as if it were a short cock, her tunnel walls snugly caressing it as I pushed it in and out as much as I could, my tongue still attacking her clit.

"OHHHHHH, Ohhhhhh....Fuck yes!" She gasped as I closed my lips on her clit and squeezed slightly. "God I'm going to come!" she panted.

I continued to lick and play with her pussy, sliding my right hand from her ass up her body to her left tit. I closed my fingers on her nipple, squeezing and pulling it in time with the short strokes of my thumb.

I felt her leg tremble against my hand, the clipboard slipping from her fingers and clattering to the floor as the elevator dinged that it was at the second floor.

She stood still, her chest rising and falling heavily in the white lab coat, her face flushed and her green eyes searching for...what? She didn't know. It took several long seconds before she finally bent over and picked up the clip board.

The man beside her stepped out of the elevator as she bent over and the doors closed again, the woman straightening back up, her leg returning to where it was, pressing against my hand as her trembling stilled. The car started down again and stopped at the first floor. She looked down at me briefly and then stepped out of the elevator car. The doors closed and only the orderly and I remained.

"Damn she looked good, didn't she?" He asked from behind me.

"Yeah. Almost good enough to eat."

"No shit man. I'd eat her damn pussy in a heartbeat. God she was hot. Looked like she had the hots for you too. Maybe I should have pushed you out where she got off and let you make a play."

"I doubt it would have been successful." I answered as the doors slid open on the basement floor. He pushed me out in silence and wheeled me to the physical therapy room.

"Well, Scott, I'm glad to see you're back. I think you and I are going to get real friendly over the next few days." Bonnie said with a smile as she walked up to us.

"How so?"

"Well doctor Shakari has penciled you in for two sessions a day for the next week. I guess she's planning on keeping you here until the cast comes off ."

"Well, that's good to know I guess." I answered as she took the chair from the orderly and pushed me toward the same room we had worked in before.

She pushed me in and closed the door behind us before turning back to face me. "So, need a hand getting on the bench again?" She asked sweetly.

It was time to see if I could plant thoughts or not. Something simple, something direct. That was the plan. Make her take her top off and let's see what happens. "Yeah I wouldn't mind a hand." I answered as I pushed the blanket off of my lap, exposing my surprisingly hard cock, sticking up with my gown pulled almost to my waist.

"Well, looks like someone is horny!" She said with a smile and a wink. "Or is that just your normal state?"

"Horny seems to be my normal state right now." I answered her honestly as she reached for my hand. "Show me your tits, show me your tits, show me your tits," I thought to myself as her hand came in contact with mine.

She stood in front of me, sitting on the bench, my rock hard cock jutting up into the air, bouncing slightly with my heartbeat. She stared at my cock and then reached for the bottom edge of her scrubs, hanging loosely down around her waist. She grasped the material and pulled it up and off, tossing it aside with a smile. She reached behind her and undid the clasp of the bra, shrugging it off her shoulders. She tossed it aside, leaving her bare from the waist up, her hands quickly lifting to her now exposed breasts. She cupped each one, gently kneading them and allowing her index finger to slowly stroke across each nipple, teasing them harder by the second as she stared at my cock.

I could see her face flush slightly as she helped me to the bench, swiveling me around and lifting my cast leg up onto the support. I was encouraged by the fact that she left my hard cock sticking out where she could see it as she walked to the wall and came back with two small weights.

"Alrightie Scott. Take these," She said holding the weights out. "You need to do the curls like I showed you last time. I want three sets of ten for a start."

"Alright." I answered, starting to slowly curl the weights up and down, resting after I had done both arms ten times. "How long should I wait?"

"A boring two minutes." She said as she stood in front of me.

"Wouldn't be as boring if I had something good to look at, besides myself, I mean," I said, looking up at her.

She looked toward the door, and then in a whisper said, "If you promise not to tell anyone." She quickly skimmed off the scrub top and dropped it on the floor next to her. Then she reached behind her and undid the clasp on the bra that constrained her C cup breasts. Her nipples were already puffed out and engorged by the time she had slipped the bra all the way off. "Time for the second set." She said softly, standing with her hands on her hips, her bare tits sticking out at me.

I did ten more repetitions with the weights and then rested, setting the weights on my thighs as I rested my arms.

"Very good." She said with a grin, sliding her hands up her body to cup her tits. She squeezed them gently and teased a finger across each puffy nipple, rubbing back and forth slowly. She sighed softly at the sensations and then almost whispered. "Time for ten more."

I picked the weights up and curled them ten more times while staring at her fingers slowly stroking her puffy nipples my hefts of the weights timed with the strokes of her fingers.

"Alright. Now let's do the leg." she said as she stepped toward me, reaching down for the weights. I reached my hands out and up, circling them around her back and pulling her closer, closing my lips around one engorged nipple. "Mmmmmm that's not fair." She whispered as I slid my tongue around and around on her soft nipple. My tongue gently teased across the slightly more protruding nipple before moving back to her swollen areola, feeling each delicious bump.

She slowly pulled her body away, forcing me to unleash her tit from my mouth, finally straightening up and walking away to the weight rack. "You keep that up and I'm going to make you exercise something besides your leg."

"Really? Now that might be an interesting idea, but kind of hard if you still have pants on." I said jokingly as she walked back over with an angle weight. She squatted down, fastened the weight around my ankle.

