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Back Seat Surprise


My lovely wife Karen has her golden birthday today, she is 29 on the 29th. Luckily enough it's also on a Friday this year, meaning we can have her birthday party on a night where no one has to work the next day. We are going to play tourist and visit a winery, the local casino, and a few other attractions Saturday afternoon, so we took the kids to her parent's house for the weekend, so that was one less thing to worry about. A quick birthday party with our friends was going to kick off her birthday weekend.

We had invited a number of friends to come over for the occasion. From the looks of it, everyone must have had a crappy week – everyone was more than ready to tie one on tonight, a few people were even drinking by the time they showed up. For most people, this was just around 9:00PM or so. By 11:00PM, things were in full swing. The front yard was full of cars, and everyone was scattered around the house. The back yard had the fire pit, surrounded with guys telling fishing lies – errr - stories, the back porch had a circle of chairs and benches filled with girls gossiping, and the only people in the house were people refilling drinks or attacking the pile of snacks on the table.

I had not seen Karen for a while, but around midnight I finally ran into her in our bedroom. Our chance encounter was owed to the alcohol. She was changing clothes because she was now feeling "too warm" and I had to relieve the pressure on my bladder.

She had not seen me walk in, so I called "Hey babe!" and got the reaction I hoped for. She had just unbuttoned her jeans and they were pushed halfway down her ass. She yanked them back up and let out a little squeal of fear.

"You asshole!" She screamed at me. "You scared the shit out of me. I had no idea anyone was in here!"

I doubled over laughing, and she ran over to start beating me on my shoulders and back, but she was laughing too. "THAT'S" <smack> "NOT" <smack> "FUNNY" <smack> "YOU" <smack> "ASSHAT." <smack>

"Hell ya, it was" I replied, jumping out of range, "you should have seen your face, that was priceless."

As she reached for me again, I ran into the bathroom and locked the door just as she turned the knob. Still giggling to myself, I went and took care of business. As I went to leave the bathroom, I was thinking of some plans I had for her for later, and the view I got when I opened the door made another idea pop into my head. She had said recently that a fantasy of hers was for me to just 'use her for sex' and I had planned something for tonight to take care of that. Another one was to be watched while having sex; that was harder to arrange, but that's what caught in my mind just now.

In her un-coordinated state, she was having issues getting her bra fastened behind her back. Offering to help, I walked up behind her and she let me have the straps. Before she could react, I pulled it off of her and tossed it to the side. She reached for it, but it was too late. Reaching my arms around her, I pulled her tight to me, her back up against me, and her only wearing a black lace thong that matched the bra that was now laying on the bed.

Lightly squeezing both of her full breasts in my hands, I looked over her shoulder to enjoy the view my hands were helping cause. Nuzzling her neck, I whispered softly into her ear "Just as I thought, my eyes like the view as much as my hands like the feel. I can't believe you wanted to hide these babies from me. I don't think I like that idea much."

Rubbing her ass back up against my stiffening cock, she said "Well I can't exactly go outside like this, people would point and laugh."

"Well, they may point" I agreed, "but they sure as hell wouldn't laugh. If they were to get over the shock, the guys just might point with their hands too."

Karen started to reply, but I turned her face to me roughly, my mouth finding hers. Our lips locked as our tongues darted across each other. Our kiss was frenzied, seeming to move much faster than usual. Pulling back breathlessly, my lips moved to her neck, gently nipping at her. She moaned, pushing her head back, offering me more of her sweet neck. "No, I need to stop" I finally got out. "I love kissing those lips of yours, but right now, birthday girl, I need to kiss the other ones."

Walking her to the bed, she turned and practically jumped on the bed, spreading her legs for me as she stopped bouncing. Falling to my knees, I pulled the lace to the side and buried my face between her legs, my tongue getting to work at once. It didn't take her any time at all to get warmed up, she was ready for me already. She had soaked through her thin g-string, and she was moaning for more as her hips thrust up at my face.

I could tell it wouldn't take her long to cum, but that isn't what I had in mind. Not yet anyway, I only wanted to tease. Before she got to a point of no return, I had to quit. Not that I wanted to leave her sweet pussy, but I wanted her to need me soon, and need me badly.

