Back Together with His Ex-Wife 04


Walking to the bar, Peter took a seat next to Beth and whispered in a depressed voice, "I thought you said that Anna going to be here. I don't see anyone that looks even close to her. We may as well leave."

"Shhhhhhhh. She might be in back getting something. The woman I saw earlier isn't here right now and it's way too early for her to have left, so just sit down, keep your eyes open and your mouth shut." She then signaled the bartender who brought them two German Import beers and placed them in front of them.

"Hey, Chica. Long time no see. What you doin' here. You looking for work. We got plenty work to go around. Especially for an experienced woman like you."

"No thanks, Tomas. Just brought a friend to see the old life. He's never been to a working 'house' on this side of the border before," Beth/Chica smiled as she replied.

"That's too bad. You used to have a pretty big audience here, but we got plenty new girls to help entertain your friend."

"Really? How many new girls you got working here?"

Lifting his hand, Tomas began to count them off. "We got Carmen, and Carmella, and Mona ... that's her up on the center stage ... and Gracie, and Tory. Tory is a big hit. She does this act with a remote controlled vibrator and the highest bidder gets to use the remote control on her. Iiiieeeee ... not even she knows when the bidder is going to hit the button."

"Any of them blonde? My friend here has a thing for blonde women."

"No. No, blondes. At least not ..."

"Ya, what?"

"Well, we do have a blonde working here but she is not for stage work right now. She is VERY big with a baby and her titties are so full of milk that the boss, he uses her to give tit-milk drinks to the audience. He makes much money from her."

"Mmmmmmmm, sounds delicious. Do I know her? What is her name?" Beth/Chica asked.

"No, you do not know her. She has only been here about three months. Her husband came here and sold her to the boss, said that she was a slut and a whore and that she should live as one. There she is ... her name is Anna."

Fighting to control himself, Peter slowly turned and saw Anna enter through a side door. Her hair had grown almost to her waist and had darkened from being inside so much and her tan was fading leaving creamy white skin. She was wearing a medium-length print skirt that covered her huge pregnant stomach, but her tits were totally exposed to all in the room. A tiny "S" was tattooed on her right tit just as Beth said it might be. Immediately one of the men in the front row called for her. She walked to the table as the man and the woman with him raised their glasses. Anna took a glass and placed it to her tit and squeezed. Milk flowed from her tit into the glass quickly filling it. She then placed it on the table and took the second glass, filling it just as she had the first one. Watching her, Peter noticed that her movements were almost mechanical. She didn't even seem to be aware of where she was.

Noticing my concern Beth grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze. "Let's get a table. What do you think?"

"Sure. Whatever you want," he replied.

Once seated Beth quickly explained, "Some women have a hard time accepting what has happened to them. They withdraw into their own little world and pretend that this is all just a bad dream. That doesn't mean that she is crazy or lost, just that she doesn't want to admit that she is here."

"Okay, so what do we do? Do you think she will recognize me ... and do you think she'll do what she needs to do to get out of here?"

"I don't know. Hopefully if she recognizes you she'll do anything you ask because she loves you and you love her. The question now is how to get her to recognize you without causing a scene. If she flips out or tries to run out of here we could have BIG trouble."

Sitting there thinking, an idea slowly began to develop in Peter's head. If it didn't work he'd knew he'd have lost Anna forever so he had to give it a try. Raising his hand and he signaled to Anna as he looked at Beth and mouthed, "Wish me luck."

Anna walked to the table and stood there, waiting for him to say something. Her blue eyes were dull and detached.

"Hello. I was wondering if I could make you a deal and get some of your mother's milk in exchange for some cream for your coffee?" he asked.

Anna stood there for what seemed like a lifetime before she looked down at him. Life seemed to be slowly returning to her eyes as they brightened and a spark returned to them. "Peter? Is it really you? I've dreamed about you coming for me, but never thought it would really happen. Am I dreaming? Are you really here?" she whispered.

Reaching out for her hand he gently touched Anna. "Yes, baby, it's really me. I told you I'd always be here when you needed me. For right now though, I need you to give me a glass of your tit-milk just like anybody else. I know it's hard but I need you to finish the day out and then I'll find a way to get to you. Okay ... can you do that?"

"For you I can do anything. If that means you need me to do this, I will. I love you, Peter," Anna smiled as she picked up his glass and filled it to the brim. "They have me living in a small room on the other side of the courtyard in back. I'll be waiting for you." Then Anna turned and walked away. The mechanical movements had returned except for the small swish and sway of her ass as it passed him. Looking at Beth, Peter said, "Okay, we have that problem taken care of. What next?"

