tagBDSMBabygirl is Naughty

Babygirl is Naughty


"Come here, babygirl"

The tone in my voice brooks no argument. She and I both know what is going to happen, but this the way we play this game and the rules must be followed.

"You've been a very naughty girl, haven't you?" I ask.

You drop your gaze, but you can't hide the twinkle in your eyes, or the slight smile on your face. It's been too long since the last time we did this.

"Yes, Daddy. I've been a very bad girl."

"Then you know you must be punished, don't you?"

"Oh, no, Daddy. I won't do it again. I promise I'll be good."

This, too, is part of the game.

"Are you arguing with me? You know what the punishment is for breaking the rules!" I reach out and take your chin in my hands and lift your face so my eyes look into yours.

"What is the first rule? You are my babygirl. Everything I tell you to do, you must do."

You smile at this. I know you like nothing better than to be my dirty babygirl. "Yes, Daddy".

"Rule number two. You exist to serve me and my pleasure, not your own. You are not allowed to have an orgasm unless I tell you to. No exceptions. Violations will be dealt with harshly."

"Rule number three. You are not allowed to wear any article of clothing unless I permit you to."

"Do you understand?"

Your breathing has deepened. I notice the flush on your face. You're getting excited by this. Your body can't hide it. Good. You look me in the eyes.

"Yes, Daddy. I understand."

"Then why are you still dressed?"

Quickly you take a step back and pull your t-shirt off and drop it to the floor. You unsnap the buttons on your jeans, slip them down and step out of them. You unhook your bra and your breasts swing free. You start to pull down the black bikini panties you love to wear.

"Stop! Stand up straight and don't move!"

You obey and stand there in your panties, slightly trembling. Waiting.

I take a slow walk around you. Admiring the perfection of your body. It never ceases to bring me pleasure. Your face is beautiful. Your startling eyes are perfection itself. The shape of your face and the way wear your hair never fails to make my heart beat faster. You are an absolute goddess. My goddess. I still can't believe that you are mine and I am yours.

I reach out and slowly run my finger behind your ears, under your chin and then up and across your lips. You shudder and try to kiss my finger, take it into your mouth to suck on it.

"Did I tell you to move?"

You freeze and remain perfectly still, looking longingly into my eyes. Your breathing has slowed and steadied.

I continue to run my finger along your cheek, and then slowly down your neck and across your throat. Just barely touching you, I run it across the top of your breasts just above your nipples. I love your breasts. Just big enough to fill each of my hands. I desperately want to suck on them but it's not time for that. Not yet.

I slowly run my finger around your nipples a few times, just barely touching you. Then I pinch them and you gasp, unable to control your reaction.

"Do. Not. Move."

You struggle to obey, breathing more heavily now. I continue to play and caress your breasts, watching your nipples harden. I smile, and move my fingers lower, across your stomach and around your navel. My fingers are barely touching your skin. I touch both sides of you with each of my hands, caressing your sides and again brushing the sides of your breasts with my thumbs. Then I slowly move them down your sides, to your thighs and down your legs.

My hands run down each of your legs, to your calves. I caress and stroke them for a few seconds, and then slowly work my way back up your legs. When I reach the bottom of your panties, I switch to the insides of your legs and repeat the process.

I begin to smell your arousal as your fluids start to leak into your panties. Oh! That heavenly aroma! I put my nose up to your crotch and take a deep breath, savoring the scent of you. I see the dampness on your panties and can't resist licking it with my tongue, touching your lips through the thin material.

You gasp again, and your whole body shudders.

"I warned you!" I tell you and stand to one side and swing my hand back.


The sound is loud as my hand strikes your ass. You gasp again. You can't help it. The sudden pain is like a lightning bolt to your senses.


Again I slap you hard on your ass cheek, already reddened by the first blow. You shudder and cry out.

"No, Daddy! Not again! I promise I'll be good!"

"Did I say you could speak?"

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Three quick blows in succession and you're swaying, trying to remain erect, but the sensations of pain and pleasure coursing through your body are overwhelming. Your ass is on fire and hurts so much, but I also know you love it.

I move a little further behind you and focus my attention on your other ass cheek, still creamy white and oh so rounded and sexy.


A sharp blow. A little harder than the last ones.


Now your other cheek is as red as the first. I circle around your front and look down. Your panties are drenched. I smile.