Standing up and backing off just a step, Karen opened her eyes to look at me. She looked confused, so she asked "What do you have in mind now, lover?"

Looking at her hungrily, I said "That was just the appetizer, I will be back for the main course later."

Karen watched me walk to her closet, and the realization set in. "No! No, dammit, you can't leave me like this. That's just plain mean!"

"I know it is, but don't worry, I'm not going to leave you hanging all night. Now get up so you can get dressed."

Luckily, the outfit I had planned on her wearing was clean, and I found the pieces quickly. I tossed them next to her on the bed. She picked up the clothes one item at a time and looked at me funny. "It wouldn't be my first choice" she said slowly, "but I guess it will work."

She picked up her bra and put her arms through it, but I stopped her. "Nope, not this time babe" I said.

"But with that shirt, everyone will know I'm not wearing a bra."

"Right now, I don't really care. Besides, it's not THAT revealing, and all the guys are too far gone to notice. And since you got those panties all wet, those will have to go too. Don't worry, the skirt is denim, so it does not come up easily. You won't show off unless you squat down, so that will work out OK too."

I spun on my heel and walked out, grinning because I knew what was coming next. Making a drink to take with me, I headed out the front door, going to the side yard where our van was parked, a bag of supplies already packed.

Having a mini-van is not the coolest car we could have, but with two kids and everything that goes along with that, it works all right. One cool thing is the way you can move the seats around to make room. Even with our luggage packed, there was still plenty of room to re-arrange. A bit of huffing, puffing, and grunting, the seats were now the way I wanted them, and the goodie bag was set on the end of the bench seat.

Back inside, no one noticed that I had been gone at all, it was like I never left. Karen didn't notice me at first, but in the few minutes of watching her, it was clear that her resistance to her clothing change was not really heart-felt. We were just buzzed, not drunk, so the alcohol didn't make that much of a difference. But apparently knowing she was only two garments from being naked must have done the trick. She was clearly not worried about who knew she was bra-less. She seemed to have an extra bounce in her step (making her boobs bounce nicely), and she was standing a lot closer to people than she had been just 10 minutes ago.

Normally Karen will stand too close to people, but now she was standing closer than usual. She finished talking to one person, then walked over to our friends Bill and Mandy. They were facing each other just talking, their sides facing me. Karen walked up to the side of them and put her hands around their shoulders as she said 'Hi'. She was directly facing me now, and as she hugged them, I heard her thank them for coming as we hadn't seen them in quite some time.

A minute later, Mandy walked away, heading for the restroom. But Karen didn't let go of Bill, she just adjusted her grip. Still holding on to his shoulder, she turned a bit more towards him. Normally I probably would not have noticed, but with all the attention I was paying to her boobs, I was watching closer. She was moving a little at a time, just rubbing her boobs across his arm. After a few minutes of boob-checking ...errrr... talking to Bill, she moved on to someone else. Now I was paying attention more. Every guy she stood next to, she made sure at least one of her boobs was touching him. Most of the time she didn't have to make the move, the closest guy would inch closer and push up against her. Not once did she move away.

Being a spy wasn't on my agenda, and I wasn't watching her like a hawk, she was just that obvious. She came back to talk to me a while later. Her face was flushed and I noticed that a few buttons on her shirt were undone. Karen saw me notice and looked down. Feigning surprise, she sighed and said "Dang it, not again. These stupid things keep coming undone for no reason at all."

Chuckling, I got another view before she fastened up the buttons. Her boobs aren't huge, but they have survived childbirth and age with almost no noticeable problems. A view of some awesome cleavage greeted my eyes. About half of the top swell of her breasts were visible, and I knew it was only a short distance before the view would show off her nipples as well.

"Hey, it's just a small view, and not much more than people would see if I had a bra on anyway. Besides, you are the one that said you didn't care if people caught a view of my boobs."

Shaking my head, I countered with "Not quite babe. I said I didn't care if people knew you didn't have one on. That's all."

She thought for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders. "Really, this is a small detail, so it isn't something to fight about anyway. Don't let this ruin our night, OK?"

Flipping her hair at me, she turned and disappeared into the kitchen to get another drink. Although I had probably seemed upset, I wasn't really. She loves to be a show-off and the center of attention, and this was probably one of the tamest ways she had tried to be the life of the party. There were stories about her that I still didn't know. Both Karen and her friends have said as much. But that's a story for another day. Shaking the thought from my head, I decided that it was now time to put my plan into action.

