tagGroup SexBackdoor Man Ch. 10

Backdoor Man Ch. 10


To say that Carly took it like a trooper up her butt was to put it mildly, as I pounded her sweet booty for the hell of it yet a third time now. We took breaks in between, of course, so both of us could recover a bit after each session, but otherwise, Carly was quite the anal slut, and I didn't mean that in a pejorative way, of course. She wanted to become my slave-wife and she didn't hesitate to show me why I should claim her as such. She made it clear to me that she would gladly do anything to please me and this was just a case in point for that. If I wanted free and regular access to her bottom, I would get that and to spare.

One thing was sure about Carly's ass: I loved it! I was already determined to mark that thing as mine for life, in more ways than one. I pulled her hair as I used her tight backdoor, pleased to once more take the role of a "backdoor man," as Led Zeppelin would say. Her butt squeezed my cock, milked it, even, as I sodomized her to the point that her screams of pleasure and pain could be heard everywhere in the house.

Natalie later told me that she came twice on Armin's dick while she rode him just due to Carly's cries of ecstasy. She never told him, because he had gotten her off unaided all of the other times and she didn't want to hurt his pride. What she did, however, was to switch his dick from her pussy to her ass, now quite ready for anal with him, and she told me that this really made her cum nice and messily, her fluids soaking his balls as he shot his load up her butt.

In the meantime, Carly and I kept up the sodomy for several more minutes, wearing each other out for this round as I felt her silky, slippery sphincter massage my cock until I emptied my balls through my prick yet again into her bottom. Instead of pulling out, I just let my limp dick slip out on its own and rest on her crack while I slumped on top of her. When I started to pull off her body, though, Carly whimpered and wiggled her butt against my dick.

"Please, stay on top of me for a while longer. I love being underneath you, plus I know that you'll get hard a fourth time, once you've rested your cock against my asshole for a bit. This is perfect. I feel safe and protected, cherished and loved now. Please, just rest on top of me and let me enjoy this," Carly begged me as we both dozed off with me still nestling my cock against her backdoor.

We woke up an hour or so later, and sure enough, my prick was very stiff, so much so that it was easy to slide it into Carly's butt, which woke her up, but then she made it quite clear that she wanted more buggery. She began hungrily pushing her ass and hips back at me, her whole body shaking with delight as I ravaged her bottom. She was nice and prone, her face down and her tush up just enough to welcome my dick as an old friend. Whether she had been sincere or not at first about her love of sodomy, she definitely loved it now and it was plain as day that she did so.

I was able to go a little longer now, having cum so much before, and I now really gave Carly a merciless butt-fucking that she wasn't going to forget. Far from pleading for mercy or asking me to slow down or stop, Carly moved her body with strokes clearly intended to get my cock as far up her booty as she could take it. She fucked me back with a vengeance, her sweet flesh engulfing my dick as much as it could, making her scream yet again with her climax. She was like a sex fiend or something right then, as she took me as far inside her as possible and seemed to ache for even more. When she came on the bedspread yet again, I completely lost any self-control and dumped a shockingly big load (given the number of times I had fucked Carly that day) in her ass.

"Oh, God, I'm going to walk funny for weeks, but it's so fucking worth it!" Carly finally told me as she led me to the shower in the master bathroom and began cleaning me up again.

"Thank you, Master!" Carly added in all sincerity, especially once I began washing her in turn.

"For what, baby girl?" I used a pet name on my fiancee and she beamed with joy.

"For treating me to the kind of sex that few men can give me ... the kind of sex that makes me weak in the knees, quivering and begging for more. I want to be your slave-wife, as I said, but I also want to be your kept woman. At your beck and call, ready, willing, and able to serve my Master, my husband. I don't care if you just came home, half-drunk, from a party at 4 am and I'm five months pregnant, and I badly need to piss. You can fuck me from behind in the shower while I piss in it and no harm will be done. Or on the bed if you don't mind changing the sheets.

"Also for using that pet name on me. I love it. 'Baby girl' has a very nice ring to it. I'm yours, honey. Period. End of sentence. No questions asked. No stipulations. No conditions. No demands. No restrictions or limits, hard or soft. I'm yours. I've decided to commit to you, to ask you for your collar to wear, and to give you my hand in marriage. I've decided to service you regardless if you've just got back from work or just returned from a glory hole. I don't care. You could smell of fifty women straight from a porn set and I would kneel and suck and lick your cock clean.

