tagMatureBabysitter Makes Me Lose Control Ch. 03

Babysitter Makes Me Lose Control Ch. 03


Two months ago, my world turned upside down. Our old babysitter went off to college and we found a new one on Craigslist. Tess came bouncing into our lives tits-first, and now that we've crossed the line with each other, it's becoming easy to cross more.

Yesterday, she texted me that she was playing a soccer game in my neighborhood. I decided to go for a jog. I cruised past the park and stopped for a minute to drink some water and catch my breath. I looked out onto the field and I saw my sexy babysitter playing out there. She was giving it her all, sprinting from one end of the field to the other, shouting to her teammates. She was good, I could tell. I only watched for about ten minutes but she scored a goal. I loved watching her run, if not only because her jersey was way too tight for her enormous boobs, stretching the material nice and taut. I was hypnotized by the sight of her huge tits bouncing up and down as she sprinted. I couldn't see from my vantage point at the water fountain, but I'd bet you my bottom dollar her hard nipples were poking through. How did she get away with this shit? My guess is her coach had as much of a hard-on for her as I do.

Every night as Shelley rolls away from me onto her side, I masturbate thinking about the way Tess surrounded my dick with her huge soft melons and jacked me off with them. Shelley doesn't mind when I masturbate in bed anymore. "Do what you have to do," she says, nodding off.

It's been a little while since we've needed a babysitter because Shelley just didn't like going out much anymore. So in terms of social contact, texts with Tess had been sustaining me for the past few weeks. She sent little flirtatious messages, and pictures of her body.

But I was getting kind of worried about her. Her answers were getting less flirty, and she hinted at some bad stuff going on at home. I tried not to worry about it, instead focusing my attention on my kids and getting things together with my wife. Maybe my flirtation and affair with Tess would go down in history as just that. Life goes on.

As the weather warmed up, so did Shelley. We started going for walks, canoeing, and playing with the kids outside. One day, she easily zipped up pants she hadn't worn in years. "I'm losing so much weight!" she exclaimed. We high-fived, and then we jumped on our bed in the middle of the afternoon and fucked, sunshine streaming in through the windows onto her body. It's something we hadn't done since we were in our twenties.

That night, we sat on the couch with our kids, watching one last show before bedtime, and there was a knock at the door. I went to go get it. Tess was standing in the rain, soaked to the skin in a hoodie and short shorts. She had a backpack and a suitcase with her.

"Tess, what's wrong?" I asked. I could hear Shelley getting up and coming toward the door to see what was going on. Tess was crying.

"Come on in, dear," Shelley said.

A few minutes later we had the story out of her: Her mom left last week, plain disappeared, and won't answer any of Tess's calls, but did send her a letter that said "I'm OK, in Tennesse, please don't try to find me - Mom." It was postmarked from Alabama. The minute they discovered her mom was gone, Tess's dad showed his worst self, threatening to lock her up in the basement.

"You were right to come over here," Shelley said. "You can stay with us as long as you need to."

"Thank you so much," she cried. "I didn't know who else to go to."

We set Tess up in the basement bedroom and called it a night.

In the morning, Shelley had to go to work early. I had a day off. I went downstairs to check on Tess. Since things were starting to go so well with Shelley, I was determined to make this visit from Tess a perfectly chaste one. I was even looking forward to setting some ground rules. No more texts, no more sloppy blowjobs. If she was going to stay in my house, we weren't going to carry on a relationship. It'd be too easy to be found out, and plus, I didn't need her anymore. I had my wife back. My beautiful, smart wife who'd hit a rough patch but was back. When I first met my wife, I fell in love with her intelligence and good humor. I loved her trim, tall body and her modest B cups. Now that I had her attention again, there was no way I needed this young woman, this insatiable, aggressive, huge-titted slut...

I flicked the light on. Tess sat up, pushing the covers down. She was wearing a white tank top with little roses all over it and matching panties. Her pink bra held in those boobs - the most enormous boobs I've ever seen in my life, looking even bigger on Tess's little frame. Her bra and tank top were a little too small, so tons of her flesh spilled over the top and the sides, jiggling as she sat up.