Karen's phone was in her pocket, but I wasn't sure if she would hear or feel it quite yet, so I kept an eye on her. Choosing my words carefully, I sent her a text message from my phone, asking her to come help me in the van, saying there was a problem with her luggage.

As expected, she didn't notice the message right away. From the way she was walking and playing with her hair, my estimate of her sobriety could be wrong. Maybe she had a few shots while I wasn't looking? Regardless, this was fine with me, it just worked in my favor.

She headed for the back of the house, so I went around to the back of the house to watch. Not to spy on her, I didn't think there would be a reason to do so. The only reason to watch is so I knew when she got my text message so I could get into the van and get ready. With my luck, she wouldn't see the message for an hour, and I would be out there asleep, so being stealthy it was.

Karen came out onto the back porch and bummed a smoke from Mandy. Yup, that sealed it – she was drunk. We quit smoking a few years ago, and the only time we light up is when we are drunk. It tastes so damn good! As Mandy lit the smoke for her, I looked around to see who was there. Bill was there with Mandy, one other guy sitting by himself off in the corner, and a few of Karen's girl friends.

Only half listening to the girls' chitchat, my mind was miles away as I typed up a new text message for Karen. Hearing her voice brought my attention back to her. "Mandy, quit staring at my boobs."

Mandy replied "Why? You are showing them off and it's a nice view, so why not? I'm sure Mark, Bill, and the other guys don't mind. I KNOW they like it when you rub your tits on them."

"These dang buttons keep doing it all by themselves, I swear it. But it's not like I can stop you from looking, right?

Bill butted in with "But if you don't stop rubbing them lovely titties on my arm and chest, I swear I'm gonna grab them for a good squeeze and maybe a nibble. Well, if Mandy lets me..."

Catching a quick view was one thing, but now I could feel myself starting to get pissed off with Bill's comment. I was staring at him when I heard Karen squeal a little, and my eyes jumped back to her in time to see a girl on either side her, each with a hand on her breasts.

Mandy said "Not bad Karen, not bad at all. You are older than me, and I haven't had kids, but your boobs feel almost exactly like mine."

"Really? Thanks Mandy, I always worry about Mark not liking them as we get older. So you really think they are still good?"

"Ya I do. Here, you tell me."

Mandy took both of Karen's hands and put them on her breasts. Suddenly I forgot my anger, and Bill no longer existed. They then asked one of the other girls to weigh in with her opinion. As I watched these three beautiful ladies play with each other's breasts, my pants suddenly got very tight. Without even thinking about it, my hand slipped down my pants to re-adjust my quickly stiffening cock.

Now conscious of what I was doing, I pushed my cock back down. Just in time too, I noticed. The girls had stopped talking and had pushed Bill up to the front of the line. He softly said something that sounded like "are you sure?" and both Karen and Mandy nodded. His hands came up and grasped one breast of each Mandy and Karen. A slight squeeze for each and he let go, but moved his hand to the other breast for the same comparison test. His hands came down after one last brief squeeze, and I saw that both girls were pointing at him with their nipples. Even this far away I could see that Karen's nipples were wider than Mandy's, but just a bit shorter.

Bill nodded his head. "Oh ya Karen, they feel great. Almost exactly like Mandy's in size, shape, and firmness. It's just too bad you both had to leave your shirts on for this test."

The other girl said "Well it is Flash Friday, so it's almost a rule that you have to show your goods, right?"

They all laughed, but it stopped when Mandy and Karen looked at each other and shrugged. Karen unfastened a few more buttons, and at the same time, she opened her shirt and Mandy lifted hers. They flashed their boobs for a few seconds before covering back up.

"I don't know girls, I would need another look to compare, you caught me by surprise. I was just busy looking, not comparing."

They all laughed at Bill's comment, but I doubted it would work.

As much as Karen doing all this without me kind of pissed me off, it was also kind of erotic, but not exactly something that I would have suggested. Hoping to distract the situation, I pulled out my cellphone and hit 'send' on the message I had been writing up before. In the silence that fell between them all, the ring of Karen's cell phone was easy to hear.

