Awkward Moments


The next morning he just about leaped out of bed even though it was earlier then he was used to rising. He made his rounds through the house and grabbed his usual coffee and toast before heading upstairs to his mom's room. He checked the pool and found it empty before he decided to check the bedroom and bathroom view from the office.

He walked in and turned on the computer as he sat down in the office chair and looked across the way. The window next door was open and in only a few moments he saw Mandy cross the window. She glanced his way and saw him sitting there in his robe and a huge smile broke out on her face. She was wearing her robe and her hair was wet from getting out of the shower. She gestured to him to close his curtains by doing the same with hers. Though she pantomimed that she wanted him to keep them cracked and watch her. Whatever he figured, he stood and closed the curtains except for a crack to look through. Mandy smiled and gave him a thumbs up before holding her hands up and mouthing the word, "wait" to him.

She disappeared into the house and a few minutes later she returned with Mr. Nelson in tow behind her. She had dropped her robe and was splendidly naked as she dragged him into the room. She turned in front of the window and began kissing him passionately. He could see her fumbling with his pants and soon she had dropped them around his knees.

Mr. Nelson was a big man, taller even than him, but what he saw next stunned him. Mandy dropped to her knees and pulled down his shorts revealing the most massive cock he had ever seen. It had to be 9 inches long, and as big around as a salami. Mandy licked around the head before plunging it into her mouth. He could see Mr. Nelson roll his head back in pleasure as she stuffed his cock into her hot mouth. He thought of last night and he started stroking his already hard cock watching Mandy give her husband head.

Chris could feel his orgasm building when Mandy stopped and stood back up kissing her husband again. Her hand was wrapped around his massive cock and pumping away as she kissed him, and his hands alternated between her tits and between her legs. He could see Mandy squirming as her husband rubbed her pussy. Finally, she pulled away from him and bent over turning her ass to him as she grabbed the dresser next to the window. He could see her in perfect profile as her husband walked up behind her and in one fluid motion rammed his cock all the way into her.

Chris was stroking his cock hard now, thinking how his seven and a half inches didn't even begin to compare to what he was seeing in front of him. Mr. Nelson held Mandy by the hips with his hands and pulled her into him as he drove his cock into her. Chris couldn't believe she could take that whole thing inside her. Mandy's tits were rocking back and forth madly as her husband fucked her. Her face held a look of absolute pleasure as she took his rod over and over again.

Chris could feel his orgasm coming and it felt like he was going to cum like a madman. Mr. Nelson was fucking Mandy faster and harder now, his hips almost a blur as he pistoned into and out of her. At last he threw his head back and yelled as he drove into her. Mandy pulled off him and turned to take his cock in her mouth again. A huge blast of cum shot across her face before she could take him in her mouth. Mr. Nelson grabbed her hair as he gently fucked her mouth, his cock twitching as it pumped out his cum. He could see Mandy swallowing as some dribbled out the sides of her mouth. At that moment Chris couldn't take it anymore and he shot his load all over the curtains, one streak even shooting between the curtains to hit the glass.

Mandy stood and kissed her husband as he licked his cum off her chin. They both smiled and Mr. Nelson turned to retrieve his cloths. Mandy glanced at him through the windows and smiled and winked at him. The next moment they were both gone, disappearing into the house.

Chris collapsed in the office chair, his cock still leaking cum and his body panting like a dog. The curtains were literally covered with cum. He would have to clean that up before it dried and stained the curtains he thought. The image of Mandy sucking that enormous cock filled his mind and he felt his cock twitch in response to it. He still couldn't believe Barbara had done the same thing to him last night.

He sat bolt upright in the chair. The tape! He had forgotten about the tape. Last night he had been so tired after she sucked him he had gone and collapsed in bed almost immediately. He staggered to his feet retrieving his robe and headed down the stairs.

The camcorder had kept running all evening since he had forgotten to turn it off so he would have to rewind the entire tape. He popped it out and inserted it in the VCR under the large TV in the living room. The VCR hummed as it rewound and he jumped at the loud click as it reached the end of the tape.

