tagInterracial LoveBack at the Swinger's Club

Back at the Swinger's Club


After a Pregnant Pause, Back at the Swingers Club

My wife Susan and I used to be into swinging, but that was before she had the first baby followed quickly by a second. Sex became one of those on-demand things for us. By the time that our youngest reached two we could feel the strain start to really take a hold on our marriage. Finally it was Sue who said maybe we ought to leave the kids at the grandparents for a weekend and go back to the swingers club. I could feel myself start to rise to the occasion as I made the call.

I felt a sense of excitement and so did she as we approached the club for the first time in nearly four years. We actually "made-out" in the parking lot before going in. The host and hostess were the same and they welcomed us back warmly. My wife had on a new tight little black leather dress. The old one did not fit her post pregnancy body anymore as she had gained a few inches in the hips and butt, and definitely went up a cup size or two. Whoever she went with that night had better be into milk I thought, as she was still lactating.

We split apart and worked the room. I hooked up with an Asian girl who was an office manager in her mid-thirties, she had small tits, dark nipples and a nice round soft behind, which I would get to know much better that evening. My wife was chatting up some jock with blonde hair when my "date" and I went back to a private room.

An hour later after some great fantasy fucking I went to look in on my wife. I did not see her downstairs or in the halls upstairs, or in the more public rooms. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder, giving me a general description of my wife, I said that was her somewhat panicking thinking that something had happened to her. The guy said no, she was upstairs in one of the private rooms.

I went to the second floor and there was a crowd around the door, I could hear my wife moaning and screaming, I could not even get in the door. I asked a blonde girl what was happening as she came out. "Some slut is taking on the entire Texas Longhorn Gang-Bang crew. I gave her a puzzled look. "The club sometimes has semi-pros come in to spice things up. This group is a group of five black males from Texas who..."

Her words faded away. I could not believe it. My wife? It could not be and yet the sound... I pushed my way in and there was my wife. Wearing black stockings and a garter belt she had not had on when she entered. One man was beneath her his large rubber encased cock was wedged in her pussy while another man behind her had his rubber enshrouded schlong pushed up her asshole. Two men stood on either side of her face impatiently alternated jamming their cocks down her throat. In a tribute to human hand-eye coordination she jacked off the fifth men while a room full of people watched. Per the strictest of club rules no cameras or cell phones are ever allowed on the property. Do it even by mistake and you will be bounced hard from the club. In the years I was there only one jerk had had this happen to him. So there is no record of my wife's interracial debauchery, other than my stunned memories.

The man beneath her sucked on her milk-laden tits as she was pounded in every hole that could be filled. Someone recognized me as her husband and the honor of a chair was granted. "Sorry I need it so fuckin' bad." My wife said after seeing me, then turned back to her new black masters.

The two guys pounding her finished and pulled their diminishing cocks out of her. They tossed their rubbers into a red garbage can provided for such disposals.

My wife assumed the more classic pose of getting on her knees in front of the remaining three men. A female volunteer got underneath her and licked her pussy while with hand and mouth my wife serviced the three men in front of her. She stopped sometimes to squeeze milk out of her tits onto the face of the woman below her and then onto the cocks she sucked.

A short Mexican woman, her dark hair in a tight little bun, rolled a rubber onto my cock. She got onto me facing away and sat on my dick. "Ride him good." My wife said getting up. One of the remaining three men put on a rubber and sat on the bed. She climbed up and I watched that large black cock dilate her pussy.

Her sweaty matted hair whipped up and down as she impaled herself onto him. The two other men took turns sucking her tits then putting their cocks in her face for her to service.

My lover turned around to face me. She opened my mouth and spit her sweet spit into it telling me to fuck her like I meant it.

That comment was like spinach to that cartoon sailor. I pushed her off of me. Then I spun her around and back into the chair and with that beautiful tan ass high in the air I entered her again and fucked her for all that I was worth, her moans filled the room as I rubbed her clit while screwing her.

Behind me I could see in the mirrored wall the man who was fucking my wife had grabbed her hips to immobilize them so he could achieve maximum penetration. I came and pulled out of my lover. Relaxed she sat on my lap as I fingered her pussy.

My wife came over to me and gave me a deep kiss and then after a moment's hesitation did the same for my new lover.

"When I am done I will come for you." She said then more quietly "I needed this..so badly." A helpful woman had fluffed the two men who were fucking her when I came in and now they slipped some rubbers on as they came back to my wife for a second or third round.

My companion got up and lead me to another room and there I was joined by a woman who could have been her twin; if it was not for her hair being somewhat lighter. As a tribute to their sexual powers I actually forgot about my wife for a few minutes.

An hour or so later my wife knocked on the door as I was getting dressed. She was sore by the way she walked, her black leather dress was covered with cum stains. As per our rule if she don't want to talk about it we didn't. She fell asleep in the car on the way in.

That Saturday morning I let her rest and made breakfast, finally around noon she woke up. She ate like a wolf then she said she was ready to talk.

She told me how after I had walked away with my first partner for the evening that it had not worked out with the blond guy. She had gone into a private room with him. They were in there for a few minutes when the door had opened and the Texas Long Horn Crew had come in saying they had the room for the night. He said some very racist things and before he knew it he was bounced from the club. His clothing tossed on the ground after him.

"One of the guys from the crew asked if I was as racist as my boyfriend, I told him I was not. He asked me if I wanted to stay." My wife hesitated but went on, "I told him I was not sure. The main guy, I guess he was the leader said they had papers as they were getting tested every month in case someone wanted to go bareback. I told him I did not. He smiled and told me I was sexy reaching out he squeezed my tits. He asked me why he had not seen me in the club before and I told him about my giving birth, I could see his cock rise as he said that mothers were very sexy."

My wife stopped to blush, "I told him I'd never been with a black guy before, let alone a group, he laughed and before I knew it I was stroking his cock, then all their cocks.. One unzipped my dress and I think you know the rest." She asked me if I was upset at her, I told her no, just surprised. She smiled.

"Did it turn you on?" She asked, adding "To watch?" I told her it had. She smiled.

"Well maybe if we can get your parents to sit it will happen again, but one thing, I want it to happen outside of the club." She said looking down.

While we would swing at the clubs, doing it outside of them was new ground. I did not know if we would, or could. My wife told me it had turned her on so much; she did not know if it was their size, or that they were black but she had to try it again. And she would, and it would change or lives in a big way...

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