"I will submit to you and your demands for life, and no matter who else dominates me, if your orders and theirs contradict each other, I will follow yours above theirs. You alone have the final say in all matters concerning me. I would only wear what clothes you told me to wear, though, and otherwise would go completely naked most of the time, if that's okay with you, Master. Imagine me, naked and pregnant.

"Unless you want me to wear something, such as yoga pants or a bikini or underwear, of course, I would be a bit more than just barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. I would probably supplement our income a little as a webcam girl, which would allow me to make a little spending money, but not distract myself too much for whatever you need done. We could even do some amateur porn together, if you were into that," Carly proposed to me with a twinkle in her eyes.

"That all sounds very nice. Would you be open to doing some movies with others involved?" I asked her to gauge just how she was willing to go.

"You just name the person or people that we'll add, and I'll ask them to join us, Master. I kinda hoped that Natalie, at least, not to mention your slaves Rich and Brittany, would want to participate. I am perfectly comfortable with the idea of doing orgy scenes. In fact, the idea kind has me turned-on. Care to fuck me again, this time in the pussy now that your dick is clean and my ass is sore?" Carly asked me, while showering me with kisses as we turned-off the faucet.

"Okay, but I get to spank your bottom, too. Bare-hands, bare-bottom, and over the knee," I told her, making her squirm a little as I could smell her wetness.

"Please do it ... please spank me! I'm your naughty baby girl, Daddy!" Carly quickly got into her role as I led her back to the master bedroom and put her over my lap for several hard swats across the buttocks.

I made Carly count the swats as they grew in intensity and pace, making her noticeably breathless the closer we got to the twenty and final swat. With that, I put her on her back, so she could feel the sting a little longer, and I easily slid my stiff cock inside her soaked pussy. Her legs were soon on my shoulders as I took her missionary-style this time. It was clear that Carly loved being spanked, so she had at least a little masochist inside her. She was one hell of a delectable slut, and now she was as much mine as Rich, Brittany, and Sherry (and the others) were, maybe more in the sense that she seemed to be mine first, with no spouse ahead of me in her heart.

"Oh, God, Master!" Carly began screaming as she felt my dick pump and thrust in and out of her, while our hips worked together to get me as far inside as possible with each stroke.

"You're a bit of a pain slut, aren't you?" I teased Carly as I kept fucking her wet, wonderful twat.

"I'm YOUR pain slut, Master! Yours first, above all others! I knew that when we first met ... I just could sense it about you, that you were my Master, especially once you brazenly declared yourself Rich's and Brit's owner. Don't worry, I want to join them, not replace them, at your feet!" Carly reassured me as I bottomed-out inside her cunt.

"So, you're ready for a flogger some time, maybe a little bondage and tickling with a feather. Maybe a butt-plug planted in your asshole. Perhaps even a spreader bar, where you would be whipped and then fucked in quick succession," I deliberately tantalized her with the prospect of being at my mercy and receiving more pain at my hands.

"And wax and ice, please!" Carly begged me now.

"I think that can be arranged," I chuckled as she came on my dick and I unloaded my jizz inside her snatch at last.

With that, we drifted back to another nap in each other's arms on what was usually Arnold's bed. Carly seemed to rest a lot easier, knowing that she was mine. I, for my part, slept quite contented as I realized that I found Ms. Right, especially since didn't mean choosing between love and my commitments to my married playthings. I wouldn't be able to make such a choice, so I would be stuck at an impasse, because while I was rapidly falling for Carly, I already had strong feelings for Rich and Brittany, too (and Sherry, to be honest). Of course, the sort of woman that I would fall for, as in Carly's case, would never ask me to choose, anyway.

"Hey, there, sleepyheads, time to wake up!" Arnold teased us as we awoke on his bed, it now being 2 pm ... despite him being in thrall to Rajiv for the day, it was still his bedroom and his bed, not to mention his house.

"How long were we out?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Long enough that we were all worried about you two lovebirds, but I can see what happened. True love. You were able to snuggle up well, because you're growing attached to each other and can relax in each other's arms in a way that most here can't quite yet. It's cool. It helps clarify things for me, too. You'll see later, not that long of a wait now. Anyway, Rajiv and I are making lunch, so we'll see how we do it. We've found similar tastes in food, if not quite everything," Arnold chuckled.

