tagGroup SexBachelor/Bacherlorette Pary

Bachelor/Bacherlorette Pary

byC Love©

My Best friend Woody was getting married, and I was his Best Man. That, of course, meant that I was in charge of the Bachelor party. Woody had met his fiancée, Jess, through her best friend, Kathy. Kathy and I were longtime friends, and when the alcohol started to flow, occasional lovers. Kathy and I decided that we were going to throw Bachelor and Bachelorette parties that no one would forget. We coordinated so that they were both on the same night. Then we rented two adjoining hotel rooms. Both groups went out on the town, to the usual respective places that those parties visit, but making sure we didn't cross paths. The girls consisted of: Kathy, a bi-sexual dirty blond, with B Cups and a nice body, Liz who has black hair and great D cups, Caroline, with golden blonde hair, she has smaller breasts, but beautiful legs, Kristen, a redhead lesbian with perfectly perky C Cup breasts, Jen, an oriental girl with a body built for sin, and a sexual appetite to match, and the bride to be, Jess. Kathy brought her group back to the hotel at around midnight, which is when the male stripper showed up. I brought the guys back about a half an hour later. We consisted of Woody, Geoffrey, Dan, Jen's boyfriend William, and myself.

Our stripper showed up as we got to the hotel, which meant I didn't have to worry about the guys getting curious about the noise next door. Only Kathy and I knew that the parties were next door to each other. The plan, which went off without a hitch, was for the stripper's to do their show, and end by blindfolding the respective bride/groom, and asking everyone to be silent. When the signal was given that meant that both the bride and groom were blindfolded. Our stripper, Lexus, led the blindfolded Woody into the bathroom and had him sit down on the toilet (lid down). Then I opened the door leading to the girl's room. There was a collective gasp as both parties realized who was next door. Then, the male stripper, Sting, led Jess, blindfolded, into the same bathroom and had her sit on Woody's lap. As he closed the door behind them he told them to take off their blindfolds. We heard Jess squeal with delight as she saw Woody and everybody from both parties clapped for the couple.

The real party was only just beginning, however. With the music back on, there were 9 drunk, horny people dancing in the hotel room. Even though we had two rooms of space to dance in, everyone stayed packed closely together. Liz was sandwiched between Dan and I. He was grinding with her from the front, while I grinded on her ass from behind. I could feel Caroline dancing back to back with me while grinding with Geoffrey. Next to me was Kristen, who was spooning with Kathy, who was spooning with Jen, who was grinding with William. As the music continued, and the room heated up, so did the dancers. I wrapped my arm around Liz and grabbed one of her breasts, while continuing to grind on her ass. She continued to grind with Dan while they now kissed. I reached my other arm behind me, and grabbed one of Caroline's legs. I pulled it up off the ground, and rubbed my hand along her inner thigh. Geoffrey was sucking on her neck while she rubbed his cock through his pants. Kristen was rubbing Kathy's breasts and pussy from behind through her dress, while Kathy was groping Jen's breasts, from behind, while Jen and William continued to dry hump.

Eventually, Kristen took off Kathy's blouse and bra. Once the nudity barrier was broken everyone was helping everyone else out of his or her clothes. No one had to take his or her own clothes off; they were taken off for them. As I groped Liz's breast from behind, and stroked Caroline's leg, Kristen was being pushed back into me by the force of the train that the four of them were still in. That force, along with Caroline being off balance pushed her, and almost everyone to the floor. I was on my back, still holding onto Liz's breast. Liz was on her side, letting Dan slide his hard cock into her. I had my other hand between Caroline's legs, fingering her pussy while she was on her knees sucking off Geoffrey, who had fallen into a sitting position at the foot of the bed. Kristen, Kathy, Jen and William had all fallen onto me. William and Jen had rolled off of the pile, and were now next to my head. Jen was riding William, while he sucked on her right tit. The left tit was close enough to me that I was able to take it into my mouth and suckle on it. Meanwhile, Kristen was lying on top of me, her back to my chest. Jen was now in a position close enough for Kristen to grab her by the head and kiss her. Kathy was at Kristen and my feet, and took to us both. She slid onto my stiff cock, and pulled Kristen's hips to her face to eat her out. Geoffrey was then able to lean over and suck on one of Kristen's breasts.

The nine of us fucked and sucked until Kathy shook with her orgasm. The electricity of her orgasm went through everybody, and soon we were all collapsed in one sweaty panting heap on the floor. It wasn't long until that heap of legs, arms, and bodies began to writhe again, and we all went for round two. Eventually it broke off into groups of two and three, but when Liz decided to take a shower the next morning, it wasn't long before we all reconvened in the bathtub. By the time we did check out of the rooms, each lady had sampled every cock in the room, at least once. No one knew where the bride and groom-to-be went off to, but by the time anyone cared enough to notice they had slipped out together. Which is a shame, because they missed the post reception party too.the post reception party too.

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