As she walked along the trail admiring the beauty of the woods, Nancy had no idea of the ordeal about to begin for her. Rounding the corner of the high stone wall, she was looking up at the tree tops. She didn't see me step out beside her from the narrow opening in the wall. Closing my hand into a tight fist, I smashed her hard in the stomach and the stunned, young beauty doubled over in pain as she gasped for air. It would take several minutes for her to be able to make any noise.

Taking a firm grip on her large backpack, I pulled her body upright and then pressed her firmly against the hardness of the stone wall. Nancy turned her face to the side to keep from smashing her lovely features against the hard stones. She felt her firm breasts mashed against the jagged points of the stones. Leaning against her pack and forcing her hard against the wall, I reached out and grabbed her wrist. Pulling down on her arm, I forced her hand under the strap that connected the frame to the belt around her hips. She had left the strap loose and as I pressed her hand through the loop, I pulled the strap tight, trapping her hand to her hip. As she struggled, I reached over her head as she tried to use her free arm to push herself away from the wall. Taking hold of that hand, I forced it under the strap on the other side of her pack and secured her wrist tightly in place.

The young beauty tried to thrash about and free herself but her wrists were tightly secured to the frame of her pack and she could not free herself. Nancy was frightened by her helplessness. She wasn't sure what I was after and she prayed that it was her money.

From my pocket, I pulled out a sock and as I pulled her away from the wall, I stuffed the sock into her mouth. Grabbing hold of her backpack, I turned her body and pushed her down the trail. She had difficulty keeping her balance with the weight of her pack and her wrists bound to her flaring hips. I steered her straight down the trail and then onto a seldom used side trail that led to a small clearing that was down in a hidden ravine.

Pushing the young woman forward, she fell onto her knees as I held onto her pack to keep her from falling all the way forward. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a knitted ski hat and pulled it over the young beauty's head. Before she knew what was happening to her, Nancy found herself blinded by the ski mask. She could feel an opening in the front of the mask that was for her eyes but it had been pulled down over her nose so she could not see.

Taking hold of the top of her pack, I pulled Nancy backwards until she fell over onto the pack. The pack hit the ground with a thud and her head dangled down over the top edge of it as her shoulders rested flat against the frame of the pack. Coming around in front of her, I could see that her legs were bent and twisted and so grabbing her hiking boots, I lifted her feet and after untwisting her long, shapely legs, dropped them. She lay before me chest up, her head draped back, her legs splayed out and her wrists bound to the frame of her backpack down next to her flaring hips. Her sweet young ass hung suspended below the edge of the pack frame.

I had seen Nancy the night before in the dining room of the youth hostel. She had been working over one of the tables and her every movement had caught my eye. She was a tall brunette, with traces of blond highlights in her long hair. Her face was beautiful but it was her firm ass and flaring hips that had really caught my attention. Her breasts swelled beautifully under her long sleeved T-shirt and her stomach was firm and flat. Most women built like that were either 14 years old or had legs that resembled spindles. Not Nancy - she was smooth and sleek and meant for eating - eating all day. I watched her as she stretched her body over the table as she worked and I planned for the next few hours. Nancy lay helpless before me, hoping that robbery was all I had in mind. She thought to herself that anything else would be rather difficult considering she was strapped to her pack and wore heavy hiking boots and long pants. I straddled her thighs and felt around her pockets. She was a bit relieved as I tapped her front pocket and heard the sound of loose change. Sliding my hand into the pocket, I pulled out a handful of money. Nancy relaxed for the moment until she realized that most of her money was in her money belt tucked, inside her pants. She realized that I would probably feel it and go after it. She was right.

Standing over her hips, I looked down at her swelling breasts and the flatness of her stomach. She was beautiful. I reached down and unbuckled her belt and with one pull, slid it free of her pants. Unsnapping her pants, I reached in for her money belt and with my knife cut the strap running around her slender waist. I emptied it of cash and tossed it to the side.

