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Baby On the Brain Ch.02


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Who's worse, the wife or the brother? - my ending to Irishdragon's Baby On the Brain


She wants a baby, and she and her husband are having difficulty conceiving. Of course she turns to her husband's brother, who not only has it in for his older sibling, but has a cock that's twice as large. If that's not cliché enough, the husband leaves town for a month after a big fight, and the loving wife spends that time banging the brother until she's pregnant. She talks on the phone to her husband, moaning while the brother goes down on her, blaming her loss of control on mosquitoes. Surprise! The husband comes home after being gone a month and learns she's pregnant, two weeks later.

Why would he possibly be suspicious?

Will she get away with it? Unfortunately the story has been abandoned since November of '05, the author's final words: "Will Jamie and Bridget continue??"

They will now.

There are too damn many intriguing stories that are never completed, or left hanging with disgusting endings. If I find a story that's been abandoned for too long, I'll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don't write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

For Information on how I choose which stories to continue, please read my profile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"You're pregnant?" Brian asked again, still trying to get his mind around what she was saying.

"Yes! Isn't it wonderful? I was so wrong to fault you for holding out. Obviously, that month away was what we needed. You did it, Honey! We're going to have a baby."

It had only been two weeks since his return. He was too embarrassed to admit that after their fight, he had given up on the doctor's orders, and whacked off pretty much every night. They'd had sex once, once, since his return. And now she was pregnant.

"Brian, you aren't saying anything. I thought you'd be ecstatic."

He saw her excited face, and his heart softened. "It's wonderful. I am happy, it's just so hard to believe. We tried for three years, even failed in-vitro, Dr. Gruber says our chances are close to zero, and then out of the blue, we're pregnant."

Bridget's heart raced as she listened to his evaluation. It was pretty incredible. Impossible. She could only hope the excitement would drive that thought from his brain.

"I think you and I need to celebrate," she said sultrily, sliding over next to him on the couch, rubbing his thigh. "Can you think of an appropriate way?"

It had been two weeks. He knew a way. He just wasn't sure he should be celebrating. He knew Bridget loved him, but he couldn't forget his parting suggestion that she go out to a bar and get fucked, if she wanted a baby that bad. Things just didn't add up.

Twenty minutes later, he was pumping into his wife, oblivious for the moment, enjoying her energetic response. She had sucked him hard, and for the first time in ages, continued through the finish. He loved her blowjobs, and had given them up, saving his cum for her tight little baby-maker.

She grinned at him afterward. "No need to be picky about where you finish, right? Not anymore. Have you missed that honey? I know I have."

"God yes, Brij, it's been forever."

She nodded, working her mouth, getting him hard again. Once she'd accomplished that task, she laid back opening her legs for him. "No more stress, no more worry, honey. Let's just enjoy each other."

Brian was certainly enjoying it, but Bridget was comparing him to her brother in her mind. She'd always loved sex with Brian, he didn't have the biggest cock she'd tried, but he knew how to use it. Now she found herself missing Jamie's huge pole, which reached places her husband would never go, filled her deeper than anything she'd experienced, took her places she'd only fantasized about.

She looked up and saw her husband was nearly there. She felt ashamed for a moment, and started responding for him, moaning, telling him what a wonderful lover he was.

"Was," she thought. "Too bad the brothers weren't more alike."

She imagined Jamie in her, pounding her, awakening her body. Her husband's grunts shook her out of her reverie, and she suddenly gasped out, "Oh god I'm CUMMING!" thrusting up against him, watching his reaction as he finished inside of her.

The guilt took over again. She couldn't believe she'd been thinking about Jamie, while they were supposed to be celebrating. This was her husband, the man she loved. She owed him better. Especially after what she was doing to him.

Brian had been married to Bridget for four years. He knew her, and also knew that the Bridget he loved wasn't in bed with him at that moment. He had no idea where she was, but it only fueled his fears.

He slept restlessly that night, while she slept like a rock. At 5:00 AM he was still awake. He got up quietly, careful not to disturb her, and went to the kitchen.