"What Arnold means to say is that while we liked some of the same S and M stuff, it wasn't all the same. Just some things. I enjoyed spanking him and tying him up to tease him. So did he. But he also liked Japanese rope bondage and hot dripping candle wax. Not me. I, on the other hand, enjoyed watersports and orgasm control. That wasn't for him, which I can respect. But at least we know that we both enjoy spanking and basic light bondage. We still have a few more hours of me dominating him to learn more about mutual and different interests. We also learned that he prefers ballet, while I tend toward opera, which is okay as well," Rajiv grinned.

"Yes, but we're both agreed on trying to eat more organic and sustainable foods, Master," Arnold pointed out, while stroking Rajiv's dick ... and Rajiv didn't exactly protest or even comment.

"True, and perhaps you will join me in a vegetarian lifestyle someday," Rajiv remarked as he led us out of the master bedroom toward the dining room, taking the opportunity to return the favor by fondling Arnold's tush as we headed that way.

"Well, at least this once, we're going vegetarian. It's a black bean soup with onions, mushrooms, and peppers. I think that you'll find it refreshing enough, despite the lack of meat in it," Arnold commented as he set out the bowls for our lunch.

"With some rye bread as well, to balance it out," Rajiv added as we began to eat what turned out to be quite the tasty dish.

"In India, we tended to have find ways to have flavor and spice, of course. Mind you, with us, curry is a key component, and I look forward to making a curry dish for you guys soon enough myself. Of course, I cook a lot at work, but sometimes, when I've had enough of a break, I still cook at home," Devi declared, even as her hands wandered to Trent's cock.

"Oh, and I loved making Trent suck my tits! That was very nice, getting to nurse him! I didn't make any milk yet, but it was still nice to do that. Plus, he served as my chair for a bit, letting me sit on his face as a stool. Until he needed to breathe, of course, it was truly the ecstatic experience that Natalie mentioned before. Yummy. I also licked my own juices off his face and I sucked his cock good after that."

"She also had me fall asleep at her bosom for a bit, my head resting on her breasts. It was very nice as well. Very comforting. Still, nothing beat rimming her. That was the absolute best part, even though we also fucked in several different combinations and positions. Still, rimming her was the most delicious act of all for me. There was just something about the taste and smell of her ass that I loved most of all," Trent was rather blunt in his praise and Devi thanked him with a very steamy kiss using a lot of tongue.

"Well, your tongue felt terrific back there for sure! And if you like to lick my butt, feel free to in the future. I won't object, as long as my bottom is clean, of course. I don't want to make you sick and ruin rimming for you. I don't think that anyone here, including Gustavo, will complain if you just hike up my dresses or pull down my pants and eat my ass! In fact, consider that an official announcement. From now on, whenever Trent wants to rim me, I will let him, as long as my butt is clean, and even otherwise, he's free to clean it so that he can lick it. No matter where I am, too.

"So, if he goes to my restaurant and orders my ass for a dessert, count on it being to served to him however he wishes it, right there in public. I apologize in advance if that shocks anyone," Devi warned us all, while Trent licked his lips in anticipation and grew a very nice boner.

"It wouldn't shock me. I've known that Trent likes to give rimjobs for a while now. Granted, he's bisexual, so that shouldn't be so shocking. He has rimmed me pretty good in the past and I hope that he continues to do so, even though he now has the Devi Derriere Deluxe on tap," Giorgio winked at them, making it clear to all of us that he wasn't threatened or jealous, "In fact, he can lick my butt, too, whenever he wishes, but he already knows that."

"What if I wanted to put some of this Hollandaise sauce on your ass and lick it up from there, dear?" Trent teased Giorgio, making him cough a bit in response as he took another bite of the Eggs Benedict.

"See now, that's part of why I'm dating him, though I'm really thinking of a menage a trois with Trent and Arnold both, if they're both interested. It would not be an exclusive one, mind you, because I'm already interested in getting to fuck Rich more often. Sanjay's ass looks nice, too, as does Rajiv's, and I wouldn't be opposed to fucking Giovanni, yes, my own brother, or Gustavo or Donald. Really, any of the menfolk who don't mind bending over for me, I'll gladly stick my cock up their butts. I'm just like that," Giorgio answered.

