tagGroup SexaZiaN PLaYa Ch. 02

aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 02


Finally letting me fuck her put a brand new spark into the relationship between me and my long-time girlfriend Jenny. I was unwilling to use condoms, so she went on the pill so we could fuck enthusiastically without worrying about pregnancy. Our lovemaking sessions were still infrequent because of school and our efforts to avoid her strict parents. Still, we were able to remain a dating couple through the end of school as well as the summer before going off to college in different directions.

Of course, just because I was getting regular pussy from my girlfriend didn't mean I couldn't fuck the pretty maid I'd grown up with, Pei-Hua. Many a night I would talk with Jenny on the phone and do my best to arrange a get-together between our two bodies. But she wasn't always available, especially on a school night, so that meant I got to enjoy the wonderful world of sex right in the comfort of my own home.

And it definitely didn't mean I couldn't keep up my clandestine trysts with the hot babe at school, Tina. She was far less concerned with academics or community service. She could always be counted on for a quickie in the backseat or a blowjob in some partially-hidden corner. And besides, Tina would be attending the same school as me come September and we were simply laying the groundwork for a more honest relationship then. At least that's what I kept telling her. But Tina was a born gold digger and as long as I kept showering her with little gifts, she kept her mouth shut and her legs open for me. I was amazed Jenny hadn't found out yet, and in the end Jenny never did find out.

Quite often Tina would come by my house after school when we both knew Jenny was tied up with some extra-curricular activity. Pei-Hua would often be the one to open up the door for her. Like a good servant, Pei-Hua would keep her eyes down, greeting Tina in formal Mandarin. Then she would come fetch me.

It was a strange role reversal on those occasions. Just as I used to watch my father banging Pei-Hua through cracked-open doors, now Pei-Hua would often stay just outside my bedroom to watch and listen as I fucked Tina's lights out.

Sometimes I would envision possessing them both at the same time, and more than once I would find myself cumming as hard as I ever did in my life to the mental picture of the two beautiful young women locking lips together.

Still, I had to put up with Jenny's lovey-dovey attitude. She was blissfully unaware of my extra-marital style activities, believing her boyfriend to be the same caring, loyal little boy she grew up with. I knew the illusion would shatter eventually, but I'd keep up the façade for as long as I could keep tapping that perfect ass. But eventually, the summer did end, and Jenny went off to her prestigious University. She had some funny idea that we would still be considered a long-distance couple, and I chuckled at the thought of her trying to stay pure and chaste until she went back to visit me, her boyfriend. Yeah, I'd grown up to be a bit of a cad, but my conscience didn't bother me much.

So Tina and I were off to our own college together, ready to fuck each other's lights out without even the threat of adult supervision. And in a twist that was a surprise even to me, so was Pei-Hua.


My father insisted that unlike the common college freshman, no son of his would be sharing a room with a backwards American teenager. So over the summer my parents bought a small house in the sleepy college town. It was close enough that I could ride my bike into school if I didn't want to deal with finding a parking spot for my brand new Mercedes (a graduation gift; the Acura I got for my 16th birthday was just out of fashion by now). But it was still a comfortable 3-bedroom cottage, detached, and with enough room between it and any nearby homes that I could have a decent-sized party without too many noise complaints.

And of course, what the hell did I know about running a house? I'd never washed a dish or done a load of laundry in my life. I hadn't really thought about it until a month before school started, when my mother informed me that Pei-Hua would be joining me at school to take care of me. One room for me, one room for study space, and the third bedroom for Pei-Hua.

So Pei-Hua and I delighted in gaining some independence from our respective parents, and we christened the new home by having sex in all three bedrooms (my computer desk is quite sturdy), and I also folded her over the back of the couch and drilled her from behind that way.

Two days later Tina arrived on campus. She got her things piled into her dorm room, but instead of getting organized and unpacked, an hour later she showed up at my front door.

Tina's blonde-streaked hair was perfectly coiffed and her radiant smile was infectious. When Pei-Hua led her into the TV room she giggled and jumped onto the couch, straddling my waist and shoving her tongue down my throat.