As he stood with the refrigerator door open, he glanced over at the large calendar next to the phone. He noticed the green dates circled. He looked back at the previous months, his heart racing, his skin getting clammy. They were consistent. The days she was most fertile. Today. And four weeks earlier, in the middle of his trip to London. The red Xs marked her period. The last one was supposed to have started two days before he returned home.

It must be a mistake, he thought.

He checked the dates again, knowing they wouldn't change, the little marks wouldn't suddenly jump forward two weeks. He knew it was true. His chances for impregnating her were zero. Then how the hell did it happen?

Bridget found Brian sitting on the couch, staring sightlessly into the TV. It wasn't turned on. Her stomach knotted in fear. "What's wrong honey?" she asked.

He looked up, shaking off his thoughts. "A touch of insomnia. It's probably the excitement. I can't believe we're actually going to have a baby. It's going to mean a lot of changes in our lives."

She smiled, sliding up against him. "I'm going to see the doctor, and make sure. If everything works out, I'd like to have a small family party, to let everyone know the wonderful news."

Brian nodded wearily. "Wonderful news."

"Great," she purred. "How about I make you some eggs, while you get ready for work."

~ * ~ * ~

"No, Jamie," Bridget spoke sharply into the phone.

"Are you kidding me, Bridget? After the way we were together? You can't just leave me hanging!"

"Listen up. I only called to share the news. We were successful. I'll always be grateful to you for coming through when I needed you. But it's over for now. I'm going to be faithful to my husband."

"You know you loved it," he argued.

"I did, baby. It was wonderful. You were wonderful. But you have to understand, it was only so I could get pregnant. It has to stop." She was embarrassed by her own desire, and her outrageous behavior. She found herself making excuses. "Brian had said it was Ok. When the doctor told us the chance was close to zero, he told me to go out and get pregnant. So I did, but I love him and I'm not going to rub his face in it."

"One more time, Bridget. Please!"

She giggled. "I imagine it will be more than once lover, much more. Just not now."

"Not now? Then when?" he asked.

"I don't want to have an only child, you understand. I think three or four would be about right. You know who the father's going to be, don't you?" She felt a tingle down her spine, as she pictured herself under her young brother-in-law, getting bred.

"But that could be years away!"

"Patience baby. It was wonderful, but it's over for now. I'm not a cheater. I only did what I had to, for our family. That's all. You have to understand that."

"This is going to be damn difficult," Jamie said, exasperated. "I wish to God we'd never done it. How am I ever supposed to find anyone like you?"

Bridget's skin flushed in excitement. Someone like her, he said. Just like she'd found someone like her husband. "It'll be hard for me too, lover. Very hard. We'll just have to live with it."

"Can you, Bridget? Can you live with never having it again?"

"It won't be never, baby. I promise."

"And I don't have any say in it?" he snapped.

"Of course you do. Just imagine how wonderful it will be, when the time comes."

"There won't be another time. I'm not going to sit on the sideline for two years, waiting for your call. No way. I'm not going to go through this again. I'm done with you. Find someone else for your other babies."

Bridget found herself getting nervous. There could be nobody else. No one was as perfect as Jamie. So much like her husband physically, well, except for where it counts. "Listen Jamie, don't get upset. Let me think about it, alright? Maybe we can work something out."

"Work something out. I bet. You'll lead me on with promises, and make me wait. I'm not going to put up with it, Bridget. No way."

Bridget felt her anger building. "You son-of-a-bitch! Are you calling me a tease? How can you say I would lead you on! Damn you, Jamie, I never did that. I was up front with you from the beginning. I told you what I needed. Don't insult me because I want to be a faithful wife!"

Jamie was torn. He wanted her. He wanted her bad. He couldn't stop thinking about their time together. Every night he fantasized about her. The perfect woman. But he wasn't going to wait a year or more, at her beck and call. "It's up to you, Bridget. I imagine you're going to do what you want to do, just like you got yourself pregnant at my brother's expense. But I'm not like him. I'm not going to wait. Either we get together regular like, or it's never again and I'm moving on. You were great. I'll admit it. A dream come true. But not being able to be with you would be a nightmare I'm just not willing to live."