He punched play dropping into the leather chair nearest the screen. The picture came up and it was just the empty couch at first followed by Barbara entering the frame and dropping her bag. She bent over and pulled the binder he had made out of her purple gym bag. The camera was fairly zoomed in an the couch so she filled most of the screen, and her head was above the top of the picture. He could hear her open the book and thumb through the pictures. She turned to sit on the couch and in one pull of her hand dragged her spandex shorts off onto the floor as she sat down. She ran her hand through a shaved pussy with only a little tuft of hair at the top.

"Oh Chris you bad, bad boy." The sound of her voice startled him slightly. It was so loud. "Ummmm, ohhh god I need to cum..." she moaned as she began rubbing herself while looking at the book beside her. He could see her pussy perfectly, and the moisture that was flowing from her hole.

Every detail of the night before was perfectly captured on the screen. He stroked his now hard cock again as he watched her jam her fingers into her open cunt, and her hips buck as she came all over herself. He watched and stroked himself as he watched her discover him and then suck his stiff cock, her soaking pussy and ass pointing right at the camera. Just as he shot his load in her mouth on the screen he came in his hand, his cum flying out onto the polished wood floor.

He sat panting as he stared at the screen with just the empty couch on it now. His mind was wandering as he absent-mindedly hit the FFW button on the remote and watched the screen fuzz in fast motion. He let his mind wander with his body awash in endorphins of pleasure.

His attention snapped back to the screen as something changed. He hit normal play, what was it. Then he realized the lighting had changed as the light in the Nelson's house next door had come on. His living room window looked into their downstairs den, and someone had just turned on the light in the room. He craned forward and saw Sabrina walk into the picture in a long white evening gown looking absolutely stunning. The glare off the two sets of windows and the camera lenses made the view less than perfect, and the only sound he could hear was the silence of his house. The time counter in the screen indicated it was close to 1am.

Somebody else entered the screen with her, and he realized it was a man in a black tux with blonde hair, and roughly her own age. They immediately embraced and began to kiss each other passionately. Chris shook his head in disbelief. 'Has the whole world gone sex crazy?' he thought to himself. Eighteen years of nothing then the last week of masturbation heaven. As if in response to his thoughts his cock began to slowly stiffen.

The man reached up and unzipped the back of Sabrina's gown and it fell to the floor revealing a white bra and garters and hose. Chris's tired cock stiffened more at that site and he wished the picture was clearer. They continued to kiss and soon the man had her bra off and he was catching glimpses of her beautiful full breasts as he pinched and sucked on her nipples. He could tell she was really enjoying herself and the blonde man slid down to his knees, raising one leg over his shoulder. Sabrina had no panties on and he immediately buried his face in her shaved pussy.

Chris was stroking his now hard cock again. It ached from all the abuse it had received in just the last hour. He jumped in his chair as someone else entered the window area. It was another man with jet black hair. He was in the process of stripping out of his tux as he walked up behind her and reached around to pinch her hard nipples. She leaned her weight back into his now naked body, his hard cock nestling up between her ass cheeks. The man between her legs was licking her quickly now and she threw he head back and her body convulsed and twitched. The man behind her had to hold her up as she came.

The man behind her turned her and bent her over a large heavy chair and moistened his cock in the entrance to her pussy as the other stood and began ripping off his clothes. Her head arched back as he pushed his cock into her. Chris thought he was not as big as his cock, but she sure seemed to enjoy it thrusting into her. Her tits were firmer thaen her mother's but even so they still bounced as the man fucked her pussy hard from behind.

The blonde man walked around in front of her and offered his enormous cock to her mouth. Unlike his friend he easily had an eight-inch cock that Sabrina greedily sucked into her mouth. Chris moaned wishing he could see with more detail. His cock ached as he pumped it, his pre-cum oozing down his shaft, and his balls aching in rhythm to his pulse. Both men continued to use her like this for some time till the blonde man getting sucked motioned to the couch beside them and the man behind nodded and smiled.

