tagLoving WivesAwakening of an English Housewife Ch. 02

Awakening of an English Housewife Ch. 02


My name is B and I recently shared my story about how I strayed from my husband John for the first time after ten years of marriage. John works away from home, sometimes for weeks at a time and during this time I get very lonely. In my last story I explained how after a chance meeting at a cafe I ended up giving into my urges and had spontaneous sex with a man I had only just met. After this experience I had very mixed feelings and decided that it would be for the best if I kept my husband in the dark and pray he never finds out. I know it sounds a cliché but I love my husband and don't wont to throw my years of marriage away. The temptation however never left me, particularly when I kept receiving messages from Ben the man from the cafe asking if my husband was away. I contacted him and convinced him to stop messaging me, telling him it was a one off mistake. I could only hope he would be as good as his word and not contact me again.

Two months passed and my husband didn't suspect anything, or at least never shared any suspicions with me. I felt somewhat glad to be back to my old boring routine but at the same time I felt like my eyes had been opened to what I missed out on by marrying so young. I decided the best thing I could do was take my mind off it and decided redecorating our home would keep me occupied. Later that day I returned from the shops with a car full or paint and wallpaper samples. As I struggled up the driveway with my arms full, our new neighbours rushed over to help me. I had not met them before but they were a lovely couple and I invited them in for a cup of tea and a chat. They were in their mid 40's and very pleasant. I explained that I was going to redecorate the house over the next few months and that John was not often about because of his work. They offered their help anytime I needed, but also told me that their son had just finished college and had a couple of months before starting university if I needed a cheap labourer. I told them that I would let them know but thought to myself having a young man in the house was not what I needed right now.

The following day I threw myself into painting, I covered all my furniture and lay down dust sheets. I began by painting the ceiling white as I could not make a decision on the colour for the walls yet. I climbed my step ladder and began painting, I had not done very much decorating before but underestimated how messy it would be and gradually covered my hair and clothes in paint. After about half an hour the door bell rang. I climbed down from my ladder and answered the door. It was a young man who introduced himself as Paul the neighbours son, they had asked him to pop over and offer to help me. He was clearly a very shy young man but could not help but notice he was also quite attractive. I tried to tell him I was managing on my own but the fact I now had white paint in my ear was rather undermining that. He told me if I changed my mind he would be at his parents house for the next couple of months. Out of curiosity I asked if he would not be out enjoying himself with his friends before university but he seemed rather embarrassed and just said they were busy a lot.

I finished painting the ceiling but thought to myself that it was going to take me months and I have no idea how to hang wall paper by myself. I began to think that some help might be a good idea, plus I felt bad for Paul because it was obvious that he was very shy and probably didn't have many friends to hang out with. I phoned his parents and told them that if he was free for a couple of hours I would happily pay him for his time. They told me they would send him over first thing to help and thanked me for getting him out of the house. It would appear my thoughts were right and that he struggled making friends at college but university would be a fresh start for him. My thoughts then turned to what colour I was going to paint the walls as we were going to need paint for the morning.

True to their word Paul turned up a nine the next morning ready to help. I gave him a paintbrush and paint and told him to have fun. It became very clear that he was shy and was not very talkative but I kept asking him about college and university in the hope it would make him feel more at ease. He relaxed a little but it wasn't until I stood in a roller tray full of paint it fully broke the ice and after a lot of laughing and cleaning the conversation started to flow a bit more naturally. Later that day I made him some lunch and we sat back and admired our handiwork. I thanked him for all of his help and gave him some money for what he had done and to my amazement he offered to come back tomorrow and help again. I immediately said yes and thought of the look on Johns face when he sees how much progress I had made.

Paul was at the door bright and early again and we made more great progress painting. It was great to have his help moving all of the furniture, but I couldn't help but think that there was something on his mind. He was still not very talkative but thought he would open up during the day. I continued the small talk with Paul but it wasn't until I was rehanging a mirror that I realised he was staring at me. I turned round to make sure he was alright but he quickly turned and continue painting the skirting board. Standing back and looking at the mirror I realised why he was staring at me. I had just thrown on and old t-shirt and jeans that I didn't mind getting covered in paint but totally forgot to put a bra on. I have rather large breasts and in a flimsy white cotton t-shirt I was not leaving much to the imagination. I felt so embarrassed but at the same time I could not run upstairs to the bedroom and put a bra on without him noticing and therefore know I saw him staring.