Looking at him seriously, "Now for the really hard part. We need to talk to Anna's boss and see if he'll let us buy her. Custom says that he has no choice, but he gets to name the price. Then the dickering starts. I'll take it from there. You just sit quietly and pretend that you're buying her for business purposes back in the States. If he has any idea that you want her for anything other than business or that you have any feelings for her he'll set the price so fucking high you'll never be able to get the money to buy her. Understood?"

"Ya. I understand," Peter replied as Berth signaled one of the bouncers placed around the room. Speaking in Spanish she quickly explained that they wanted to see the boss on a business matter. The bouncer gave them the "once over" and then with a cocky grin asked what kind of business they could possibly have with the boss. Beth stood slowly which left the bouncer unprepared for the lightening quick movement of her hand as she grabbed his crotch and squeezed just enough to show that they meant business before letting go. "Just tell him we have money business to talk to him about." The bouncer's eyes nearly popped from his head before she let him go and then he slowly limped to the office door.

A few minutes passed before the bouncer returned, still limping, back to the table and said that the boss would see them now.

Beth stood and Peter watched as the bouncer instinctively took a step back and dropped his hands to his crotch. Looking at him, she smiled and said "Thank you," as she walked past him.

Once inside the office they were greeted by a businessman dressed in a fine suit and a silk shirt. "Please take a seat. Would either of you like something to drink perhaps?"

"Thank you, Senor, but we must decline. Though it is most gracious of you and speaks highly of your family to start business in such a manner," Beth replied in a soft, subdued voice.

"Senorita, your Spanish is very good. But I'm sure it is not your native language."

"No Senor, it is not but when discussing matters with one of such importance as yourself it is only proper to do so in his native language."

"I see. In that case, I understand that you would like to discuss some type of business with me. May I ask what it is about?"

"My friend," Beth started, looking at Peter, "is interested in purchasing the contract of one of your hostesses. He has heard of your establishment and its fine reputation for only having the choicest companions and has come from the U.S. to purchase the contract of such a woman."

"I am very proud of my business. It has been in the family for three generations," the boss's face beamed at the flattery. "I am also pleased to know that it is becoming known in the U.S. I take great pride in choosing only the best hostesses to work here. The women are like family to me, so to send one away I must know they are going to a place that will take care of them and can afford the nice things they like."

"I am quite certain that the gringo will take very good care of any family member that he would choose to go with him."

Reaching out, the boss took Peter's hands and inspected them. Then looking back at Beth he continued their conversation.

"I see that the gringo is not what he appears to be. His hands are the hands of a professional. One who works with his mind and not his back. This is good.," he said as he leaned against his table.

Then with a glow of sudden understanding he reached out towards Beth. "May I?" he asked as he drew back the right side of her sports bra.

Beth sat there without saying a word as the boss inspected her tattoo and discovered the original "S" within the design. Sitting back and studying her, recognition came to his eyes. "Ahhh, Chica. Now I understand how you know so much of my business. It has been a long time since I last saw you. Now you come back to me and wish to buy one of my hostesses for this gringo ... or maybe for yourself, to start your own business in the U.S.?"

"No, Senor. I have left that life behind. Those that paid my price would be very disappointed should I return to the business in any way."

"Ahhh, so your 'friends' know this gringo and still trusted me and you enough to let you come back here. That is very good of them but which contract does he wish to buy? I have many very good hostesses here as you know."

"The gringo wishes to open a 'house' for hostesses with special talents and desires. Right now he is looking to fill one last spot. He saw what he was looking for here tonight. He would like to purchase Anna's contract."

"Ohhh, that one. She has a very special talent indeed. One that has made me much money, she would be very hard to replace."

"Si, Senor. But her talent will someday go away and then she will only be another hostess. Wouldn't it be better to sell the contract now when it is worth the most rather then lose the money by waiting?"

Settling back into his chair, the boss steepled his hands before his mouth and concentrated on the offer. After a few moments he leaned forward and asked, "Does he understand what must be done to get the money? He can not just walk in here and expect me to give her up."

"He knows," Beth replied.

"In the case here is my price for Anna's contract," he said as he wrote on a piece of paper and slid it across the desk to Beth as he at Peter for the first time.

Glancing at the paper on the table, Beth shook her head. "Too much."

Feigning shock and disappointment the boss replied, "But Chica, she is one of my most prized hostesses. She is able to provide a service that none of the other hostesses can and should she stop providing that service there are always ways to renew her ability."

