tagGroup SexBabysitting Bliss Ch. 02

Babysitting Bliss Ch. 02


As I strolled into my apartment after a long day of exams at school, I found a note my mom had left on the kitchen table. “Scott in 2C has requested your babysitting services again. I said you would do it. Be there by 8pm.”

I crumpled up the note and tossed it back onto the table. It was a weeknight, I had another exam in 2 days and she offered my services, without asking my permission. I tossed my backpack on a nearby chair and started my studying. If I had to work all night, I would at least get my reading done as soon as I could.

At 7pm, I decided I would gather some things together to take with me to study and chose to have a quick shower. I had just stepped out of the shower and wrapped my auburn hair with a towel when the phone rang. I dashed into my bedroom and grabbed the phone, noticing on the

Caller ID that it was Bridget, a friend in my English Literature class.

“Hey Jenn, what are you up to tonight? She questioned. I explained to her that my mom set me up for a babysitting job, and I was planning to study once the kids were in bed.

“Great,” she exclaimed, “cause I was hoping I could come over and we could study together. I just don’t trust my notes from Professor Ford’s class.” I couldn’t say no to her, plus it would be nice to have some company, so I agreed and told her to meet me at my place in 20 minutes.

I hung up the phone and quickly proceeded to get dressed. I figured since it was just babysitting, I would have no reason to get all dressed up, so I tossed on some cotton panties, a pair of faded blue jeans and a tank top.

I hoped I would be home nice and early so I could get more studying done. I just wanted to finish this exam and get the summer started.

I had just finished drying my hair, when the doorbell rang. I let Bridget into the apartment and we quickly grabbed some snacks and my schoolbooks and then we headed over to Scott’s place.

On our way up to the apartment, I told her all about Scott’s niece and nephew, who I figured I was watching for him again. I didn’t mention my escapades with Scott because she didn’t need to know, and as far as I was concerned, nothing was going to happen with him again.

When we arrived, it was suspiciously quiet after I rang the doorbell, until we heard Scott yell incoherently.

“Did he say we could come in?” I asked Bridget. She nodded her head in agreement and we let ourselves in to his place.

“Scott, where are the kids?” I yelled as I threw my bag on the couch and Bridget made herself at home in an old armchair. After a minute with no response, I sat down on the couch and then heard Bridget gasp.

“Well, well... what do we have here?” Bridget remarked. I was puzzled by her comment and turned around to see Scott standing naked in the living room, just behind the couch. I think he was just as surprised as we were.

“Scott… this is Bridget from my English Lit class. We were planning to study when the kids went to bed, but something tells me there are no children in this apartment” I said angrily.

“Bridget, pleasure to meet you,” he said as he obviously checked her out. She was an attractive girl, average height, nice blonde hair that she dyes herself and brown eyes. I looked over at her in the chair and could tell she was also giving Scott the once over.

I grabbed Scott by the arm and led him into the more secluded hallway, hoping to take a moment and reprimand him before Bridget and I left.

“What on earth are you doing?” I irately asked once we were standing in the hall. He did not reply, instead pushed me against the wall and kissed me passionately. He was quickly running his hands up the front of my shirt and playing with my breasts.

“Don’t let me stop you,” she said as she stood there and removed her t-shirt. “In fact, I think Jenn and I could use a study break, so why don’t you provide us with a nice distraction Scott.”

My mouth dropped to the floor as I tried to comprehend all that was currently going on. I watched as Bridget found her way over to Scott’s bedroom and went inside. Scott & I were still standing in the hallway when we heard a noise from his bedroom, we looked in and saw Bridget rubbing her clit on his bed, her clothes strewn all over his room.

I was getting very aroused as I stood there watching her please herself. Scott had positioned himself behind me and I could feel his erection growing against my ass.

He reached to my waist and pulled my tank top up over my firm breasts and his hands instinctively touched my nipples and pinched them gently.

“Is she someone you would do?” He whispered to me as we watched the masturbation show in front of us.

Scott helped me out of my jeans and I sauntered over to the bed and instructed Bridget to stop, as I was planning on helping her out. I could quickly tell, she had done this before and quietly told her I was a virgin in this department.

I kneeled on the bed in front of her and spread her legs wide. Her panties were still clinging to her body; she had just slid them over to the slide of her pussy for better access.

I kissed her lips lightly and slowly began to lick my way down her body. Her chest was not as well endowed as mine, but she had beautiful breasts. I stopped at her nipples and hesitantly pinched them.

“Lick them Jenn,” she instructed. “I love watching a woman lick my nipples,” she stated. I could hear Scott on the other side of the room. He had positioned himself in an armchair and was stroking his cock, while watching Bridget and I play with each other.


When I first met Jenn back in September, I had an instant attraction to her. She had a great personality, was very pretty and very smart. The more I got to know her, and closer we became, the more I was fascinated with her.

I knew she was a virgin and I could also tell she wasn’t interested in me in any sort of romantic sense. In fact, I couldn’t even get up the nerve to tell her I was a bi-sexual. We were close friends, but by no means did we tell each other everything.

