Back on the Block Ch. 01


As I introduced them to her she stood and shook the brunette's hand and simply waved at the guys politely. The most interesting thing to me was the comparison between Victoria and the brunette PI. First the PI was taller, but though bigger than Victoria she came off as being skinnier. This was due to the fact that next to Victoria it was as if she had no butt and no chest. The way she looked at Victoria made it beyond obvious that she was just as interested in her as the two men were.

"We'll be in touch, and we'll start our surveillance tomorrow," said the brunette as they got up to leave.

After the door shut, Victoria turned and looked at me. "How did I do?" she asked. "Was it Okay for my first performance as your fake girlfriend?"

"Where did you get that dress?" I asked her.

"You bought it for me today silly. I didn't try it on because I wanted to surprise you with it. I figured that since we bought pants and a skirt from the same designer that it would probably fit me, but it doesn't fit quite right. Do you think we should take it back?" she asked.

"Nope, never even think about taking that dress back," I said.

She stood up and looked at me as if I was the village idiot. Then she turned around and showed me. "It fits Okay in the front but it's a little tight across my ass. I was looking at in the full length mirror in the bathroom and since I only bought regular underwear they kept showing, so I had to take my panties off, it's too tight."

She kept standing there in front of me as if I could make the dress larger or her ass smaller by staring at it. Neither of which I'd ever do. The tent in front of my pants was testament to the effectiveness of the dress and it's fit. But then she made it worse, while I was still staring at her ass, she looked over her shoulder and flashed those huge green eyes, and I realized that there was a problem here. I'd been attracted to her from the moment I'd almost run her over, but this could easily get out of hand.

The next few weeks saw Ria (short for Victoria) and I settle into our lives together. We'd had our ups and downs, but my life with her in it was far better than my life without her. It was even better than my life with Dana had been at its best. Our first little tiff had of course been about her hair. I'd made her an appointment to get her hair done and told the stylist, not to cut an inch off of it, or try to curl it any more or try to straighten it anymore. Her hair is perfect just the way it is. Just get rid of those streaks.

Ria wasn't fond of the idea, because she thought the streaks of blonde in her hair made it less boring. But after a couple of days, she admitted it didn't really make much difference to her, and if I liked it she was okay with it too. Another problem we had to overcome was in bed. I had held up my promise about not raping her as she'd put it, and was having a hard time (excuse the pun) living and sleeping with her. Especially since after the few weeks were up the row of pillows wasn't deemed necessary (by her).

There were several mornings when I woke up in contact with a different set of pillows, or her leg over mine. I knew that the relationship was heading down a far different path than we'd agreed on. I didn't realize that she felt the same way until she called me at work one morning. Myna always put Ria's calls straight through no matter what I was doing. Unfortunately I'd been arguing with Dana about the party we were having for Kurt and Verna's anniversary at the time. I as usual just pushed the speaker phone button and Ria's voice came through. "You left without kissing me good bye this morning," she said in an accusatory voice.

Dana grabbed the phone and threw it against the wall and stormed out of the office. "Don't you dare bring that little bitch, to my parent's anniversary party," she screamed. "You and I are going to the party together, like a married couple should and that's final." She naturally slammed the door on her way out. Victoria was much calmer, I thought as I tried to call her back. Little did I know that Victoria could be just as bad as Dana, and I was about to see it.

As usual I drove in through the garage door and expected to find Ria watching TV or relaxing. Instead she was pacing the floor in the living room. As soon as I came near her she started in on me.

"Jason what the fuck is this shit," she screamed, she almost fell kicking at a pile of boxes and items on the floor. At first I thought it was funny and then I was horrified when I realized that Victoria had found my porn and she was not pleased.

"Ria, when we first came to our arrangement it was clearly understood that there were limits to what we could or would do," I started. I'm a guy. I have needs," I shrugged.

"I'm supposed to be your girlfriend," she cried, "Aren't I doing a good enough job?"

