Bobby just aligned himself and pushed. He knew his brother-in-law was capable of taking his cock to the hilt in a single thrust. It'd happened several times before. Maybe not recently, but even so...

Daddy relaxed as Bobby penetrated his much-neglected ass. It'd been so long since he'd had anything in his butt, he'd forgotten how good it felt to be filled back there. There had been times where he'd thought about buying a dildo for that purpose, but for some reason, he never got around to it.

Now, the room was filled with moans. Baby laid beneath her daddy, getting her first fuck from the first man she'd ever loved, while he got fucked by his dead wife's brother. None of them thought about that right then, because they were all too busy enjoying the sensations of amazing, forbidden sex.

Before too long, Baby felt an orgasm roll over her, and she just let it go, cumming more strongly than she ever had before. This set off her daddy, who stiffened and unloaded his cum while inside his baby girl. The clenching of Daddy's ass muscles while he came got Uncle Bobby off, too, and his cock throbbed while he came inside his brother-in-law's ass.

Bobby slowly pulled out of Daddy's butt, his condom full of jizz. Daddy then withdrew from his daughter's cunt, his rubber full to the brim, as well.

Daddy and Bobby gave a look to one another, and they carefully removed their condoms, then emptied the contents out onto Baby's tits. When she felt the wet, hot man-cream on her body, she gave a delighted squeal. The men then discarded their rubbers into the trash and looked at the work of art they'd created. They gave each other another look, then leaned over and started to lick each other's cum off Baby's firm, young breasts. When she was shining with their saliva, the men then stepped over and let Baby lick each of their cocks clean.

Finally, they all lay on the bed, naked and - at least for the moment - pretty fucked out. Baby lay between the two men, and they gently caressed her smooth, young body.

"So, brother-in-law," Uncle Bobby said, "you think I'll get a chance at this lovely young thing?"

Daddy responded, "I think that's up to her. If she wants it, I don't think there'll be any problem."

Baby sat up. "Why are you talking about me like I'm not here? Uncle Bobby, of course I'll let you fuck me. I want as much cock as I can get, anywhere you want to put it."

Daddy asked, "In your ass, too, darling? Are you ready for that?"

Baby turned to him and started to caress his cock and balls. "If you can take it, Daddy, I know I can, too."

Bob's cock had started growing with the conversation and the admission that his pretty, horny niece wanted him to fuck her, too. "How about now, Baby? Think you could take my cock right now?"

Baby smiled. "Please, Uncle Bobby, fuck me. My holes need filling as often as you and Daddy can fill them." She got up on her hands and knees and wiggled her butt. "Come on, my pussy or my ass. Take your pick.

"And Daddy," she reached down and started caressing her father's cock and balls, "I'll suck on you if you want."

Daddy grinned and moved into position. "I don't know if I'll be able to get hard this soon after cumming."

Baby answered, "I want to suck on it anyway, if that's okay."

"You do whatever you want, my sexy girl," Daddy laughed. "It'll feel good, regardless."

With a delighted grin, Baby bent down and nuzzled her face against her daddy's cock and balls.

Uncle Bobby, in the meantime, had maneuvered around and gotten himself prepared to enter his niece's hot, ready holes. With a single thrust, he buried himself in Baby's cunt, drawing a grunt of satisfaction from them both.

Baby was ecstatic. She'd never imagined two cocks at once, much less two guys that'd be as into each other as they were her. Seeing her father and uncle fuck and suck one another had gotten her so hot and bothered, that she wondered if she was ever going to be able to satisfy her horniness.

Baby's pussy was stretched very nicely by Uncle Bobby's fat cock. She writhed her butt around, fucking back as he fucked forward, his hips slapping into her bottom on each thrust. Daddy's cock was being stubborn, and was refusing to grow, no matter what Baby did to him. She rubbed her face all over his sweaty crotch, she licked and sucked and nibbled, but it seemed to be no use. When Uncle Bobby slipped out of her pussy and pushed at her tight asshole, she got an idea and squirmed one hand under her father's butt. Wiggling a finger up between his asscheeks, she shoved that finger up his ass and went in as deep as she could.

