tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBabysitter's New Customer

Babysitter's New Customer

byPatrick Flanagan©

This story was actually told to me by a friend so I'm not taking credit for it as an original story. I did edit it a bit, but it's essentially as it was related to me.


We'd had a great marriage. Seventeen years, three kids, a place at the lake with horses, and a fat retirement account built up. My wife's a great lady, to boot. She's hot in bed, even after three kids, and she's kept her body in good shape.

So what was it that made me wander?

Over the years we'd had a string of sitters, various teenage girls from the neighborhood, and never once did I ever give any of them a sideways look. Not once. Really. Until Emily came along.

How do I describe her? What she had? This strange aura that just pulled me into her universe like some damnable black hole? Her profound innocence coupled with a petite little body and a pixie-cut brunette mop just did something to my mind and I once I'd laid eyes on her and talked to her, I knew I had to fuck her nineteen year-old body and make her mine. And every time I'd look into her brown doe-eyes and experience her demure and submissive personality I'd find myself wanting to take her right there!

It took no small amount of planning on my part, but once I'd figured out the logistics the plan fell into place effortlessly. I hired Emily to sit for the whole weekend and the wife and I were off to the lake for a romantic time together. My wife, I may add, is allergic to peanuts. Emily showed up on time as usual and saw the wife and I off at the door.

Arriving at the lake the wife and I settled in and then went off to dinner at a special Thai restaurant I'd very carefully researched. My wife checked the menu and asked the waiter if there were any peanuts involved in the various dishes and he said no, there weren't. So she ordered with confidence and an hour later she was sick as hell from the filet of sole that was braised in peanut oil. My wife demanded that we head home right then and there and that the weekend was over until she felt better.

On the way home we had to make a few bathroom stops and we also had to pick up a few bottles of water so the wife wouldn't dehydrate. One of those bottles of water ended up laced with some of the horse tranquilizer we used when we shoed the palomino. When we finally got home she was zonked out and I needed Emily's help getting her into the house. I set the wife down on the fold-out sofabed in the living room and she was soon fast asleep. Emily asked if she could help as I undressed the missus and got her situated and I just let her watch. I got my wife under the covers just as the snoring commenced.

Emily then asked if she should go home and I told her it was much too late and, besides, she was already dressed for bed. Emily suddenly became acutely aware of her immodest attire and I noticed her nipples perk up under the tank top she was wearing along with the cutest little panties with teddy bears on them. The question came of where she was supposed to sleep since her sofabed was now occupied by my sick and drugged wifey.

Ah, to quote George Peppard, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

I told Emily she'd sleep in the master bedroom and I'd get changed up there and then come back down to sleep with my wife. My kids almost-naked babysitter followed me up the stairs to the master suite and sat on the bed talking to me as I brushed my teeth and did my nightly business in the master bathroom. I decided to not make too much of a shock to Emily and I only undressed down to my boxers. When I came out of the bathroom the girl's jaw about hit the floor!

I asked her to come see me to the door and she got up and walked to the door with me. Her face was so beautiful as I closed the door, locked it, and then flicked off the lights.

"What are you doing?" she asked me.

"Let me show you."

She trembled as I pulled her close and then lifted her chin with my hand as I placed my lips on hers.

"Mr. _________, we can't do this!" she ever so quietly protested.

"Emily, I think you'll be surprised at what we're going to do."

I kissed her again and this time she yielded to me a little more. I felt her go a bit limp in my arms and I figured it was a good time to make my way to the bed. She felt me start to move her in that direction and she pulled away from me and started to cry.

"Emily, no...", I pleaded, "you'll wake the kids!"

But her crying got louder. I don't know why, but she pissed me off and I slapped her, hard. The tears instantly stopped.

"No more fucking tears from you, you hear me?"

I couldn't believe that I was holding this girl by the shoulders and speaking with the most menacing voice I'd ever heard come out of my mouth.

"I don't want to hear another fucking thing out of you, you fucking got that?"

"Yes." Her reply was mixed in with a sniffle.

"Now hold still."

She did as she was told as I pulled off my boxers. In the dark she had no idea what I'd just done. Then she jumped when my hands went to her hips and caressed them just before I pulled those teddy bear panties to her ankles. She began to cry again.

"I told you, not one FUCKING sound!"

I knew she was still crying as I pulled the tank top over her head and down off of her arms. I held it to my nose for a moment and drank in the scent of this wondeful nymph and then I fully realized that she, my Emily, was naked just inches away from me.

I dropped the tank top to the floor and reached for the girl. Crushing her naked body to mine I kissed her full and hard on the lips and I tasted the salt of her tears on them. I picked her up off of her feet and carried her, crushed against my chest, to the waiting bed. I laid the crying girl gently on the soft sheets and then I climbed onto the bed myself.