Suddenly with both hands, I grabbed the waist of her slacks and pulled them all the way down her long legs. As the cuffs caught on her boots, the legs of her pants turned inside out and her sleek, tapering legs were bared from her panties to her boots. Nancy started to kick but with her pants down around her ankles, she wasn't very effective, except at making me more aroused. She now had a pretty good idea of what was in store for her.

Turning around, I sat down across her firm stomach. Looking down at her long legs, I began to stroke her naked thighs with my fingers, teasing the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. Nancy started to thrash about but it did her little good. To slow her down, I bounced hard on her ribs a few times and most of the fight went out of her.

Dropping her feet, she allowed me to probe her womanflesh. It didn't take long for her panties to moisten as I rubbed her pussy. I kept probing her moist crotch until her panties were soaking wet with her sweet flow. Taking a firm grip on the soft material of her panties, I pulled up on them until they drew tightly between her swollen labia and then they tore. As the sheer material ripped away, her sweet pussy was fully exposed.

Nancy looked even better in the flesh than I had imagined. Rolling up her wet panties, I turned around and pulling down on the front of the ski mask, I pulled the sock from between her lips and then forced her panties into her mouth. Letting the mask loose, it covered her lips, holding the panties in her mouth as an effective gag. Only her nose was visible through the slit in the mask. Nancy could taste her own cum as the soaking panties filled her mouth. I decided she shouldn't be the only one to enjoy that sweet taste.

Moving around between her outstretched legs, I sat down on her jeans, pinning her ankles to my sides. I ran my hands along the backs of her satiny thighs, from her knees to her ass as her long, shapely legs began to shake. Leaning forward, I slid my hands under her ass and taking a firm grip on her magnificent asscheeks, I lifted Nancy's sweet pussy to my lips. My mouth closed on her seething womanflesh and I started to lick her swollen labia. I was just getting started.

Pointing my tongue, I slid it between her pussy lips and probed her most intimate flesh. As my tongue found her erect clit, I began to tease it and Nancy found her body on the verge of a powerful orgasm. Her legs were shaking and she kept opening and closing her powerful thighs. I felt her try to trap my mouth against her sweet pussy. I teased her clit and brought her to the brink but did not let her cum. Nancy felt the pent up sexuality in her body and in spite of being bound and forced to submit to my probing her supple body, she wanted to climax. I decided not to let her, at least not yet.

Over and over, I licked her seething pussy, bringing her right to the edge of a powerful orgasm only to withdraw my tongue and leave her frustrated on the brink. She moaned and pleaded through her gag as I kept her on the edge. Nancy was exhausted and very frustrated. For nearly half an hour, I kept her teetering on the brink of an orgasm. What sweet torture.

Rising up on my knees, I pulled my cock from my pants and let my ramrod brush over her soft mons. Her silky bush tickled my cock and made it grow even harder. Then slowly, I began to tease her swollen labia with my cockhead. I could hear her moaning behind her gag - almost begging for me to fuck her beautiful, young body. Her knees bent and her legs opened wider as she spread her thighs and I lined up my cock for my final assault on her wet love hole.

Holding onto the frame of her backpack, I leaned forward, sliding my ramrod all the way into her steaming pussy. As I buried my cock in her to the hilt, her head snapped forward. Her inner muscles clenched around my shaft as I began to slowly pump my cock into her tight pussy. I watched her huge tits heave as my cock rammed into her tight pussy.

It would take me a long time to cum - it always did. I was thoroughly enjoying her sweet, young body. She seemed to be enjoying it too, at least based on the movement of her hips as she met each thrust into her smooth body. Lifting my legs slightly, I plunged into her tightness and her body went rigid and she screamed as a powerful orgasm ripped through her loins. I could feel her insides flood as my cock was bathed in her sweet flow.