"Well, I'll loan Rich out to you, now and then, of course. Granted, I wouldn't mind regular access to Trent's or Arnold's asses. As for taking yours up my butt, not sure on that one, but I'll consider it. What about Sanjay, Sherry?" I teased my girlfriend.

"If Giorgio ever wants to try my bum, he certainly may. As for Sanjay's arse, I'll gladly lend it out to him from time to time. Oh, and if Trent wants to lick my bottom, or Sanjay's, for that matter, he certainly may whenever he wishes, provided that it's not already in use for something, such as your needs, Donald," Sherry licked her lips at the prospect of Trent munching on her booty.

"Same thing if he wants to rim me, Rich, or Brit. You two, just count on the chance that Trent might want to rim you. If he wants to do that, let him!" I instructed my two married sex slaves, both of whom smiled eagerly at that notion.

"If he wants a taste of this, he can have it, too!" Carly offered him, "As long as my fiance allows it!"

"I will allow it, yes," I assured her.

"Same with my butt," Becky interjected.

"And he already knows that he can use my tush," Natalie snickered.

"And my ass," Rajiv agreed.

"And mine," Arnold promised.

"Oh, why the hell not? I'm straight, but having a man tongue my crack won't kill me. It might even feel good now and then," Giovanni concurred at last.

"Same here," Gustavo backed him up.

"Ja!" Armin roared.

"So, we have a mutual agreement that Trent is welcome to rim anyone present if he so desires, provided that we're not using our butts for something else at the time," I concluded while eating more of my Eggs Benedict.

"Exactly! Well, boy, you're going to have one hell of a time and a very busy tongue!" I slapped him on the tush.

"And that agreement is mutual from my end. As long as your booty is clean, I will gladly rim you all whenever you wish it. I love the taste of ass in the morning ... and afternoon and evening!" Trent chuckled, his cock growing harder.

"So, let's write this down as our first mutual covenant among us. It's a small and strange start, but it's a first step as far as lengthy contracts go. We all agree to grant Trent Jordan the privilege of committing the act of analingus on each of us whenever our butts are clean and available, with the proviso that he must also agree to provide said service to us when we desire it, so long as his mouth is available and our asses are clean. It's a two-way street, in that it is not only on demand from his side, but from ours as well," I wrote down the terms on a notepad at the table, signed it, and passed it around the table so that everyone else could sign it, too.

We all laughed as everyone signed and dated it, thus essentially making Trent's tongue public property among us. That was when Carly wrote something else down and passed it to me. It was a very short and simple Master-slave contract, one which virtually gave me carte blanche with her body and stipulated that she was to marry me and never divorce me at all, nor was I to divorce her for any reason. I signed and dated it, returning it to her so that she could also sign and date it, which she did. Sherry reviewed these documents with her sharp legal mind, though we all knew that they were not binding, so this was just a matter of legal jargon and sounding official.

Then Rich and Brit huddled for a bit, and Brit announced, "We have been talking, and we have decided that while we love each other first, we adore all of you, so we want to write a new contract that makes it clear how much we worship you, but especially Donald and Sherry. For that reason, and because we frankly want to close the door on monogamy for good, while still preserving our marriage and our romance, we're going to write down this contract and ask all of you to sign it as well."

They wrote it briefly while the rest of us waited and ate, my own cock quite stiff as I considered what they might have in mind. Sure enough, it was a fairly wordy, but effective compact, one which gave little recourse to either half of the couple, and which made them equally willing sexual playthings for their new owners. When I read it, the first clause jumped out at me. I was to continue to own their bottoms for life, of course, with full rights to use, lend out, or otherwise enjoy everything between the tailbone and the taint. They also made it clear that they considered me their favorite and most beloved Master, but that they had reasons for what they did next.

The second clause made their genitals the communal property of the group, so that, "we, the undersigned, may avoid the pitfalls of monogamy and be unable to return to its snares ever again. By agreeing to freely offer up our genitals as the collective property of our mutual lovers and roommates, we resign any exclusive claims to their use and any right to express or act upon sexual or romantic jealousy in the event of their frequent use by other partners. We furthermore recognize and welcome the reality that this may and probably will result in extramarital pregnancies, and in said events shall regard all offspring produced from any coupling which involves one of us to be the children of both of us, as well as those of the other partners. Furthermore, we entertain and welcome the prospect of our genitals being lent out to people outside this group, but no such persons shall have any ownership rights under this contract, said property remaining solely as the possessions of those who have signed this contract."

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