tagGroup SexBack to School: Incentive

Back to School: Incentive


This story takes place in the Back To School series written by Zaxxon. All copyrights to the characters are owned by him and are used by me with his approval, Even though our styles of writing are different, he was kind enough to let me use his characters in this story, which I hope will be good enough to be a tribute to his writing.

Coach Bradley Hicks rubbed his gritty tired eyes. It was late, almost 7PM, but he wanted to finish off his roster before he left the school. Westville High's football team, the Wolverines, was up for the regional championship and tomorrow's game would decide the winner.

His entire varsity team was made up of seniors and Coach Hicks wanted them to win. It would be something for them to remember throughout their lives. However, their opponent, the Manorhall Cougars, was a formidable adversary who had taken the regional and state championship eight out of the last ten years. Bradley put the completed roster in his playbook and then froze as he heard a noise coming from the gym.

Knowing that nobody should be in the school at this time of the night, Bradley crept out of his office to catch the intruder. As he peered around the doorway leading into the gym, he was surprised to see Samantha Crowen in there. She was the school's top gymnast and she was working out on the uneven parallel bars.

Bradley watched as Samantha's hard body twirled and leaped back and forth between the two wooden bars. Her blue leotard was stretched tight across her firm ass and small, but shapely breasts. Her dark brown hair had been cut very short to keep it out of her eyes. Bradley felt a stirring in his loins as he watched the athletic girl. She finally stopped to rest with her feet on the lower bar and her arms resting on the upper one.

"Samantha, what are you doing here at this hour?" asked Bradley, stepping forward into the gym.

"Oh, hiya, Coach Hicks," said Samantha, with a smile when she saw him. "I just wanted to go over this one routine I'm learning. My snap was a little off on one of the releases."

"You look great to me, but you know you're supposed to have a spotter."

"Thanks for the compliment on my body, but how was my routine?" Samantha laughed aloud at the stunned expression on Bradley's face. "Oh, come on, Coach. I was just teasing you. How about spotting for my dismount?"

Bradley smiled back and stepped up closer to the bars.

"A little bit farther to your right," advised Samantha. "A little bit more...I need you a step closer...perfect!!"

Bradley was not ready for Samantha, when she swung both legs over his shoulders, while retaining her grip on the upper bar. He stepped forward slightly as she crossed her legs behind his back, pulling his face closer to her crotch. His hands came up underneath her butt to steady himself.

"Samantha!" exclaimed Bradley in surprise.

"Ooooo, I go for older men. They're more...experienced," purred Samantha. She held herself up with one hand and reached down with the other to pull the bottom of her leotard aside. Bradley found himself staring at her beautiful shaved pussy. "Why don't you wrap you tongue into that?"

Bradley did not even think about it as he licked his tongue up from the bottom of her slit to the top. Samantha inhaled sharply as his tongue laved over her clit and she tightened her grip on the bar as her body flushed hotly. Her pussy was as soft and delectable as the rest of her body was firm and muscular. Bradley's tongue wormed its way inside and Samantha's pussy became wetter as her arousal grew.

Bradley's tongue delved deep into Samantha's hot cunt as his hands gripped her ass. He had not held a butt this firm in years and her musky scent was intoxicating. Her juices were flowing out of her pussy and Bradley could feel her trembling from pent-up sexual tension. His cock was rock-hard and pushing out the front of his pants. Bradley needed his own release, but knew he had to get Samantha off first. He concentrated on lashing his tongue back and forth over Samantha's clitoris.

"Oh! Oh! Oh, yeah!" gasped Samantha as her passion built and climbed towards a crescendo. "Lick it! I'm sooooo close! I'm...I'm... I'm... AUGHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Samantha's body shook uncontrollably in the throes of her orgasm, but she never lost her grip on the upper bar. Bradley felt her spasm over and over again as she gushed out of her hot cunt. He lapped at Samantha's overflowing pussy, but could not catch it all as some escaped past his tongue to drip down and splatter on the foam mats.

"Oh, God, that was so good!" panted Samantha as she gasped fro breath and hung limply from the bar. With a satisfied sigh, she unwrapped her trembling thighs from around Bradley's head and swung back before lightly dropping down. Samantha gave Bradley a small, but wicked smile as she leaned back on the lower bar. Her eyes took him from top to bottom and then widened when she spotted his pants tenting out.

