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Backstage Party


"Thanks very much! Now...Pretty boys with BIG GUITARS!" Mac, the singer, screamed into the microphone.

"Aaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhh!" we roared as the first thunderous chords blasted into the hall.

As one, hundreds of people jumped up and down, pogoing and punching the air as we shouted the chorus back at the band on stage.

Four feet from me Emma was hanging over the rails, of the mosh pit, trying to get Mac's attention. Without any warning she lifted her T-shirt and flashed her tits at him.

He took notice now! In seconds he was on his knees serenading her.

"Thank you!" he hollered to the crowd when the song ended, "Especially you!" he pointed at her, "Especially you."

The crowd roared their appreciation, again.

By now the four of us, Emma, Sally, Chrissie and me (Lauren) were bouncing in time to the next song.

"I can't believe you flashed your tits at him!" I shouted into Emma's ear.

She just grinned, shrugged her shoulders and shook them at me.

As the last song began, one of the bouncers shuffled along the mosh pit, obviously looking for someone.

"You! Blondie! " He shouted, pointing at Emma. She forced her body between a couple of guys hanging onto the railings. The guy was shouting into her ear. Emma turned around to look at us. Then back to the bouncer, waving four fingers in his face. He did the same for confirmation. She vigorously nodded her head.

I couldn't see anymore, until she stepped back into our small space.

Waving four pink, laminated, passes in our faces she screamed, "We've got backstage passes!"

It took a couple of seconds to register then we all hugged each other and screamed until we thought that our lungs would burst.

I looked at my ticket 'The Icies' After Show Sex Party. Admit 1.' It read.

This was only our second week at college, and we were watching The Icies who were one of the biggest and prettiest bands in the country. Their backstage parties were already the source of legend; and we were going to one!

When the band left the stage and the lights made everyone's eyes flicker, we made our way to the backstage door, which was surrounded by twenty or thirty very pretty girls who were being held back by three massive bouncers.

Emma arrived first and showed the biggest guy her pass. He held out an arm to push some girls away, and let her through. We did the same and followed. Once inside the dark corridor, we were met by a tall scrawny roadie called Spike.

After a few yards, we stopped outside the main dressing room.

"This is your last chance to change your mind," he told us, "once you get inside, there's no going back, and no crying for mummy!"

We looked at each other, "Let us at them!" we could have screamed as we barged past him. "Tonight's willing victims!" he laughed, opened the door.

As we rolled through, Matt the drummer, who was only wearing boxer shorts and white socks, screamed like a Banshee and jumped in front of Chrissie who has the largest breasts, then started doing some crazy war dance. Without asking, he pushed his face in between her breasts and shook his face making her breasts slap his head.

The others in the room all laughed.

I looked around the room. It was incredible. Here I was backstage with my favourite band - the Icies! Mac looked as cool as ever in his leather trousers and white shirt, Moko the bass player was changing out of his sweaty jeans into some combat shorts and Corky the guitarist was already swigging from a bottle of cognac.

Slightly embarrassed, when he stopped, Chrissie moved to the drinks table.

"No, no, no," Mac shouted at her. "All of the drinks have a price!"

We looked puzzled.

"He means get your tits out, and you can have a drink!" Moko, chuckled, "I'm serious." He added.

The others, perhaps 9 or 10 guys all sat up and looked at us, as they swigged their drinks.

Emma was first. She lifted her T-shirt and wobbled her 32b's at them. With raised eyebrows we all followed suit. Thankfully Chrissie and I were wearing bras but Sally was quite small and never wore a bra.

She tried to be discrete, but a fat bloke walked up to her and began sucking her nipples between slugs of beer.

A camera flashed, and the men all cheered as we made our breasts wobble and shake.

As we covered ourselves, Emma and Sally picked up four cans of lager.

"No!" Mac shouted, "One task - one beer!"

"But we showed you our...tits!" Emma chided him.

"Alright then, two cans!" he chuckled, "For the other two, let's see those arses! Who reckons that they're not wearing any knickers?" he shouted, his voice hoarse from singing.

The drinks that we'd had earlier in the night were certainly taking effect, and our inhibitions were now flying out of the window.

Shrugging our shoulders, we turned away from the men and dropped our jeans. Three of us were wearing tiny thongs, but Chrissie had come out 'Commando'! She put her hand between her legs, but it was too late, they managed a glimpse of her shaved pussy, which got another loud cheer, as the camera flashed again.

"Look at them" I heard one of the roadies say to his friend, "They're gagging for it. Look at that dirty bitch with the shaved twat. Fucking Hell mate - Teenage Dirtbags, all of 'em!"

Before we could pull them up, Matt dived on Chrissie forcing his face between her cheeks and kissed her crack, making her fall over, bringing the rest of us down into the bargain.

Everyone was laughing now. Instead of helping us to our feet, Matt and a couple of others just pulled our shoes and jeans off.

As drinks were handed to us, Matt told us that we might as well take our tops off as well, if we wanted to 'have fun'.

"That's exactly what we want!" I thought.

Now only wearing out tiny knickers, or in Chrissie's case - nothing, we were definitely the centre of attention as the guys surrounded us. By now most of them were down to their underwear too.

My heart was beating as fast as my pussy was lactating, as I stood next to Mac, who was leering at my wobbling breasts.

