Babalonia Cafe

byAvalanche Man©

Advertised as a complete cornucopia of delight for all the senses, it still took months to be accepted for a reservation. The waivers, disclaimers, and doctors' report that had to accompany each request for a reservation seemed mountainous and over bearing.

Yet, once that magical reservation was obtained, there was never any doubt or change of plans, as it must be experienced and enjoyed to the fullest.

Despite any date that was on the actual real reservation, it was a rare item to be shown off to friends, coworkers, and even strangers. The "OOOH" and "AHHHs" were almost worth the $250 dollars that had to be prepaid for each person on the reservation.

Though several would claim to have gotten a reservation frequently, everyone knew better and secretly held the belief that this was a once in a lifetime occasion.

A strange and unexpected off shoot from this were the much advertised specials at salons, spas, and even gyms to prepare one's self for their reservation at Babalonia Cafe. The Babalonia special to get your body ready for an all night feast of just about anything and everything possible. Some enjoyed the specials so much, that they got them often, even though they didn't have a reservation at the Babalonia Cafe.

Rising like a golden gleaming series of spheres, the pyramid of round domes seemed to stretch to the sky and beyond. Sitting atop a tall hill, it was miles distant from anything else and had acres of parking at the base of the hill. Whomever had designed it made sure there was nothing to distract from the view of the glowing, translucent array of domes that almost hurt the neck to try and see where the top was. "STUNNING" "BREATHTAKING" "MUST BE SEEN" were all descriptions given by papers and magazines when attempting to write articles about the sheer opulence of the edifice.

In the pre-reservation process, it was clearly stated that you would be physically examined, drug tested, and STD tested upon admission to the cafe. This was during the first entering of the base of the domes, but once passed this, any level of debauchery that you desired could be had.

The additional fees for plebe, patrician, senator, ruler, or the highest.....Emperor would also be assessed at this time. Plebe was a mere additional $250, whereas Emperor was a smooth additional $5000. The benefits and pleasure offered at the different levels were commensurate with the additional charges.

However, all drinks, food, and the valet parking were included in the initial cost of ones' reservation, and there was no tipping allowed as nudity doesn't have pockets or a purse. Stern, strong security guards met each limo or car at the entrance of the parking before allowing it to proceed to the domes. Your reservation had to be presented at this time, or you were never permitted to enter the drive to the cafe.

Absolutely beautiful young men and women awaited you at the entrance dressed in brief togas with dicks or breasts bared. Giving up your car or limo to these valet attendants was a delight in itself.

The vast white circular arena inside the doors was enough to overwhelm the senses, but the hosts and hostesses of fabulously beautiful young bodies in wisps of sheer cloth tied at the neck, shoulder, or waist took your breath away. Stripping off your own clothes was smoothly done with the assistance of the host staff, and the various tests were done quickly and professionally.

Once through the admission phase, you were issued a wisp of sheer cloth in either pale gray for plebe, blue for patrician, red for senator, gold for ruler, or the rare purple for Emperor. The host staff then escorted you into the various grottos, or caverns that catered to your level of carnality.

Huge, vast open spaces descending to open pits in the bottom with a circular array of seating ( actually reclining) rising to unseen areas at the top of gleaming dome assaulted your vision.

People throwing long flames from their mouth, nude dancing girls cavorting around, magicians doing all sorts of tricks, wandering minstrels, and nude bodies as far as the eye could see.

Nude well endowed men dicks flapping and nude women with breasts bouncing were scurrying around with giant platters of meats, vegetables, and fruits serving all those seated in the different sections.

Large, smoky pits were cooking a goat, a calf, and other meats down in the very bottom of the expansive dome area.

Gorgeous, huge breasted women carrying flagons of wine, and other drinks bending at the waist to pour the desired beverages. Their bare flanks , juicy pussy lips, and rouged ass holes in full view as they smiled and chatted with the guests.

Lovely nipple shaped teasers, tiny pink clit bonbons, vagina cream sauce, large dick sausages, and thin rump slices were offered as just a small smattering of the extensive menu. Everything in food and drink had a sexual innuendo to its name, and was presented in the most alluring manner by the beautiful, nude servers.

Hours of sating oneself with the freely flowing food and drink, while waiting for the different shows to begin almost made you drowsy and sleepy, but you knew that hours more were to be spent in cumming. Emperor was about the only level that accepted singles, and all others were couples that came together to cum together in such a public display.

Five massive, dark skinned men entered, all sporting about a 12 inch cock and carrying a long trumpet horn. Standing side by side with erections all jutting out in a row, they raised their trumpets, and blared out a herald to announce the beginning of the shows.

Slowly, as the lights dimmed, a round stage descended from somewhere at the top of the dome.

As it was descending, the drink bearers had knelt before the five men, and were massaging their massive dark erections between white, creamy breasts. The contrast of the large dark cocks and the white breasts was spell binding, until they raised their trumpets again to blare out as they spurted cum all over the breasts surrounding them. Synchronized swimming had nothing to compare with this display.

Absolutely magnificent nude women and men on the stage began dances of seduction with each other as the music changed tempo, rose and fell in different levels throughout the dome.

Such spectacular examples of human flesh are normally only imagined and never seen, but everyone on the stage was a God or Goddess in the flesh.

Shimmering, dancing, offering, withdrawing and representing they displayed their bodies and physical endowments to each other.

Once the guests were whipped into a frenzy of sexual torment and flush with desire for satisfaction, then, and only then did they start to copulate (Shit, copulate, just FUCKING) in every position in the Kama Sutra, and various ones not covered in the Kama Sutra.

Switching partners, double penetrations, triple penetrations, three women, two men, and any other combination that could be flexed into....until the scent of sexual arousal and lust was over powering throughout the dome.

Not far behind, the guests were attempting to mirror the actions on the stage, and the servers, host staff, and others joined in with those that had opted for the higher levels of satisfaction. Brief rest periods were taken, then multiple swapping and orgies were all happening at once.

The cushions and throw pillows provided were soaked and sprayed with different cummings from the multitude of sexual expression that flowed everywhere. Mouths, pussies, both male and female ass holes were used, abused, and reused again and again.

Seeing is believing, and you would have sworn that you saw some guy screwing a woman in the ear, and screaming "Can you hear me now?"

Hours and hours of non-stop marathon sex with anyone still available and willing, until several finally were dragging themselves off to the shower rooms. The Medical staff had slipped in very unobtrusively and removed several who seemed to be having heart attacks, or suffering from total exhaustion.

Moaning and groaning was heard from the shower rooms as the guests were washing their very sore, well used dicks, pussies, and asses from the juicy activity that had all but taken the skin off that part.

With the aid of the bath attendants, and previous hosts, they had retrieved their clothes, and most still nude had wandered out to have their cars or limos pick up what was left of them. Tossing clothes in the back seat or wherever, the majority drove home totally bare as it took too much effort to get redressed.

Most had taken the next few days off work, and those that hadn't wished they had thought to do so.

Mulling over the experience later when the body had regained some semblance of normal, you thought, "HUMM, that was the blue a year or two, I may have to try the red or gold dome."

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