"Aw, someone's all tensed up," she said in a pouty, little voice. "You should be more relaxed for the big game. Why don't you come over here and fuck me with that sausage." Samantha pulled the straps of her leotard off her shoulders and peeled it off her body. "It's alright. I'm on the pill."

Samantha's hard nipples stuck out from her small breasts as she lifted herself off the ground and sat on the lower bar. She then spread her legs, giving Bradley a clear view of her glistening cunt. Bradley fumbled with his belt and dropped his pants with his underpants down around his ankles. His hard cock stuck straight out as he shuffled towards Samantha.

The bar was too high for his cock to reach her cunt, so Bradley grabbed Samantha under her ass to pull her down. Samantha smiled as her hands held onto the bar to keep her upper body up. She wrapped her firm legs around Bradley's waist and he lunged forward, driving his cock balls-deep into her hot tight pussy.

Samantha hissed in delight as her cunt stretched out quickly to accommodate the hard shaft. She tightened her vaginal muscles around his pulsating prick. Bradley gasped as he felt her muscles squeeze around his cock. It was tight...so tight that he almost blew his load right then and there. Holding her hips up by her ass, Bradley managed to suppress his impending climax to the point where he could begin to fuck Samantha. He drove his hard cock into her again and again.

"Harder!" growled Samantha with sexual passion. She flexed her legs behind Bradley's back to slam him forward. "Harder!"

Bradley was Gasping through gritted teeth as he rammed his cock in and out of her incredible pussy. His balls were tightening up at a tremendous rate and he knew it would not be long before he blew. Samantha's brick-hard body barely jiggled as he slammed into her with loud slapping sounds.

"Harder! Harder!" cried out Samantha, punctuating her cries by pulling on his body with her legs. "Yes! Almost there! YES!"

Five things happened in rapid succession. The tension in Bradley's balls hit their peak and, with a loud bellow, he climaxed and spurted a massive load of sticky cum deep into Samantha's womb. Samantha, feeling the blast of hot liquid fill her, exploded in the throes of another orgasm. Her entire body tensed and her legs yanked on Bradley to drive him into her as deep as possible. The fourth thing was a loud popping noise coming from Bradley's lower back, which was followed closely by a loud scream of pain.

"You've got to joking me!?!" exclaimed Sarah Stevens in stunned disbelief.

Sarah, the youngest teacher at Westville High, had been called to attend a meeting in the principal's office. Her jacket was unzipped and had been pushed to the sides by her 36DD breasts. Her sports bra did little to hide her large tits and the black nylon gym shorts barely covered her well-rounded ass. Right now, Sarah was staring incredulously at Principal Schwartz as were the two seniors in the office with her.

"No, I'm not," replied Schwartz, icily. She was dressed in a gray conservative suit, which was asexual, but could not hide the hugeness of her breasts. Schwartz's hair was done up in a tight bun and her face looked like she had just taken a sip of sour milk. "Coach Hicks has injured his back again because he was helping Samantha Crowen move a piece of equipment last night. He will be out for several weeks. You've taught his classes before."

"Yes, but coach the football team?...Today?...At the regionals?"

"That's why I asked Tim Marino and Joe Stewart, the team captains, to be here," said Schwartz. "I'm sure Coach Hicks has already gone over the game plan with them. This will be a chance for them to show their leadership skills. We will also have the home field advantage. However, school regulations require a teacher to be the coach. You're it, unless you want us to forfeit the game because you don't want to do it."

Sarah felt a little overwhelmed and just a bit frightened. This was not just any old football game, but the regional championship. What she knew about the game of football could be written in a paragraph or less. She did know about football players, but that was in a different context. Still, she could not let the team forfeit just because she refused.

"Don't worry about it, Miss Stevens," said Joe at her indecision. "I can coach Tim's offensive squad when it's out on the field and he can do the same when my defense is out there. We've gone over the plan with Coach Hicks and we know what to do."

"I'll see the team on the field this afternoon, then," said Sarah, still unconvinced as to the soundness of this action.

"Two minutes to halftime, Jugs!"

Principal Schwartz turned around at the sound of the voice behind her. She had left the stands to get something to drink. The game was not going well for the Wolverines. The Manorhall Cougars were beating them 24 to 7. Schwartz's face took on a stony expression when she recognized who was speaking to her.

