Baby Crazy


My girlfriend is crazy.

Oh don't get me wrong! She's a great girl – She's the kindest person I know, adorable beyond words, and horny as a minx in heat. But what I mean to say is: My Katie is crazy.

I know, I know, I shouldn't say that the love of my life is missing a few screws. But maybe if I tell you about her you'll understand that my lovely Katie is more than just a little weird.

I should start by how we met. I thought I met her near the middle of my first semester in college when she sat next to me in Intro to Economics, wearing that short green skirt and the t-shirt that had across her breasts, "Just Say You're Reading This When I Catch You." I'd know, because I did exactly that when she turned to me with her distinct wide-eyed grin. At least, that's when I thought I met her.

Actually, she met me at the start of the semester. Well, 'meet' isn't entirely correct. More like she stalked me since glimpsing me at orientation. Before the week was up she'd memorized my class schedule, learned my bus route, and found a nice clear view into my apartment just outside my bedroom window. When she told me months later she said she was, "Getting to know me," which was more reasonable than saying hello or shaking hands.

Most days after cheerleading practice she'd ride the bus right behind me and find her spot outside my window with her binoculars after I went inside. She told me she liked to watch me change and come back from the shower, and only then I realized what a bad idea it was to leave the blinds open when strutting around with just a towel... And sometimes less than that.

After working her schedule around mine and getting into every class I had, she eventually caught my attention with that shirt and smile. Then she caught me at my doorstep around midnight that same day – in the rain, in her soaked skimpy cheerleading outfit, and asked to sleep over. I, being a proper gentleman, couldn't let a damsel in distress suffer in the rain like that, so I took her in thinking we might get to be friends or maybe after a few dates something more. It took her throwing her more-than-soaked panties in my face and crawling into my bed for me to realize she didn't want to be just friends, or have me take the couch that night.

She said her name was Katie between gasping and slurping around my cock. It was lucky she got that much out considering she was a natural deepthroater. With those bright doe eyes of hers looking up at me as her throat struggled to swallow me, she was even more lucky I didn't drown her in cum right then. My roommate was out that weekend, thankfully – Katie has two volumes when she's fucking: moaning loud and screaming louder. Maybe that's what made her such a good cheerleader, at least that's what I thought when she told me all about her training while she laid on top of me with her back to my chest and posted her hips steadily and mercilessly on my cock. Turns out she absolutely loses it when I squeeze her tits from behind, and doesn't mind when I push her head into the pillows to drown out her screams so the neighbors didn't complain. In fact, I think she kind of likes that too...

That girl stayed with me all weekend, unwrapping condoms like they were Hersey's Kisses and testing out the structural integrity of just about every piece of furniture with me (rest in peace old beanbag chair...). On Sunday after another couple of post-shower fuck sessions, Katie turned to me and asked to be my girlfriend. I had thought it was somewhat implied after she begged me to cum in her hair the one time, but not in Katie's strange mind. Needless to say we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend after a weekend of raw and honestly random fucking, and when I said it Katie smiled ear to ear and dived under the covers to kiss her new boyfriend. It took awhile before she came up for air that time.

So that's how we became girlfriend and boyfriend, Katie and I. Now normally you'd think we'd go out on a few dates before banging each other's brains out, or at least know each other's full names before fucking like bunnies on death row. But that just isn't the way Katie does things, and I soon learned that my girlfriend was more than a little eccentric, especially from the story of this Christmas.

We'd been going steady for two years by then, and by steady I mean nearly every day Katie would surprise me with another bit of her... personality. It took awhile to get used to taking notes and fingering her at the same time in class and to keep up with homework while she was busy grinding on my lap, but somehow I managed. I don't know how but she always kept her grades up and exuded her bubbly self at cheerleading despite having kept me up all night 'studying anatomy'. She's an art major after all.

Anyway, the point is her madness took on a new level just last August. I think I can trace it back to when she was spending the night while my roommate was camped out in his room. My apartment was modeled after a roomy cardboard box while hers (while actually habitable in the long-term) was occupied with her two roommates Molly and Lauren and whatever boys or girls they'd snared for their weekend depravities. So we had to be discrete with our 'studying', which meant cranking up the TV and trying to resist bashing the headboard too hard or frequently against the wall.

