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Baby Ruth


For those who believe that incest is only with a blood relative, you are wrong. Incest is any sexual activity between close family members. The meaning of incest varies widely, because different cultures have differing notions of "sexual activity" and "close family member". Some cultures consider incest when you have sexual relations with only those related by birth, while others include those related by adoption or marriage, such as we do in America. Some prohibit sexual relations between people who grew up in the same household while others prohibit sexual relations between people who grew up in related households.

Now, that I had to waste time explaining the obvious, hopefully, those "nitwits" who continue to give me zero scores with mean, nasty, negative, and cowardly anonymous comments, because they are jealous that they are unable to write their own story, will go away or more than likely will stay to harass me (lol). Who cares? It's just a story unfortunately you are still a "nitwit".

Ruth's story is the continuation of the story that posted last week, Escalator Stripped My Mother-in-law Naked.


I picked Ruth, my mother-in-law Doris's sister, up at the airport. Actually, she told me that she would be waiting for me in the airport lounge, as I told her that I would not be able to pick her up until after I got out of work. She only had to wait about an hour for me. I figured a good part of that waiting time would be time spent retrieving her baggage. Yet, as it turned out, the baggage captain not only personally retrieved Ruth's bags for her before the baggage carousel was even loaded but, also, refused a tip.

"My tip, Miss, was being able to help a beautiful woman. You made my day," he said ogling her tits. Ruth later relayed this story to me in the car on the ride home from the airport.

"People are so friendly here," she said. Yeah, only to someone who looks like you, I thought.

Receiving celebrity treatment, Ruth was off the plane and away before the other passengers even got their land-legs back. And if not, had it not been for the personal attention received from the baggage captain, if she was half the hottie and half the slut that Doris told me she was, she should have no problem finding a guy to buy her a drink and keep her occupied until I arrived.

All day, I thought of nothing else but Ruth. Such an odd name to label someone so hot, it was an old name much like that of Edna or Martha or Rose. Then, I thought of the candy Baby Ruth and laughed that this family is as just chock full of nuts as the candy bar, including me. Never would I tell my friends or relatives or neighbors that I was having sex with my mother-in-law and, now, potentially with her baby sister, Ruth. Boston is still immersed in a Puritanical society and most of my contemporaries, even if they had deep, dark thoughts about screwing their mothers-in-law, would never act upon their wanton desires for fear of ruining their reputations and their social standing within the community.

Yet, the photo of Ruth in that bikini burned such a permanent and lustful impression in my mind that I saw her bikini clad body everywhere I looked. I could not get her cleavage and her big tits out of my mind. Boy, big tits ran in that family, except, of course, not in the case of my wife. My wife must have taken after her father. I laughed to myself. And I, definitely, a tit man, the bigger the better, suddenly questioned the attraction that I had for Cynthia, my wife. Why I married my wife with her puny tits, I'll never know. Sure, tits do not make the woman; they are only tits after all and, yes, there are always implants. I laughed to myself, again, thinking of Cynthia suddenly walking around with boobs, big boobs, enormous boobs, size double G boobs.

"Freddie, help me! I fell over and can't get up."

"What is it, Cynthia, did the weight of your big boobs topple you over, again?"

Thinking absurd and ridiculous thoughts, my mind wandered as I drove to the airport and I wondered how I could be so attracted to my wife's aunt when I have not even met her. For that matter, how could I be banging my wife's mother? Here I am banging my wife's relatives and I am not even banging my wife. WTF! Whenever I thought of banging Doris and thought of the ramifications if my wife was to find out that I was having sex, hot sex, with her mother, I was sick to my stomach. Yet, as soon as I thought of the repercussions of my dastardly deeds and incestuous actions, my penis took control of my brain and visions of Doris's hot body, her big tits with eraser type nipples in my mouth, and my cock in her tight, wet pussy, and her wonderful blow jobs, oh, God, how I loved cumming in Doris's mouth, made me forget my wife.

"Cynthia? Who are you, again?"

"I'm your wife, you dirty bastard."

"Oh, yeah, I thought you looked familiar."