"Don't call me that, Melvin. Coming over to gloat about your team?"

"You didn't seem to mind it when we called you that in high school," stated Melvin Hopper, the principal of Manorhall High School. He was a tall man, impeccably dressed, and had an air of superiority around him that made most people's teeth grind. "As for my team, there is no reason to gloat. They are the best and beating a second-rate team like yours...well, you know."

Schwartz could feel the burn of anger travel up her neck from her buttoned-up neckline to her ears. "The game isn't over until the final whistle blows," she said hotly.

"Oh, puleeze," scoffed Hopper, with a wave of his hand. He then glanced sideways at Schwartz. "However, since you believe so much in your team, how about a wager, Jugs?"

"What sort of wager?"

"Hmm, the day after tomorrow is Saturday...When my team wins, you will be my slave for twenty-four hours starting at eight AM. If your...ha...athletes win, then what do you want?"

Schwartz hesitated.

"Yes, I would not take a sucker bet, either," sneered Hopper.

Schwartz looked over at the sidelines where her team was sitting. She then turned back to face Hopper.

"You're on. If my team wins, you will be my slave, which includes my choice of a restaurant and a show...your expense. You will do everything I say for twenty-four hours."

"Done!" agreed Hopper with a smile. "Thirty seconds left on the clock and I'm still up by seventeen points. Bring a lot of lacy things when you show up at my place on Saturday." He pulled out a business card and wrote something on the back. "My address and don't be late."

"Let's first see how the game ends," countered Schwartz.

It was a dispirited Westville team that met in the locker room. Their despondency was such that they did not even look up when Sarah came into the room. That more than anything else told her how low their spirits were. Sarah might have graduated from college with only marginal grades, but she knew the effect her body had on boys. When she walked down the hallway, she could almost hear their eyeballs click as they snapped up and down in time to her bouncing breasts. She put on smile and walked into the middle of the room.

"Alright, guys," she said. "It's halftime and we're behind. You know their weaknesses. We need to come back strong in the second half."

"Weaknesses?" muttered a linebacker, tiredly. "The only one I saw was them getting bored overrunning us."

Sarah saw that her words were having no effect. She needed to rouse them...to give them the will to fight on. Before she could speak again, she was stopped by an interrupting cough from the door. Sarah turned to see who was there.

"Principal Schwartz," she said.

"I would like a word or two with the team in private," said Schwartz, striding into the room. Each team member seemed to perk up and sit up straighter as she walked in, partially out of respect for her position and partially out of fear of Schwartz herself.

"Yes...uh...of course," stammered Sarah, unsure of this new development. "I'll...um...see everyone outside."

As Sarah left, she heard Schwartz begin to say, "Each of you should be proud to be here. It took determination and skill to get to this game. Your spirit, however, is lacking..."

Sarah went down to the infirmary to see her friend, Nurse Cindy Brown. She hoped Cindy might be able to give her some advice. Unfortunately, the infirmary was locked up and Cindy was nowhere in sight. Unwilling to go back outside during the halftime activities, Sarah hung out at the ramp, which led from the locker room to the playing field.

As the halftime activities ended, the Westville team came down the hallway towards the ramp. Catching sight of Sarah, they all roared loudly, startling her, and they ran forward onto the field, carrying Sarah along with them. Sarah was shocked. They had a determination in their eyes she had never seen before. With a quickening of her blood, she yelled encouragements to them as Principal Schwartz brought up the rear.

Manorhall kicked off to Westville. Sarah's mouth dropped open as the receiver barreled back sixty yards before he was brought down. Sarah turned to look at the team. They were concentrating solely on the game and playing with a new resolve that could not be matched. Manorhall's defenses were blown apart and their offense was stopped dead in its tracks. It actually seemed that the will to win had been sapped out of Manorhall and given to Westville.

Tim and Joe were coordinating their strategies and leading the team spectacularly. The Westville students in the stands were screaming and going wild, while the Manorhall students just sat in stunned disbelief. Principal Schwartz stood on the sidelines, watching the team with an expressionless face and her arms crossed over her magnificent bosom. Westville had just scored a second touchdown when Sarah sidled up nest to Schwartz.

"What did you say to them?" Sarah asked incredulously.

