tagLesbian SexBaby It's Cold Outside

Baby It's Cold Outside


Author's Note: This story was inspired by "Baby, Its Cold Outside," a song with words and music by Frank Loesser. Enjoy! Comments, votes and feedback are always welcomed.


Have you ever felt like life has this weird way of working? Well that's what my life feels like time and time again. You think you have life figured out right and then BAM it slaps you in the face when things are too perfect.

I'm 26 sitting outside the house of the girl I'm totally in love with, waiting for her and her girlfriend to finish "getting ready" so we can all go out. Third wheel, no not really we're going out with a friend of mine, Jenna. She's been with me since middle school and is currently sitting next to me in the car, nagging me about why I put myself through this and don't just get over her.

It's easier said then done wouldn't we all agree. It's been 3 years from the day I met her, back at our college graduation. She was a Psychology major as was I, and yet we had never met. Surprising but I always took morning classes, working evenings, as she worked mornings and took night classes.

I walked onto the field where we were all supposed to wait. It was about 10 of us when I got there. See if your family wants decent seats and all together, you have to get there super early as did mine and they made sure I was there at the same time, her family had done the same to her. How early, an hour and a half early.

"Mercedes, Psych and you are?" She put her hand out to shake. I'm left handed so it was a bit awkward.

"MJ, Psych also."

"Like Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Mary Jane?" I couldn't help but laugh at how different all of them were.

"Um, no, no and no, Marilyn Jean."

"Nice your mom or parents were a fan of Norma Jean, but just Marilyn Monroe or Norma Jean was too much so they went creative with it?" How could anyone know how impossibly crazy my parents could be about Marilyn?

"Yea actually that's exactly what it was, are you a Marilyn fan?"

"No but I did do some research on her for a paper. MJ it suits you, are you a spider-man fan, you know Mary Jane?"

"No actually Superman all the way." And that's how we started our first argument.

"Why doesn't he just kill Lex Luthor? He's just a mere human."

"If he killed him, he would be evil like the villains he fights to protect the world from."

While we waited for our ceremony to start we talked about everything possible. Ultimately we exchanged numbers and sat next to each other laughing like old friends during the ceremony. Since that day I've been totally into this girl.

First it was just friends you know, we would hang out sometimes, movies, dinner, clubs, but never anything more than friendship. Her smile made me smile, her voice brought joy because it meant she was near. Seeing a car similar to hers made me wonder what she was doing. She was amazing, perfect in every way possible.

Anything she needed, anything she wanted anything I could give was hers. What's worse is she never took advantage of it. You know when someone's a jerk to you you can try and get over them because they're jerks. But with her she was the perfect friend never a taker and always a giver. A great listener and always had time for me as I had for her.

Why didn't I ever go for it? Simple, in my life great friends are hard to come by. Hell good friends are hard to come by period. I wasn't just attracted to her because of her looks, we were friends above all.

I had seen her go through shitty break ups with girls who didn't deserve her and all I could do was hold her and tell her it would get better. She loved with all her heart and when it broke it was hard on her. I was the one who held her hair when she threw up from drinking too much after a break up. My bed was the one she shared when she didn't want to be alone. Now here she was again with another girl who didn't deserve her and treated her like crap.

I could tell you every detail about her and never miss a beat. From the tip of her toes to the top of her head. Long brown wavy hair, always done. When she's having a hard day she pulls it back into a ponytail. Her eyebrows arch into a sharp peak and her eyes are soft and brown in an almond shape, giving her an exotic appeal. She has a tiny scar on her nose that she hates but I love it. I have a similar one on my chest. Her lips are so fucking luscious, not that I would know right. But I mess with her all the time I tell her she's Jay-Z's cousin, because they're so big. Damn I would give anything to bite down on one of those.

Her breast are so beautiful and perfect a handful each, definitely smaller than my own. She's envious of my large breasts that I say are each as big as my head. My only answer is she can have them any time she wants. She always laughs, but I'm so serious. She's perfect the way she is and I would never change anything about her.