I hadn't noticed what was playing on the TV at the time, since I was too focused on slapping my girlfriend's amazing ass against my hips. It makes such a distinct light *pop* each time I drive into her from behind... But Katie did notice. In fact she seemed to be watching it so intently that it totally absorbed her. She was frozen on her hands and knees, silent and wide-eyed, and that turned me on like crazy since she usually has such a dirty and loud mouth when it comes to fucking doggy-style.

The documentary playing I realized later was one of those weekend sexy-edgy pieces to get the viewers, and it was all about human mating. My adorable Katie stared unblinking at the screen as an internal camera caught the moment of insemination, stylized with the couple grunting and rutting right to the end as the narrator commented on the sheer volume of ejaculate a man will produce when he knows she is fertile.

Katie shivered. She shivered under my hands while I seized her ass and plowed into her even harder. But while I was getting close to the edge from just my girlfriend's hot pussy and beautiful glistening back, she was watching millions of the man's sperm careening towards the woman's glowing egg on screen. Don't get me wrong, I'm used to my girlfriend cumming with me during sex – it happens all the time. But when a sperm slipped into that glowing egg, she erupted. I mean that my Katie, normally such a screamer, instead had her mouth gaping and eyes rolled back in her head, quivered like a leaf from head to toe, and then gushed all over my cock and over my bed. And she just kept cumming, and long after I'd cum myself and was pulling out she was prone on my bed, still quavering and panting and squirming.

I'm pretty sure that's when Katie got baby crazy. And when I say got baby crazy, I mean more like got third-degree breeding madness. Every night after Katie would beg me to forget the condoms. Though tempting, since I'd often imagined plunging bare into that soft-shaven pussy, I knew Katie was notoriously bad at staying on the pill – especially then, since I found her humming a tune one day as she dropped her pills one by one into the toilet and flushed them away. A few weeks of refusing her that and I found that my box of ribbed condoms had been strung together by their tips to make a multi-colored skirt for hips just as wide as Katie's. I would know – she was wearing it when I got back from class that day, and she graciously offered me a thoroughly torn one so I could, "Be safe and all." Though I have to admit, her dancing around in the thing like a tribal wild-woman inspired the fastest condom-run I'd ever done in my life.

Having to hide my stash of condoms from Katie's art projects wasn't all that happened either. Her roommate Molly's cat had kittens around the start of December, and I found Katie with them one day with no shirt, trying to nurse them. When I told her that they weren't going to get any milk out of her anytime soon, she scowled at me and said, "Yeah, and whose fault is that?" I actually felt bad for a moment before snapping out of it. No way I'd knock up my girlfriend so she could feed hungry kitties, right?

That's not even to mention how I'd find her every other day prancing around my apartment in her cheerleading skirt and a tight t-shirt, made tighter by the small pillow she'd stuffed into it. "Oh lover!" She'd laugh and dance to me, "See what you did to my tummy? I'm going to be a mommy! I'm going to have your baby! Quick quick! Feel what you did to my tummy!" Oh yeah, and she'd be wet and pantyless while she did it. And I mean wet – her clear cum would be streaked all down her thighs by the time I got back, and the neon-colored culprit was usually nearby in a small puddle itself.

When I'd inevitably get turned on my by sexy girlfriend's charms and manage to sneak on a condom, she'd still lock her legs behind my hips and scream, "Do it! Spray my little eggs with your sperm. Make me a cute little mommy!" as if I was filling her with my spunk right then and there. I was scared more than a few times that her clenching pussy would tear my condom right off the way she came!

It all came to a head Christmas Eve. Our little party at her place was just wrapping up, after we had covered the floor and tables with crumpled wrapping paper and emptied egg nog cartons. Molly and Lauren had already stumbled off to bed – the same bed mind you – and it was just Katie and I laughing and cuddling on the floor next to the couch.

"Hey, you've still got a present for me." Katie said. She laid against my chest with all the little toys I gave her, both the cute and the naughty, strewn out in front of her.

"Erm, I do?" I peeked over her shoulder at her multi-colored and partially vibrating pile of goodies, "No no, I think you got everything... Unless your roommates took one." I could hear them already going at it in their room. No modesty at all, really.