"They needed spirit...the will to persevere," stated Schwartz, looking out at the field. "I gave that to them by promising them that you would fuck the entire team right after the game if they won."

Sarah gasped and looked over at the team before turning back to stare at Schwartz. Schwartz was now looking at her.

"But... but...but there's thirty-two of them!" exclaimed Sarah.
"Yes, and all muscle," replied Schwartz, coolly. "Look at what they are doing for you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get into the stands. I see a couple of students who are becoming too boisterous."

A stunned Sarah walked back towards the bench, oblivious to the noise and the people around her. She looked up at the scoreboard and saw Manorhall – 24...Westville – 21. The other team's defense had tightened up and neither team was able to make headway against the other. Time was running out when Joe yelled for her. Sarah hurried over to where he was standing. He had used one of their timeouts to bring Tim over to talk to him.

"It's third and ten with ninety seconds to go, Miss Stevens," said Joe. "We're fifty-four yards from the endzone. We've everything to get within fieldgoal range, but we can't get through their defense. Any ideas? I'm stumped."

"A long pass?" suggested Sarah tentatively.

Tim grimaced. "Miss Stevens, I'm good on short passes, but don't have any accuracy on long ones."

"Look and set this in your mind," said Sarah. She turned around, stretched her nylon shorts across her ass, and bent over at the waist. What Tim saw was muscular legs going all the way up to a perfect heart-shaped ass. He knew his heart had skipped a beat. Sarah stood back up and turned around.

"That's what you're aiming for in the endzone," she told him. "Just picture my ass where you want the ball to go and nail it! You'll nail it for real once you've done it."

Tim swallowed hard and broke out in a big smile. He jammed his helmet on and headed out to the huddle. Sarah felt flush and excited. Her nipples became hard and warmth blossomed between her legs. She closed her eyes and crossed her fingers. She heard the snap and the roar of the crowd. The roar changed to a massive gasp and Sarah opened her eyes just in time to see the receiver make a diving catch in the endzone. Silence reigned for only a second before total pandemonium broke out.

"Kicking squad!" yelled Joe, trying to be heard above the riotous students in the stands. "That's it, Miss Stevens. With the extra point, all we have to do is to keep them from making a touchdown."

"Tell your squad to hold them because you know what's will be waiting for them back in the locker room."

"I think they'd stop a tank bare-handed for that," stated Joe, putting on his helmet.

The kick for the extra point was good and Joe's squad was like a brick wall for the final minute of the game. Sarah got tied up after the game accepting the championship award, interviews with reporters, and other things that required her presence. It was almost a half-hour later before she was able to make her way to the locker room. It was strangely silent as she walked in and found the varsity team there, still in uniform, waiting for her.

"Miss Stevens, we didn't know if Principal Schwartz was pulling our chain or not," said Tim, a little embarrassed. "We waited to see if...you do know what she promised, don't you?"

"You boys came through for me," stated Sarah, taking off her jacket and t-shirt. "We have to keep this quiet, though."

"Principal Schwartz was very clear on that point," said Joe, licking his dry lips as he stared at Sarah, now dressed only in her shorts and sports bra. "Football players may not be too bright, but none of us are stupid enough to go up against her."

'Get the massage table over her," ordered Sarah. The table was quickly placed in the center of the room. "Oh, and I don't do shoulder pads and cleats," she mentioned as she pulled off her sports bra.

The whole team gasped as one when her huge breasts sprang into view. They stood up round and firm with nipples that stuck out like bullets. Sarah hooked her thumbs into her waistband and slid her shorts down. She kicked off her shoes and sat on the edge of the table. "Well, captains first?"

Her question seemed to break the team out of its stunned reverence for her divine body. They all began to strip at a frantic pace, throwing jerseys, pants, shoulder pads, jock straps and anything else they had been wearing everywhere. Sarah gasped in delight as thirty-two muscular naked men soon stood around her with their hard cocks all pointing straight at her. Their pricks were of every shape and size, mostly average with a couple small and some large. Tim and Joe stepped forward, their cocks swaying side to side as they walked. They stopped in front of Sarah who reached down to grasp the hard shafts of their penises.

"Who's first?' asked Sarah as she began to stroke them.

"Tim," said Joe, savoring the exquisite touch of her hand. "He made the winning pass."

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