I finally saw her come down the stairs from her place and she smiled when she saw me. That smile makes my heart warm and I smile automatically. She was gorgeous in black skin tight jeans, and her Burberry Brit Shawl-Collar Belted Coat. I was with her when she bought it, and I had wondered what she would look like with only the coat on and nothing underneath. The outfit was completed with a pair of solid black Louboutin Heels. She was wearing almost a whole paychecks worth of work for me, her birthday present to herself.

Laura, her girlfriend, looks pissed as usual. Mercedes, like most women I know, likes to look good when she goes out and takes forever to get ready. When I wait I play video games to pass the time. Over the last 3 years she has bought me a Wii and a PS3 to entertain myself when I wait for her. Laura on the other hand just goes around grumbling about how long she's taking. She's not allowed to touch my toys.

"Hey Jenna, hey Doll." Only person who calls me Doll. I don't think I've used her name since we first met actually. She's shorter than I standing at 5'3" and I'm 5'8", so her way of greeting me is not the usual kiss on the cheek. She wraps her hand around my neck and kisses it.

"Hey Sugar, Laura."

"MJ. Jenna" No, she doesn't like us.

"Hello ladies, everyone ready." Mercedes jumped in the back seat and Laura walked away, wasn't she coming, not that I minded if she didn't. "Laura?"


We didn't really like her so Jenna, took off with nothing else said. Turns out Laura had a job that night, she was an on-call security guard and had to work a concert tonight. So we had fun without her and I later found out that Mercedes was done with her and her crap. It had become obvious to Mercedes that she would only be on-call to work when Mercedes wanted to spend time with her outside of the bedroom. So she was done with her. Fine by me.

That night she stayed in my bed after we all came home from the movies and dinner. Jenna was my roommate and stayed in her own room. I had a guest bedroom but I knew she preferred to sleep with me. This part is torture on me but what can I say I'm a glutton for punishment. Every time it's always the same, she wakes up curled into me, with my arms around her and won't let me out of bed until we absolutely have to.

"Sugar let me up, I have to go to the gym." She's practically on top of me with half of her body on my right side, her leg wrapped around my right and her right arm on my stomach, yup she was making it difficult not to feel aroused, horny, WET.

"No, you look fucking amazing Doll, toned, tanned and trim as perfect as can be." Now she was tracing the muscles on my stomach.

"If I stayed out of the gym every time you wouldn't let me out of this bed, I wouldn't look this good." She laughed and looked into my eyes, why can't she see how much I want her.

"I wouldn't love you any less." She kissed my neck.

"Sugar please." I tried to move but she's so quick to hold me down. "I really can't stay." I tried to roll away.

"But baby it's cold outside." Please don't call me that I can't take it.

"I've got to go away, it's time for me to leave you know that." I was pleading, begging for her to understand what she was doing to me. Why was she so comfortable with me?

"But baby it's cold outside." Snow will never keep me indoors and she knows that better than anyone.

"It's nice enough for me to workout." Now I was caressing her back, I don't think this is getting me any closer to the door.

"I had been hoping that you'd stay. I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice." I'm cold blooded, Doctor's say I have poor circulation, however she is like an oven all the time nice and warm, makes my skin instantly feel better.

"I should really get going." I tried to roll her over, but she just rested more of herself on top of me.

"Beautiful, what's your hurry, listen to the heater roar. Doll, please...don't hurry." Why couldn't she see how much I wanted more, more than just words and hugs but her lips on my own. Her body in my arms for me to make her feel loved and protected but because I was more than just a friend.

"How about some lattes?" She instantly sat up, she knew my weakness. She made the best lattes around and I had bought her an expresso machine, at her request, for her to have at my house.

"Put some music on while I make your favorite." She had fallen asleep in my dress shirt from last night after I had taken it off and she had undressed into her undies. It barely covered her upper body and just enough of her lower area for me to see her panties. 

"Just a quick cup, I really have to go."

"Baby, it's bad out there." She leaned on the frame and gave me her best pout. Those lips were the death of me and those big puppy dog eyes, could force me to do anything.