Beth knew they were playing a dangerous game but she also knew that if they gave in too easily the boss would know something was wrong so she replied, "Si Senor, that may be true but how long do you think your customers will appreciate receiving that service from the same hostess? Wouldn't it be better to have the money to bring in a new hostess, or maybe ever two, who could provide that same service Anna does? Beside which Anna seems much older than the usual quality hostesses you have in your establishment."

The boss sat there for a moment thinking about what Beth had said before replying, "And just how much do you think she would be worth?"

Now it was Beth's turn to sit and think. If she went offered too high a price the boss would know something was wrong but if she offered too low he would be offended and neither she nor Peter would be leaving the room. Suddenly an idea formed in her head and she replied, "Senor, I am aware that you have a great love of automobiles, especially the American Corvette. If I were able to offer a 1957 Corvette as the price would this be acceptable?"

The boss's eyes flew open. He had long craved just that car to complete his collection and was unable to withhold his approval. "Si, Si. This would most definitely fulfill Anna's contract. But where do you plan on getting such a car by tonight?"

"That is for me to know, Senor, but I guarantee it will be here."

"In that case we have a deal," then looking at Peter he finished, "and the gringo understand what happens if he is unable to do what is necessary?"

Beth replied without a bit of hesitation, "Yes, Senor. He understands what must be done. He also understands that if he does not get enough money to equal the price of the Corvette all the money that is collected is given goes to you."

Sitting there, totally ignorant to the conversation, Peter was unaware of the details of the deal or the last part of what was said. He had no idea how much depended on Anna and him as they stood and shook hands to finalize the deal.

Exiting the office they found the bar empty and dark. The negotiations had taken over an hour and all the patrons had left while the 'house' was being cleaned and stocked for the evening ... only the bouncer was waiting for them when they came out of the office. He approached them and without a word pointed to the back door. "She's out there in a small room across the courtyard. You have 20 minutes to see if she's interested in going with you. After that you're out of here until tonight, eight o'clock sharp. If she's interested and willing that's when you'll try to earn her contract money," he laughed.

Walking to the back door Beth stopped and looked at Peter. "This is where I stop. What you need to discuss with Anna is between the two of you. I'll stay here and keep our friend company. I might even be able to earn you a few extra minutes," she said with small chuckle.

Peter exited the 'house' and quickly found Anna's door. Hesitantly, he knocked and was almost knocked over when she threw the door open and wrapped her arms around him.

"Oh God, Peter. It really is you. For a second I thought I had gone crazy and that it was all a dream. I couldn't believe that you'd actually found me and come for me." Smothering him with kisses, Anna held him tight against her beautiful pregnant body. "I love you so much. Please get me out of here and take me home. Please, Peter. Take me home."

Prying her arms from around his neck he stepped back and started to explain. "Anna, I did come for you, but things are a lot different here than at home. Ned sold you to the owner of this place and technically you're under contract to him. He's willing to release you from your contract for a price; a price that you and I need to pay."

"Anything, pay anything. Just get me out of here, Peter." Anna pleaded.

"It's not just money that he wants, Anna ..." the words flowing from his mouth as he described the deal that had been made. "So that's it. If you want to leave here with me the two of us have to perform for the audience tonight starting at eight o'clock. We have until midnight to earn the money needed for Beth to purchase the 'Vet and then we swap that for your contract. If we fail you have to stay here and I go back home alone."

"Doesn't give a woman much of a choice does it?"

"No, honey. I'm sorry it doesn't."

"Well, in that case, I guess you better get back to your motel and get some rest. You're going to need it if you're going to last for four hours tonight," Anna purred into my ear.

Pulling her close I kissed her, a slow, loving kiss of two people deeply in love to hold them through the rest of the day. Breaking the kiss he held her as he whispered, "I love you, Anna. I always have."

Anna pulled him back to her and gave him a hot, passionate kiss full of promises of what was yet to come. "I know, Peter. And tonight you're going to prove it by fucking my brains out and getting me out of here," she sighed as she pushed him towards the door.

Beth was waiting for Peter and took him back to his motel. The rest of her friends were waiting, as well as some of the others who had been there to help him earlier. They all went out for coffee and he explained what was going to happen the night. Beth's friends were already aware of what was expected, but some of the women who had volunteered to help blushed a deep red when Peter told them. All of them said they'd be at the 'house' by seven-thirty with their wallets open to help.

Only Beth sat quietly to the side as she made a phone call to someone who had once meant the world to her and might be able to produce the 'Vet' on such short notice.

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