"Good morning," she said, rubbing her eyes.

"Hi Tess," I said. "There are some things I want to talk to you about right away."

"Sure," she said, standing up so that her tits bounced even more. I tried not to stare.

"Well, I know we've been getting close lately, but if you're going to be staying here, I really think the best thing for us to do is avoid any type of intimacy."

Her brow furrowed and she looked down, biting her fat pink lip. Then, less than a second later, she perked up and looked up at me. "Of course! I understand," she said. "I'll be good."

"Thanks, Tess. That means a lot to me. Come upstairs when you're ready and I'll make you breakfast."

In about a half hour, Tess came upstairs, but she hadn't changed. She was still wearing that little tank top and her tit flesh jiggled as she walked over to me in the kitchen. She sat her tight ass down in the chair across from mine and said good morning.

"Tess," I said.


I was about to scold her for not changing clothes, but a wave of sympathy hit me. She needed us. She was an adult, 18, but she wasn't used to fending for herself. She was a young woman without a family. We luckily had the space and the means and the heart to support her.

"I'm sorry if I was harsh with you this morning," I said.

She giggled. "It's okay."


We grilled her about relatives and family friends, but it turned out Tess really didn't have anywhere else to go. So we cut a deal with her - if she babysat the kids and did some housework and cooking, she could stick around as long as she needed.

Two weeks passed without incident. Tess was a great cook and she was keeping the house cleaner than it had ever been. She and Shelley got along great, although sometimes I could tell Shelley wished Tess would cover up more. In spite of myself, I didn't mind... But even when I was fucking Shelley, I couldn't get the image of Tess washing the kitchen floor doggy-style in short shorts and a sports bra out of my head.

A few times I was tempted to go back on our no-intimacy promise, but it felt good not doing anything with Tess. I had been unfaithful previously, but now I was living honestly. There was nothing to hide. No energy to expend on hiding flash drives or deleting texts. Tess was busy with school work, busy with planning her post-graduation life so she could support herself in a few months. She was busy mowing our lawn in short denim shorts and a barely-there bikini top, her enormous rack jiggling in the sunlight... Yes, it was all good. All easy. And all very, very hard.

Then, one Saturday, Tess and I found ourselves in the house alone. Shelley had taken the kids out, and for some reason, we weren't invited. I sat on the couch with a beer, watching football. Tess came up from the basement in a tight, red tube dress that started just above her hard nipples and ended half-way down her bubble butt. She started to pick up toys, bending over every which way so I could see her amazing cleavage and her pussy covered by a black thong.

"What are you doing Tess?"

"I'm just picking up the kids' toys," she said, crawling around the room on her hands and knees. "Is everything okay?"

My dick was getting so hard in my gym shorts, so I quickly grabbed a blanket to cover it. My plan: I'd wait until she was gone and I'd jack off in the bathroom.

"Yes, everything's okay," I said. "That's a very, uh, nice dress you're wearing."

Tess stood up and smiled.

"You like it? It's new. I was thinking on wearing it on my date tonight." She spun around.

"It's very nice."

"You think my boyfriend will like it?" He'll bust a nut on sight, I thought.

I nodded.

"Do you want another beer?" she asked. I said yes. While she was in the kitchen, I put another blanket on top of me, just to make sure she couldn't see my throbbing erection.

She brought me the beer and sat next to me. Then she did something shocking - she put her hand on my chest and started to rub.

"Aren't you a little warm in that blanket?"

"No, Tess. Stop." I took her hand off my chest.

"Alright, fine by me," she said. "Do you mind if I watch TV with you?"


We watched TV and I started to relax. The blankets were very hot, and I fell into a deep slumber. When a loud commercial woke me up, I wasn't sure how much time had passed. The game was over, and Tess was curled up on the couch with her head in my lap. My hand was on her waist, just under her mammoth breasts. In that tight little dress, her cleavage was astounding. Somehow she looked angelic.