"You're doing a great job," I said. I didn't tell her that she was doing too good a job in a number of ways. What had started out as just something to give me some companionship and get people off of my back about dating; had borne off the chain results. She was a great companion and my life was much better as a result of it. No one even tried to fix me up with anyone, any more, so that was taken care of as well. Some of my friends and colleagues were even asking me when the wedding date was. As another benefit, Dana literally hated her. They had never spoken, Dana couldn't even stand to be in the same room with her. I was looking forward to the Company's holiday celebration where they'd have to be.

But the bad parts were there too. First off Victoria still thought of herself as just some farm girl from a small town. She had absolutely no idea of the reaction men had to her. since she'd spent her teenage years trapped on an isolated farm, she simply had not learned the normal courting rituals. Then when she'd been plunged into the worst part of DC, among whores and murderers, it didn't help either her social skills or her dating skills either. She still spoke in terms of being raped whenever sex came up. I guessed it was because, that was all she knew. She saw movies about loving relationships, she'd seen her grandparents, and even her mom and her father together. But her own personal experiences had been nothing like those. Even though she often wrapped those long legs around me when we slept, we had very little contact. If she noticed it, or noticed any touching between us she quickly moved away and looked at me as if I'd broken a rule. One morning we'd awakened nearly simultaneously and were spooned against each other. My morning erection between those luscious ass cheeks, and one of my hands was on her breast. Her hand was on top of mine and she was pushing her ass into me. When I realized what was going on I almost came in my shorts.

"What are you trying to do you pervert," she'd screamed jumping out of the bed. I didn't point out to her that her hand was the one pressing mine into her breast or that she'd been the one pushing her ass into me, while I was just unmoving and accepting it.

An even worse problem was that I'd realized some time ago that I was in love with her. So standing there looking at the hurt in her eyes as she trampled my DVDs was not the time to bring that up.

"We could have talked about this," she snapped. "I used to be a prostitute, you know."

"Victoria, I never think of you that way," I said softly trying to avoid a big argument.

"So instead you hide this and make me feel like a whore anyway?" she snapped. "for all I know you could be going out and doing it with someone else. No wonder that bitch Dana thinks you're still married to her. I can't do this anymore. I can't live with you like this for another 6 or 7 months. I want to leave now."

I pulled out my checkbook and wrote her a check. She looked shocked and she started to say something, then I saw a few tears coming from her eyes and she just left the loft. I stood there for a long time thinking about things I wished that I said to her. Wondering why I hadn't gotten rid of the porn or at least hid it better. The whole loft just seemed emptier than it ever had. I went upstairs and looked at the dress she had laid out for the anniversary party tonight and sighed. She'd have been even more beautiful in that dress.

I put on my suit and left. I went to the hall we'd rented and gave Kurt and Verna their anniversary gift. I spoke to my brothers in law and their families and several people I knew from work. Dana gravitated towards me, and seemed to be trying really hard to be nice. And in the spirit of the evening, I didn't argue with her. After about an hour I was ready to leave, I'd done my duty, and just didn't feel like being at a party even though I'd been looking forward to this evening. Dana was clasping my hand as we walked around and mingled. She was smiling from ear to ear. Myrna of course didn't endear herself to Dana when she asked the question everyone had been avoiding.

"Hey Boss, where's your sweetie?"

Dana's smile faded, her blue eyes lightened and thinned. It grew colder in the immediate area. Dana, as I've described her before is classically beautiful. She wore a white shimmering gown and had very long, almost white blond hair. She was all Ice as she replied to poor Myrna. "I'm right here you old bag, even someone as stupid as you are, should know after all of this time, that I'm not his sweetie, I'm his wife. And I'm right here beside him as I should be."

Before Myrna could say anything or do anything she might regret later, she was saved. There was a voice coming from behind me, that in a tone as warm as Dana's had been cold said, "Dana, you're his "ex-wife." That means "used to be wife," he's not married anymore, and I think she was talking about" me." I'm his sweetie, or girlfriend or whatever, and that's what "I am," now and for the foreseeable future. I can understand your problem though; you still live in the past, and your glory days. I can see that you like things from 5 years ago, back when you guys were happy. I can see that by your dress, it was in style back then wasn't it?"