They both pulled out of her, one from her now dripping pussy and the other from her mouth. Sabrina looked like a wild animal that was about to attack one of them. The black-haired man with the normal sized cock sat down on the couch, and pulled her down onto his cock as she faced away from him. He plunged into her cunt several times before he pushed her up and Chris could see him adjusting his cock beneath her. 'Oh my god he is going to fuck her ass!' Chris thought his hand speeding up on his hard cock. As she sank down on his shaft he could see Sabrina motioning to the other man to come to her. The other man dropped to his knees between her legs and slowly shoved his huge cock into her pussy as his friend fucked her tight ass from behind.

Chris was close to cumming but his cock and balls ached so badly he didn't know if he could cum again after doing it twice already so hard and so close together. The men were now fucking Sabrina with a slow steady rhythm that caused her breasts to bounce up and down as she rolled her head back, her mouth open, in an obvious scream of pleasure. Suddenly she began to jerk and thrash around as her body surrendered to orgasm after orgasm from the onslaught from the two cocks inside her. Chris could tell by the motions of both men that the tightening of Sabrina's ass and pussy had pushed them over the line too and they were pumping their juice into her. Chris's cock was so hard and he felt so close to cumming but he couldn't get over the last edge. As the threesome collapsed into a tangle of arms and legs on the couch he too slumped back relinquishing his hold on his cock.

He watched the rest of the tape but the three only got dressed and the room went dark. About two in the morning there was a brief glimpse of his mother as she got home from wherever her and Barbara had been and made the rounds turning out the lights. The tape was dark after that.

When he finally stumbled into the kitchen later, he found a note from his mother saying she was having a dinner party that night to celebrate the closure of her latest deal, and could he please hang around to let the caterers in around 3pm and supervise them setting up. She would be home at five, and the guests would be arriving at around 6:30pm. She said if he wanted to invite some friends that would be fine. He dialed a few of his buddies and left them messages about the party, and told them to bring whomever they wanted, within reason. They usually showed up since his mom would let them all drink as long as they stayed the night and didn't try to drive home. Since the house had three guest bedrooms and a number of couches, this was never a problem. Hell half of his friends had lost their virginity at his house while staying over with their girlfriends.

He went up stairs and collapsed on his bed and fell into a deep sleep for a couple of hours until the persistent ringing of the doorbell woke him. 'Must be the fucking caterers.' He thought as he crawled out of bed. Indeed it was and as they began to rapidly take over the entire kitchen and downstairs as he retreated upstairs to shower and do his miscellaneous grooming for the night. His mom always insisted he wear a tux since her parties were always formal, though she never cared when his friends showed up in any manner of dress. Fortunately most of them got tired of feeling out of place so at least put on something nice when they came over. His buddy Tony would usually even come in his tux too.

He left his jacket tie and cummerbund off for the time being and went downstairs to watch the caterers set up and see if there were any cute chicks working. He discovered two of the girls were very attractive, yet when he tried to talk to them realized they spoke no English whatsoever.

The afternoon crawled by until near five when his mom got home in a whirl of bags and boxes.

"Damn mom did you buy the whole damn store!?" he said with laughter in his voice.

"Close, now run out to the car and help me get the rest of the things would you. Take them up to my room would you?" she was out of breath and he could recognize the whirlwind mode coming on. Best to just do as he is asked and stay out of the way.

"There is more!?" he joked as his mother scowled at him. "Just kidding mom, I'll grab it and be right up."

"You're a dear!" she called over her shoulder as she tried to manhandle the packages up the sweeping staircase. Why on earth she bought such a big house he would never understand.

He grabbed the dozen or so bags from the back of his mom's car and headed up the stairs to dump them on her bed. She was already in the bathroom singing away at the top of her lungs, and he could hear the shower running.

He skipped back down the stairs and hung out watching TV. He had almost forgoten to take the tape out of the VCR from earlier, but luckily remembered and stashed it in his room. The caterers had transformed the formal dining room into an opulent spread of food, buffet style, and the sounds of cooking from the kitchen were still frantic and loud. He was used to this though, as his mother liked to throw one of these parties about once a month.