Pei-Hua discreetly moved out of our sight (but I was certain she still could see us). So with our virtual privacy and with my hands pawing at Tina's back, I managed to slip the catch to her bra underneath the tank top, making my intentions clear.

Tina backed up just enough to smile at me and stood up, ripping her tank top over her head and then dropping the bra into my lap. Her silicon-tits were just as perfect as I remembered them, buoyant and round and set high on her chest over the tiny waist and short skirt. She went around topless as she opened her purse, pulled out a burned DVD (they were brand new technology back then), and went to my player.

She studied the equipment for a minute before figuring out how to properly get things working, then came back to me as the video first came on.

My eyes were on the wide-screen so I didn't really notice as she stripped off her skirt and thong. And then a soft electronica beat came over my surround speakers while the video revealed Tina's bedroom, apparently from a tripod- mounted camera.

Tina started to undo my shorts, but again I wasn't paying attention as two very beautiful girls walked into the frame and my attention was riveted to the screen. Tina I instantly recognized, but it took me a minute to recognize Jessica, one of her equally hot friends from high school.

My dick had a vague sense of where this was going, and was already stiff when Tina's hot mouth descended over it. I groaned happily at her warm touch, but also because at the exact moment Tina starting blowing me, the Tina on the screen leaned in and plunged her tongue into Jessica's mouth.

My eyes bugged out watching the lesbian scene unfold before me while Tina bobbed her head in my lap. The two girls quickly got undressed, and screen-Tina stepped behind Jessica's naked body to profile Jessica to the camera, rubbing hands across round tits and flat stomachs to direct my attention. The two girls looked so similar, with identically streaked hair, pretty faces, and surgeon-perfect bodies. While they rolled around the bed, kissing and fingering each other, I lost track of who was who on several occasions.

Eventually, the real Tina wanted to watch as well, and she stood up and turned around in my lap. My shorts and underwear had long since been discarded, and facing away from me, she lowered her hips down into my lap until she could sink me into her pussy.

Tina hit rock bottom, flat ass against my short and curlies, and then she leaned back against my chest so I could palm her tits. At almost the same time screen- Tina leaned across the bed so Jessica could shove her face into Tina's crotch and eat out her friend.

Together we fucked, both of our eyes glued to the television. The real Tina was just as aroused as screen-Tina, and so was I. I felt my balls already coiling tightly, pure lust pouring through my veins as screen-Tina raced toward orgasm. Her hips started bucking into Jessica's face, the round globes of her tits wobbling upright as she threw her head side to side and started screaming.

I watched as screen-Tina crested into orgasm, shrieking ecstatically while her thighs clamped tight over Jessica's head. That sight was enough to finish me, and with a firm grip on real-Tina's hips I slammed her down and pinned her against me while my cock erupted inside of her.

Real-Tina was fingering her oversized and oversensitive clit, and a few seconds after my hot cum splashed against her insides, she wriggled in my lap and called out her own climax, the Tina's real-voice and her screen-voice reverberating in stereo, eventually collapsing back against my chest to rest.

The video kept going, even though we were taking a break. Screen-Tina and Jessica switched places to swap spit and eventually end up with Tina returning Jessica's oral favor.

Half-hard, I was still embedded inside real-Tina's tunnel when she began to rotate her hips against me as we began our sexual activities anew.

Tina turned and fixed me with a giggle and a wink. Obviously she knew something new and exciting was about to happen onscreen. When she turned back to the TV, I followed her gaze just in time to see screen-Tina rotate Jessica's body, baring a beautifully formed ass right into the camera.

Screen-Tina then lowered her face, her black and blonde head blocking the view, but from the way she was moving my mind was able to picture Tina's tongue dipping down into Jessica's asshole. She spent a good couple of minutes tonguing Jessica, while low moans filtered back to the camera from Jessica's end of the tryst.

Screen-Tina finally pulled back and spread Jessica's asscheeks wide open, showing off a puckered rosebud, shiny with saliva. And at the same time, real- Tina lifted up and pressed her own wet fingers against her asshole, spreading her cheeks wide and verbally urged me to stick my dick into her.