Victoria had arrived and she'd brought my smile with her. She stepped between Dana and me separating our hands as she did so. "Don't think you're off the hook, just because I'm here," she whispered to me as she kissed me. "We have a hell of a lot of talking to do."

The rest of the evening was great, we danced, we ate and Ria got to meet everyone. My co-workers, who hadn't met her before got to see what all of the fuss was about. The ones who'd already met her or seen her got to say, "I told you so." Kurt and Verna loved her as well. The only thing that wasn't expected was that Dana left the party early. Go figure.

When we got back to the loft, Victoria was back to being as angry as she'd been before we left. I found her check on the kitchen table. I asked her why the check was there. "You gave me the full amount and it hasn't been a year yet. You also forgot to take out money for my clothes," she said.

"Jason why do you have so much porn?" she asked softly. "When I found it all, I was really upset. I makes me feel like I'm not enough for you, or you need someone else." She said. "And I really need to know something. Half of those DVD's are about red heads. They're probably newer because they're blue ray. Did you buy them to make yourself like me or something?"

"No Ria, they are newer but I bought them because I have a thing for red heads now, I guess," I said just as softly.

"I don't believe you," she said and she did seem to be smiling a little bit.

"Ria, for the rest of our time together I won't buy any porn," I promised.

"What about your needs?" she asked.

"I'll manage," I told her.

"I still don't believe you have a thing for red heads," she said. "I'm a red head and I've never seen this thing."

When I went to bed that night she rolled over and threw her leg over mine. She reached up and kissed me the way she had hundreds of times before, but this time it was different. As she molded her lips to mine she opened her mouth and gently rubbed her tongue against my lips. It was almost as if her tongue was knocking on the door to my mouth to find out if my tongue could come out to play. My tongue joined hers in a playground of swapped fluids. Ria's mouth tasted like mint. The thing she wanted to see was ready for her too. It was harder than it had ever been in my life, but I had to take things very slowly because all she'd had up until now were bad experiences. I gently rubbed my hands down from her shoulders down her back and noticed that she was already naked.

"Ria are you sure about this?" I asked her.

Her only reply was to nod her head. At first I just kissed her and held her close to me. I rubbed and stroke her arms and back, getting little sighs and aahs from her. Then I trailed kissed down her neck and back. I wet a finger and gently rubbed her breasts touching and caressing them everywhere except her nipples. Victoria's nipples grew longer and harder as I continued to ignore them. "Jason, will you please suck my titties, they want you to, very badly," she moaned.

"Maybe," I said sharply.

I again licked everywhere on her breasts except for the nipples, she started to caress them herself. I noticed that she was rubbing her legs together fiercely so I pulled them apart. I kissed her left knee and then her right, and then licked my way down closer to her lightly furred vagina.

"Ria, we need a plumber, there's a leak down here," I said, as I took in her fragrance. I started to gently blow on her outer lips and inner folds causing her legs to wiggle and try to break free.

"Oh Jason, what are you doing?" she gasped her breath becoming faster.

My tongue very gently and very tentatively began to lick and probe her inner, lips drawing closer and closer to their target. I had to release her legs to get closer to her core and they were waving around as she hunched her hips off the bed trying to push her pussy into my mouth.

"Oh shit that feels good," she said as I licked her clit, "It's so tingly and so nice...Oh God. Jason what are you doing to meeeeeeee!" Her voice had risen until it just trailed off.

Then while her vagina was still sensitive I attacked from the other side. I went back to the nipples that I'd avoided earlier and just tweaked and sucked them for all I was worth. Her legs started rubbing together again and I knew it was time. So did she apparently because she'd reached down and starting rubbing my dick.

"Jason, is this the thing you have for red heads," she asked breathlessly.

She threw her leg over mine until we were front to front again and kept rubbing it. Then she positioned it at her opening and gently rubbed herself against it. I let her do it so she could stop at any time. I knew that I probably wouldn't last very long anyway. She eased herself onto it letting out a whoosh as the bell penetrated into her sensitive area. Then she waited for a moment.