"Down on your knees. Now!"

Eagerly you lower yourself in front of me. Once on your knees, you look up at me, expectantly.

"Suck me!"

You eagerly reach up and unfasten my pants. Then slowly you unzip my fly, look in my eyes and smiling. You love to suck my cock as much as I love you to suck it.

Gently you reach into my pants and free my throbbing cock, already hard in anticipation of what is to come. You grasp me in your hands and gently kiss my circumcised head. Then you begin to lick the head, using plenty of saliva, while your rub your hands over the head to get them wet and you stroke my cock. As you rub me you start to engulf my cock with your warm wet mouth, taking me deeper and deeper into you.

The feel of your mouth on me is fantastic! I feel the blood pounding through my veins as you suck and rub away, totally lost in the sensation. I want it to last forever. Then one hand shifts to my balls and you start fondling them. I can't help myself and I grab the back of your head. My hips are moving now, thrusting into your face as you suck me harder and harder.

A guttural groan escapes me. "Suck it, babygirl! Suck it harder!"

I've lost control. I'm fucking your face! I'm thrusting harder and faster, holding your head so you can't move. Suddenly you squeeze my balls and I explode! Wave after wave of pleasure cascades over me as my sperm pours into your mouth. I let go of your head thinking you'll want to spit it out and breath but you surprise me by grabbing my cock again and continuing to suck as my cock jerks once, twice, three times ejaculating into you. You suck it and swallow, looking up at me and smiling with your eyes.

I stagger backwards a little. Still dizzy from the fantastic orgasm you've just given me. You stay kneeling before me, swaying a little.

"Stand up, babygirl!"

You get to your feet.

"Take off your panties and give them to me!"

You pull them down and off in one easy movement. You hold out your hand and drop your soaking wet panties into mine. I bring them to my nose and take another deep breath.

"Mmmmmmmmm. Excellent!"

I place the wadded up panties in my pocket. A little souvenir of today's fun. You stand before me, naked and resplendent. Your body is still flushed from the excitement of your recent exertion, but you look me in the eye and can't wipe the cocky grin from your face.

I reach out and cup one of your breasts in my hand again, reveling in the touch of the soft rounded curve of it. I slowly run my fingers down your stomach and between your legs.

Your pussy offers absolutely no resistance as I push a finger inside you, and then another. You shudder and as I rub my thumb across your slit, you shudder and moan.

"Babygirl! Did I tell you that you could enjoy this?"

"No, Daddy." You look down.

I remove my fingers from you and step back.

"Undress me."

This you eagerly hasten to do, first putting my softening cock back in my undershorts and pulling my pants all the way off. I lift my feet to assist you. Then you unbutton my shirt and take it off. Finally you pull down my undershorts and I again lift my feet to help you.

"Go into the bedroom, babygirl!"

You lead the way. As I follow, I check out the rounded curves of your ass. The redness has faded, but not completely. Good. I have plans for that ass later.

We enter the bedroom. Our large, king sized bed is set against the right wall, with our dresser on the left.

"Get out your restraints!"

This you also eagerly obey.

"Lie on the bed."

You lie down on the bed, arms and legs spread eagled. Quickly I attach the restraints to your arms and legs, leaving enough slack so I can push a pillow under your tender ass. I go to my bottom drawer and take out the secret I've been keeping as a surprise.

You look at the ostrich feather in my hand and your eyes widen.

"No, Daddy! Not that! I'll be a good girl!"

"Too late for that, babygirl."

I start on the sole of her left foot. Lightly brushing the feather across it, just barely touching it.

"Please, Daddy. It tickles!"

"It's supposed to tickle. Silence!"

You strive to comply as you start pulling your legs and twisting, trying to get your foot away from the feather. I stop for a second and you stop squirming. Then I start stroking your ankle with it, slowly going up and down your calf.

"Mmmmmmm" escapes you and you relax and sigh.

Now I'm stroking it over your knee. Very lightly. Very slowly. Up and down. It begins to have a different effect on you. The one I intended. I look between your legs and see a little moisture there.

I smile and start moving the feather higher on your leg. Along the inside of your thigh. Then over to your other leg.

You're starting to squirm in a different manner, the one I love to see. And hear. And smell. You're definitely starting to get aroused.

