tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBack In Time Pt. 2

Back In Time Pt. 2


this continues from the first Part of the story...

Anna Nicole Smith awoke with a pounding headache to find herself naked with the young stable boy cuddling up behind her, his groin pressed to her posterior and one of his hands absently cupping her right tit. Her gut was queasy and her head killing her, but she carefully slipped out of the teenagers embrace without waking him and got to her feet.

"What in the hell did I do last night?" she muttered quietly as she looked down at the sleeping lad.

Anna gave a sigh, then quickly got dressed and stepped out into the painful sunlight.

"Nicole!" said a familiar voice.

Anna turned to see Gadget walking up to her.

"Hi Gadget," Anna replied quietly, her hangover kicking in even worse.

"So where's this blacksmith?" Gadget asked.

Anna walked over to the horse's water trough and splashed water over her face. It helped but she still felt awful.

"Follow me."

The two travelers from the future made their way through the medieval village to the sounds of a hammer beating against steel. They arrived at the blacksmiths small shop and went straight inside.

"Ahh, it is my large breasted friend from last night," said Dunnick with a big grin as Anna and Gadget entered his shop, "I did not think you were going to show."

"Well we made it," said Anna, "Now I'll leave Gadget here with you to explain what we require."

Anna left the two men to discuss the construction of the many parts they required to get the time machine back up and running. The busty blonde wandered slowly through town, taking in the mid morning sights of people hard at work tending shops and farmlands. It was quite a sight as she was reminded that she was in middle ages, hundreds of years before she was even born.

Suddenly her peaceful sauntering was interrupted as she was almost run down by six armored knights on huge warhorses that thundered into the village.

"You there!" one of the steel covered knights yelled at her as he slowed his horse, "What is your name woman?" he demanded.

"Anna," she stammered in surprise, not expecting to be addressed by the soldiers.

"The Princess Xena has been kidnapped," the warrior told her, "We have tracked her captors to this village, have you seen anything strange?"

"Ahh..no," Anna shook her head.

The knight didn't reply, he immediately spurred his horse back to a gallop and rode after his companions, hot on the trail of the missing Princess.

"It has to be those bandits that attacked me," murmured Anna to herself as she remembered the assault, "We have to save Xena!"

With that Anna spun and ran back towards the smithy, her ample breasts jiggling inside her shirt as she ran, unrestrained by a bra.

Gadget and Dunnick had been at it only about half an hour when Anna returned and they were still deep into their plans as the blonde woman burst into the shop.

"We have to save Xena!" said Anna at once.

"Who?" asked Gadget looking rather confused.

"A princess has been kidnapped and I'm sure it was those bandits that attacked us back in the forest, we have to go and save her."

"Umm," Gadget frowned, "We've got some other rather urgent business here."

"We can leave Dunnick to it while we rescue the princess, do you know what's required?" Anna asked, turning to the smith.

"Aye, I do," confirmed the big man.

"It's settled then, let's get going!" Anna said impatiently.

Gadget shrugged and was about to reply when Dunnick cut him off, "Just hold it right there," said the smith, "Before I get started on this I want payment."

"Can't we pay once it's done?" asked Anna.

"No way this is too big a job," said Dunnick adamantly.

"How much?" asked Gadget.

"Four hundered silver pieces."

"We don't have any silver," said Anna in dismay, "Won't you accept anything else."

The blacksmith hesitated a moment. He remembered the way Anna had let him play with her tits the previous night and his cock stirred slightly. "I'll tell you what. If you let me bugger you I'll make all the stuff you need."

Anna froze as she considered selling her body to get them back to the future. She didn't really have much of a choice, "Okay it's a deal."

Dunnick smiled and rubbed his hands together, "Great, get your clothes off woman!" he said.

"Now?" Anna asked in surprise, she hadn't expected that either.

"Payment up front or no deal," Dunnick said firmly, "This is a big job."

Anna sighed, she didn't really have time for this and in fact she was hoping to avoid it and figure a way out of it without resorting to letting the smith have his way with her.

"How about I suck your penis now as a down payment and then let you fuck me up the rear once the job is complete?" offered Anna, she fully intended on finding another way to pay him off later, but had to do something to get him to start working on the parts.

