I've been fucking my niece all weekend. Actually, she isn't really my niece by marriage. She's the daughter of my brother's wife by her first marriage. Babe, as I call her, just turned 18 a month ago and is a senior in high school. Babe is just about my height, very slender (almost skinny), has long well formed legs and small perky tits. Let me tell you how the fucking started.

Babe is a reporter for her school paper and very good at it. She had an assignment for both her school paper and history class to write about something on southwest history. Since I live and work close to Tombstone and she lives a few hours drive away, she asked her parents if she could visit me on the weekend and do some research for her story. My brother called me and asked if I would mind putting her up for the weekend and taking her to Tombstone on the weekend. I wasn't planning anything for the weekend and agreed to host her. I told him that I would be at their place on Friday after work to pick her up but that they would have to pick her up the following Monday. He agreed and plans were made. I left work early on Friday and headed off to pick up Babe.

When I arrived at their house, Babe was already packed and ready to go. Babe was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and tennis shoes without socks. She came out of the house as soon as I drove up and gave me a big hug to thank me for putting her up for the weekend. She said she had been looking to spending some quality time with her favorite uncle and couldn't wait to leave. I stayed long enough to use the bathroom, have a cold drink, and make some chit chat with my brother and his wife. After about an hour, I said that we best be heading back so that we could get to my apartment before dark. I told my brother to call me before he left on Monday to pick her up to make sure that we were at home and not out to dinner or visiting some other historic site nearby. He said he would and put Babe's bag in the care.

As soon as we were off, Babe leaned over and kissed me on the cheek telling me once again that she loved me and that she really wanted to spend some quality time together. We drove to my apartment talking about everything from school, to family life, to cars on the road. I asked her if she had any boyfriends and she giggled saying that her parents didn't really like her dating. I commented that it was probably just as well since someone so pretty would probably drive the boys wild with desire. "Desire for what uncle?" she asks coyly. I fumbled some answer realizing that I probably said more than I should have. Actually, I had fantasized about fucking her every now and then but relegated such thoughts to just fantasies. A few hours later we were driving up to my apartment.

I have a one-bedroom apartment and didn't really think about the sleeping arrangements. I figured I would sleep on the couch and let her have the queen size bed in the bedroom. As soon as I told her the sleeping arrangements, she said that she would sleep on the couch and was not about to put me out. We argued for a while but to no avail. She said that she was taking the couch and that was it. We ordered a pizza for dinner and watched TV before and after the pizza arrived. We sat watching TV while also making plans to go to Tombstone the following morning. Babe said that she was going to take a shower before bed, leaned over and kissed my cheek again to thank me once more. Babe went into the bathroom and started the water. I gave her a couple of minutes while I cleaned up then went into the bedroom to some sheets and pillows for the couch. Babe did not close the door to the bathroom and I could see her slim figure behind the almost transparent shower curtains. The sight of her soaping her body started giving me a hard on.

Babe came into the living room where I was sitting watching TV. She was wearing only a towel around her body that barely covered her private parts and another towel wrapped around her hair. She sat down next to me and started drying her hair. The towel rode up her thighs to the point that I could see her neatly trimmed pussy. Deciding that my hard on would return if I stayed there much longer, I got up and told her that I was going to take a shower also. A cold shower I thought to myself. I closed the bathroom door but didn't lock it. As I was soaping my body, I couldn't help thinking about Babe and, as expected, my cock started growing to its full nine-inch length. I also couldn't help washing it longer than what I should have. As I was soaping my balls, the door opened and Babe came in to brush her teeth. I knew that she could see my silhouette and I was sure she could see my cock at full attention. I tried to act as if nothing was wrong and I could tell that she was looking at me through the curtain. A few minutes later, she left the bathroom and I got out to dry off and also brush my teeth. I put on a pair of loose shorts that I usually slept in and stepped out to the living room. Babe was already lying on the couch wearing a tank top and what looked like boxer shorts. I told her that I was also going to bed.