Katie giggled and wrapped my arms around her like a blanket, "Mm-mm, you do. I'm sure you have another present to give me... But first," she slipped my hands down her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra. "You've got to unwrap one more little present of mine." God damn, Katie knew how to press my buttons. It was lucky I didn't launch her off my lap with how fast I got hard. She snuggled against my growing member as I fondled her modest, firm tits.

"So, should I unwrap you here or wait till Santa comes later?" Thoughts of how strangely hot my Katie's tits were tonight danced through my head, and I'm sure she could tell by the way my cock gouged along her spine and I was already eager for her present.

"Nuh-uh! You're being too naughty for Santa to come tonight!" Katie pulled my hands out of her shirt and defended them from my sneaky fingers. After her modesty was sufficiently upheld, she tilted her head back and gave me her sly wide-eyed smile upside-down, "But Mrs. Clause will be coming for a naughty boy with something nice to unwrap in my bedroom real soon." She stood up and stretched, offering up a great view as she wiggled about and made those adorable "nughh" sounds.

"Ohhh, I see... I can't let Miss Clause go without a chimney to slide down tonight, can I?" I knew mine was more than ready for it, especially with Katie's ass shaking right in front of me clad in my boxers from last night.

"Nope. She's very eager to get her stockings filled tonight," Katie said as she danced towards the bathroom. With a giggle and one last look back, she disappeared behind the door.

I chuckled and found my feet again. I'm not quite sure how I managed to carry all those toys back into her room or do so with such a raging boner as I had right then, but I made it and plopped down onto the bed. Everything was so cute and innocent in there, belying how she really was in rooms with queen-sized beds available. Or just enough floor space honestly... I dug into my pocket and found a condom. Just one tonight, so I knew I had to make it count. The rest of my clothes found their way to the floor, and I lounged back while I listened for Katie's return over the moaning and giggling coming from her roommates through the thin wall.

The bathroom door creaked open, the light clicked off, and I heard the distinct tapping of high-heeled boots stepping down the hall. I swear my heart stopped for a good three seconds when the bedroom door opened. Standing in the doorway was my Katie, fully dressed up in the sexiest Santa outfit I'd ever seen. Dark black boots that hugged close to her skin rose up to just under her knees, her bare thighs only barely hidden by the short red velvet skirt with white fur trim hanging around her hips. Still it proved too short to conceal the black and red lacy panties just under it. The top didn't even come close to covering her streamlined midsection and came just halfway down her chest – the bright red corset zig-zagged with white lace strings pushed out her bare cleavage over matching white fur. She cocked out her hip and sucked lazily on a candycane, those bright eyes of hers wandering over my now steely dick.

"How's this? Do you like your naughty Christmas slut tonight?" Katie purred, tracing her lips with the candy cane. I was speechless for once – well, she'd been able to do it to me before, but this time really tied down my tongue.

"Mmmm, looks like I'm not the only naughty one here, huh?" Criss-crossing her steps, Katie sauntered onto the edge of the bed and crawled up like a cat. She'd watched too many strip dance movies with me – or maybe just enough. "Ohhh yeah, you're definitely on my naughty list with this big bare cock..." She grasped it and ran her lithe fingers down my length. I groaned and nearly forgot everything, but then from the back of my mind I remembered: Katie definitely wasn't one to remember condoms.

"Here," I managed, holding up the tinfoil wrapper. She lifted her eyes towards it, and scowled. "Heh heh, don't worry Mrs. Clause – Your present just needs to be wrapped up, remember?" Katie blinked at me, and then a wicked grin spread across her face, the same one I got so used to when an especially naughty idea came to her.

"Ooooh, that's right! Silly you, forgetting to wrap up your package for me. Well, lucky for you, Mrs. Clause is eager to help you out." She stretched forward, rubbing her bare belly up along my chest and planted a kiss on my lips before snatching up the condom in her teeth. I could have easily lost it right there, but I held back knowing how much better this show was going to get. Good thing I didn't cum either I thought – she was grinding her pussy hard against my cock with those thin silky panties as she toyed with the condom. Painting those black panties white then would get me in the fatherly way for sure.