We continued painting in silence for a while but I could not help notice my breasts had certainly got his attention, he would glance over at them at every opportunity he got. At first I thought of him as a young boy I was helping but seeing him glancing at my breasts got me a little turned on, I couldn't help it. It was approaching lunch time and I thought I would take the opportunity to leave the room and make some lunch for the two of us. As we sat at the kitchen table opposite each other it was very clear he was fixated by my breasts. We continued to make small talk but he could not help glancing at me when he thought that I was not looking. I hated myself because it was starting to turn me on, a young man who I never imagined would look twice at me was paying my body so much attention. I thanked him once more for all of his help and once again he asked to come and help again the following day. I couldn't say no so agreed and said goodbye. I closed the door and went and stood in front of the mirror once more. Not only was it very obvious that I was not wearing a bra, my nipples had become very erect by the thought of a young man looking at my body.

I went upstairs to get out of my clothes, being careful not to spread fresh paint through the house. I stripped out of my clothes and put my robe on and thought about having a shower to wash the paint out of my hair once more. As I walked towards the bathroom I glanced out the window and saw Paul in his parents back garden mowing the grass. I still couldn't believe a young man of his age would look twice at a woman like me but I could not help but smile. As I watched him through the window my mind began to wonder and my robe slowly slipped open and I leant back against the wall. As I watched Paul going up and down the lawn my hand slipped between my legs to find a very wet pussy in need of some attention. I closed my eyes and began to fantasise about him and what he might look like out of his clothes. Dipping my fingers into my soaked pussy I imagined him taking control and tearing off my shirt revealing my breasts and forcing me to do whatever he wanted. I brought myself to climax in no time at all, glancing out the window once more Paul had finished his chores and returned inside.

The following morning as time approached for Paul to come over I found myself getting more and more aroused. He was very shy and I knew that nothing was going to happen between us but I just loved the idea of it. I knew I could not cheat on John again but thought to myself why should I not have some pleasure and give Paul a little treat at the same time. So I decided that once more I would not wear a bra and perhaps be a bit more daring with my top. I found one of Johns vests he used to wear when he went running. It was rather large on me but the plunging front and sides meant it would be a challenge to keep my breasts contained in the top. I pulled on a small pair of denim shorts and went downstairs to make a start. Within a couple of minutes the doorbell went and my heart was pounding, what would he think when he saw my skimpy top? I hesitated as I went to open the door, what if I had gone too far and would only make Paul uncomfortable, but thought it was too late I would just have to welcome him in and act just as before. The door swung open and it was very clear from the look on Paul's face that he had instantly noticed my tits again. "Come on in, we should be able to get this room finished today" I said as if that was all I had on my mind.

I told Paul that I really needed some help with putting up shelves and showed him where I wanted them to go. I picked up he shelf and stretched up and holding it against the wall and told him to mark where I wanted it. I had tucked the vest into my shorts and in stretching up my breasts were ready to explode out of the top. My nipples were perilously close to the edge of the fabric but the thought that Paul was looking at them was getting me very excited. As he got closer marking the position of the shelves my pussy was throbbing with desire but I continued to act like I did every other visit. I asked him to hold the shelf up so I could stand back and look to make sure it was in the right place. As he stood facing the wall with both arms above his head holding the shelf I took the opportunity to tuck my boobs in once more to make sure they didn't pop out and went to inspect the shelf a little closer. I walked up behind him and said it looked like it might need to be a little higher on the right. I placed my left hand on his left shoulder and reached up and pushed his right hand up a little. As I pushed his hand I also thrust my boobs into his back so he could feel just how firm they still were.

As Paul climbed the ladder to drill some holes in the wall I was discretely watching him glance in my direction hoping he was enjoying this as much as I was. It was clear he was very shy and was not going to make any move on me and I was really enjoying flaunting my body for him. As he began to drill I thought it best to steady the step ladder and pressed my breasts up against him once more. He climbed the ladder one more step to drill the final hole and I steadied the ladder further, but his crotch was now in my eye line and I could not resist peering at it. There was clearly a visible bulge but I couldn't help wondering just how big he was. As he finished drilling and I released the ladder, but as if unable to control myself any longer brushed the back of my hand across his package, only lightly but enough for my pussy to twinge with excitement. Like nothing had happened I handed him the screws and screwdriver to fasten the shelf to the wall. Once again he went up the ladder and I could not resist steadying the ladder once more. On this occasion however Paul's bulge had grown considerably. I could trace the outline of an erect penis with my eyes down one leg of his shorts.

