tagLoving WivesBaby Gets Eaten for Lunch

Baby Gets Eaten for Lunch


It was a warm day, and by the time lunch came I was so ready to be gone. My boss was out of town and I work in a small office with only my boss and me. Unfortunately we don't close for lunch, so I had my husband bring me lunch at work. While he was there I was getting kind of antsy, just because he was near.

I had finished my lunch and he was still there talking with me when he suddenly got down under my desk and started to lift up my skirt and I asked, "What are you doing?"

He simply replied, "Just lift up your bottom!"

Confused, I did as told and lifted my butt up off the office chair. He proceeded to pull my panties down, making sure to keep my skirt down below my waist so nothing showed out of the window to the side of my desk. A few seconds later he had his fingers inside me, stroking me in all the right places.

"OH!" I said, thinking I shouldn't do this when there is a possibility that a customer might walk in and I would be stuck at my desk and not be able to get to the front counter.

He still proceeded and after a few minutes of stroking he lifted my skirt and placed his head beneath it. Still keeping it where nothing was visible from out side the window he started to slowly flick my clit with his tongue, slowly swirling around it and nipping it lightly with his teeth.

Just then a car pulled up in the parking lot and I had to tell him to stop. He helped me quickly put my panties in place and came out from under my desk. He quickly grabbed a tissue off my desk, wiped his mouth, and sat down to wait while I quickly helped the customer, clumsily.

After the customer was out of the door and almost back at her vehicle, I turned and looked at my husband. He had to get back to work soon and breathed a sigh of relief, mostly because we were not seen. I was so ready for him to start again.

He said, "Well I have to get back to work." I made a sad little face and made it look like I was going to cry. He came over and kissed me and said, "I will be back this afternoon to pick you up!"

I huffed a deep breath and said, "Okay."

As he was walking out the door he said, "And that is just a taste of what's in store for you."

As I went to the restroom and cleaned up, I caught myself daydreaming, trying to figure out what exactly he planned to do with me that afternoon. I just couldn't wait to get home with him.

It was a hard day after that, my mind kept wandering and even when I was with a customer it was still hard to concentrate on making sure I got their payments put in to the computer and got them their receipts. A couple of times I had to go back over what I had done while the customer was there. The whole time getting remarks from the customer such as: "Are you okay?" or, "Why are you acting so funny?" It was a little hard to explain that I had just had a long day without saying why.

At five o'clock I was so nervous and excited, both at the same time. I was not sure what to do with myself. I knew it only took fifteen minutes for him to get from his job to my office, but today it felt like an hour.

When he got there I had all my stuff together. He quickly shut off the truck and locked the doors. He got to the door just as I picked up my purse and keys from the counter. I turned and looked up at him and smiled.

"Ok, I am ready to go," I said just as he shut the door behind him and then locked it. I looked at him and gave a questioning look. He took my purse and keys from me and set them down on the front counter. He took me to the couch in the breakroom and proceeded to make me lie down.

"Please, take off your panties and spread your legs," he said.

He watched me remove my panties and as his eyes filled with lust he knelt down between my legs and lifted my legs so my knees were bent. He bent lower and flicked his tongue across my clit and made me squirm. He sat up and looked at me with a wide grin. He bent back down, this time sliding two fingers inside of me and stroking while he also flicked and nipped at my clit. He continued to slowly stroke his fingers in and out of me.

"OH!" I whined, "OH, Baby, that feels so good! DON'T STOP!"

He then quickened his pace with his fingers and just as I was getting close to my climax he suddenly stopped stroking and stood. He started to remove his clothes, as I watched with eyes filled with passion. As he pulled down his boxers I saw he was already very hard.

He then came back over to where I lay and started to pat my pussy with the head of his cock. He then placed the head at my entrance and gently pushed. He went in very smoothly and then pulled out and then drove back in even harder, and harder. He pulled out and made me get on my hands and knees, I did so willingly. As he prepared to enter me from behind he leaned forward and whispered, "I love you!"

He entered slowly and pulled back out and thrust back in. As he thrust back in this time it was with more force and he leaned forward and kissed my neck. He then thrust harder and harder.

"OH, YEAH!" I screamed. "That feels so good, OH, YEAH!" As he continued his thrusts, getting faster and faster and finally, after breaking into a sweat, he shot his load into my pussy. As he collapsed onto me, spent, he kissed me. He then slowly pulled out, as some semen leaked out and ran down my thigh. He quickly grabbed some napkins from the near by table and cleaned me up a little.

When he finally got enough strength back, we slowly helped each other get dressed. Then locked the office and headed home for more fun...

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