With her ass hanging over the base of her backpack, her hips were free to rotate and respond to each thrust of my cock into her tightness. She may not have had a lot of free movement but she was humping for all she was worth. She gave as good as she got and several more orgasms ripped through her magnificent body. I continued to pump into her and she could feel the tenseness in my body as I felt my balls begin to boil. Reaching up to her panting breasts, I filled my hands with her firm titflesh as I plowed into her loins and then exploded deep inside her tight pussy, spraying her insides with my hot seed. The young beauty gasped as her body went rigid and her tight pussy flooded with hot cum. Her powerful inner muscles went wild as they milked every last drop of cum from my spurting cock. CHAPTER 2

As I waited for my shaft to soften in her tight pussy, I looked down at her beautiful body. Her nipples were hard and stood up against the soft cotton of her T-shirt. I rolled the material up over her swelling breasts and teased her taut nipples. Leaning forward, I began to lick and suck on her rock-hard nubs. I got a little carried away and started to chew on her tender nipples. As I bit down on her swollen nub, Nancy screamed as her head snapped forward and her clenching pussy muscles forced my cock out of her body. Oh well.

Standing up, I moved back to lean against a tree and admired her abused body. Her knees were splayed open and cum oozed out of her pussy, dripping down between her thighs. Her chest was fully exposed and her panting breasts were red from my recent mistreatment of them. I was tired and so was she, so I let her rest a little as I thought about how I would enjoy her next. Coming around her body, I knelt with my thighs on either side of her face. Her head dangled over the top of her backpack and her long slender neck and full breasts looked very inviting. I pulled the front of the mask down and removed her panties from her mouth. My cock was poised just inches from her mouth and she could smell the powerful scent of our juices as it waved just below her nose.

My cock was flaccid now but covered with dried cum. I pressed my hips forward and pushed the entire length of my shaft into her mouth. Nancy gagged as my cock filled her entire mouth and my balls rested on her pert little nose. Nancy's mouth began to work on my cock as I felt her tongue snake around its length. She could feel my cock begin to grow in her mouth as my rod pressed against her tonsils.

At first Nancy began to gag as she felt my cock press past her tonsils and into her throat. It was hard but she managed to accommodate my shaft as it pressed into her throat. I could see how its length snaked into her throat. Once fully hard, I began to fuck her face. My hips thrust back and forth as my shaft plunged into her hungry mouth. Nancy could feel the intensity of my thrusts and prepared herself to swallow my next load. I, however, had other ideas.

Pulling from between her sweet lips, I pulled the gag back in place. I moved down to her thighs and then reaching down between her ankles, grabbed the crotch of her jeans. I hauled her legs up over her head and then hooked the crotch of her jeans behind her neck. Nancy's head was pulled forward and her legs were drawn up over her chest. Her knees spread wide and her pussy and ass were wide open and pointed at the sky.

I ran my fingers down the insides of her spread thighs. I bent forward and took a few sweet licks. Pushing down on her thighs, I slid my shaft into Nancy's tight pussy once again. I rocked in and out of her body several times and felt her wet flow coat my cock. I pulled out completely and with one savage thrust drove deep into her unsuspecting ass.

Nancy screamed into her gag as I buried my shaft to the hilt in her unbelievably tight young ass. I waited for her tight asshole to adjust to the size of my cock. I shifted my stance a bit and placing my hands on her tits leaned forward. I began to fuck into her ass as I squeezed her firm titflesh. The young beauty screamed in pain as I plowed into her tightness. If she had enjoyed being fucked before, she wasn't enjoying this.

I rode her in every direction as my cock plowed into her ass at every angle she could imagine. She'd never been reamed out like this. The pain in her ass was unbelievable as I continued to skewer her. Feeling my balls boiling, I plunged hard into her ass until I filled her bowels with my hot cum. Pulling out of her ass, I straddled her chest and Nancy could smell my cum-covered cock as it waved below her nose. Removing her gag, I filled her mouth with my cock as she sucked on my shaft. Nancy sucked as she fought not to gag. Both her ass and her cunt were oozing cum.

I was through with her. I decided to leave her there just the way she was. Her legs were split and her cunt and ass fully exposed. I draped her belt across her upturned thighs. Now the only question was, would whoever found her like this, help to release her or help himself?

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