"Agreed," Dunnick said, opening the front of his trousers and pulling out his hard cock. "Now get over here and make good on that promise."

Anna suppressed a sigh as she resigned herself and walked over to the big smith, dropping to her knees in front of him. As she took hold of his cock in her soft hands and began to stroke it's length she got a whiff of stale urine and sperm, one downside of the middle ages had to be a lack of personal hygiene. But then again Anna had sucked Jimbo Bond's cock a few occasions and he wasn't a lot better.

The buxom secret agent leaned forward and licked the tip of Dunnicks cock, tasting his precum and sending a tremor of pleasure through the blacksmith.

"Suck on it," ordered Dunnick, reaching down and stroking her cheek. Anna immediately complied, leaning in and taking the head of his cock between her lips and into her warm mouth. The big metalworker groaned loudly, a big smile on his face as Anna's cheeks hollowed and she started to suck hard on his dick.

Anna started to bob her head up and down on his hardness and the big man's hips began to thrust back slightly, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth with each movement. Anna moaned encouragingly around his shaft as the smith grabbed her hair and began to fuck her face, thrusting his cock deep into her, his balls banging into her chin with each thrust as he buried himself to the hilt in her mouth.

Gadget, kind of gobsmacked by the whole encounter felt himself harden as he watched the blacksmith fuck Anna's mouth, the secret agent sucking hard on his grubby dick. The scientist couldn't help but rub his hardening cock through his pants, remember the way that barmaids lips had felt wrapped around his penis the night before.

"Oh yes, that's it!" grunted Dunnick, both his hands holding Anna's head and pulling her into his groin as he timed his thrusts against her face, her nose pushing into his belly each time she was pulled down on him. Dunnick felt his cum churning up in his cock and bucked against her face with even more vigor, ruthlessly using her to sate his lusts.

With a wild yell the big smith exploded forcefully down Anna's throat, pumping his cum straight into her as he held her clutched against his loins, his cock buried in her mouth. Gadget watched Anna swallowing fervently to avoid choking on the mass of sperm that spewed from the blacksmith's penis. Dunnicks buttocks clenched as he emptied himself into the beautiful secret agents throat again and again, each time twitching his hips and thrusting slightly into her submissive mouth.

"That's the first payment covered," breathed Dunnick as he finally drew back out of Anna's mouth, his softening cock glistening with saliva and sperm. He wiped the head across Anna's cheek then stuffed it back in his pants. "You two can now go and save that princess."

"Thank you," said Anna, swallowing the remnants of sperm in her mouth as she stood up.

"I look forward to collecting the final payment," Dunnick said, slapping Anna's ass as the two travelers from the future left his shop.


Anna and Gadget made their way quickly out of town and headed straight back into the forest, doing their best to remember where it was the bandit's had attacked them.

With the help of Gadgets homing device they made their way back to the time machine and then headed along the path to the scene of their previous assault. Unsurprisingly the bodies of the two men Anna had killed in self defence had been removed.

It had only been a day since their attack so Anna checked the surrounding area for any trails that may lead them to the bandit's hideout where she hoped to find Princess Xena. Anna was by no means an expert tracker but she had no trouble following the crushed foliage and trail of blood that led off through the trees, no doubt caused by the bandits dragging their dead companions corpses away.

It took a few hours and they had to double back on more than one occasion when Anna lost the trail, but before long they found the bandit's hideout.

It was in a clearing deep within the forest, and the hideout was actually a huge wooden cabin, almost like a mansion. It was two stories high, quite big and there was also a smaller building on each side of the main complex. Anna only spotted a handful of actual sentries, but the bandits wandered around quite frequently so it would be tough sneaking in and locating where Xena was being kept.

Anna considered trying to go in undercover, but from what she could see there were no other females. No wonder the bandits were so horny when they attacked her and forced themselves on her.

"What's the plan?" asked Gadget, interrupting Anna's thoughts.

Anna thought for a moment more, "We wait 'till dark, hopefully that will mean less wanderers. Then we go in from the back. I'll distract the sentry there and you take him out from behind while I have his attention. Then we sneak in and head for the top floor, that's the most likely place they'll have the Princess."

Gadget nodded, a big grin of enthusiasm on his face, "This is so exciting Nicole! I can't believe we're in the middle ages and we're about to rescue a real princess!"

