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Back with My B.F


This tale that I'm about to tell ought to be kept in a diary and left to remain there. If Alex, my husband, ever get to stumble his eyes upon it – I know there's absolutely no way that I'm going to tell him about it – there's going to be hell to pay. Still I can't shake off the day Charles stepped back into my world, so here I'm going to tell it all as it went down.

It was a hot and sunny day in the month of May, four and a half months ago. I was at work pouring through my office computer, trying hard not to think about my upcoming wedding which was two weeks down the road. Already I've been working hard getting things set for the scheduled date. I was just as excited and couldn't wait for the day to arrive. Alex too couldn't wait; we'd already booked ourselves a one-week honeymoon trip in Vail, and then another in Baja – courtesy of Alex's rich folks of course – and just the thought of being a married woman was all the spark I needed to keep myself shinning for the rest of the year.

My face was still glued to my computer screen when my cell phone started ringing, startling me. At first I figured it would only be Alex, calling to check up on me, see how I was doing and if maybe I could meet him for lunch. I couldn't have been farther from the truth and I just about gasped when I recognised the number that was calling me.

Charles. Oh my God, Charles!

I was double-minded whether or not to answer it. Now that I think back on it, this was the beginning of a string of events which I later realised would have taken my life unto a different route had I not answered the call. Old time's sake was probably the reason why I did.

"Hello," said I.

"How're you doing, Vicky?" Charles' voice floated into my ear. The sound of his voice stirred a lot of feelings inside me. Much of it animalistic feelings: the type that can only be gotten when your former lover calls on you from out of the blue.

"I'm doing alright, Charles. Long time no see."

"Same here. How're you been, girl?"

"I'm fine, thanks. And how about you?"

"Same old, same old. Just living life one day at a time. It's been a long while."

"Gosh, I'll bet. Where have you been all this time?"

"I'll tell you about it if you'd care to meet me for lunch."

I paused for a moment. This was where I ought to have said I'm sorry, Charles, but I can't do that. I've got loads of work to do...

Instead I said: "Sure, tell me where."

The restaurant cafe was almost a block away from where my office was. I decided to walk it since it wasn't that far, and my intention was that I would be back behind my desk on or before one o' clock. Once again I was wrong, but at the moment how was I to know how the day would go.

I spotted Charles easily as he was seated by the window sipping a drink. I felt buoyed just standing there observing him. Even though it's been almost a year since last time I saw him he still was as handsome as always. Charles had been my last lover before I ran into Alex. Although there have been a couple of one-night stands in between, but he was the one person I'd missed deeply and had Alex not stumbled my way, I doubt if I ever would have gotten over him. Tall, chocolate-brown skin, shaved head, excellent lover in and out of bed ... tell me what else would any woman want?

I pushed through the glass door of the restaurant and waved at him. He looked up from his drink and waved back. He rose to his feet as I approached and opened his arms for me to hug him. I felt him press my body towards his. We stood like that for almost a minute, and I figured he was just as reluctant to let me go as I also was, but eventually we both did. I ordered something to eat just as we sat down and started catching up on old times. I was still reeling with the surprise of seeing him after so long, I couldn't stop myself from touching his hand ... but still, how was I to know.

Charles was a freelance journalist. He told me he'd been under contract with an NGO organisation based in the U.K.

"By the way," he said, "I hear you're getting married. Congrats."

"Thanks. But how did you know."

He shrugged. "I've still got my ears to the ground about you. When I got the news, I need I just had to see you again." He placed his hand upon mine. I ought to have pulled mine back, except I didn't. Instead I turned my hand upside down and wrapped my fingers around his while our eyes remained locked on each other. "I really missed you, girl."

I could feel a tremor running through my heart. I know I should have done the right thing right then: retrieve my hand, push my seat back and say those well rehearsed words: I'm sorry, Charles. It was nice seeing you again, really. But I'm getting married soon and can't be seen around you again. Please take care of yourself ... and don't call me anymore. I should have said all that and more. Except I didn't; I couldn't. Right there and then, I threw whatever hindrance I'd built in my mind concerning him.

"How about I show you some recent photos I took while in Scotland," he smiled and said.

"I've got to be back at the office in the next hour and a half."

"My place isn't that far from here. Come on, let's stop."

Without waiting for a reply (not like I was going to object his invite), I let him take my hand and pull me up from my seat.

He wasn't lying when he said his place wasn't that far where I work – less than three blocks away. It was a rented apartment; he wasn't working full time yet, but he could get called at any moment's notice, he told me.