I barely got myself in bed when Babe knocked on the door and asked if she could come in. "Uncle, the couch isn't that comfortable. Let me sleep on the bed with you," she said softly. Against my better judgment, I told her to hop on in. A smile came across her face as she hopped on the bed with me. As soon as she got under the covers, she leaned over and kissed me once again on the cheek to thank me for letting her share the bed with her and to say goodnight. I told her that I didn't think anyone would approve of her sleeping on the same bed so I told her that it would be our little secret and if anyone asked, she had slept on the couch. Babe kissed me again, closer to my lips this time, and said coyly, "I can keep all kinds of secrets!" Without saying a word, she hugged me around my stomach and laid her head against my chest. I knew that if I thought too much about it, my cock would start getting hard once again.

After driving most of the day, I was exhausted and was soon drifting off to sleep. In the twilight of my sleep, I felt her hand moving slowly until it rested just above my crotch. I really didn't think anything about it since I was almost asleep and before long, I did fall asleep. I don't know how long I had been asleep but I became aware of her hand slipping underneath the elastic of my shorts. As I mentioned earlier, I was wearing loose shorts and the elastic wasn't tight at all. I started waking up but kept my eyes closed and feign sleep. I didn't know what she was up to and I didn't know what to do. In a couple of minutes, her hand was now on my growing cock. I knew I wasn't going to be able to fake sleep much longer but decided to try it a little longer. I didn't have long to wait before she lightly gripped my cock in her soft hand. Before I knew it, my cock was hard as a rock and she started jacking me off very, very slowly.

There was no faking sleep so I decided to "wake up" surprised. "Babe, what are you doing?!" I asked. Still not saying a word, she leaned closer to me and started kissing and licking my neck lightly. "Babe, we can't be doing this!" I said. She just kept on kissing and licking my neck and jacking me off a little more forceful. While thinking of what I should do, the sensations were getting the better of me. The smell of her hair, the lightness of her touch on my cock, and her nuzzling me on the neck felt great. As I turned to once again tell her that we shouldn't be doing this, Babe kissed me on the lips and stuck her tongue inside my mouth. "What the fuck!" I said to myself and started reciprocating her kiss. Babe, still holding on to my cock, pushed herself onto my chest and we started making out like two teenagers in the back of the car.

I lowered my hands to her ass and slipped them inside her shorts. I started rubbing her smooth ass and started pulling her shorts down. Babes got the cue and with her free hand, reached down and pulled them off. She momentarily got off me and quickly pulled my shorts off as well. My nine-inch cock was standing almost straight up. She regarded its size for a moment before slowly lowering her mouth around it. Her warm mouth and soft tongue was heavenly. I wished I could savor the feeling forever but I knew that it would only be a matter of time before I blew my load in her mouth. Babe kept licking slowly and softly sucking on my hard cock. Every so often she would take it out of her mouth and rub the tip of my cock on her face and lips before slipping it once more into her mouth. I knew it was wrong. I knew I should not have let her sleep in the same bed as me. I knew I should have told her to stay on her side of the bed. I knew that I should have stopped her the moment I felt her hand go under my shorts. I also know that the feeling of having my cock sucked by this tender young teen felt so damn good.

I lost myself in the feeling of a wondrous blowjob. Babe would look up at me every so often and smile as she licked to top of my cock. It wasn't long before I felt my nut sack tightening with the sensation that I was going to blow my load. I didn't want to spend myself in her mouth but instead fuck her and fill her up with my baby butter. I suppose Babe felt me struggling to maintain my load because she stopped sucking and with the sweetest angel voice said to me "Go ahead uncle. I want to taste your sperm. Please?" How could I resist such a request? I closed my eyes as she went back to sucking on my cock with a little more force and a little tighter grip on my cock. As she gave my balls a light squeeze, I finally let go. I started to cum like I never had before. Babe just sucked it all in and licked my cum off her hands, the sides of my cock, and what little fell on my balls. She kept sucking and licking my cock for a good five minutes until my cock started getting hard once more.