Daddy moaned, and Baby felt his cock swell in her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the tip, while she moved her finger around inside his butt. When she curled her finger up and touched a little roundish thing, Daddy moaned louder and his cock got noticeably bigger. Baby tapped at this and gently rubbed it while she sucked and licked his cock, which was growing steadily. Once, she rubbed a little hard, and she got the taste of his cum in her mouth, although he hadn't actually had an orgasm. That was kind of neat, so she worked that angle a little more, and got more cum out of him. Baby had no idea what she was doing inside her daddy's ass to make him cum without having an orgasm, but she wanted him to have something to shoot if she was able to get him that excited. It was far better for the cum to spurt out like a fountain, instead of just oozing like it was doing while she pressed on this little thing inside him.

Baby no longer pressed against the little walnut-sized thing, but she didn't stop tapping at it and rubbing it gently. Daddy seemed to love that almost more than her mouth on his cock. He didn't tell her to quit, though, so she sucked and licked and played, all the while driving him crazy with her finger.

Uncle Bobby took his time getting into Baby's tight ass. In fact, it felt like he was trying to make entering her butt last as long as he could. After a while, though, she felt his hips against her, and his hard-on deep in her rear. Baby could hardly believe how horny she was. She wasn't regretting coming down from her bedroom when Daddy called.

Even though Daddy hadn't thought he'd be able to cum again so soon, between Baby's mouth and her finger tapping against his prostate (she found out what it was later), before too long he was moaning louder and louder, and his cock was fully hard and ready to pump cum into his baby girl's waiting mouth.

Baby got into Uncle Bobby's rhythm as he fucked her ass, and before too long, he was making noises like he was going to cum soon, too.

Baby couldn't see, but she figured the men had made some sort of silent deal while they played. Instead of releasing their cum into her body, they both pulled away from her at the same time, and Daddy whispered, "Turn over, Baby." She laid on her back in time to see Uncle Bobby taking off his rubber. He started stroking his pretty hard-on then, the tip of his cock poised over Baby's aching pussy. Daddy started stroking, too. Baby was going cross-eyed, watching Daddy's cock directly over her face, but she was totally fascinated by it, and reached her hands up and back, one finger pushing back into his butt, the other going for his balls. She wasn't able to get the right angle to touch the little round thing inside him that he seemed to like so much, but he appeared to enjoy her finger in his ass anyway, so she didn't take it away.

Daddy came first, even though he hadn't thought he'd be able to. His cum sprayed over Baby's face and onto her throat, then started dribbling out, landing over her nose and cheeks. Uncle Bobby gave out a moan and covered her pussy with his cum. Just like they'd done before, the men stopped a moment to admire the sight of Baby's body covered in their cum, then leaned over and started cleaning her up with their tongues.

It was so arousing, having these two men licking their own jizz off her body, that Baby came while they were doing it. Of course, Uncle Bobby took every chance he got to run his tongue over her excited clit, so that had a lot to do with it. When the men were through this time, they both smiled, then Daddy leaned over Baby's face, his mouth lined up with hers. She wasn't sure what he expected to do, but it finally dawned on her what he wanted and opened her own mouth.

When her mouth finally opened, Daddy let the cum slip from his lips in a long white strand and into his daughter's waiting mouth. Considering what she'd milked from him earlier, there was quite a bit of it, and she was ready to swallow, when Uncle Bobby leaned over her in a similar position. Well, she knew what was coming, so she kept her mouth open and let Uncle Bobby's cum leak from his mouth into hers.

Once again, she was prepared to swallow all the cum she'd received from these two wonderful men, when Uncle Bobby leaned down further and pressed his lips to hers. When his mouth opened and his tongue came out, she figured out what he wanted and they played with the cum in her mouth for a little bit, until Uncle Bobby pulled away and let her Daddy take his place. Daddy and Baby played with the mixed cum, and Baby shared a little bit of it with him just before he pulled away. Baby watched as her daddy swallowed the cum he'd gotten from her, a mixture of both his cum and Uncle Bobby's. She gave Uncle Bobby a look, and he leaned back over and she shared a bit of the cum with him, too, letting him swallow before she opened wide to let the two men see how much was left. With a theatrical gulp, she swallowed down the remainder of the two men's cum, then opened up again to show them it was gone.

All three grinned ear-to-ear, having thoroughly enjoyed the hot, forbidden sex they'd just had, and knowing it'd most likely happen again. The men then collapsed to the bed, Baby still laying between them. Just before she heard their breathing get slow and steady, she placed each of her hands on the cocks of the men she loved so much, who'd given her so much pleasure. She fell asleep wondering about getting on birth control pills, so she could feel their cocks bare inside her...

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