Guests started arriving about six. He answered the door knowing his mom wouldn't be down for at least another half hour, but all her friends expected this tardiness, as it just wouldn't be her otherwise. The first people were employees from her office. They were always a mixed crowd of people who genuinely wanted to be there, and others who felt it must be required to go to the bosses' parties. Then some of the older friends of his mom's started showing up. The place was starting to look like a party by six thirty and Chris found it increasingly difficult to juggle host obligations and the caterers. It was at this time Barbara showed up.

He opened the door for her and did his best not to stare. She was wearing a black dress with a short hemline that showed off her legs, but an even lower neckline that showed off her small perky breasts. He swore there was no way she could be wearing a bra, though he supposed she didn't need one with her little breasts. She smiled when she saw him and stepped in to give him her customary hug, though it felt awkward to him considering what had happened the other night.

It was a short perfunctory hug but when her mouth was next to his ear she whispered to him.

"I love the way your cock tastes. You gonna let me have another taste?" she then pulled back and said in a much louder voice. "Chris you get more handsome every year, the ladies at college are in real trouble." She swept around him as he stood there dumbfounded and disappeared into the growing crowd.

He had just finished closing the door when another knock caused him to spin on his heal and pull the door open again. There on the door step were his buds from school, Mike, Tony, Denny, and Travis, but they had girls with them. He knew them all from school, though nothing more than as friends of course. Kelly was with Mike, Amber with Tony, and Krista and Michelle looked like they had just come along on their own. Denny and Travis clearly looked like they wanted this to be otherwise.

"Hey guys, come on in, food's in the dinning room. I gotta play host until my mom gets..." at just that moment his mother swept into the foyer in a completely over the top gold gown with matching shoes and sash.

"Sorry I took so long dear, go hang with your friends I can take it from here."

She was already engaging the next couple who was walking to the door. Chris shrugged and motioned for the others to follow him to the food. They all loaded up and made a visit to the bar the caterers had manned in the den. The group began to break up at once in the large crowd and Chris found himself only passing one or two of them every so often as he mingled. He knew once things started to settle down she wouldn't care if he disappeared, but for now he had to play dutiful son.

He had gone into the kitchen to get more bottled water for the bar when he ran into Sabrina. She stopped right in front of him and smiled up at him. She was wearing the same white gown from the video. He felt his cock twitch in his pants.

"Hey Chris, how are you?" she asked with a smirk that kind of irritated him.

"I'm good Sabrina. Gotta get some more water out of the garage for the bar," he said and she nodded at him.

"I'll go with you, might need some help," she said with that same smirk. He just nodded his head as he opened the door to the garage and snapped on the light. His mom stored a stockpile of food and drinks in the storage room on the far side of the garage.

He opened the door and looked around for the cases of water in the clutter. The noise of the party was very faint out here. He bent over to grab two cases of water when Sabrina put her hand on his ass and slid it down between his legs. He jumped up and spun around. She was smiling very big now, and had a look like the cat who was about to catch the canary. When he spun around she just let her hand slide around to rest on his rapidly growing cock.

"Well, I have wanted to feel that for a while. Did you enjoy the show the other day?" she was still smirking as she rubbed his cock through his pants. He felt his anger rise a bit.

"Yeah, but I liked the one you gave the other evening with your two friends better. Though I have to say the site of you out of that dress is far superior to you in it." Her face began to grow red and then she burst out laughing.

"Holy shit I can't believe you saw that! That was the first time I have ever, ever..."

"Fucked two guys at once?" he asked. She nodded her head. "Well you sure seemed to enjoy it,." he said

"Oh god I did, I think I'm hooked,." she said as she continued to rub his crotch.

His cock was fully hard now and straining to escape his pants. Some little fear, some little bit of shyness he had always had fled him at that moment and he reached out to pull Sabrina to him. Her body was hot and soft as he mashed his mouth to hers. She kissed him passionately back for a few minutes before pushing him away.

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