"Tell you what. Let's see if your leg can last as long as your hardon? If you can keep working your leg until I'm undressed, then I'll exercise that cock. How's that sound?"

"Sounds like a deal." I answered as she stood up and stepped back.

I started moving my leg up and down, slowly stroking my weighted foot and ankle up from the floor until it stuck straight out at her as she untied the string in her scrub pants. She pulled the waist band loose and let them slide down her legs. "Ohhhh look at that! No panties! Goodness! I guess you win!" She said with a grin, bending over to pull her shoes and the legs of the scrubs off her feet. She stepped toward me, her legs straddling my outstretched leg firs and then the one I was slowly pumping up and down. She sat slowly on my lap, my cock sticking up between us nestled against her wet pussy.

"Now, you wanted to play with my tits?" she cooed as she put her arms around my neck and leaned back, her position grinding her pussy harder against my rigid shaft.

"Uh huh." I answered, reaching both hands up to her soft round breasts. "I definitely did and do."

"Good, because I LOVE having my tits played with while I'm fucking a cock."

"Are you going to be fucking a cock?"

"Oh god I hope so." She said with a giggle.

"So what's stopping you?"

"Not a damn thing." She said quietly, slipping one hand down from my neck, her fingers gently stroking my cockhead. "I'm already sopping wet. I've been thinking about this cock since yesterday. I want it, I want to ride it and I want to feel it exploding inside me again. I know I'm not supposed to get involved with patients, and well, this is highly inappropriate, but...." She said before lifting herself up. She aimed my cock at her pussy and then slowly sat down, her wet lips spreading around my head and then my shaft as she sank slowly down on me. "... I really, really, want your cock!" She finished in a soft moan.

"Oh god." I groaned back as her pussy expanded to accept my fat shaft.

"I agree with that. Oh god you feel good inside me. Your fat cock hits all the right spots so perfectly." she whispered as she started lifting and dropping herself down my shaft, her soft velvety tunnel caressing my cock with each stroke. "Ohhhh fuck yeah. God this is good." She moaned softly. "I can feel your cock getting bigger inside me, getting ready to shoot your hot cum deep into my pussy, filling me with your hot fuck juice. Ohhhhhh god yes this is good. "

"Uh huh." I grunted back as the tingle deep in my balls started to grow, slowly expanding through my body as she continued to slide up and down on me. "I don't know how long I can last doing this." I warned her.

"That's okay baby. Just come when you're ready. I'm sooooo close that I could scream. Ohhhh yeah! Sooooo good. Sooooo good." She moaned over and over as her soft wet pussy slid up and down my cock.

I felt my cock swell slightly larger inside her, the first few twitches of my stomach muscles warning me that the inevitable was at hand. "Here it comes." I grunted as my body convulsed, driving my cock up into her as she came down on me, our combined motion driving my cock all the way up against her cervix, the end of her tunnel smashing against my head. Cum gushed from my cock, pushing its way out and into her tunnel, the hot liquid filling what little space there was between my shaft and her tunnel walls, and then forcing itself down and out of her pussy around my shaft.

"Oh god yes!" She squeaked as my second shot pushed up into her. I could feel her tunnel convulse around me, her muscles rippling and trying to draw me even deeper, if that were possible.

My body bucked a third time, her own pussy convulsing around my spurting cock as she leaned back, a long deep groan coming from her lips as her whole body began to shake and tremble. "Ohhhhhh god here it comes. Soooo fucking good!" she groaned loudly. "OHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCK!"

"Ahhhhhhhh god yes." I grunted as my body continued to convulse and add more cum to her pussy. Five, six, seven times I felt my cock surge into her before my climax started to recede, my cock softening slightly in her still convulsing pussy. She continued to sit on my lap, little shudders running up and down her body for long minutes before she finally pulled herself upright and smiled at me.

"Now that was a workout." She whispered. "and to think, we're doing two a day now."

"I hope I don't get too worn out." I answered quietly.

"Ohhhh don't worry sweetie, I'll make sure you have plenty left for me." She cooed before lifting herself up off of me. "And when the cast comes off, we can fuck so many different ways. Just think how much fun the water tank might be!"

I was beginning to think that I had unleashed a monster. It was obvious from her wedding ring that there was at least one other man in her life, and I hoped that I wasn't screwing that up.

She wiped herself with a towel and dressed again, coming back to sit on my lap again. "You know, we're done for now." She said with a pout. "I kind of hate to let you go."

"Don't you think your husband would object if you tried to bring me home?" I asked, trying to inject a little reality into the fantasy world that she had receded into.

"Oh...yeah I suppose so." She said with a real frown this time. Her brow furrowed and she looked down at her wedding ring and then at my face. "You know...I don't exactly know why I want you so much, why I'm willing to risk everything just to ride your cock again, but ....well, maybe we need to slow it down a bit. I have self control, I don't NEED to fuck you. I just want to really, really, badly." She said quietly. "Does that make me a bad person?"

"No, I don't think it makes you a bad person. But you probably don't want to spread it around that you are, or feel like, fucking me. It might get back to the wrong person and cause you a lot of problems. I'd hate to have that happen."

"Yeah, I suppose we do need to be discrete." She agreed quietly. "As long as that doesn't mean I have to stop fucking you."

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