tagLoving WivesBachelor Party for Two Ch. 01

Bachelor Party for Two Ch. 01

byJoey Midnight©

I felt physically fine the morning after my bachelor party, which tells you that it was a pretty shitty time. My beautiful blond fiancée had tried her best to arrange one for me but it was a disaster.

Having just moved to the city I had no friends here yet. I assumed I wouldn't have a bachelor party but Tammy insisted on coming up with something. She already felt guilty about me being the one to move so she couldn't let me miss out on that too.

Tammy set up an evening of food, drinks and watching the NCAA tournament games at a nearby pub with some of her male coworkers. I felt like an ass being surrounded by people who were only there as a favor to my fiancée, but I tried to make the best of it. The other guys tried for a while too, but they soon got wrapped up in work conversations. I concentrated on the beer and game. This suited me fine but I turned around to see Tammy holding back a cry.

On the way home, Tammy apologized for ruining my bachelor party and burst into tears. I told her that I had a good time and I loved that she tried, but she felt awful. She swore she'd make it up to me and refused to listen to my protests.

A few weeks later, Tammy came home beaming. She kissed me and excitedly told me that she had arranged a great party idea for the next night. Before I could even tell her it wasn't necessary, she promised me that this one would be very different. Tammy actually bounced up and down as she told me it would just be me and her... and the entertainment. That got my interest but she refused to divulge more information saying she wanted it to be a surprise.

I was kicked out of the house for the next afternoon so I killed some time watching more college basketball at the pub. I found myself losing interest in the game trying to figure out what Tammy had set up. Tammy was definitely not a prude, but I couldn't imagine her actually getting me a stripper. She had previously vetoed strippers wherever I had suggested them in the past. But it had to be something pretty decent to get her so worked up. Finally, it was time to go home and find out.

Knocking on my door to give Tammy some notice, I walked inside and found her on the couch drinking with a gorgeous young looking woman. Tammy jumped up to welcome me with a big hug, obviously already buzzed. She pulled me towards the smiling blond and introduced us, me as Joey and her as Cathy, but tonight she would be Angel. Angel stood up to her full 5-8 inch frame and shook my hand smiling widely. She then excused herself to change for the show leaving me with my fiancée.

Tammy, still bursting with excitement, asked me what I thought of her. I told her that she was amazing looking and asked if she was really there to be my 'entertainment'. When Tammy squeaked out a yes I asked if she was sure she was legal. Tammy just laughed and told me that they met in a community theater about a year ago and that she was 21 years old. Pushing me into a chair, she told me to stop worrying and start enjoying. She asked me what I wanted to drink and told me to wait there.

Ten full minutes later, Tammy came back with my rye and coke dressed like I had never seen her before. Her breasts were barely contained in a short tight white tube top. The indentations of her nipples poked through clearly, and you could even see the surrounding red areola through the shear fabric. White fishnet stockings covered her shapely legs, topped off with high heels and a tiny black leather miniskirt.

She gave me my drink and asked me if I liked her bachelor party waitress outfit. Never having seen her in anything so slutty I could barely squeak out my approval. Tammy loved sex and had a very active dirty mind but she never dressed up like this for me. Our thing was more about talking dirty to each other while making love, describing fantasies for each other. This was different in a really good way. Her outfit looked amazing and was making me almost want to skip the show and just take her right there.

She asked me if there was anything I wanted in a very suggestive voice. I reached out to grab her beautiful body and she collapsed on the couch with me, kissing me deeply. This little party seemed to be turning her on even more than me. I slid my hands down her breasts and over her legs to Tammy's appreciative moans. As I reached under her skirt, I found that she wasn't wearing any panties either.

Her pussy felt so hot and so soaked I was shocked. Tammy asked me between kisses if she was as sexy as the strip club waitresses, and I replied that she beat them hands down. She moaned her thanks and reached down and grabbed my erection through my pants. She teased my cock as she told me how this night came about. Apparently Cathy, who I had to call Angel that night, wasn't actually a stripper. She was just a friend Tammy used to hang out with after plays who was back in town visiting for a week. They had gone for drinks and the subject of my bachelor party came out. After joking about having Angel strip for me, they decided that it might actually be fun to do. It was perfect really, because Tammy could trust her and for Angel it would be a fun, safe way of living out a stripper fantasy.