I pulled her up to me and we kissed a long deep kiss. I could taste my own cum in her mouth. I pulled her T-shirt up over her head and she presented me with her small firm tits. Nibbling on her rosy nipples and alternately licking them drew whimpers of pleasure from her. I moved to lay her on her back and kept kissing her little tits while my right hand found its way to her barely hairy pussy. As soon as I touched her pussy, Babe let out a moan. I started softly kissing and licking my way down to her honey pot very slowly. When I got just above her pussy hair, she grabbed a hold of my head and tried to push it down to her pussy. I resisted and kept on licking her pubic bone, the creases that separated her legs from her pussy and the spot between her bunghole and pussy. In other words, I licked everywhere in the area except her pussy slit. "Please uncle! Lick me there!" she begged.

Again, how could I resist? Making my tongue full and as soft as I could, I placed my tongue at the bottom of her wet slit and slowly licked to the top of her pussy finally culminating on her clit. When my tongue touched her clit, Babe jerked and let out a yelp. "Extremely sensitive clit!" I thought to myself. I started licking, sucking, and nibbling her pussy lips, inner pussy walls, and clit with dedication. Babe tasted like no other woman whose pussy I had ever eaten before. It was sweet nectar of a goddess! Babe was squirming, moaning, and yelping uncontrollably now as she tried to stuff my head into her pussy. I held her legs open wide in order to give my tongue and mouth unobstructed access to her sweet honey pot. I could not control myself any longer and decided to pick up the speed of my pussy eating. It seemed that Babe also shifted into high gear by rubbing her pussy into my face, squirming as if the bed was a hot frying pan, and breathing and yelping as if she was giving birth to a watermelon. She tensed up after a couple of minutes of my pussy eating and started to shudder in such a way that I thought she had gone into convulsions. Actually, she had gone into convulsions but they were convulsions of a tremendous orgasm.

I didn't stop eating her pussy through her orgasm and instead concentrated on softly licking and sucking on her clit. Babe relaxed after about a minute and started once again trying to stuff my head into her pussy. I was drowning in a sea of her pussy juice but it tasted so good and I felt good knowing that I was obviously giving her so much pleasure. I relaxed my hold on her legs and moved my hands underneath her ass as if I was eating a slice of watermelon. Babe started flapping her legs as if she was trying to suck me into her pussy or fan out a fire between her legs. I was lost in concentration trying to make sure that I wasn't too rough on her clit or too hard in my nibbling. I was rewarded shortly by another convulsion and an "Oh my God!" scream as she had another orgasm.

She was perspiring lightly now and the glistening skin made her glow in the subtle moonlight coming in through the window. By now my cock was so hard that could have poked a hole through a wall of steel. As Babe regained her breath, I knelt between her legs with the full intention of fucking her like I never had fucked before. Babe sensed that I was about to put my cock into her pussy and she smiled at me as she lifted her ass off the bed with her hands and "offered" me her pussy with a beautiful smile. I guided my cock to her pussy and started placed it at the entrance to her honey pot. I started pushing gently into her small tight hole (I've got an easy three-inch girth on my cock) and slipped into her ever so slowly. Babe gasped a small gasp as the head of my cock entered her. I waited until she got used to my girth and then started pushing into her once more. It seems that after I had three inches into her, the slippery walls of her pussy started pulling me in. After another inch, I felt a bit of resistance and realized that she was probably a virgin and that I was about to pop her cherry. I guess she must have thought that I would stop after realizing that she was a virgin because she looked at me with her angelic face and said, "Put it all the way in uncle! Make me a woman! Fuck me!"

We already have established a pattern of my inability to deny her requests so my continuing to exert a little more pressure to pop her cherry shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone reading this story. "It'll hurt a little in the beginning", I told her, "but it'll feel much better a couple of seconds afterwards." I assured her. She totally surprised me by pushing against my cock with her pussy rapidly and busting her cherry. "Oh!!" she yelped. After the virginity wall was broken, it was as if my cock was in warm butter. I started slipping my cock in and out of her slowly thinking that I would get her used to my size and girth. Her tight warm pussy was something else. A few more minutes and I was able to increase my pace a little and got into a rhythm. I was holding her legs up by the knees. The sight of my cock going in and out of her tight pussy was driving my crazy. I placed her ass on my lap and grabbed her by her hips in order to penetrate her as deep as possible. Babe placed her feet firmly on the bed, lifted herself off the bed and literally started pounding her pussy into my cock.