As Paul was screwing the shelf to the wall, I was becoming becoming fixated by this huge bulge. I was guessing that it must have been a good nine inches long and through the fabric of his shorts looked to be nice and thick too, straining to stand to attention for me. Standing on the ladder made his cock level with my head and any thought of my husband John had long since been forgotten. My decisions were no longer being made by my brain but buy a very wet and excited pussy. I reached out in front of me and grasped his penis, it was so hard in my hand. I slowly started to massage it up and down. I glanced up a Paul and he was frozen, we made eye contact and I just smiled. I slowly pulled his shorts down revealing grey boxers, I then slowly pulled these down until a huge cock sprang free and stood to full attention in front of my face. Without hesitation I guided it into my mouth slowly trying to take his whole length. I began running my tongue up and down it and playing with the head. My saliva moistened the big cock and I began to jerk it with my right hand as my soft lips enveloped the tip. I knew he was enjoying it as he was using the shelf he had just installed to help lean his cock into my mouth.

After his cock was dripping with saliva I slowly stepped back and just looked at him and looped my thumbs through the shoulder straps of the vest and pulled them together until both breasts sprang free, showing him exactly what he wanted these last couple of days. Still without saying a word I took him by the hand and led him down from the ladder and sat him on the dust covered sofa, still with his hard cock proudly on display. I stood before him and peeled off my vest and pulled down my denim shorts, revealing my totally naked body to him. I pushed back his shoulders as I straddled him on the sofa and began to grind my wet pussy lips against his cock. I was so wet his cock just sprang up inside me causing us both to pause and moan with pleasure. I began to ride his cock and pressing my lips on his, kissing him forcefully as I fucked him. I leaned back as I rode him so he could see my tits bouncing up and down. I could tell by the look on his face that it was just too much for him to hold back any longer and he shot a hot stream of cum into my pussy.

He looked at me with a look of both shock and inexperience. I leant forward and kissed him to reassure him it was fine, I slowly climbed off off him and a string of cum dribbled from my pussy back onto his soaked cock. I sat back in the chair opposite him and spread my legs to reveal my messy cunt. I slid my fingers into it and began to masturbate as he stared at me unable to believe what was happening. As I played with myself I grasped my left breast as I got nearer to climax and started to moan knowing he was watching every move I made. I closed my eyes and started to rub my clit, thinking how I had just ridden a young man's cock I had only met a couple of days before. To my surprise I felt a hand on each knee, I opened my eyes to see Paul on all fours in front of me, spreading my legs apart. I retracted my hand from my pussy as he got closer. He slowly moved his face between my legs and pressed it into my pussy. I just lay back and shut my eyes as I could feel his tongue lapping at my pussy, knowing it was covered in a mixture of our juices. I reached down and grasped the back of his head, forcing it into my pussy just as I climaxed over his face.

I stood from my chair and told him I would make him his lunch, I strolled into the kitchen throwing on Johns vest as I walked and stood at the kitchen sink and stared out the window. I began to contemplate what I had just done and that familiar feeling of disappointment in myself that I had once again cheated on my husband. My thought however was interrupted by two hands on my hips and breath on the back of my neck. I could feel a hot throbbing cock slipping between my legs and the feeling of disappointment melted into one of pleasure as Paul guided his cock once more into my wet cunt. As he thrust into me his hands ran across my stomach and up my top until he was grasping my breasts and using them to pull me back onto him harder. This time I was going to cum on his cock and could feel the orgasm rising inside me. As the speed of Paul's thrusts increased the harder he squeezed my tits and we both climaxed together and I once again felt the familiar sensation of a man's cum running down the inside of my legs.

I turned to face Paul but he had a worried look on his face and urged me not to tell my husband or his parents. I assured him that it would be out little secret but it cant happen again, neither of us can afford to be discovered. I leant forward and kissed him on the lips and thanked him for his help with the decorating and he gathered his things and left. I had once more cheated on John but as before it was purely sex, the one thing that he was not able to give me on a regular basis. I know it is still cheating but at least I had a way of justifying these actions to myself. I am also sure John will be very pleased with the progress I had made with the decorating!

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by KeepItHot01/16/18

No turning back

Would have loved to have seen you in those outfits. Once you get really horny, there is no turning back for you, is there? Seeing you bobbing up and down on his young cock, full tits bouncing, is a lovelymore...

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Can never understand...

...people coming to read sex stories, and bad mouthing the author for writing what they read...

So far so good. Really liking this. Turn it up a notch and let her have a threesome or gangbang.

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