It was sometimes hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that my wife's mother was better in bed than my wife, who is 20 years younger than her mother and does not have as nice a body as does her mother. Then, when you add Ruth to the equation, oh, my God, I have just died and went to Heaven. I was trying to think, does Doris have another sister? Never mind, banging another sister of Doris's besides Ruth would kill me. I would surely have a sexual overload at that point but, oh, what a way to die.

I can see the mortician now getting my body ready for burial while talking to the funeral director.

"Look at this guy. He's dead, died of a heart attack from sexual overload and, still, he has an erection. And look at his face. How can I possibly remove that permanent smile from his kisser? What a lucky bastard he must have been to not only have been banging his mother-in-law but also her sister. Boy, I'll tell you, I have embalmed thousands of stiffs, but this guy gives new meaning to stiff. This is how I want to die when I die, with an erection and permanent smile on my face."

As if a beacon glowed over her illuminating her position to me, immediately, from a distance, I spotted Ruth clear across the passenger terminal area with her flaming red hair. She wore a silk, yellow mini dress and was surrounded by five men. Even though we had never met, I recognized her from the photo that Doris had of her in her bikini on her bureau. In that photo her tits overflowed her top. Definitely, she was a full C cup, and today, she had the Grand Canyon of proud cleavage showcasing her beautiful background scenery. Isn't it breathtaking when you see a nice pair of tits and they are not hidden away beneath a turtleneck sweater and a coat but are out in the open and prominently displayed for all of we perverted guys to admire? Whenever I was in Doris's bedroom, I stared at that photo of Ruth in her bikini and, now, here she is along with her tits, the woman of my dreams, in person. Oh, and did I write that she has really big tits?

She looked better and better as I walked closer and closer. She was so damn pretty and she had the body of a Playboy Playmate with legs that made you glad you were a man. Had I not known Ruth was 43-years-old, I would have thought she was 35-years-old. Then, it occurred to me who it was she looked like. She looked like Jill St. John back in the day when Jill St. John made you drop your jaw and stroke your cock. For those who do not know who Jill St. John is Google the name siren and Jill St. John's photo will appear. Boy, did I ever spend time jerking off to photos of her in a bikini and, now, here is a carbon copy of her stamped with my reservation on her butt.

"Pardon me, but I have a reservation for this butt. This woman is taken. Please, all of you drooling men, step back and away from my Ruth, my Baby Ruth." Hmm, Baby Ruth does stimulate salivation. I love words, combinations of words or phrases that have a duel meaning.

Doris was a pretty woman but compared to Ruth, Doris was a dog. Ruth was so well put together that she looked like a woman who could have played in a James Bond movie. She had the hair, the makeup, the clothes, and the body, boy, did she have the body. She had the kind of body that made you cringe with delight whenever you were with her. Never had I seen, in person, a woman with a better body than she had.

The center of their attention, she was surrounded by five men, all in their 40's and 50's, men who, no doubt, had wives, kids, and mortgages vying for her interest. They were all laughing and having a good time with all of them hoping to land her in bed. She noticed me and ignored them, as I approached.

"Well, here is my ride, boys. Thank you for the drink and for the pleasure of your company."

She stepped forward from her crowd of admirers.

"Where you going, Ruth? Stay for another drink. Happy hour is just beginning," said a bald, little fat man.

"You must be Freddie," she said with a smile. "My sister has told me everything about you."

I smiled and stuck out my hand.

"Hi, I'm so pleased—"

She brushed by my outstretched hand, planted her pelvis to mine, and greeted me with a warm, wet kiss. Her kiss not only raised my temperature but, also, hardened my cock by a few inches.

"Damn," said one of the guys she had been flirting with, "Will you look at that?"

"I sure wish I were him," said another of the guys standing behind Ruth gawking, no doubt, at her ass.

My arms were outstretched at my side. Afraid to touch her for fear that this was all a dream and as soon as I touched my dream woman, she would evaporate in vapor and disappear; I gently put my arms around her. The feel of her soft but firm body electrified my passion for her and intensified the feeling that a sleeping cock feels when awakened to arousal. The feel of her soft lips, the touch of her tongue against mine, the sensation of her big breasts pressed against my chest, and the subtle scent of her floral perfume engaged my senses maximizing her kiss. It was a kiss to remember. It was a kiss that if she was none other than the daughter of Zeus, Helen of Troy, I could now, finally, understand how one woman could have launched a thousand ships by just the beauty of her face.