"Keep your pants on big boy," replied Anna dryly, "It's not going to be easy."

The two of them sat back and rested, spending the rest of the day watching the house in case any of the bandits wandered their way or if they caught sight of Princess Xena. It was pretty dull actually. One group of bandits went out during the afternoon and came back, but other than that nothing much really happened of note.

"Okay, it's dark enough," said Anna at last, "Let's do this."

Gadget nodded in agreement and the two of them made their way around the back and closer to the house. When they were within about a hundred feet they noticed the guard posted on duty.

"He looks very familiar," murmured Gadget.

"He does indeed," agreed Anna, the guard was in fact the youngest of the bandits that had attacked Anna and Gadget when they first arrived. He was the one that had taken great pleasure in titfucking Anna.

I know just how to get this boy's attention, Anna thought to herself as she and Gadget snuck down through the trees towards the house. Gadget had armed himself with a heavy branch to take out the guard once Anna had distracted him.

The busty secret agent took a deep breath to ready herself and undid the top few buttons of her shirt, pulling the neckline wide to show as much cleavage as possible (which was a considerable amount).

Once she got within 20 feet the young bandit challenged her, "Who goes there?"

"Just me big boy," Anna said, her voice as husky and sexy as she could make it.

The teenager squinted through the dusk as Anna approached. When he got a better look at her and saw she was female, and an attractive one at that his eyes went wide.

"Cold night for guard duty," said Anna once she was right up to him, she reached out and softly stroked his cheek with her hand, "Perhaps I can warm you up a little."

The boy swallowed as Anna pressed her curvaceous body up close to his and dropped a hand to cup and squeeze his crotch. She moaned softly as she felt his cock stir in her hand.

"Wait a minute," breathed the boy, his voice cracking a little as Anna reached up and unfastened another button on her shirt, her ample tits pressing against the open fabric and threatening to pop free at any moment. "Don't I know you?"

"Maybe in your dreams," whispered Anna into his ear, her tongue flicking out and licking the tip of his earlobe. She then leaned back a little and unbuttoned more of her shirt, displaying even more deep cleavage. With the guards eyes locked onto her bosom she glanced around to see if Gadget was closing in, but the damned scientist had not yet moved up.

"Oh mama," gasped the boy, both his hands reaching up and grabbing at Anna's vast tits, squeezing them through the open shirt. He groaned as he gave the massive orbs a second squeeze, then yanked open her shirt, popping off the last few buttons as he unveiled her enormous breasts.

The bandit slid his groping hands all over Anna's wonderful tits. His fingers tightly pinched on Anna's nipples, pulling down on her tits then releasing the hardened nubs and letting her breasts jiggle back into place. Anna looked past him to see Gadget creeping up on the distracted guard at last. She moaned huskily and arched her back, jutting her ample tits out even further into the young bandits hands. The teenager squeezed down hard on the massive melons, enjoying the sight of her tit flesh welling up between his fingers and he pushed the two summary mounds together.

At that moment Gadget struck, swinging the log in a wide arc and cracking it onto the back of the guards head. The boy instantly collapsed to the ground, knocked clean out.

Anna breathed a sigh of relief and closed up the front of her shirt, covering her bosoms. She then stepped past his unconscious body and tried the front door.

"Shit! It's locked!" she swore.

"Allow me," offered Gadget, pulling a brown leather wallet from his pocket. He opened it and selected a thin sliver of metal. Crouching down in front of the door he went to work on the lock, the primitive mechanism proving very easy. While he opened the door Anna dragged the unconscious bandit into the bushes to hide him from any wanderers that might happen by and spot their intrusion.

Gadget was rewarded with a satisfying click.

"Good work," said Anna, pulling open the door. The two time travelers slipped into the bandits base, relieved to find no nasty surprises awaiting them on the other side. They moved quickly down the entry hallway and through the door at the far end.

Inside were two of the bandits sharing a drink at a small table. Gadget froze in surprise, but Agent Hooters acted immediately. The bandit closest to her was leaning back on the two rear legs of his chair with his feet up on the table. Anna kicked out the back of the chair, sending him sprawling over backwards as she quickly covered the ground to the second bandit. He swung a wild punch at her but she was too fast. Anna easily blocked the man's attack and jabbed out with a quick uppercut, snapping his head back and dropping him like a rock. She shuffled a step backwards towards the first bandit who was halfway back to his feet. Spinning on her heel she snapped out her foot and cracked it into his stomach, knocking the wind out of his lungs. A rapid double punch combo knocked him out as well.