She was pounding her pussy on my cock with such force that her little tits jiggled every time my cock buried itself to the hilt in her pussy. With reckless abandon, I started pounding her pussy back. She moaned every time my cock hit home and kept up the hard fucking for what seemed like hours but actually only a few minutes. Before long, Babe was once again giving birth to a watermelon from the sound of her yelping and breathing. With one last "Shit!" she impaled my cock one last time and started her convulsions again. I held her against my cock while she slumped on the bed with her convulsions. My cock needed attention so as soon as her convulsions ended; I flipped her over and pulled her pussy once more onto my cock. I squeezed her ass cheeks from the sides to increase the friction within her pussy. Again, I started fucking her pussy with zeal. Babe started picking up the rhythm and within seconds we were fucking as one. "Oh my God uncle! Fuck me good! Fuck me real good!" she kept repeating. I was getting a bit tired and decided to lie down and have her fuck me for a while. "Okay Babe", I whispered, "It's time for you to fuck your uncle!" She smiled and accepted the challenge by placing her hands on my chest and pumping her pussy up and down on my cock. Oh the exuberance of youth! Seeing her small tits bounce up and down while riding my cock was a sight to behold. I knew I was very close to unleashing another torrent of cum into her when I suddenly realized that I wasn't wearing a condom and that if I did shot my wad into her, there was a very good possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. Hell, I also realized that I might have already impregnated her with my pre-cum. "Babe," I said, "I'm not wearing a rubber so I've got to be careful!" Before I could say anything else, she said, "I'm on the pill! Let me have it!"

Music to my ears although I knew that there was also a possibility that she could not be telling me the truth in the heat of the moment. But again, "What the Hell!" I thought and decided to enjoy the sensations and see this fucking to the natural end. I pulled her closer to me so that I could once again lick and suck on her tiny tits as my cock violated her pussy. As soon as I had one tit in my mouth, Babe started picking up the pace once more and really started fucking my cock. This is definitely the best all time fuck I had ever had, I thought to myself. Her yelps and moans were coming more frequently which I now knew signaled the onset of another orgasm. I was determined that my orgasm was going to coincide with hers so I concentrated on making sure that it would. An unexpected "Oh Shit!" told me that her orgasm had either started or was about to begin. Good thing for me because a couple more in and outs and I felt my cum starting to rise from my balls. I pulled her tight to my chest as I started to shoot sperm into her tight pussy and she started yet another convulsion.

We lay entwined and holding each other tight as our orgasms subsided. I don't know how long we lay there because we woke up to the early morning light in the same position. We had either fucked all night or we had fallen asleep soon after the culmination of our mortal sin. As we peeled away from each other, I realized the latter was probably the case since our love juices had dried and caked on our pubic hairs and pulling our genitals apart was like taking a bandage off a wound. As she awoke, we looked into each other's eyes and both smiled at the same time. "I love you uncle", she said with her angel voice. I kissed her gently on her lips and told her that I felt the same way about her. We continued to hold each other without saying a word for a good while until I reluctantly decided to get up and get ready for our day of research.

We cleaned up, got dressed, had breakfast and started on our day of research. Throughout the day, we acted like father and daughter on a day out. We laughed, ate, walked hand in hand, and visited the historic sites of Tombstone. Babe diligently made notes, interviewed a few locals, and finally said that she felt she had enough information for her story. We had a quiet dinner at a Tombstone restaurant before driving back to my apartment. On the way back, we said little to each other. Babe just leaned over, hugged my right arm and placed her head on my shoulder. When we got to my apartment, I suggested that she take a shower to wash the Tombstone dust off and I'd do the same. "Uncle, why don't you shower with me? Please?!"

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