She was on her back and I could see her fearful but beautiful eyes looking up at me in the dark as I straddled her. I leaned in and kissed her nipples and tried to suck her pert breasts into my mouth whole. The whole time she was crying and with each new sensation she's let go with another round of stifled cries.

I kissed the top of her head and let my erect cock brush across her pubic hair and up her firm belly. I was rewarded for my effort when she reached down to protect herself and her little hand touched my throbbing cock. She jumped and started to say something and I smothered the words with another kiss as I settled my weight down upon the girl's tender frame.

I was kissing her and fighting her feeble struggles as she tried to prevent my legs from getting between her own, but it was a losing battle. She soon had no choice but to spread her wispy legs and allow my cockmeat to kiss her untouched pussy. For all my fantasies about this moment I'd planned on a lot more foreplay, now I just began stroking my cock back and forth at the girl. I can't imagine how she must've felt as her pussy moistened up even though she was fighting this as best she could. Her efforts to get me off of her intensified as my cock spread her pussy lips more and more. In the middle of her fighting me and kissing me, my cock entered her. She froze as her body accepted her first cock. I was thrilled as it slid right on into her depths and bottomed out on that first, slow, wet stroke.

Her head went to one side as I pressed myself deeper into her pussy. She just lay there as I started fucking her, the battle lost and the fight all gone out of her. I fucked that little thing for well over a half-hour. She didn't say a thing as I pulled her around on her knees and fucked her doggy style, then pushing her face into the mattress as I plowed her pussy balls-deep, all while holding her by her smooth-as-silk hips.

I flipped her onto her back again and felt her wince as I slipped myself into what was now a sore and dry little pussy. She winced again as I pulled out and reached for the wife's tube of KY. I popped the cap on the tube and squeezed out a good amount of it into my hand and stroked it all over my cock. Then, taking the little injection device my wife has for the KY, I filled it up and then put the tube down on the nightstand.

I took the KY injector and lubed it up with the stuff left on my hand and then felt Emily tense up as I pushed it deep into her pussy. It came to me that injecting her with the KY would be like coming in her and I hit the plunger with enough force to make her feel the slimy stuff squirt up her womb.

Fuck, this was too much for me and I slipped my lubed-up cock into her lubed up cunt and it was sheer fuckin' heaven! It must've done something for her, too, since she answered my fucking her pussy by fucking back, even if it was just a little, I felt her fuck back at my cock as I plowed her again.

It took a lot for me to calm down, but I finally did and I laid all my weight on the girl as I slow-fucked her and tried to hold off coming for a bit longer. I kissed her now and her tender lips opened and my toungue touched and began to tangle with hers. I gave her a nice deep thrust and her head went back as I bottomed out again. Then I slowed down and returned to that steady fucking of my little angel.

It was another half-hour when the KY started to wear off and I felt Emily's pussy start to dry up on me.

"Please stop, it's starting to hurt." she whispered.

I guess it had to end sometime.

"Gimme a minute and I'll stop."

The moment of truth had come and I wrapped my arms around the girl and steadily increased my tempo until I was fucking her like a goddamned steam engine! She started to shriek with every thrust of my cock into her fucked out pussy. God, it just fucking made me hornier! I lifted up into a push-up over the girl and watched her 34C tits flop around with each deep thrust of my cock into her fuckhole. I felt my come boil up in my balls and I knew it would be over soon. I slowed down into a series of deep, hard thrusts, each thrust planting my cock firmly against her cervix.

I felt her tense up.

"Oh, no...please no...I'm not protected...you're not...we'll get....ungghhh!!!"

Christ, in the middle of all my excitement I forgot she wasn't on the pill like my wife! I was about to stop and pull out when I felt her pussy contract around my cock like a fucking hand! She was coming! I'd fucked her rocks off! It was too fucking much for me and I rammed her for all I was worth as my cock exploded a load of high-octane sperm right into her womb.

My cock was spurting come into the girl and she was fucking on my cock as hard and fast as she could. My innocent little angel had turned into a sexualized woman all that fast.

I collapsed on her sweaty body, my cock still twitching in her pussy, and kissed her. She kissed me back.

"Is it always like this?" she asked.

I smiled and kissed her again as my cock firmed up to plant another gout of my sperm in her fertile cunt.

It was no surprise to me when Emily showed me the pregnancy test a month later. Her family kicked her out when she refused to tell them who the father was. My wife readily agreed to have Emily live with us and babysit full-time so my wife could pursue her career again. Life is SO fucking good!

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