"Ria we can stop," I said, thinking I'd kill her if we did. Then she started gently circling her hips and moving forward at the same time. "Oh shit," she said. "This isn't supposed to feel like this."

She rolled me over onto my back and kept circling her hips as she sank down further. She kept making those little cooing sounds as she descended to the bottom. Then as her hips touched my balls I felt her stop. Then she started lifting herself and falling back and quickly returned to just shifting her hips forwards and back. She was making little grunting noises and just fell over on me and started kissing me. I decided it was time for me to join in so I grabbed her hips and started helping her move them up and down. I also started to thrust myself into her in rhythm with her own thrusts. Her grunting and cooing got louder. "Oh Jason, do it, fuck me," she said. "I was trying so hard to hold back but it felt like my nuts were going to explode."

"Ria," I warned, but it was too late as the gusher of sperm I'm been trying to contain exploded all over her womb."

"Aaaah, aaah, not again! she screamed," as the warm flow of liquid started her 2nd orgasm.

"Jason," she said tiredly as she sank back down and just lay on my chest.

"Yes Ria," I answered rubbing her sweaty back.

"That was wonderful. You should have raped me way before now," she smirked.

"Uh Ria," You started this, remember.

"Well I should have started this a long time ago," she said. "We're going to be doing this a lot from now on."

"I don't think so," I smirked. "I don't do this for free, you know."

"Well, I've got thirty thousand dollars downstairs, let me know when it runs out," she said. As she said it she wrapped her arms around me and pulled the blanket over both of us. Just as I drifted off to sleep with her still on top of me, I heard her say, "Jason, I 'm sorry, I didn't mean to mess up your plan for us, but I kind of love you. And I have for a long time."

Victoria segued from fake girlfriend to real one, without losing a step. I f I'd been happy with her as my fake girlfriend, words couldn't describe the joy she brought me as the real thing. But there were clouds on the horizon. For one thing my detective agency had finally come back. Dana had hired someone to follow me around, and they were still at it. But there was another agency following me around that she hadn't hired, as well. They hadn't been able to find out who'd hired the third agency, but were trying to block their attempts at surveillance at every turn. It was almost comedic the lengths we had to go to just for a quiet night out. Someone would have to drive out in one of my cars, to lure the enemy PI's to follow them. Then Ria and I would drive away in the other direction in some crappy rental car. Outside of the loft we had very little privacy. Ria often just went shopping or out and didn't care. I guess she thought that they were after me and she didn't really matter.

Then one day I came home and found Ria crying on the sofa with her bags packed. I jumped out of the car and ran to her.

"Ria what's wrong?" I asked her.

"I have to leave," she said crying. "I need to get as far away from you as I can."

"Ria I haven't bought any porn," I said.

She pulled me down and kissed me. "Jason, always remember that I really do love you. That's why I'm leaving."

"No Ria, you're not leaving," I said. "Now sit down and tell me what this is about."

"Jason a man came up to me in the market. He knew my name and everything," she sniffled.

"He also knew about me being a prostitute, and he said he was going to tell everybody. All of your friends and the people you work with. You'd be a laughing stock. Everyone would make fun of you, and your reputation would be ruined. All because of me," she cried.

"So he told me the only way to get out of it would be for me to have sex with him," she sniffled. "So I thought about it, and I told him yes because I'd do anything for you, Jason. But when it came time to do it, I just couldn't go through with it, because that's what you and I do. It's something that we share and I didn't want to do it with him. But I couldn't let him ruin you so I have to leave," she sniffled.

"Ria you aren't going anywhere. Do you have a number where you can reach this guy?" I asked her.

"Yes," she sniffled.

"Call him and tell him you'll meet him tomorrow, something came up and you just couldn't make it today." I said.

Ria called him and told her what I'd said. Naturally he agreed to it. She had to go alone tomorrow to a seedy little motel just a mile from the block, where I'd first met her.

"Jason will you still love me if I do this?" she asked tearfully.

"Of course, never doubt it," I said. "Ria this is only sex, what we have is love, and that's a lot more important. You do this one time and we just move on with our lives Okay," I told her as I hugged her. I hated lying to her but it was really better if she didn't know.

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