She pulled out the phone to read my message, and just then the spell broken, they all backed apart and spread out somewhat. Hearing Karen tell them that she had to go, I left my hiding spot and ran back to the van to get things ready. No sooner had I put out the towels across the seats, the side door opened. Luckily, I had removed the bulb for the interior lights, so she didn't get a good look at what I was up to.

Before her eyes could adjust to the darkness, I pulled the blanket over my head.

Somewhere between a hiss and a loud whisper, I said "No talking! Get in quickly and close the door."

In the dim light, I could see some confusion in her face, but she leaned forward and climbed in on her knees, turning around to close the door.

"What are you ...."

I interrupted her with "Keep quiet and do as I say. Just to your left is a stocking cap. Pick it up and put it on. Do it now."

Sneaking another peek, I saw her reach out and find the hat. With a slight pause, she did put it on her head.

"Good, now pull it down all the way. It should come down to just over your nose. Yes, just like that. Now reach over to your right and feel where the seat is. A little further.... There you are. Now crawl over on your knees to the seat and sit on the floor with your back up against it. Now put your arms out to the sides on the seat. Perfect!"

Well, almost perfect. Karen was almost in position and with a nudge I had her move over a bit more. Quickly moving across her legs, I sat on her lap. Reaching to either side of her, I pulled out the ropes I had staged just under the edge of the seat and put them next to my knees. The ends of the rope had a loop made with a slip knot, and it only took a moment to slide these ends over her wrists and pull them snug. Not tourniquet tight, just tight enough to prevent her from slipping out easily.

"Hey, what are you...."

My hand covered her mouth as I whispered to her "Not time to talk right now, it's playtime."

After checking to make sure the ropes were fastened right, the doors closed, and that her hat was set right, I reached into the bag on the floor and felt around for the next goodie. There it was! Pulling it out and getting the strap turned around straight only took a second, then I slipped it over her head. As Karen started to make another comment, I got it pulled down all the way and slipped the ball gag into her mouth.

"There we go babe. This should keep you quiet. Until you leave the van, you will always have something in that sweet little mouth of yours. Don't worry, I have something else that will fit just nicely in there."

There was no way she could not know by now that it was me, her dear husband, and not some random freako abducting her. I didn't feel the need to disguise my voice by whispering anymore.

Although the van's windows were tinted darkly, there was still a good bit of light shining in. But from checking it out before, I knew it was hard to see inside with any clarity; the most you could see was blurry shapes, not defining features. With this in mind, I got off her legs and sat to the side. Looking her over from head to toe, with my plans running through my head, it was actually kind of hard to believe I was living out this fantasy of hers. This was starting out to be more fun than I thought it would be.

Karen jumped a bit as I put my hand on her arm, but she didn't make a noise. Good girl. My hands slowly made their way across her arms, shoulders, and head, not wanting to miss a thing. They touched almost every inch of skin and fabric that I could reach without her moving. Both hands met at her throat, then I lay them down flat on her upper chest. As my hands moved south, I poked my fingers under the loose flap of her shirt, still with 'a few extra' buttons undone. A light graze across the top of her breasts drew a shiver from her.

Moving my hands back outside her shirt, I traced the contours of her body, never lingering too long or pressing too hard. Just harder than a tickle, and softer than a squeeze. As I got to her waistline, she spread her legs slightly, but with that skirt, there was no way I could get in without breaking the routine. All the way down to her feet I went, softly touching and stroking her, up and down, with seemingly random motions.

Her sandals were tossed to the side as I moved to rub her feet, but only for a moment. Straddling her feet I slid my hands up between her knees. I pushed up past the hemline and stopped.

"Babe, this is in the way so it has to go. Now."

The soft rubbing routine stopped as I reached up to unfasten her skirt. She tried to say something through the gag in her mouth, but it came out funny, I have no idea what she said. She never could talk very well with a cock in her mouth. This ball gag had a special treat on it. The 'inside' part of the ball had a two inch rubber cock for the wearer to hold on to. When squeezed by her teeth, a small motor would kick into action and turn the cock into a three incher. Back and forth, emulating a small blowjob for the person wearing it. Not very realistic, it was more for the mental aspect than the physical. So between the gag and the cock, Karen was not making much sense.

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