She sighed. It wasn't supposed to be like this. "Trust me, Jamie. I'll figure something out. Just not right now. I need to be here for him. I have to concentrate totally on my husband and my marriage. You know this has to be difficult for him, even though it's what we both want, what we agreed to. He needs me now."

"Whatever, Bridget. You decide. But you better make it quick before I do." He hung up on her, angry with himself, but angrier at her.

Bridget hung up the phone, sliding down to the ground. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Everything should be wonderful. She had her child in her belly. She'd had an incredible time with Jamie, and now she would have the family she'd always desired. She couldn't mess it up, and she wouldn't let Jamie, either.

~ * ~ * ~

Brian listened to her on the phone, calling their friends and family. The small family party was growing with each new phone call. He heard her sharing the news, dealing with their astonishment. She sounded so happy. Ever since she'd come home from the doctor's office, with the confirmation of her pregnancy, she'd been dancing on air.

Brian wasn't. With each new day he grew more bitter and suspicious. Who was the father? Was it someone he knew, laughing at him behind his back? Was she still seeing him? Was there just one?

Bridget was oblivious to her husband's issues. She was too excited, sharing the news, planning the big event. They could finally be a true family. That's all that mattered. What had happened, happened.

She'd been depressed for a couple of days after talking to Jamie, but had decided that once this initial time of dealing with Brian's concerns was past, she would work out something with him. They'd have to be very careful, and keep it infrequent, but she also needed him to buy into her plan. Her husband traveled every couple of months, and if they were discreet, and planned ahead, there's no reason she couldn't keep Jamie happy. It was for the family after all.

At the moment, that was the least of her concerns. Brian wasn't as happy as he should be, and she needed to comfort him, and reassure him. That and make sure her party was a huge success.

Three years they'd been trying. Everyone knew, so they had to make a big deal, and provide a united appearance. She needed Brian to realize how wonderful their lives would be moving forward. No more expensive doctors or procedures, their income could stay focused on their family.

Each night she turned on the heat, using her abundant charms and gorgeous body to seduce her husband. He responded, it would be almost impossible not to, but afterward he lay there wondering. Who was it? Who had she fucked? Who was the father of the baby she was so excited about?

He thought back to his absence, and some of the phone calls. The morning call when she'd been moaning, saying the mosquitoes were eating her alive. That date was right in the middle of her fertile cycle, one of the green dot days on the calendar. He suspected now that she hadn't been alone. In the morning! That meant the fucker had spent the night with her. She didn't just go out and find a sperm donor for the evening. She'd brought the bastard home, had him sleep over, and she'd shown Brian the ultimate disrespect of talking to him on the phone, while she was fucking around.

Was that the first time? he wondered. Was it the only time? Had she continued fucking around the whole time he was gone? The thoughts were slowly driving him crazy.

By the date of the party, he was in no mood to be celebrating. How was he supposed to celebrate being made a cuckold, and raising someone else's bastard child? How could she have done this to him?

Bridget was aware he was in a mood, and tried to cajole him into acting happier.

"Put on a smile, baby. I know you're concerned with the changes having a baby will cause in our life, but it's what we've always wanted! Your family will be here any moment," she pleaded.

He notice she had dressed up to look her best. Her curves were accentuated with tight clothing, and she'd had her hair done. She was beautiful. He imagined she'd had no difficulty finding someone to accomplish the task he couldn't.

As far as Bridget was concerned, the party was a huge success. She was surrounded by her female family and friends, full of advice and congratulations. She basked in their attention. She was going to be a Mom, finally.

Brian had staked out a corner on the porch, and was drinking heavily, trying to figure out whether he should confront her now, or wait to find out who she'd screwed around with. Most of the party wasn't even aware of his reticence to mingle, leaving him alone.

People had come by to offer their congratulations, but had left him alone, after his brusque responses. He looked up to see his brother seated next to him, a tall drink in his hands. Jamie's mood appeared to match his own.

Jamie looked over at his older brother, more than half drunk himself. It drove him crazy to see Bridget dressed like she was, looking so damn sexy, while knowing there was a chance he wouldn't be allowed to touch her again for a couple of years, if ever. Now she was all Brian's again. He'd get her whenever he wanted, lucky bastard.