Tammy's teasing had gotten me to the point where I wasn't sure I could wait for a strip show. I started to play with her in earnest when Angel called out that she was ready. Tammy asked Angel to give us a second, and she got off the couch and pulled me up with her. She led me to a chair in the middle of the room and told me to sit down. Grabbing my arms gently behind the chair, she suddenly clicked my wrists together with a pair of handcuffs. I laughingly asked her what that was about, and she told me she just wanted to make sure I played by the rules. Apparently the rules were that I couldn't touch lick her tits or pussy or lick or kiss her and Angel couldn't kiss me or touch my cock, but she could overlook everything else. This sounded more like the slightly jealous Tammy I knew and loved, but it still sounded fair enough.

Tammy gave my cock a final squeeze and told me to enjoy the show. She stood up and turned out the lights except for one in the middle of the room. Being drunk and unaccustomed to her slutwear, she didn't seem to notice that her pussy was just visible beneath her tiny skirt. Or maybe my demure fiancée was doing it on purpose? Whatever the reason, those few soft glimpses were driving me up the wall with lust.

Leaving the room for a few minutes, Tammy came back leading Angel by the hand to the center of the room. I concentrated on the little bit of pussy revealing itself with each step until Angel came into the light. Angel was simply stunning. Her big blue innocent eyes and welcoming smile made her look like the girl next door while her large firm breasts and amazingly long legs made her look like a pornstar. She wore surprisingly elegant clothes; a low cut red cocktail dress with a long slit in the side, matching red high heels, and earring and a necklace that looked more expensive than my car. I couldn't believe this dream girl was about to strip for me.

Tammy reminded me of her presence by crouching next to me and telling me to be nice because this was Angel's first time doing this. I promised I would. She then told me that Angel would be doing two shows. The first would be a striptease and the second would be a surprise. She playfully reprimanded me saying that it wasn't going to be a threesome or anything, but that I'd like it. Music started playing before I could imagine what she meant, and I settled back to watch the show.

Angel began dancing around seductively to a blues number. She stared into my eyes the entire time, blushing and smiling, clearly enjoying herself. Shyness melted away with each sway of her hips. She moved to within a foot of me, sliding her hands over her body as she danced. I watched her briefly squeeze her nipples through her dress as she explored herself. When Angel turned her back and gyrated her firm ass in front of me, Tammy reached over and asked if I was enjoying myself. Before I could answer Tammy grabbed my cock, which was harder than ever, and cheered enthusiastically. She even told Angel to see how excited I was. Angel looked back and turned completely red before looking me in the eye and whispering 'good'.

Tammy stayed close to me during the dance, kissing my ear and grabbing my cock whenever she thought Angel couldn't see. Tammy whispered questions, asking if I liked Angel tits and how she touched her ass. Exactly how she talked during sex when we fantasized about me making love to another woman. My cock felt like burning iron, and Angel hadn't even taken the dress off yet.

The second song started without a pause, and it was Angel's cue to begin the actual stripping. She slipped out of the dress very slowly, swaying her ass until the dress pooled at her feet. Angel twirled around to show off her lacy red bra and lacy red panties that took my breath away. When Angel bent over to move the dress away, Tammy reached into my pants and began stroking my cock. She licked my ear and asked me if I wanted to fuck Angel. I wasn't sure if this was a trick question or not, but she told me to tell her what I wanted to do. She loved for me to describe making love to other women, even though she made it clear with the threat of murder that the fantasy would never come to reality.

Angel turned around seeing Tammy's hand in my pants and her mouth dropped open. Before Tammy could see that she was busted, Angel just laughed and kept dancing. Eventually Tammy noticed and pulled her hand out apologizing, telling us that she was just a little drunk and a lot horny. Angel told her she didn't mind and that she was sure I didn't mind either. With that Angel came up to me to recapture my attention. She spread my legs apart and danced between them. Her warm smooth legs slid against mine as she moved. At this distance I could see her nipples clearly through her lacy bra and I could smell her intoxicating perfume. I told Tammy it was a good thing she handcuffed me or I would probably start touching Angel right now. Tammy moaned at the words. I looked over to see her right hand steal a feel between her legs.

Angel's focused on me as she reached up to undo her bra. I felt Tammy's left hand grab my arm harder as Angel's breasts fell into view. They looked fantastic; full and soft with pencil eraser nipples. I told Angel how perfect her breasts were, and she thanked me with genuine relief that I was happy. Angel moved even closer to me, stepping over my left leg until she straddled me. She reached down and undid the buttons of my shirt, smiling and staring into my eyes. Tammy kissed and licked my neck the whole time, still copping feels of my almost painful erection whenever she could. I whispered to Tammy that I wanted to play with those perfect tits, that I wanted to rub my cock between them, and Tammy groaned a quite 'yes' to each desire.