I heard a muffled sigh flutter into the room, definitely not from Tina or the TV, and with a smile I positioned my erection upright, rubbing the wet tip around Tina's soggy cunt to build up moisture and also to ensure that Pei-Hua had a good view.

I watched the television as screen-Tina sank a finger all the way into Jessica's ass even while her head ducked to the other side to continue her tongue-lashing of Jessica's clit. And when real-Tina felt my mushroom head pressing inside of her tight anal sphincter, she suddenly lunged her hips down and my cock penetrated its way inside.

Real Tina moans mingled with Jessica and Tina moans coming from the TV, an aural delight of pleasurable sounds while I reamed out Tina's asshole. I even saw Tina blow a kiss in Pei-Hua's direction with an impish smile, then my eyes caught the slight movement as Pei-Hua ducked back into her hiding place with a little embarrassment. And then when Tina moaned loudly and clamped her ass- muscles around me, her entire body vibrating upon my shaft as she climaxed, I could feel my body ready itself to explode. With my hands grasping Tina's firm tits and using them to slam her light body down into my lap, I accelerated towards my own climax...

I already knew I was going to love college life.

Only twenty minutes after I blew my wad up her tight ass, Tina was walking a little gingerly but scoping out my house in detail. I put up with her remarks regarding my interior decorating skills. But then she made a few comments about moving some of her stuff into my house since she planned on spending more time here than in her dorm room. I put my foot down and said she'd be better off just having a travel bag. This was still my house, and we weren't married or anything, and I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of Tina moving in with me.

Besides, once school started, there was a wide, new selection of gorgeous women to go after. Why would I ever want to tie myself down with a steady girlfriend?

Still, over the next few weeks, Tina was at least happy that she could go around school with me in public. I was careful not to refer to her as a "girlfriend", lest I scare some potential hottie away. But Tina took what she could get from me.

And Jenny called me quite often. I wasn't very good at returning her calls, and I hoped that by November she would begin to figure out that I'd moved on. In the end, after I completely avoided her all through Christmas, Jenny finally gave up.


Classwork was classwork, something I excelled at by habit and I adjusted to academic life very quickly. The social world was completely different, however. Now, my classmates lived only a few blocks away from me. Now, group studying was possible simply by walking into a dorm lounge. And there was no parental supervision in sight.

I caught myself staying on campus until the wee hours of the morning, getting drunk about half the time. Pei-Hua would inevitably wait up for me, usually with a warm bowl of soup. Every morning, she had taken Mrs. Peng's place in kicking me out of bed and ensuring that I made it to class on time.

And of course, college women were physically better developed, more mature, and had far less hang-ups about sex than High School girls. I was a kid in a candy store with too many options. I swore to myself I would taste white pussy for the first time very soon.

Meanwhile, Tina and I hooked up with a crew of Taiwanese and Taiwanese- American students, ranging from new freshmen to graduate students. Soon my after-school evenings were spent drinking boba, smoking, and hanging out with the cool crowd. Tina, with her streaked hair, smokin' body, and giggly demeanor fit right in amongst the rest of the aZiaN HooCHieS. And with money to blow and a slacker confidence, I was quickly able to establish myself as one of the Alpha males, despite still being a first year student.

It quickly became clear among our group that Tina and I were fucking. We didn't try to hide it. But we both flirted so much with other people and spent enough time apart that neither of us was a deterrent to the other in finding new prey.

One particular hottie I set my sights on was a gorgeous senior named Cindy Wu. For some reason, I had a thing for older women at the time and she physically reminded me of Pei-Hua, from the voluptuous T&A to the slender waist and limbs. In temperament, however, she was much worldlier and decidedly more confident.

In a strange way, Cindy was the perfect blend of Pei-Hua and Tina. She had Pei- Hua's physical height and natural curves that inflamed my imagination. But rather like Tina, Cindy wore stylish clothing that showed off her physical assets without quite looking sluttish. She kept her hair neatly blended with auburn red colors, and like Tina she would wear colored-contacts to lend an even more exotic look, usually in green to Tina's blue. And most especially, Cindy carried herself with a fluid grace and self-assuredness that mesmerized me.

