Baby on the Brain


"Oh baby...oh your so good...oh god...don't lose it baby...oh please...Jamie...oh please baby," she cried as she felt the passion begin to build inside of her.

Jamie responded by clamping his hands to her ass and feasting on her pussy like a starving man. His tongue went into overdrive, fueled by all the years of desiring his mouth where it was right now, between the legs of his fantasy woman; but this was no fantasy, it was his reality and he was going to eat her until she could stand it no more. "Oh God...Oh Yes! Oh Jamieeeeeeeeee," Bridget yelled as a volcano of pleasure erupted inside of her and waves of pleasure flowed through her entire body. Jamie lapped up all of her juices and then, rising up to meet her, kissed her deeply on the mouth. She could taste her flavor on his tongue as she gently sucked it, and circled her arms around his neck. Bridget and he closed their eyes laid motionless for a few moments, but then she felt him get off the bed and heard a sound like a piece of candy being opened. She then felt him get back on the bed and felt the head of his cock align the with her pussy and gently began to sink into her. "Wait Jamie stop for a minute," Bridget said as she sprang off the bed, realizing that Jamie was wearing a condom. "What's wrong Bridget," Jamie asked. "Take off the condom Jamie," she said. "But Bridget what if.." was as far as he got before she cut him off. "Do you want this to happen Jamie," she asked "Oh God yes more then anything," he cried. "Then take it off. The only way I want you inside of me is naked," she said. Jamie was powerless to resist. Any loyalty he felt to family was replaced with unimaginable lusting for Bridget and try as he may to preserve any family bonds, he could not resist her. "Whatever you want Bridget," he cried. He had just gotten the words out before she had grabbed his shaft and ripped the condom off him, she then took him by the hand and led him to the bed, where she laid down and spread her legs, as he knelt between her thighs.

"Oh Goooooddddddd," Bridget moaned as she felt him slide back into her. She could feel her pussy stretch as it tried to accommodate this huge organ being forced deep inside. Her eyes widened as she felt his cock go deeper then anyone she had ever had, it filled her completely and almost seemed like it would break her in half, as it just kept pushing forward. Finally, she felt the invasion end as their pubic bones met and his cock felt like it touched her cervix. They lay motionless for a minute to get adjusted to each other, until very slowly Jamie began his thrust.

He continued to pump into her very slowly while she moaned deeply as he leaned down, and taking a nipple into his mouth, began to suckle from her breast. She grabbed his head and pulled him closer to her breasts as he continued to suckle, and wrapped her legs around him as he continued his thrust. He could not believe how tight she was as he continued to burrow his cock up inside of her his cock felt like it was incased a velvet vice. "Oh God Bridget...oh your so fucking good...oh Bridge," he moaned as he picked up his pace and began to thrust harder.

"Oh baby...keep it going...keep it going...that's it...oh your so fucking big...oh it's so big Jamie...oh God Fuck me baby," she cried as she felt all of her pleasure receptors building for a explosion.

He took her words to heart and began to pound into her furiously. Jamie...oh....fuck me baby....oh Jamie...please...oh your so good baby.......oh keep it....please baby," she cried. Inspired by her reaction he began to thrust her harder and harder, each time bring his cock full out and then thrusting into her with all his strength. She reached up and pulled his face to hers, and with her tongue in his mouth, tasted her juices. He moved his hands up to her breasts, and pushing them together, began to lick and gently bite each nipple. She pulled herself up against him as hard as she could and began to kiss his earlobes and lick his neck, as he continued to piston himself into her.

