tagIncest/TabooBack to the Farm Ch. 03

Back to the Farm Ch. 03


As Desirae slept, Doug's work wound down and he moved to a chair near her and watched her. As she slept, his thoughts wandered back to the summer he fell in love with her.

She had always been his favorite cousin and it seemed like they had always had a connection. Whenever her family visited, there was never any awkwardness, they just slipped into the buddy roles so easily. That year, there was a big family reunion going on and too many people to keep track of. It was nice to have someone he could just hang out with and not have make polite conversation with. They were all camping at a lake and the younger crowd spent most of their time in the water, or at least, on the beach.

He was thirteen and rapidly becoming more aware of the female body. And more importantly, his own reactions to it. Still, he was surprised by his reaction to seeing her in that white bikini of hers. She had just turned 18 and was a bombshell. Their shared Scandinavian heritage showed in her build. Taller than average, with ample curves in all the right places. She seemed oblivious to the effect she had on the young men around her and was completely at ease in her enjoyment of the activities. He could not get her and that bikini out of his mind that first night (or many after) and she became the first "real" woman he jacked off fantasizing about. He'd been a little ashamed of that, but from what he overheard his two older brothers saying, he figured he might not have been the only one.

She was there over a month that year since her mother's family was having a reunion later on. Her other grandma lived only a couple of houses down from them, so it was easy to spend at least part of every day with her. She had friends in the town she did things with and other relatives to visit, but she always made him feel welcome when he showed up at the door. Looking back, he probably made quite a fool of himself following her around like a lost puppy.

He saw her a few times over the next few years and his feelings and yearning for her only grew with each encounter. He heard of her marriage and her move to the coast and the births of her children through the family grapevine.

In a small town like theirs, you knew everybody's business and he couldn't help being thrilled to learn she would be there that summer. Her mom's family was having another reunion and she would be staying just two doors down again. Of course, by then he was a working man all of 20 years old and couldn't devote as much time to her, but once again, they fell into the buddy roles with ease. Des hadn't changed much and his reaction to her was the same as had become normal. She had a grace in her movements and a spark in her eyes that always drew his attention and instantly turned him on.

He spotted her and the kids at the park one evening and pulled his truck in to say hi. Even now, he's not sure what happened, but she leaned in to kiss him as he was leaving. When the kiss ended, they looked at each other, puzzling over the intensity and kissed again, even deeper. Their lips parted and their tongues hesitatingly danced with the others. By now, he was rock hard and her eyes were clouded with desire, but as she stepped back, they cleared as one of her girls called out for her. She said her farewells and left to tend to them.

He'd never been so aroused by a simple kiss before and went home with no other thought than relieving the pressure in his cock.

He spent as much time with her as he could over the next weeks. Most of the time, the kids were with them or there were others around who could show up with no warning. What started with a few passionate kisses soon escalated into more and more fervent explorations of each other's bodies during the brief moments they had.

As her other relatives started arriving and preparations for their reunion geared up, he knew he'd see less of her for the time being. While that was true, the time they did have together was beyond any hopes he'd had. His parents were away for a couple of weeks and it was getting crowded at her grandma's house. Doug almost choked on his beer when Des's dad, Uncle Ray, suggested that Des and the kids could sleep down there. It was late when he heard her come in and settle the girls into bed for the night. He waited, almost holding his breath until he heard the creak of that loose stair, his cock swelling in anticipation as he waited. She knocked quietly and asked if he was awake and, at his affirmative response, entered his room and in the dim light from the televiosion, made her way to his bed.

Des sat on the edge and leaned in to kiss him. His arms rose to embrace her and pull her closer. Their lips moved with impatient frenzy around each other's necks and chest as he all but ripped her t-shirt off of her. Their lips kept contact with each other as she rose up to slip off her shorts while he unhooked her bra. As her breasts were released, they were engulfed by Doug's hands. Their desire for each other was frantic as she rolled over him to stretch out beside him and explore his body as he was exploring hers. His arousal was at a peak, and he thought he might cum as soon as he felt her hand rub the length of his almost painful erection.

The initial passion of the embrace faded and as their lips parted, panting with the heat of desire, they sought to catch their breath. They leisurely caressed each other and he took the time to look at her gorgeous body as he moved his hands and lips over it. She stretched a little as she moved to her back. Her legs parted as he positioned himself between them working his mouth over each nipple in turn. As they firmed, he drew it into his mouth with more force flicking the bud with his tongue before gently scraping it between his teeth. He continued his tortuously slow journey to the tangle of pubic hair. He looked up at her for assurance and she smiled as their eyes met. Placing her hands on his head, she pushed his face toward her swollen mound.

