Baby and the Band


Billy's orgasm peaked and Erin reached her own climax as her insides were sprayed with Billy's copious seed.

"How?" she heard herself moan again and again. "How?"

Billy pulled away from the girl, grabbed a nearby towel and dried the pair. "Just watch!" he offered as he rubbed Erin's vagina with the starched towel.

The bed was shaking tremendously as first Jerry then Ryan drove into Kim with amazing rough strokes. The brunette was moaning and groaning up a storm, but she managed to control herself and never emitted any noises that would alert hotel personnel to the activities of the room.

"Baby?" Kim questioned.

No one answered.

"Erin? Baby, come here!"

Somewhere between the two male bodies, a hand motioned Erin to the bed.

Billy nudged Erin. "Go."

Erin stood and watched the threesome. She'd never even seen the sexual activity occur on a tv, let alone in living color.

"Baby," Kim begged and whined. "Baby, come here."

Erin walked to the head of the bed. Kim was facing downward, looking straight into Jerry's eyes as Ryan pounded her from behind.

"Baby," she heard Kim mew again. Kim's dainty arm reached out from under the men, and she grabbed Erin's wrist. "Come over here."

She patted the bed beside the trio.

Erin sat.

"Baby, suck my tits."

Erin looked at Kim, unsure how to execute such a maneuver given the pile of flesh.

"FUCK!" Ryan bellowed and shot a load of jizz on Kim's firm ass. Billy handed him the towel.

"Oh jesus," Kim moaned. She raised herself briefly off of Jerry, turned to face the ceiling, then lowered herself straight back down onto Jerry's waiting cock. She never missed a beat.

"Lick me," she cooed. "Lick me, baby."

Erin got on all fours and leaned over the couple. She stared down into Kim's eyes, and pressed her lips against the brunette's.

The kiss was long and passionate.

"Oh fuck," Jerry grunted as he filled Kim's wet cunt full of his own juices.

Kim pulled off him, and Erin backed away. She watched as Jerry's dick remained hard.

Kim giggled. "Oh, him," she sighed. "He won't go down till we tell him too."

Erin giggled.

She lunged forward when she felt a hand on her ass, Kim swatting at the offending male. "Quit that," she lectured. "I'm not sure she's ready for that."

Ryan grabbed Kim's wrist. "She's ready alright!"

Kim giggled. "I guess she is." She shifted on the bed, moving away from Jerry and allowing Erin better access. "It's your turn," she smiled.

Erin wasn't sure for what.

"Here," Kim laughed and placed Ryan's hand on Erin's ass. "Get her good and ready."

Erin felt Ryan's hands traverse her body, stopping to rub her clitoris, getting her vagina sopping wet. She felt as his hand trailed backward, and a finger pushed at her backdoor.

"Oh god," Erin gasped.

Kim's breath was in her ear, close, assuring. "It's alright," she cooed. "Relax."

Another finger was added. Erin tensed, felt her ass grow tight around the intrusion.

"Relax," Kim cooed as she massaged Erin's naval.

Erin sighed and felt Ryan begin to apply pressure.

"He's greased, don't worry," was Kim's assurance. Though Erin had no idea what Kim meant by that, she was comforted that the older female felt it was okay to proceed.

The pressure grew immense, and Erin felt a scream welling in her throat.

"Oh god," she managed to quell the urge to scream. "Oh god it's huge."

"Fuck yeah," Ryan laughed, making sure not to lunge into the girl completely.

"Okay," Kim cooed. "Hold my hand."

Erin did her best to grasp the offered fingers. Her face was contorted as she fought back the pain and the screams she wanted to give life to, but knew she could not.

"You okay?" Jerry smiled.

"Fuck, it hurts," Erin grimaced. "It's so big."

"It's alright," Kim sighed as she ran her hands through the girl's blonde locks. "It's going to hurt for a while. Just relax!"

Erin fought back tears.

"I can't hold back much longer," Ryan groaned as he continued to make minuscule strokes into Erin's tight ass.

"Try," Kim demanded. She pawed Erin's hair. "Better, baby?"

"No," Erin groaned. "Hurts still."

"Fuck," Ryan heaved.

"Wait," Kim demanded of the anxious male.

He slowed his pace, nearly stopped.

"That better, baby?"

"Oh yeah," Erin moaned. Her face was intoxicated with lust.

"She likes it," Jerry laughed and Billy smacked the male a high-five. "She fuckin likes it!"

"You ready, baby?" Kim coaxed as she massaged the girl's scalp. "He's gonna go slow, but it's gonna hurt some more."

"Oh fuck," Erin moaned, not really in answer of the statement offered.

Ryan pushed forward slowly, bringing small yelps and moans from the blonde.

"Baby's a good girl," Kim cooed, staying alongside Erin and uttering encouragement and advice. "How does it feel, Erin?"

"Oh god," the blonde smiled, "Oh god, it feels so good."

"Hell yeah," Ryan groaned.

"Go slow," Kim reminded him. "You want her to last a bit yet."

Erin was on all fours, facing the headboard when Kim disappeared from her view for a minute.

"You okay, baby?" she heard the brunette yell.

"Oh yeah," was the uttered response, though it was barely audible.

Kim returned with Billy alongside her. "Billy's gonna slide right in there, you okay, baby?"


Billy added his weight to the bed, and tried his best to slide underneath Erin without disturbing her and Ryan.

Kim returned to her post near Erin. "Baby," she soothed. "I want you to sit on Billy."



"I can't," the girl whispered fearfully.

"Yes, you can," Kim coached. "I did it, you watched me."

"It hurts," Erin frowned.

"It hurts good," Kim reminded her.

Erin moaned.

Billy was positioned directly under Erin now. Kim reached underneath the pair and stroked his hard cock. "Baby, sit down."

She push down on Erin's shoulders. The girl made no move to comply.

"Erin, baby," Kim cooed patiently.

"It hurts," was Erin's repetitive answer.

"I know, baby, but you have to take Billy."

"Can't," Erin heaved.

"Yes, you can," Kim coached. "Lower yourself."

Erin began to slink closer to Billy's waiting cock, and within seconds, her lips were touching the head.

"That's a girl," Kim giggled. "Come on, sit down."

Billy arched his groin closer to Erin, slowly pushing his cock inside her.

"Oh god!" Erin screamed.

Kim jumped and covered her mouth. "Quiet, baby, quiet."

"Oh god," Ryan muttered. "Oh god, she's tight!"

Kim smiled. "See, baby, they like it!"


Kim backed away, and watched as Erin took the two cocks.

"She's a pro," Jerry purred into Kim's ear.

"She is," Kim smiled. She turned to the patient male, pushed him onto the second bed, and got atop his hardened cock.

"That's it," Jerry huffed. "Ride me!"

"Oh, I plan to," Kim smiled and began to gyrate atop the male.

"Fuck me," Erin howled as the two males thrust into her with the same rhythm Jerry and Ryan had used on Kim.

"She likes it," Billy laughed. "She really digs this shit!"




Erin sighed and looked at her best friend. "So, how's that for a concert review?"

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