When my shirt lay open, Angel crouched down and trailed her soft blond hair over my stomach and up my chest. I moaned out loud making both girls giggle, so Angel bent down and did it again. This time, she did it much more slowly, breathing hot breath up my stomach. I whispered how good this felt to Tammy, to have this beautiful young blond teasing me and making me so hard. When Angel's lips brushed against me I licked Tammy's ear and described the wet warmth. Tammy seemed to get even more turned on than me.

Angel placed her hands on my thighs for balance and accidentally leaned against my cock. We both gasped, but Angel remembered the rules and quickly apologized to Tammy. Tammy panted out that it was absolutely fine. As Angel continued her sensual assault on my body I looked at my fiancée and saw the lust crazed look on her face. She grabbed my head in both hands and kissed me deeply. When she released me, I told her how good Angel 's hand had felt on my cock, hoping this blurring of the line between fantasy and reality wouldn't backfire. Tammy replied by grabbing my cock and stroking it saying 'you mean when she did this'.

The song changed again, and Tammy told me this would be the last one for this first part of the show. Angel and Tammy exchanged a nod and began opening my pants. As the ladies tugged my pants down, my boxers slid down partially exposing my throbbing cock. The girls whistled and smiled at me as they slowly freed my feet from the pants. Tammy gently reminded us that my cock wasn't to be directly touched, so Angel should probably put it back into my boxers. Angel playfully moaned an 'Awww' and slowly pulled my Calvin Klein's up, dragging the fabric deliberately against my erection. When I was covered, she squeezed my cock a little pat, making Tammy moan out a highly aroused 'Oh god...'.

Angel stood up and straddled my leg again, but faced the other way this time. She slowly pulled the small pieces of panty up between her cheeks to show me more of her amazing ass. Tammy slid beside me again, watching the show and reaching down to blatantly jerk me off. I whispered all the things I wanted to do to Angel; how badly I wanted to fuck her, to taste her, Tammy groaning louder with each word. Angel lowered her ass to my leg, and began a light lap dance. I told Tammy how hot her pussy felt on my leg. As she humped slowly closer, the dampness on my leg told me that Angel was enjoying this show as much as my bride and I.

Angel slid up my leg until her ass touched my cock, bumping Tammy's hand off it. Angel sat back with my covered cock between her ass and leaned back. She lay against my chest and gently rocked back and forth. Angel slid her face next to mine, groaning softly. She held my cheek next to hers letting me feel her inaudible groans. Angel was vibrating with lust. Though I couldn't see Tammy at this angle, I could feel her fingers playing with my balls and swirling around the damp spot Angel left on my leg. My cock throbbed even more fiercely than before, approaching the point of no return.

To top it off, my cock popped out of my boxers and was rubbing against Angel's bare ass. I told both girls about it, but Angel just opened her mouth against my cheek in silent groaning and kept up the lap dance. Tammy returned to my ear, panting with lust as she fingered her own pussy. I told her I was getting close coming all over Angel's sexy ass. Tammy grabbed the front of Angel's panties and pulled them up, encouraging her to keep rocking on my cock. Angel moaned loudly as the fabric strained against her clit.

I tried to coherently describe to Tammy how good her soft warm cheeks felt against my cock, but by this time I could barely speak. Angel mouthed 'Oh god' against my face repeatedly. Her lips opened and closed on my cheek, moving around in pleasure until she caught part of my lips in hers. I watched Tammy's eyes as she saw another line crossed, but all that registered was lust. I told Tammy I was going to kiss her friend while she rode my cock. Tammy pulled her fingers out of her pussy and turned my head toward Angel. I kept my eyes fixed on Tammy as I kissed another woman in front of her for the first time in our lives.

I was delirious with lust and Angel and Tammy seemed worse. I stopped caring about rules or cheating and just concentrated on having the biggest orgasm of my life. My balls were just starting to quiver when the song ended and Angel stopped rocking. She lay there panting for a second and then got up. I thought she might just have been changing positions or something, but she just stood right up and left the room. I calmly asked Tammy what the fuck was going on.

Tammy, still panting with lust, told me to be patient. I told her in all seriousness that I was dying and needed to explode, but Tammy just grabbed my head and kissed me. She said that she was bursting too, but that we could take care of each other during the second part of the show. Regaining a bit of sanity, she told me that things had gone a bit further than she planned but she had also gotten a lot more turned on than she planned. She then gave me a sip of my drink and told me she had to help Angel get ready for the next part. I tried demanding her to get back there and finish me off, but she promised that I'd like the second part even more than the first. With that, she left me handcuffed to the chair, erection throbbing mercilessly.

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