He paused and inhaled deeply, savoring the aroma of her arousal. His tongue lightly brushed the crease of her lips, then along the sides before gently coaxing them apart. His tongue traveled the length of those soft folds before finding the little bud of her clit. The feel of its hardness enticed him to explore its shape by circling it with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth. Her hips raised and bucked while her hands held his head tightly to her. He felt her tremble as she came and heard the deep, gutteral groan as her orgasm produced a flood of moisture that he had to taste. With his tongue at the opening, he relished the texture and taste of her wetness and after the initial taste, explored her depths with his tongue.

"Oh, yes. Eat me, Doug." Des cried as her hips gyrated around his efforts. Her cunt felt the emptiness as he moved back to her clit and she begged "Put your finger in me." As he did, he felt the velvety smooth walls contract around it as he continued the oral exploration of her clit. He pulled his finger out and teased the opening before sliding it in again, marveling at how she was so smooth and slippery, yet so tight around his finger. He pulled it out once again and inserted two fingers with the next invasion. Her hips thrust upward as another climax came over her and she pulled him up, away from her clit to kiss him deeply, tasting her own juices on him.

She pushed him off of her and straddled him. His erection was nestled between them and she moved her hips rubbing her clit against it as she leaned forward to continue the kiss and nibble at his neck. He had never had a woman make love to him like this and tried to relax and just enjoy the seduction. The light, feathery bush of her mouth and tongue both tickled and aroused him. She teased his nipples worked her way downward, tracing the contour of his ribcage and teasing the hair on his abdoman that grew thicker as she approached his cock with tantalizing slowness. She positioned herself between his legs and rubbed his upper thighs coming nearer and nearer to his balls and cock teasing him until his hips lifted off the bed and he begged her to touch him.

She licked his balls and ran her tongue the length of his shaft. Wrapping her hand around the shaft, she guided the head toward her mouth and licked around the swollen knob before taking it completely into her mouth. A little at a time,, she worked her saliva further and further down until she could finally slide her mouth easily along the length of it. She took it all into her mouth. He could feel the back of her throat loosen around the head before she started sliding it out of her mouth. She was sucking on it as she did and the sensation was almost enough to make him cum then. He didn't want to cum too soon or in her mouth, so he stopped her, pulling her toward him and rolling her onto her back in one fluid motion.

As she looked at him with desire, he lifted up so he could reach down and position his cock at the entrance to her incredibly wet pussy. Intending to tease her with just the tip, his desires compelled him to thrust into her. Oh, that was better than anything he'd experienced before. Better than anybody he'd experienced. Her muscles gripped the length of his cock as he slid it in to her depths. Taking it out slowly, he thrust again, burying the solid shaft even deeper in her. As he started the rhythmic pleasure, her legs wrapped around his back pulling him closer and drawing her ass up off the bed. "Fuck me", she begged. "Fuck me deep." He did his best to drive his rigid cock as deep inside her as he could. With a final moan, he said "I'm cumming, Des. I'm cumming in you." as he felt the surge of his juices pulse into her depths.

She drew him close as he collapsed on her. He wasn't a virgin, but his previous experiences had never been as fulfilling as that was. He had fantasized about it for years and she had far exceeded those fantasies. Taking a deep breath, he rolled off to the side and they lay in silence with her head resting on his chest and his arm around her back.

"Stay with me." he begged as she made a move to get up.

"I can't." she said. "The girls won't know where they are if they wake up." He didn't have the strength to argue and sat up to watch her dress. He heard her go down the stairs and into the bathroom. He drifted off to sleep before she finished and went to her own bed.

She and her girls stayed one more night at the house with him. She came to him earlier and she had sucked the cum from his cock before they started a slow, erotic love making that lasted almost all night.

As Doug drifted back to the present he realized she was awake and watching him rub his swelling cock through his pants as he relived the start of their sexual relationship.

"Thinking good thoughts?" Des asked.

Doug smiled. "Yeah. I was thinking I'm glad you kissed me in the schoolyard that summer, cuz I would never have had the guts to try anything without that encouragement."

She laughed as she got up. "Me too." she said as she bent to kiss him before moving off. He got up, too and gathered her into his arms. It was so good just to have her close. He let her go and moved to the kitchen. "How about some supper?" he asked. "I think I'm going to need all the nourishment I can get."

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