" Please! Oh God," she cried as she felt her orgasm building inside of her. Jamie was nearing his climax as well, and wrapped his arms around her tightly as he continued to pound. She held onto him tightly as her pleasure wave began to flow throughout every inch of her body. 'Oh Jake...yes...yes...oh Baby...Oh....Jammmmie," Bridget cried as her second orgasm of the day took her body to new heights of passion and she experienced a sweet release of pleasure, that drown out any thought of this event with Jamie being wrong. She closed her eyes deeply and locked her legs around him as she sensed him about to release. Jake continued to pump until he felt his on wave of pleasure building and he grabbed her and pulled her tight, as he plunged deep inside of her and exploded . "Oh Bridge....oh baby...oh thank you Bridge oh GOOODDDDDDDD," he cried as he erupted inside of her and coated her womb with his seed. He collapsed down on top of her, their heaving bodies drenched with sweat rose and fell with their labored breathing. She grabbed him and kissed him on the mouth, their tongues dancing with one another, as her hands gently stroked his hair. The lay there for a while just listening to the sound of their own breathing, and holding each other tight. Somewhere during the night they fell asleep, and when se awoke, Bridget was mildly suprised to see that Jamies cock was still buried inside of her and him still sound asleep. She laughed to herself and when she finally got up she noticed an audible plop sound as they finally separated. After hoping int the shower she decided on a quick bike ride before breakfast, she toweled off and slid a pair of bike shorts onto her naked body and a tight white t-shirt, then she hit the bike. She got back an hour later and still found Jamie asleep so she decided to make breakfast. She was just scambling up some eggs when the phone rang. "Hi Bridget. How are you honey," Brian said. "Well hello there stranger nice of you to call," she said as she tried to sound annoyed. At that very moment she felt Jamie's hands on her hips and his naked cock on her spandex-covered ass as he slowly ground into her. "What was that," Brian said through the phone as Bridget slapped Jamie away playfully. "Oh sorry honey the Mosquitos are bad today," she replied. "Oh well I think we have some bug spray in the garage," Brian continued. Bridget put her hand over the receiver so Brian would not hear. "Jamie I am on the phone with Brian. We can do this after breakfast," she giggled at him. "I have everything I want to eat right here," he said as he sank down between her legs. "Wait Jamie not now," she laughed, but it was a feeble attempt to stop him. Bridget was no longer listening to Brian, but she did agree with him every now and again so it appeared everything was ok.

Jamie pulled down her spandex to reveal her glorious sex. He spread her legs apart and began to gently lick all around her inner thighs and softly caressing her lips with his tongue. Bridget was losing control and she knew it, but she didn't care she wanted this more than anything right now. "I'm sorry honey what did you say," she asked Brian "I said the mosquitos must be bad. It almost sounds like you are moaning," he laughed. "Oh baby I am being eaten alive here," she laughed as she reached under and pulled Jamie's head as far into her pussy as she could. "Ok well I will let you go. I'll call later in the week. I love you," Brian said. "I love you too baby," Bridget said as she hung up the phone and grabbed Jamies head with both hands. As he continued to lick her she moaned "Oh don't stop baby....don't lose it me.....feed off me... yes." She was getting closer to another orgasm and began to grind her pussy hard into his mouth all the while moaning "so good baby....don't lose it....good me good."

"OH god I'm CUMMING....Yeeeeeesssssssssss." Jamie continued to lick until he was deluged by juices and lapped up all that he could. Once he was finished, he stood up and Bridget pushed him down, quite forcibly, on the kitchen table. The eggs began to burn as Bridget threw off her weight white t-shirt and straddled him on the table. "Now it's my turn on top," she cooed as she positioned herself above his cock. He gripped her hips and moaned as she impaled herself on his pole. She squealed as she slid lower, feeling his cock stretch her inside to the limit, and felt completely full as their pelvic bones met. They lay motionless on top of each other, as his cock was buried deep inside of her, just trying to get adjusted to the new feel, then she slowly began to ride him.

"Oh bridge this is so good....this feels so good baby...oh God yes," he cried as he began to thrust up to meet her. She threw her head back in the air and began to thrust herself harder into him, as his hands began to massage her breasts. She looked down at him and bent down to kiss him, while his hands now traveled around her firm ass.

"Oh baby....oh yes," he cried.

"Oh Jamie just shut up and fuck me!"

His hands gripped her hips harder and he began to slam himself up harder to meet her thrusts. Harder and harder he pounded into her as she used her full weight to slam into him.

"That's it...that's what I want...that's my baby...harder...oh don't lose it baby...oh don't stop baby," she yelled as she felt his cock invade deeper and deeper inside of her.

"Oh Jamie...oh baby...oh GODDDDDDD," she moaned as waves of pleasure washed over her and she experienced a sweet release of ecstasy. He continued to pound her harder and harder until he felt his pleasure begin to over take him.

"Oh Bridget oh fuck....oh God...oh babbbbbbbbyy," he moaned as he erupted deep inside of her. She collapsed on top of him, and as they lay there coming down from their highs, she felt him begin to harden inside of her again. They had sex three more times that day before dinner and each one was more passionate than the one before, until eventually they retired to bed exhausted. Two weeks later Brian returned home and Bridget and he made love that night. A few weeks later Bridget was finally pregnant, of course she knew the baby would come early!!!!!!!

Will Jamie and Bridget continue??

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...grammar is key:


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by Schwanze111/22/17


why didn't she just inject herself with her brother in laws sperm? Why go get a test done. Just squirt it and hope for the best/or worst - setting aside the insanity and wrongness of doing it in the firstmore...

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by Anonymous07/02/17


until jamie tires of her... But Brian never enters the story again, He lucked out

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