It was a soulful kiss and a kiss to remember, one that years from now, when you are sitting there alone with your woman, you remember why you are still together if only because of this first kiss. This kiss made me want to confess all of my mistakes, flaws, and weaknesses. This one kiss would have made any man get down on his knee and promise that if she would have him, he would be a better man. Alas, I was already married, married to her niece of all women. When we parted, I looked in her blue eyes. She was so beautiful that she drained the emotion from me, my knees were weak. Instantly, I was in love with this woman. Who would not fall in love with such a stunning creature? She blanked my mind with her presence and for the life of me, I could not remember where I parked my car until, I spotted it in the distance and in the opposite direction. And why was this woman still single? How come no one scooped her up? Guys suck. They are such pricks not to have latched on to a woman like Ruth long ago.

We had a twenty minute drive from the airport to my house and Ruth planted herself so close to me that I already felt like I was inside of her. She touched my leg as she talked and began slowly running her hand up and down my thigh, occasionally squeezing my thigh. With each upward and downward movement of her hand, my cock responded in kind with an involuntary pulsation. She was teasing me, making me hot, and making me want her. Hello? There is really no need to do that. I already am willing and ready to divorce my wife and run away with you, my dream girl, albeit 15 years my senior, but who cares when an older woman looks as good as she does. There is not another girl that I know half her age who looks better than Ruth.

"I cannot wait until we get to the house."

"Yeah, me too," I said. "I'm ready to relax after a hard day at work."

She moved her hand up my thigh covering the bulge my cock made in my pants with her palm.

"I can tell you have had a hard day," she said making eye contact and smiling at me. I was having a difficult time focusing on the road. "When I said that I cannot wait until we get to the house, what I meant was, I cannot wait until we get to the house."

With that, she unzipped me, reached her hand inside my pants, and pulled out my cock.

"Wait, undo my belt and unbutton the top button of my pants. My pants are too tight and my cock is pressed against my zipper." I hoisted my ass upward as I drove so that she could slide my pants down far enough to free my cock, and there it was as proud as a peacock standing at attention like the soldier that it was at her command.

She stroked me a couple of times never taking her eyes off of my erect penis. Immediately, it made me harder to not only feel her hand around my cock but also to watch her staring at my throbbing penis.

"You have a beautiful cock. It is longer than it is thicker, but I prefer a longer cock to a thicker one." She looked up at me. Man, she was so pretty that she hypnotized me with her looks. She pulled my cock towards her as she leaned sideways and down towards me. "May I?"

Before I could answer she had me in her mouth. Okay, Doris, without doubt, gave me the best blow job I have ever received, better than the blow job that I received from Susan at the movies, which, at the time, was better than the blow job that I received from Christine at prom night, which was an unbelievable blow job because Christine was so hot (we guys remember things like this). Yet, all of that is to say and, now, is forgotten history, until Ruth inserted my cock in her mouth. I thought that there is no way I could feel any better than having Doris suck my cock, but I did and it was now when Ruth was blowing me. Oh, my God, what a cocksucker Ruth is.

Where do you women learn stuff like this? Is there a secret course that you girls take in high school, how to give a blow job 101. I'm sure that the correct answer is practice, practice, and more practice, but we dopey guys tend to put beautiful women up on pedestals believing that they are innocent and pure and that our cock is the first cock ever to cross their lips. Let me tell you, Ruth must have played the skin flute in high school because she was well practiced. She was a professional.

Of course, whenever we guys find a hot woman who knows her way around a penis, the first things that goes through our minds are, I wonder how many guys she has been with and how do I measure up. Then, of course, we want her to tell us the dirty details of her sexual encounters while she is blowing us.

"So, tell me about the time you blew your teacher. Or tell me about the time you the most promiscuous? Wow, really, I cannot believe you blew the entire football team when you were a cheerleader. Didn't your knees hurt after a while? Oh, you had knee pads." (Now, there's a story that needs to be written. Ruth does the Red Dogs.)