She went out and it took all of me to not want to just touch myself in this bed she had just vacated. I could smell her wonderful scent, lavender and vanilla, I have no idea how she does it but that's how she smells. My shirt will have her scent when she takes it off. I can still feel the warmth of her touch on my skin, and legs wrapped around mine. I could feel the moisture from her lips on my neck. I had my chance to leave and get ready and I didn't.

I didn't need to go to the gym but I had to get away from her. If I expected this friendship to stay in tact I needed to make a run for it. She had a key and could lock up when she left, hopefully before I got back. As I got up to shower and get dressed she came back mugs in hand. I didn't even manage to get off the bed, so I sat on the edge and turned on a playlist on my iphone whatever was on my playlist last.

"Say, what's in this drink?"

It was her favorite playlist, of course right, not to mention the best music for being romantic.

"No way you're going anywhere. You know your eyes are like jade stones."

I wish I knew how to break this spell. Why is she saying this and just watching me?

"You roll out of bed, your red hair looks amazing and perfect."

"What are you up to Sugar?"

"Mind if I move a little closer."

At least I'm gonna say that I tried to keep this friendship safe, but she's just irresistible.

"What's the sense in hurting my pride."

I smiled and patted the bed next to me.

"I really can't stay."

"Baby don't hold out." She set both of our cups on the nightstand.

"I simply must go." I knew that I should leave, but I wasn't moving, on the contrary she was holding my hands in hers. 

"But, Baby, it's cold outside." She placed her right hand on my neck and kept my hands in her left.

"You're so nice and warm."

"Look out the window at that storm." I was so occupied with leaving I hadn't noticed I really wasn't going anywhere. It was snowing....a lot.

"Jenna will be suspicious." What am I saying.

"Man, your lips look so delicious," Tracing them with her thumb. "Strawberries with whipped cream waiting to be licked." I was just staring at her lips as if she was describing the thoughts in my mind about her own. "Gosh your lips look delicious."

"Maybe we should finish our drinks". I placed my hands on her thighs, the hem of her panties to be exact.

"Never such a blizzard before." She took her free hand to my neck, begging me to look at her but I wanted nothing more than to take of that shirt and kiss her entire body. 

"I've got to go."

"Oh, baby, you'll freeze out there." But I'm burning up in here. "It's up to your knees out there."

"But don't you see."

"Your eyes are like emeralds, look at me, let me see." I looked up at her big brown eyes, pleading for her to see what she was doing, begging her to let go of me. Never had she been this insistent. Never had she been this intimate, this close. This couldn't be, she was lost for sure, she didn't know what she was doing to me.

"How can you do this thing to me?" She took my hands in hers and placed them on her waist, returning hers to wrap around my neck, pulling me to her as I placed my leg up on the bed.

"My life has been a long sorrow, do you know why?" She was fine, calm and collected, while I was a bomb ready to blow.

"I really can't stay."

"Get over that. It's cold out there." She was begging me for something I couldn't see, but the tear filled eyes rooted me to this bed. "Can't you stay a while longer baby?"

"Well... I really shouldn't." I looked away from her and she pulled my head right back.

"I'll make it worth your while baby." She leaned in and my world was flipped upside down in that one instance.

Her lips were everything I had wished, soft and delicate, hesitant but persistent. I wrapped my arms around her waist. She pushed herself onto me and I used one hand to set us down gently so as to never disturb our lips, once on the bed I rolled on top of her.

Holding myself up on one hand and undoing her shirt with the other, she was mine for today if tomorrow she ran away, today she was mine. The first few buttons from the bottom led me to her soft stomach, sensitive as she felt my cold fingers on her warm body. A moan escaping her mouth into mine. Going straight to the consciousness of my mind, letting me know she wanted more.

I worked the rest of the buttons and felt her silky soft skin, the tops of her bosom, extracting a moan from me at being so close to having the woman I had dreamed of for so many restless nights. Was this really about to happen, but I couldn't just let it happen. I didn't just want one time, if that's what it was, I had to stop.

"Open your eyes Sugar." I was worried of the answer I might get, but I needed to know. I stroked her face with my free hand.

"MJ, what's wrong?"

"What are we doing beautiful?"

"I thought it was obvious."

"We're friends, I don't want to lose you."