I called Jenn that night simply because I really needed help with this English Lit exam. She was acing the class, so I knew she would be a great help in explaining all the stuff I just couldn’t wrap my head around. Now I just can’t comprehend how I got here on this bed, with her licking my nipples.

I moaned under my breath as Jenn took my nipple into her mouth and bit gently. I had no idea she had this side of her. I reached behind her head and pushed her down onto my breast, wanting her to suck a bit harder. I could hear Scott behind her stroking his cock and moaning his approval at the scene in front of him.

Jenn lifted her mouth off my chest and started to lick her way down my stomach. She stopped before she reached my sopping wet pussy and spread my legs farther apart.

I felt her fingers trace the lips of my cunt before she reached a finger in and found my clit. She kissed the inside of my thighs as her finger rubbed my very sensitive clit.

I moaned in sheer ecstasy as I felt two of her fingers slip inside my wet pussy. My hands reached up and massaged my breasts as Jenn fingered my hot hole.

Jenn pulled her fingers out of me and brought them up to my mouth to suck on them. I wrapped my mouth around them and sucked gently, tasting as much of my juices as possible.

“I want you to lick my pussy, Jenn,” I instructed as her fingers popped out of my mouth. Jenn moved her body back on the bed a bit and moved her mouth over my pussy.

She began by licking the length of my slit tenderly with her tongue. Then I felt her push my lips apart and place her mouth on my clit. She licked my aching nub furiously and my excitement increased. After a couple of minutes of licking my clit, I felt her tongue enter my wet hole, and plunge in and out, fucking my cunt.

I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her deeper into my hips, trying to get her tongue as deep into me as possible. I was on the verge of cumming, but wanted to prolong this experience as long as possible.

I motioned for Scott, who was still pleasuring himself on the other side of the room, to join us. He eagerly got off his chair and strolled to the end of the bed, and positioned himself behind Jenn. I could tell he really wanted to penetrate her, but I had a better idea.

Jenn and I repositioned ourselves on the bed. Her head was up near the headboard, with her wide-open pussy right on the edge of the bed. Scott was standing at the end of the bed, with a good position to fuck her, and I climbed on top of her, so that I could lick her clit, while she ate me as well.

Jenn started to lick my clit as soon as we were in position and I instantly bent my head down to return the favor. Scott pulled off Jenn’s wet panties and then moved his rock hard cock against her wet hole, slowly entered her pussy. I wanted to make sure Jenn came hard tonight, as she was our little slut for the evening. So much for the studying we were planning to do.


My initial plan was just to get Jenn in my apartment again and fuck her , but when she showed up at my place with one of her girlfriends, I didn’t plan to shy away from what could be my only chance at a threesome with 2 19 year old girls.

I tried not to think as I continued to plunge my cock into Jenn’s juicy cunt. I grabbed Bridget’s head and pushed it against her clit to get her to lick it harder. I could hear Jenn moaning loudly beneath Bridget’s pussy.

I thrust my hard cock deep inside her and then thrust one finger into Bridget’s mouth. She licked it for a moment, and then I slowly ran it against Jenn’s ass, looking to plunge the finger deep inside her anus.

“Oh yeah, finger our slut’s ass,” exclaimed Bridget as she watched my sink my finger deep inside Jenn’s ass. The dirty talk seemed to get Jenn even more excited and I told Bridget to continue it while I fuck her hard.

“Scott, fuck her tight pussy and ass… fuck her hard… she’s our little whore,” she would cry as I continue to stab Jenn with my hard cock. I could tell that Bridget was about to cum on Jenn’s face, as she stopped talking altogether and simply moaned loudly and shook her head back and forth.

I pulled my finger out of Jenn’s ass and began to rub her clit as I fucked her cunt hard. My thrusts were increasing in speed and my fingers tried to match the speed of my cock. I was completely focused on my task at hand, when I heard Bridget scream out in pleasure.

She climbed off Jenn’s face and moved up to kiss her tenderly. This pushed me over the edge and I fucked Jenn crazily, rubbing her clit, wanting to make us cum together.

However, it seemed like Jenn was going to cum before me, as my rubbing of her very delicate clit had obviously had the desired effect on her, and she too was shouting in pleasure.

The moment Jenn came, Bridget grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed on my back. Jenn automatically reached for my hard cock and began stroking it. Bridget had moved her mouth down to my groin and was licking my balls.

All this attention to my throbbing cock was driving me mad with pleasure. Jenn loosened her grip on my cock and her and Bridget began to take turns sucking my cock.

As I watched these two girls suck my cock, I knew I was about to cum. I pushed Jenn’s head down onto my cock, trying to get it deep into her mouth. I exploded deep inside her hot mouth and heard her gagging slightly as she tried to swallow me down.

This only made me more excited and I came harder than ever. I yelled at her not to swallow and insisted that she kiss Bridget passionately and share my juices. Bridget loved this idea and eagerly kissed Jenn, tasting my cum in her mouth as they kissed.

After their mouths parted, both girls climbed up beside me on the bed, and positioned their bodies closely beside mine. Bridget climbed out of bed not long after we finished and quickly left the apartment. She was still worried about the English Lit exam, but explained to Jenn & I that if she did fail, she’d fuck her way to a passing grade.

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