I stroke the other leg for a while, down to your ankle and then back up on the outside of your leg. Just barely touching you. When I reach your waist, I softly brush the feather between your legs, and your entire body shudders. You are the most erotic woman I've ever met and I'm playing you like a maestro conducting an orchestra, and I love it. Like I love you.

After that one, brief touch, I start running the feather over your stomach, and your breasts. Your nipples are sharply erect now, and your breath is getting more rapid. I can't resist and lean over your pussy and softly blow on it, just barely missing touching your lips with mine. I hear a sharp intake of breath as you gasp, and I smile.

I straighten up and start running the feather over your breasts again. Those gentle, rounded globes somewhat flattened by gravity are still incredibly sexy, incredibly desirable. I spend some time caressing them with my feather, and you start to breathe even faster.

Finally I start moving it slowly up your torso. Caressing your neck, and then under your chin, and finally alongside your face. I can feel the passion and desire radiate out of you like a furnace. My erection is prominent and I can see you eyeing it hungrily.

I start to caress the side of your face with the fingers of my left hand, while I move the feather back down your naked boy with my right. My fingers trail behind the feather, caressing and then pinching your nipples as the feather moves back between your legs. This time I run the feather down across your lips, now dripping from the wetness of your passion.

"Tell me, babygirl, why are you here?"

The question startles you, so focused on the sensations of your body. You hesitate a second. "For your pleasure, Daddy."

"And who does this pussy belong to?"

"You, Daddy."

"And who does your mouth belong to?"

"You, Daddy."

"And your breasts?"

"You, Daddy."

"And your ass?"

You hesitate for just a second. "You, Daddy."

"Your ass is mine?"

"Y-y-yes Daddy."

"Your virgin ass is mine?"

"Yes, Daddy."

Your reply is more certain now, trusting.

I set the feather down, and slide the middle finger of my right hand down your pussy, between your lips. Your hips react by thrusting onto my hand, trying to force my finger into you. I take the wetness from you and smear it around your asshole. Your body goes rigid at first, then starts to relax.

"So if I want to do this." I push my index finger into your ass up to the first knuckle. Your sphincter clamps down on it, but I make no further move and you relax again. I then start to massage the inside of your ass with my finger while my thumb starts rubbing your clit. "I can?"

You start to moan now. Your body is quivering as I play with both your holes. I move my thumb away from your clit and into your vagina and you start moving your head back and forth.

"Please, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me now, Daddy. Please. I need you. Inside me. Now."

"Are you telling me what to do, babygirl?" My tone is angry but this is exactly the reaction I'm hoping for. I remove my finger and thumb from inside you.

"Noooooooo" you cry of dismay.

"I decide when you get fucked and where you get fucked. Not you." I give your left nipple a pinch. "Do you understand?"

"Y-y-yes, Daddy. I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean anything. I just want you, so very badly, Daddy. I'm sorry."

I want you too, as one look at my raging hard on would tell you, but I'm holding your chin in my hand and forcing you to look into my eyes.

"Don't move. Stay perfectly still."

Slowly I unfasten each of your restraints. First your right arm. Then your left. You never take your eyes off mine. I take each of your wrists in a hand and slowly run my hands up each of your arms, to your shoulders. Your arms lay where I drop them, by your side.

I continue moving my hands over your body. Down your sides. Over your hips. Down your thighs. Down each of your legs. To each of your ankles. I slowly undo the restraint on the left leg. Then the right.

"Close your eyes. Roll over on your hands and knees and scoot down here to the edge of the bed."

You scurry to obey. Soon I have both your hips in my hands. I examine my earlier handiwork. Your ass cheeks have almost fully recovered.

Time to fix that.


My right hand slaps your cheek hard. You jump at the unexpectedness of it. You were expecting something else entirely. Which you will soon get, but first you must be taught a lesson.

"Do" Smack! "Not" Smack! "Tell" Smack! "Me" Smack! "What" Smack! "To" Smack! "Do" Smack!

With each blow I alternate to the other cheek. Both are fire engine red again. I hear a soft sob escape you.

I waste no time. I grab your hips again, position myself at the entrance to your pussy and plunge my cock all the way into you. Your pussy is still dripping wet it slides in easily. You stiffen, and a low moan escapes from you. I stand there, my cock buried inside you, not moving. You pull forward a little and start pushing yourself back on me.