His pad was cool and shabby-looking and very inviting. He offered me a glass of wine and we drank to our good health. He showed me a portfolio containing several of his award-winning photographs.

While I glanced through them, he refilled my drink and gradually sensed myself growing a bit tipsy. I leaned on his shoulder while still flipping through his snapshots with him reclining his arm over my shoulder. I felt movement in his arm coming down to brush lightly over my breast while his other rubbed against my thigh. I was a bit high, but that doesn't mean I didn't still possess my senses. A strong part of me wanted him, and even then I sensed a bit of wetness occurring inside my pussy just from perceiving his manliness. I forgot about his photographs and let it slip from my lap to the floor while I rubbed my palm against the tiny growth of beard that lined his chin. I bent his head towards mine and our lips came together in a kiss. He tasted so good. After all these months, he still tasted deliciously good. He rested me on the sofa, his lips still glued to mine while his hands explored my tits and felt up my thigh. I moaned when his hand pushed past my thong panties and his finger began probing my wetness. I opened my legs further for him as he rubbed his thumb against my clit while his middle finger went in and out of me; it was followed by a second finger. His other hand which hung over my shoulder kept massaging my breasts, and eventually began squeezing my nipples. Only Charles knew this was a quick means of bringing me to orgasm, and even then he was succeeding. I had to recline myself and widen my legs enough and before you knew it I was grabbing his shirt and crying out as my body shuddered from the incoming wave of orgasm that suddenly crashed into me. He pulled back his fingers and offered them to me. I took his fingers into my mouth and licked them clean of my pussy juice. The taste was delicious.

Charles was used to having crazy sex with me, and it was something I'd missed all the months he'd been out of my life. But here it was once again.

He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his semi-erect black dick and brought my hand to grasp it. It pulsed with life as I stroked it. It looked as if it had added an inch or two in growth since the last time I held it ... but still it looked inviting. Charles pushed my head down on it and I opened my mouth and choked myself on it. I stroked his cock at the same time while my lips were wrapped around it, cleaning up the small amount of pre-cum that leaked out of it. All it took was a couple of seconds and before you knew it I was sucking that cock of his like it was yesterday since we last had sex. Charles groaned, his hand remained on my hair, pressing my head down on his cock, forcing me to deep-throat him. I forced my mouth open as wide as I could to take in much of him; saliva dripped from my mouth as I continued slurping his shaft. Charles rose up and let me lie on the sofa with his cock hanging two inches above my face. I opened my lips once again to receive it and moaned through a mouthful of cock as once more he began finger-fucking me vigorously. I gripped his thigh and groaned aloud as he made me climax again. I lay there for a moment whimpering, my lovely hair scattered on my face, though Charles didn't give me much chance to rest; he moved in for the kill right away.

He came on top of me and fed my pussy with his cock. I dug my fingers into his back as my body shuddered from him entering me. I was so wet, my pussy needed no lubricant for his cock to slid in nicely. Charles pushed his cock all the way into my pussy and I could do nothing except moan and hug him tight. He felt so good inside me; my let my muscles squeeze his cock and raised my hips to meet him. He dug a hand under my back and pulled me up from where I lay. I noticed the way his arm muscles bulged as he raised me into the air, his hands grasping my bottom as he slammed me with his cock fast and furiously. I wrapped my hands around his neck, shut my eyes and cried out each time his cock slammed in and out of my pussy till suddenly I felt myself cumming a third time. Just when it felt as if I was slipping off him, he pulled me up and gripped me tighter and resumed fucking me terrifically.

I was nearly out of breathe when he dumped me on the sofa and I rolled off it and collapsed on his carpet, weak from my head to my toes. I lay there gasping heavily, staring up at him and muttering 'Oh my God ... Oh my God' over and over again. My pussy felt so sore, I knew it would remain like that till the following morning. He seemed to tower over me like a muscle-bound giant with his cock still standing erect with cum dripping down from it. I started to giggle. A long time has passed since I got fucked this good; how I so much missed the feeling.

"Oh my God ... Charles ... darling, I've really missed you."

"I know, babe." He knelt beside my face and started stroking his cock. His face broke into a grimace and I shut my eyes just in time as his cum shot out and sprayed over my face. When he was done, I took his cock and sucked the remainder that oozed out of it, and then licked off the amount that was on my face.

"Just like old times," I said, smacking my lips when I was done consuming his load of cum.

Charles laughed. "Yeah, it's just like it."

"Though next, I want it all in me."

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So sorry a story

So sorry that this white boi has to assuage his inner homosexual impulses by writing this tripe.
So racist as well, stereotyping black guys as having huge cocks and existing only to fuck white women.more...

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