"I'd think you'd be happier," he said.

"Right," Brian muttered, tilting his bottle up for another deep swallow.

"It's what you wanted right? That's what Bridget said."

Brian tried to ignore his brother, but noticed how the weasel was staring at his wife. It bothered him. The words that Jamie spoke sunk in.

"What do you mean 'that's what Bridget said'? When were you talking to Bridget?"

Jamie just shrugged. "I thought you'd be happier. She certainly is."

Brian's anger, and the alcohol, loosened his tongue, finally venting his concern. "If I thought it was mine, maybe I would be."

Jamie recalled Bridget's words. His brother had encouraged her to get pregnant. Had given his permission. He could understand that Brian would have preferred the child was his own, but it wasn't possible. This was what he'd asked for. "You having second thoughts?"

It was the longest conversation they'd had in years, and Jamie wasn't even aware of how poorly it was going.

"Second thoughts?"

"About telling her to go ahead and get pregnant," Jamie said, his eyes locked on Bridget chatting away, always the most beautiful woman in the room. "At least now we're even," he said.

Jamie was so fixated on Bridget, he didn't notice his brother getting up and slamming the beer bottle against his head, until he was waking curled up in a ball, the blows descending continuously. He heard screaming and shouting.

Then the blows stopped. He looked up to see his father and cousin holding Brian back.

"What the hell is going on between you two now!" his father yelled, pushing his older son away. Several of the women in the family started toward Jamie, who was barely conscious, bleeding.

"What's going on? That bastard knocked up my cheating whore of a wife!" Brian screamed, spittle shooting out of his mouth, splashing David, his father.

A quiet settled over the crowd, and everyone stepped back from the confrontation.

David moved back, turning and looking at his youngest. Still unemployed, living off the dole, five years after leaving home. Three useless years at the university, without earning two years of credits. He'd been a disappointment, but he was also his wife's baby boy, so he'd given him a lot of slack. That was about to end.

"Is that true?" he asked in a cold voice, staring down at his battered, bleeding son.

"She said it was alright. That he'd given permission," Jamie argued, gripping the side of the chair as he stood. "Besides, he fucked my date in high school, now we're even."

David Anderson was a big man, hard, a laborer most of his life. When his hand flew out, backhanding his youngest, the sound of the impact was like a gunshot. Jamie flew back against the railing.

"David!" his wife of 34 years screamed out.

"Stay out of this, Bev," he growled.

Jamie stood, glaring at his father and brother, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth. "Ask her. She told me I could. She practically begged me. It was her idea," he said, looking across the deck to where Bridget stood alone.

Bridget's father pushed through the crowd. "Tell me you didn't, girl."

She looked around at all the angry faces. The faces that had been laughing only moments earlier. The same faces that were condemning her now. "He couldn't do it. We tried for three years. He wouldn't even talk about adoption."

"So you whored yourself out to that loser? You cheated on your husband, and told him the baby was his?" The older man spoke softly, his words seeming to have to fight their way past his gritted teeth and pursed lips.

"He told me to, Daddy! He told me to go get fucked at a bar and get pregnant!" she snapped. This wasn't her fault. She wasn't the one who couldn't have kids.

Brian couldn't believe her words. "We were arguing, you stupid bitch!" Brian screamed. "You never told me you were going to do it, you lied about it being mine. You even took him to our home, fucking him while on the phone with me, lying about what you were doing!"

Bridget's eyes flew open, shocked by his anger, and the hard words, describing exactly what she'd done. It wasn't her fault on the phone. Jamie had been the instigator.

"I didn't! I was making breakfast. He was the one that wouldn't leave me alone while I was on the phone with you. I couldn't help it. I did it for us, Brian! For us!"

The heads turned back to Jamie, as the two lovers continued to throw each other under the bus.

Jamie tried to look defiant, standing taller. "It's not my fault he couldn't get the job done. She asked for it. She invited me over, and I told her it wasn't a good idea, but she wouldn't let it go. Once I started, we had to make sure we got the job done, right?" He glared at his older brother. "What's the big fucking deal? No one made a fuss like this when he fucked my prom date!"

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