"Wow," gasped Gadget as he watched Anna take out the two men with skilled efficiency. They were moving on through the room towards the stairs before he could say anything more.

The stairway walls were covered with various weapons, ornate swords crossed over shield, shining axes and all manner of other display weapons marked their way up. At the very top of the stairs there was even a mounted suit of platemail armour. Gadget almost thought it was another bandit at first, but fortunately the suit was empty.

"So where do you think they're keeping the Princess?" asked Gadget in a low whisper.

Anna shrugged, "Let's start at the end of the hall and try all the doors."

The first room they opened was an empty storage room that appeared to hold the bandits food and drink supplies but was otherwise unoccupied. Then it seemed that luck might be on their side as the next door was barred from the outside.

"This has to be it," said Anna.

"Either that or they're keeping a very nasty surprise in there," suggested Gadget pessimistically.

"Only one way to find out," with that Anna lifted the bar and opened the door. Inside they were delighted a relieved to see a woman chained to the wall.

"Princess Xena?" asked Anna tentatively.

"Who are you?" the princess replied warily. The princess was a gorgeous brunette with sparkling blue eyes, high cheekbones and full lips that seemed to be begging to suck a cock. She was wearing a short leather skirt and halter top that displayed her amply curved body to full effect. Her breasts were much smaller than Anna's although still full and voluptuous, Gadget would estimate about a C cup.

"We're here to save you!" said Gadget dramatically, stepping in front of Anna and rushing forward to free the princess. Anna frowned a little as the scientist hurried ahead to take the glory, she had done all the work after all.

Gadget unlocked Xena's chains with his lockpicks and the grateful Princess threw herself into his arms, her lush curves pressing against his body as she passionately kissed him.

"My hero!" she gushed, kissing him even harder, this time her tongue slipping into his mouth and eagerly seeking his. Gadget boldly dropped a hand to grab her firm asscheek, giving it a squeeze through her leather skirt as they kissed.

"Come on!" said Anna urgently, "We've gotta get out of here before the bandits see us."

Anna led the way as the three of them hurried back towards the staircase, hoping that none of the guards they had taken out had sounded the alarm yet. As they reached the top of the stairs Anna looked down into the face of the leader of the bandits, the one who had initiated the assault on her when they had first arrived and the one who had fucked her cunt in the gangbang.

"Shit!" swore Anna as the bandit drew his sword and advanced up the stairs towards the three of them. Anna instinctively reached out and yanked a display sword from the wall, I hope this thing is sharp, she thought to herself as she descended to face the bandit leader.

As soon as she was within a few meters of the bandit leader he lunged forward, aiming to cut Anna's feet from under her, she jumped backwards in a nick of time, splinters flying as the bandits sword cut deep into the stair just in front of her.

Anna immediately retaliated with an overhead swing aiming to cleave her opponent in half, the bandit easily deflected the blow, putting Anna off balance. He grabbed her wrist and yanked, aiming to pull her off her feet to deliver the killing blow. Unfortunately for him Anna fell forward and slammed into him and both of them tumbled down the stairs in a heap.

Gadget grabbed Xena and pulled her close to protect her from any potential attackers as the battle raged in front of them.

Anna and the bandit leader landed heavily at the bottom of the stairs and rolled apart, each of them recovering their weapons to face off again. Anna was first to her feet and lunged at the bandit with the tip of her sword. He barely turned the thrust aside in time and retreated several paces. Pressing her advantage Anna unleashed a flurry of wild swings and thrusts, pushing her opponent backwards as he struggled to block the onslaught and defend himself.

Anna was distracted from delivering the killing blow as a bandit burst into the room from a door on the left. Anna turned and blocked the man's attack and ran him through before he could swing a second attack. Anna spun back to face the bandit leader who had now regained his wits and pressed the attack back against her. She skillfully turned aside his blow and reposted, slashing the tip of her sword across his collarbone. Not going deep but enough of a blow so that he would feel it.

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