"Stop! I told you not to move!" Smack! I slap the right cheek again to emphasize my point. You jerk as my hand strikes and the feeling on my cock is exquisite. The feel of your hot wet cunt on my hard cock is intoxicating. I want nothing more than to slam into you over and over again, unloading all my hot cum into you.

But I have something else in mind. Slowly I withdraw my cock from your velvet loveliness. When I'm almost all the way out. I slam into you again and hold my cock there. Your breath expels out and I feel your pussy clamp down hard on me. I hold still again, and after your pussy relaxes I slowly pull it out again.

When it's all the way out, I rub the tip up and down your slit a couple of times. Then I slam it into you a third time and you let out a squeal. I start fucking you now, slowly. The sensation of my cock inside your hot wet pussy is incredible. Every time I'm inside you it seems like the first time. Every time I fuck you I want it to never end. This is my heaven, you are my goddess, my princess of pleasure, and my cock is worshipping you.

Your head is tossing back in forth as you start thrusting back to meet each stroke. A deep groan escapes your lips. I love it. I take my thumb and start pushing it against your asshole, rubbing it as I fuck you. Another groan escapes you.

"Who's my dirty babygirl?" I'm starting to grunt myself.

"I am, Daddy. I'm your dirty babygirl! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

"Who's my filthy little whore?"

"I'm your filthy little whore! I'll always be your filthy little whore! Fuck this filthy little whore! Fuck your dirty babygirl with that hard cock. Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck Me! "

I'm reaming you with my cock now. Slamming it into you over and over again. You're losing control. Lost in the waves of sensation overwhelming your body. Your pussy is drenched, dripping down your legs.

My cock is pounding into you. It feels so good, fucking you like this. But tonight I want more. Suddenly I pull it all the way out, move my thumb out of the way, and ram it into your ass! I meet some resistance at first, but my cock is rock hard and I push it in!

"Arrrrggggg!" you scream. My cocks goes about a third of the way into you. I keep pushing until its all the way into you. No mercy. This is what I've been waiting for.

"Uhgg! Oh!" you scream as my cock reams onto your ass, violating you in this most personal way. Your ass is so tight! It feels like a pipe has clamped around my cock. After being in your pussy, this is a whole new level of sensation. I love it! I love feeling my cock buried in your hot ass!

I start fucking your ass now, my cock sliding in and out of you. It feels so good! I can't describe how good it feels! I reach under you with one hand and start playing with your pussy.

"How does it feel, Babygirl? How does it feel to have my cock in your ass? How does being fucked in the ass?"

"Oh god! Fuck my ass Daddy!. Fuck your filthy whore in the ass! You dirty ass-fucker! I hate you! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!"

"This dirty ass-fucker is fucking your ass, babygirl!. I'm fucking your ass good!" And I am. My hips are moving and my cock is pounding into you. Deep into you, fucking you.

I'm breathing hard and fast. I'm making animal noises as lust overwhelms me. I start screaming.

"I'm fucking your ass, you cunt-whore! My cock is inside your ass! I'm going to come inside your ass, you dirty babygirl!" My hands are on your hips now, pulling you back onto me with each thrust I make into you. You go down on your shoulder as one hand reaches under you to continue playing with your clit.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Fill my ass with your hot cum! Oh god! Cum in my ass, you bastard! Oh god. Oh god, Oh god! I want you to fill me with your hot cum!" I take my right hand off your hip and slap your ass one more time. Smack! The pain pushes you over the edge.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Daddy, I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum, Daddy! I'm cuuuuuummmmmiinnnnnnggggg!"

Suddenly I feel your body spasm and you collapse under me. Only my hands holding your hips keeps my cock buried inside you. Your sphincter clamping down on my cock triggers my own orgasm and I start shooting spurt after spurt of cum into you. The blood rushes from my head and the feeling is so intense I feel like I'm going to pass out! It seems like it goes on forever as my cock jerks inside your ass over and over again. I don't know how long the moment lasts. I feel light headed and dizzy for a few moments.

Slowly my senses come back to me. I look down at you, all but unconscious on your knees with your head buried in the bed, not moving. Your poor ass looks raw. My cock is still buried in it. It feels so good to be in you, connected to you like this. I don't want it to ever end. But I really need to lie down now. I don't want to hurt you, so I see no other way. Slowly I start pulling my cock out of your ass.

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