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Back Through the Looking Glass


The term "concise" has never been used to describe one of my stories. Still, the whole gang's at the party. So, here are 750 carefully chosen words and yes, the ending's a little WTF -- just think about it... Enjoy - DT


They drove right past me at an intersection. It was definitely Lee, her blond hair blowing out behind her. What was my wife doing on the back of a motorcycle at three in the afternoon? I turned and followed.

They disappeared into a woods. I parked and walked. It was a warm spring day, golden sunlight, buzzing insects, silky breezes, the wet slapping sound of an over-excited pussy.

They were doing it on a blanket. Lee has exceptional tits. They were flopping up and down as she enthusiastically pounded her victim. Both had their eyes closed. Lee had her cum-face on.

It was a poignant scene. So, I stopped to take a few artistic snaps. I thought the setting framed the two adulterers nicely.

He was grunting like a hippo in rut. Lee was winding up to a major orgasm, just shrieking, "YES! YES! YES! FUCK ME!!"

I said conversationally, "Hi Lee, who's your new friend?"

They didn't hear me. I repeated myself - after the lurid cumming noises had died down.

Much thrashing ensued. He jumped to confront me. I recognized him. He was Bill Avery, another teacher. He was several years younger than my wife. They must have come out to blow-off a little steam, so-to-speak; after a hard day in the classroom.

I know all of Lee's co-workers. You can't be married to somebody for nearly a year and a half and not hear stories. This guy had a couple of kids. Stupid!!!

I held up the phone and said, "FYI, your wife's going to have these as soon as I get back to my car."

He started to protest. I said, "You did the crime, asshole."

Then I turned to Lee. She was staring at me dumbfounded. I snarled, "You're smart. You know what this means." Then I spun and walked away.

Lee arrived home shortly thereafter. She looked disheveled. She went upstairs, showered and came down dressed in yoga pants and a tight t-shirt.

I thought, "Son-of-a-bitch, she thinks she can fuck me back into the fold!!!"

I said, "You're wasting your time. This marriage is over."

She whined, "But it was just a little fling. It meant nothing."

I said, "It meant the end of your marriage. Did you think about that?"

She wailed, "Noooooo, you CAN'T divorce me over one little indiscretion."

I snorted and said, "You call THAT an indiscretion? "

Lee looked surprised. Apparently, I wasn't buying it. She said casually, "He was nothing special. I got him out of my system. I'm all yours now."

I laughed and said, "I was there Lee. You loved every second and you'll be back as soon as the glow wears off."

She looked panicked. Maybe I wasn't as big a sucker as she thought. She put on her seductive look and said, "Come upstairs baby and I'll show you how much you mean to me."

Seriously!!?? She thought I was THAT stupid!!?? I said, trying to keep anger out of my voice, "I'm leaving. I won't be back."

She took another tack. Her face got red. She said, "You're blowing this out of proportion Todd. I have NEVER been unfaithful to you. You've gone out of town for two weeks every month, since we've been married. I've had plenty of offers. This is the first time I ever accepted. We can get past this if you truly love me."

Amazing... I gazed at her with regret and said, "Goodbye Lee. You'll hear from my lawyer."

We'd only been together a short period and I was already getting tired of the constant deceptions. I was sick of having to keep track of every detail just to preserve my marriage. It was time to call it quits.

I drove two towns over and parked in front of a neat little bungalow. There was a gorgeous auburn-haired woman in the front yard holding a darling little eight-year-old girl. The woman looked puzzled.

She put the girl down walked over to me and gave me a deep, soulful kiss. She said concerned, "I thought you were on your monthly road trip. Did something happen?"

I looked into her lovely eyes and said, "Something happened alright. I decided that life's too short. So, I'm not going on any more out-of-town visits."

My wife threw her arms around my neck, pressed her body against me and said with sincerity, "Welcome back Steven, your family has missed you."

Don't bother telling me. I know I'm a lying, sneaky, hypocritical son-of-a-bitch.

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by Anonymous

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by GymShorts06/20/19

Hate cheating wives....

And cheating husbands more. Especially ones with two wives. 3***

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by repojones06/18/19


good job i luv the deception devious cunning secretly selfishly doing what you
want to do you dirty good job

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by Tiger2703/01/19


The only problem I have with this story is the author wasted a cool title on it. 5 stars!

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by extempore02/17/19

The set-up was solid . .

. . . and the punchline was great!

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