The extra-thin condom stuck precariously on her pouting lips, held there by my girlfriend's wide grinning teeth. Sliding further down after her pussy left an extra warm and slimy trail along my shaft, she dipped down and expertly took my member into her mouth. I could feel her working her tongue and teeth, inch by inch unrolling the condom down my pulsing dick. Definitely just enough stripper movies. I would have been afraid of her tearing the condom by the way she drug her teeth along it if it wasn't such a hot sight and sensation.

"Mmmmm," Katie moaned around my cock, taking me all the way to the base. Her tongue ran all over my cock – dully I felt her warm saliva absolutely coating my length through the latex. For the brief moment I regretted having to use a condom, especially with my girlfriend staring up at me with a dreamy look and my shaft halfway down her throat. Maybe I could, just this once... No I thought, I can't risk it, not even this time. Something in the back of my mind told me now more than ever I had to be careful about knocking up my crazy hot girlfriend.

With a loud sucking pop she came up off my cock, now perfectly wrapped up in the bright condom. "There," Katie sighed, admiring her mouthwork, "All wrapped up, just like a perfect present should be."

"God Katie..." I groaned. Half of me wanted to close my eyes and enjoy how my girlfriend was rubbing her wet pussy along my thigh, but the other half couldn't stand to not look at my 'naughty Christmas slut'. As I looked up at her, she stopped staring at my cock to meet my eyes. And that look – I don't know why I did, since I didn't know what she intended then, but just looking into my girlfriend's wild eyes then, I shuddered.

The roommates were really going at it. Their bed thumped against the wall – they definitely stole at least one of Katie's toys. Katie turned to look, and for a few moments we listened to their muffled wails and dirty words as they gave each other a good fucking. It would have been funny if it wasn't turning us on even more.

"They're really going at it aren't they?" I said.

"Yeah... They really are going nuts," Katie turned back to me with that same wild-eyed look on her face, "Don't you want to be like that?"

"I'd be lying hard if I said no to that."

"You're already hard - and lying, naughty boy." She traced her fingers down my chest as her wet pussy drenched my leg.

"True enough. Now how about I unwrap my present first-" I lifted her skirt, but in a flash she flew back, coming down again to rub her cheek along my twitching member.

"Nu-uh, naughty boys have to wait until good girls go first," Katie said.

"Um, but I'm already totally unwrapped..." The room started to feel really close, and Katie's steady unblinking stare didn't help.

"Not quite." Katie said, and licked the condom from base to tip. She was smirking – I caught her drift.

"Katie, we can't do that!"

"I'm not Katie, I'm Mrs. Clause. And I always unwrap my presents." She kept her eyes on mine as she closed her teeth around the latex tip.

"Katie! Seriously, we can't fuck without that-" Her eyes flashed, and with clenched teeth she yanked back. The ultra-thin latex didn't stand a chance. It split open along its whole length like tissue paper, down to the very base. Katie gasped and jumped back.

"Oh my! It's exactly what I wanted this year! Bare boyfriend cock..." Before I could even process what just happened she had stripped the remnants of the condom from my turgid member and threw them aside. There was no way it would have caught anything but air at that point, and especially not my sperm.

"Fuck Katie, now we have to find another one."

"Oh no no no, I love this one right here," She said, kissing my cock all over. "I can't imagine having another one replace it." She started going down on me, muddling my thoughts as I fought to keep my focus.

"No, a condom! We can't have sex unprotected. You're... you're not on the pill Katie..."

"Mmmm," Her slurping and sucking filled my ears and crept into my mind, "Isn't that exciting?"

"N-no! I can't... ugh, I can't risk that. You can't risk that Katie!"

"Maybe Katie can't, but Mrs. Clause can..." She let go of my cock after she'd thoroughly coated it in saliva. Licking her lips she threw her wet panties onto my chest and crawled up into position.

"Katie! We're not roleplaying anymore – this is serious!"

"Who said we were roleplaying?" Katie's wide eyes burned bright, just as they had done before to freeze the blood in my veins. She was serious I realized, and she was having one of her moments where reason wouldn't reach her. "Ooooh, now Mister Naughty Boy," She lowered herself till her dripping pussy lips caught the tip of my member, "Mrs. Clause is going to get her stocking filled with your presents tonight!"

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