Ten minutes from the house, I exploded a warm rush of gooey semen in her mouth and she continued sucking me off until I was completely drained. Finally, my lust for her temporarily sated, I was relieved that Ruth, an understatement, broke the ice or in this case, sucked my cock.

"Ruth, that was incredible. That was, without doubt, the best blow job I have ever had." (Yes, way better than the one I received as an alter boy from Father O'Malley, kidding.)

She wiped her mouth with a tissue, turned the rear view mirror to reflect her image, and reapplied her lipstick.

"Oh, Honey, that was more for me than it was for you. Trust me that was just an appetizer before the main course." She crossed her legs flashing me a bit of white, satin panty. "I'm still hungry."

"You have gorgeous legs."

"Thank you, Sweetie. I'll show you want I have between them later tonight, for dessert."

We arrived at the house and I grabbed Ruth's bag. Doris was already out on the front porch waiting to greet her baby sister.


Meanwhile, all that I could think of besides the blow job, of course, was the similarity that the Baby Ruth candy bar had with this family, nuts.

They hugged and in an unexpected display of affection, Ruth and Doris kissed. It was not your typical sisterly kiss; it was a long, wet kiss just like the one that Ruth gave me at the airport. Damn, if this is the prelude of what is to happen later, then I am glad that I have a ticket to a front row seat because this is hot, really hot and, already, I have another erection.

They broke their kiss and Doris looked over at me and back at Ruth. I am sure that Doris tasted me on Ruth's tongue.

"I see you met Freddie."

"Oh, yeah," said Ruth with a smile and blotting her lips with a tissue.

"Come in, come in. Have something to drink and something to eat. I made some cold cut sandwiches."

Cynthia came down to greet her aunt and I was glad that Ruth did not plant a long, wet one on my wife because then, she may have suspected that Ruth had given me a blow job on the ride from the airport to the house. Isn't it funny the things that go through your mind at a time like this?

"Hi, Aunt Ruth. How was your flight?"

"Oh, it was long and now I have to get use to the 3 hour time zone change from San Diego to Boston."

Cynthia stayed for a visit, had a sandwich and since it was nearing 7pm, she took her leave of us to get herself ready for work as a second shift nurse at the local hospital. Immediately after Cynthia left, Ruth changed into something not only more comfortable, but also more revealing. She put on this little velour jump suit thing that had a zipper that was not fully zipped. And removing her bra, her tits were literally spilling out. The boner that I had watching Doris and Ruth kiss, actually make out, grew some more when I saw Ruth's tits filling the top and the shape of her ass complimenting the bottom of her suit. This is the body that designers imagine when they fashion clothes like these but then must cringe before puking and binging on alcohol when they see some fat, ugly Wal-Mart woman trying to fit in this outfit and look sexy only to look like a sausage spilling out of its broken casing.

I took leave of them for an hour to shower and change and when I returned, the party had moved to Doris's bedroom. Doris excused herself for a few minutes while Ruth and I made small talk on Doris's king sized bed. Ruth fondled my cock through my sweats while nibbling my ear and kissing me. Then, we started really making out, the kind of making out that chaps your lips but who cares. Never have I kissed anyone so much and who made me feel this excitedly hot with just their kisses. Okay, her hand never left my cock, but her kisses were so intense that I could have easily cum from her just kissing me.

Being a breast man, I could not wait to feel those big knockers that were practically falling out of her top. To me, there is nothing like feeling a woman's breasts through her clothes. That is such a great sensation feeling the weight and the firmness of her tit through her blouse, Man that makes me hard.

We kissed and kissed while Ruth fondled my cock and I fondled her tits. Then, I had to see them. I had to feel them in my hands. I had to suck them. I had to unzip her top and take a look at what she had hidden inside. They were absolutely gorgeous breasts. Obviously, they were fake or surgically enhanced but they were perfect. Whomever did her boob job was not the same plastic surgeon who did the botched boob job for Tara Reid. These were perfect, the shape, the size, the symmetry, and her nipples were glorious. I could not wait to get those nipples in my mouth, but first, I just wanted to fondle, caress, and stare at her naked breasts before sucking them. Man do I love tits.

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