"Then don't screw me over and just screw me. I know it's taken us a while to get here but damn it I've wanted this from that day three years ago when you walked onto that field."

I needed nothing else, we were just too lost to find each other then but we're here now and she won't regret waiting.

I thrusted my hips downward applying direct pressure to her mound as I kissed her with all the love and lust I had for her.

"Ahh, do that again..." Damn the way her eyes roll back and stretches her neck leaving one succulent piece of exposed neck. I just had to bite down as I worked my hips one more time and sucked hard.

"Are you sure that's how you want it?" I whispered into her ear, then nibbling on her lobe.

"No...damn I want you....I'm not sure of anything but that I love you." She loved me how many times has she said that and I had hoped to hear it in a different context.

"Fuck, are you trying to make me fall in love with you, because let me tell you I've already fallen." She finally looked at me with a sincere look of happiness I hadn't seen in a while.

"You better be good in bed, because I don't plan on ever being with anyone else."

I worked my hips in a circular motion with a downward thrust, making sure to hit the spot that would make her know she would not be let down.

"I'm not one to brag but you're gonna have to call in tomorrow and the day after. I've been dreaming of this for 3 years Sugar. Believe me I'll be better than good."

I sat up and admired her gorgeous body, sexy with curves in all the perfect places, the exact opposite of me. I pulled my shirt over my head as she sat up and took of hers. I was going for my pants when she kissed first one then the other nipple. There was a look of awe in her big brown eyes. Holding my breasts in her hands tenderly massaging them both, gently squeezing, but never going back to my nipple. Finally after I thought she could not possibly have been any more delicate, she was hungry for more.

She looked up and a big smile formed on her face, she was going for her prize. My nipples had been waiting patiently for their turn, well they were standing at attention to be exact. She took one into her mouth and bit while instantly pinching the other, I gave up on sitting up and fell forward, she never stopped lavishing attention to either breast. I was in a state of bliss, and every moan escaping my body was a testament to her skill. She closed her eyes and just had her way with me, I realized I would let her do anything to me as long as she was in my bed.

I finally pulled away, she began to pout and I stood to pull off my pants. Then I took off her panties. She was.... mine. Everything, her hips, her thighs, her lips she would be mine and I would be the one bringing her pleasure and adoring her body.

"I have never seen a tastier looking pussy in my life." She looked hungry and I was definitely on the menu.

"I have, it's between your thighs."

As I went to enjoy my breakfast, she stopped me just as I was about to taste.

"No, I know how I want it...our first time." The sincerity in her voice was special. "I want to see your face, I want to feel your body on top me, I want to feel as much of you as possible."

She pulled me up to her and I rested my body on top of hers, placing one leg between her thighs and working my right hand to her neck. I leaned down and bit her neck, I was claiming my prize, marking my territory. I let up and worked my hand down her body as my lips found hers.

There was a need now, a hunger it wasn't tentative or new it was the want to have more. I found the small strip of hair leading me to the land of treasures. I moaned instantly feeling how wet she was. Inserting one finger into the slickness that were her juices, so lost in the sensations that when she lifted her knee into my pussy I moaned her name.

"Fuck me. Say that again." I worked two fingers into her center feeling every inch of her that was available to me. "Please Doll, say it again for me." I was done, from this day forward I would never find anyone else who could make me do anything they wanted.

"Mercedes, make love to me."

"I am so in love with you." The way her breath sounded next to my ear was music to my fingers. Starting a rhythm, forcing her body to dance with me. Her fingers found their way inside me and we became one. Dancing on this bed, making love playing the music from our hearts for our bodies to move too.

Our bodies moving together, harder, faster reaching every inch of pleasure attainable. I could feel her body tensing and her fingers jerking forward inside me. She was going to push the button and make me cum all over her hand. As if she was listening to my thoughts the dam inside her burst.

"YES, YES, YES!" Sending me into a world of euphoria.

"Oh God, MERCEDES!" Her fingers managed to keep moving inside me and I felt my body react to her. Grinding down on her hand working my hips downward applying pressure to my own hand inside her and hers inside me.

She had a mischievous smile as I worked my body on top of her.

"Fuck, what's with the smile sugar?"

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