Cindy had just broken up with her boyfriend and while she said she wanted a comfortable, trusting relationship, she actually NEEDED some good no- strings-attached fun. As the quick-witted, smooth, new guy with youthful vitality, I fit the bill. It just took a little while to get her to realize that.

It started quietly, almost innocently. I would lightly hold the small of her back when escorting her through a door I'd just opened for her. Or I'd take her hand when helping her out of a car.

Cindy would sit next to me on a couch and over the course of an hour we'd inch closer to each other until our thighs were touching or I'd drape an arm around her while she rested a hand on my thigh.

Everyone noticed, including Tina. One night she had a fit over the attention I was showering on Cindy. But I explained that I just liked Cindy's body and wanted to bang her a few times. Tina, on the other hand, was a comfortable part of my life, and I had no plans to push her out of it. I promised Tina we would still be with each other years down the road. But for right now, I was young, energetic, and I wanted some variety in my life. She accepted it and truly made love to me that night, waxing romantically about our lives while I desperately pondered how much longer I had to listen to her before I could roll over and go to sleep.

And then upperclassman Alan took an interest in the hottest freshman girl on campus (Tina), and Tina's complaints disappeared in another week or so.

So I started to seriously pursue Cindy. At first she brushed me aside, but I figured she was just testing my resolve. But for a few days straight, I persisted, and laughing at my jokes she started to really enjoy my company. But still, she was an expert cocktease.

For a week my life fell into a strict routine. Wake up, go to class, finish my homework, and then visit Cindy. We'd flirt and get aroused, and I'd fight my way through all her defenses before going home horny and alone. Then I'd take out my sexual frustration on Pei-Hua, then pass out and start again the next morning.

As always, Pei-Hua was there for me when I needed her most. Never complaining, always caring. Not that I really noticed.


After far too long of my futile efforts, I decided to play my last trump card. I completely cut myself off from Cindy. I stopped visiting her. I ignored her phone calls. I hung out with small groups that didn't include her. The suddenness of my withdrawal was enough to get her attention.

Meanwhile, Tina had proved far easier to seduce, and after banging her, Alan dropped her completely and moved on to fresh prey. This put her in a rather pouty mood, and she came running straight into my arms.

Despite both our cultural inhibitions against PDA, during one Friday night party at a friend's house, Tina and I started making out heavily on a couch in full view of everyone, Cindy included. Everyone knew Tina and I had a thing, so no one really paid much attention... except for Cindy of course.

I managed to flag down the host and he gave me permission to borrow one of his bedrooms for a bit. So Tina and I slipped away for some nookie. I shoved my dick into the back of her throat for a little while. And then with her tube top folded down to reveal her round tits and her thong pulled to the side, I fucked us both to a quick and dirty climax.

When we were done, I promised Tina I'd take her back at my place after the party so we could get a full-on sex romp going.

We returned to the social circling and dancing, and then Cindy finally cornered me. In her imperious condescension she wanted to know what was going on. I told her frankly that I was definitely interested, but she didn't seem to be so I counted my losses and folded my hand. There were other girls who could occupy my time. So I spun on my heel and left her, a rather cold gesture on my part.

That didn't go over to well as she caught up to me and yanked me around. Then, in full view of the crowd, she muttered a harsh "Damn you" and then leaned up at me and shoved her tongue into the back of my throat.

Automatically, I kissed her until I'd dipped her back, her body neatly forming a curving C as her hair hung back and my arms burned from supporting her. Then standing her upright, I smiled and muttered, "Sorry, but I already made plans for later tonight."

I strutted over to Tina, and we got out of there.

Brimming with confidence, I was completely dominant as I fucked Tina roughly and literally attacked her body until she finally passed out from orgasmic overload. I left her limp and used body on my bed and went naked to get some tea from Pei-Hua to recharge my batteries a bit.

Tina was still passed out when my final erection penetrated her saturated pussy, and she woke up just enough to wrap her legs around my back while I palmed her tits, and she had one last orgasm before I filled her cunt with an extra load of cream.


I ignored the phone the first two times Cindy called me on Saturday afternoon. The third time she called, I finally picked up and agreed to see her.

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