The next few things that happened made me feel like I was in a dream. I still have trouble recounting some of the events. I was hazy from my nap and so overheated, sweaty and disoriented. I wasn't thinking clearly. All I knew was that I needed Tess, and looking at her huge breasts and her tiny little waist and her perfect, fuckable body, I needed my dick in her wet pussy.

I put my arm around her shoulder and looked down at her. I hoisted her up so she was sitting on my lap. I drained the rest of my beer and gave her body my full attention, grabbing her hips and her waist with my big hands. I pulled on her nipples through her dress before pulling the fabric down and setting her tits free. Tess moaned.

"I knew you would come around," she whispered as I rubbed her pussy through her thong.

She spun around so she was straddling me. Face-to-face, with this gorgeous creature, I lost all convictions. We started to make out, Tess grinding against my hard dick. Her huge tits pressed up against my chest felt amazing.

"Now," she whispered, leaning forward and whispering in my ear. "Can you fuck me right here or do we have to go down to my basement?" Instead of pulling away, she started nibbling at and sucking my ear.

I did want to fuck her right there on the couch but I wasn't sure when Shelley was coming home. I scooped my little slut up in my arms and carried her downstairs to the guest bedroom. This was risky, but I figured we would be fine if we listened for noises. I threw Tess onto the bed and just looked at her fuckable body for a minute. She was so beautiful.

I took my pants off and stood in front of her, showing off my full length. Tess watched, starting to slip out of her dress and rub her clit. Her tits stood up so high even though she was on her back.

I got on the bed and sucked her nipples until she was moaning, then I moved down to lick her completely bare pussy.

"Oh!" she gasped. "My boyfriend has never done this to me before!"

He was missing out. Her pussy tasted so fresh and sweet, its pink folds so beautiful. I couldn't wait to fuck it. But now I wanted to lap it up and make my little slut come. I flicked her clit with my tongue until she started to grind her pussy on my face. I licked up and down. She almost screamed when she came but I clamped her ass roughly and she stifled the sound.

I felt like an animal. I was about to fuck the alpha female. She was soaking wet and her nipples were like bullets.

I went fishing through my shorts pockets for the condoms I bought earlier. Tess was getting impatient. "Come on baby, just fuck me," she whimpered. "I'm on birth control."

With her go ahead, I got on top of her and worked my dick into her little pussy, inch by inch. I had to cover her mouth with my hand to keep her from screaming. Overcome by my dick, she bit down on my hand. And then I was in, all the way in. Tess looked up at me with a big smile and I smiled back. Her cheeks were flushed pink and her lips were a beautiful berry color. I groaned as her tight pussy started to flex around my dick.

"That's so good," she whispered. "Fuck me now, daddy."

I did as I was told, pushing my thick cock in and out of her tight pussy. I started slow at first, feeling her huge tits bounce up toward my chest. Tess groaned and whimpered, hooking her legs around my torso. I began to speed up, thrusting in and out of my little slut to hear her sexy whimpers. I grabbed her hair and whispered in her ear: "You love this, don't you?"

Tess groaned, her tit flesh hitting her chin over and over as I pounded into her.

"Get on top of me," I groaned.

I flipped over to be on my back, grabbed her by her waist and hoisted her on top of me. I resumed fucking her with all my might from below. She bounced happily on top of me, sitting up straight to give me a good show. She held her arms above her head and I was so mesmerized by her tits bouncing up and down that I didn't give a shit about feeling guilty. Then she came down so our bodies were pressing against each other, her big boobs mashed against my chest as she bounced up and down on my dick.

I was in heaven. "I'm gonna come," I sputtered out, clutching her ass for dear life.

Tess started to bounce harder and faster, giggling. "Yes, daddy!" she screamed.

"Come in me, daddy!"

"Come in your little slut!"

I couldn't hold it anymore. My dick spasmed and I came inside her, filling her tight vagina. I felt my cock pulse over and over again, splashing the walls of her pussy with my cum. She stayed on top of me, hugging me hard and gasping and giggling and letting it all fill her up.

"I love your cum," she whispered after a while, pulling herself slowly off my softening dick.

...to be continued.

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