We stood around drinking and making small talk, mostly them asking our names and what courses we were doing. It would have been the most ordinary party in the world if we'd had our clothes on!

As we began to relax, Chrissie asked Corky the guitarist if she could have a swig of the cognac that he was holding onto.

"What's it worth?" he asked.

She sunk to her knees and pulled his limp cock out of his boxers, and with a couple of quick tugs with her hand it began to swell. The room went eerily quiet as the CD stopped at the same time. Nonchalantly she put it in her mouth and sucked his cock in front of the whole room, including her new friends.

From nowhere a pair of hands cupped my own breasts and squeezed them as Matt pulled Emma onto the sofa, immediately shoving his tongue down her throat.

As he tickled my nipples, the stranger told me, "get your knickers off and let's see what you've got down there for me!" I tried to turn, but one of the roadies was pulling my knickers down, exposing my hairy pubes.

I was so drunk I couldn't take my eyes off Chrissie as she licked and sucked Corky's cock. I'd played with a couple of boy's penises at school, but I'd never gone any further, not even wanking them off.

I was in Heaven as the guy in front buried his face in my pubes and began licking my soaking pussy while the other one took my weight and continued playing with my sensitive breasts.

"She's done that before. Hasn't she?" he whispered in my ears. I was staring at Chrissie who had all of Corky's cock in her mouth and was chewing it like a toffee.

I was now holding the other guy's head tightly into my crotch as his tongue touched every nerve ending between my legs.

"Are you going to suck me off, when Glen finishes with you?" the man touching my breasts asked.

I nodded my head, just as Corky pulled his cock out of Chrissie's mouth and, laughing, sprayed his spunk all over her face. The thought of having the same done to me sent me over the edge and I shivered as my orgasm hit me.

I looked down to see Glen grinning at his friend and me, his face glistening with my love juices.

As I got on my knees, I turned to see Emma lying on her back with Matt fucking her while a man with a ponytail stood beside her face with his cock in her mouth. She looked as if she was really enjoying herself as she bucked her hips, meeting each of Matt's heavy thrusts.

I turned to see Glen and Moko waving their stiff cocks in my face.

Although I was still a virgin and had never sucked one cock before, here I was going to do two at once.

I knew exactly what to do, and grabbed their shafts, bringing them up to my lips, then I kissed both tips. They were hotter than I'd expected, but the feeling in my stomach when I let Glen slide his into my mouth made everything worth while.

I covered his knob with plenty of spit and sucked on it like a hosepipe, as I tugged at Moko's.

"Fucking Hell, she's good!" Glen gasped as he fed another three inches into my mouth. "Don't you just love Rock and Roll!" he laughed as I replaced his cock with Moko's much bigger one. Moko wasn't quite as hard and his foreskin still hung loose, which felt really weird.

"Get on the floor, I want a titty fuck." Glen told me as he tapped me on the shoulder.

As I lay on my back, he straddled my stomach. From this angle his cock looked huge.

Leaning over me he placed his cock between my breasts.

As I lay there, I heard the door open and more men entered the room. Turning my head to one side I could see the support band (Merseybeast) and some of their friends stripping off, ready for action.

"Squeeze them together," he told me. I pressed my forearms against the sides of my breasts and created a soft valley for him.

"That's better!" he chuckled as he began rubbing his cock against the soft flesh of my breasts.

"Open your legs!" Moko called out. As soon as I moved my thighs his fingers parted my soaking pussy lips and first one then two fingers slid into my wet hole. I was moaning and groaning out loud as his fingers twisted around inside me as Glen's titty fuck was getting faster and faster, forcing the tip of his cock up against my chin.

My groans were so loud we had drawn a crowd around us. I opened my eyes to see Goose from Merseybeast holding a camcorder inches from my face, filming my every move.

Emma was sitting behind my head stroking my hair and Sally was kneeling beside me, her legs slightly apart so I could see somebody's spunk dripping out of her fanny.

Glen called out, "That's it! That's it!" and shuffled forward until he emptied his balls across my mouth and cheeks, as Mokos' fingers made a second orgasm flood my young body.

I closed my eyes again; savouring the moment as Glen's spunk ran down my cheeks. Quite unexpectedly, I felt a tongue on my cheek, as someone began licking the jism off my face. I opened my eyes to see that it was Sally lapping at my face like a kitten.

"Mmm, nice," she purred, as her tongue slid across my face. Goose was kneeling beside us, nearly pushing his camera down my throat.

Sally's soft tongue was now touching my lips as she gobbled up the last of Glen's cum. As our eyes met, I inadvertently opened my mouth. Her tongue darted in and swirled around as our soft lips collided, her tongue still covered in warm sperm. It felt so natural as I passionately French-kissed my best friend, in front of a crowd of strangers. "Mmmm," I thought, "I'll have to try this again!"

Suddenly, I felt my legs being opened wide. I looked past her to see Moko preparing to put his cock into my virgin cunt and fuck me.

He placed his hands under my hips and gently lifted them up as his knob brushed against my love lips, "Oooohh," I moaned softly.

With no more graces he rammed his meat into me. As I squealed with pain, as my hymen broke, Sally placed her mouth over mine and kissed me again, spitting more of Glen's cum into my mouth at the same time.

My tongue tingled when this other girl touched it with hers. Moko was now ramming his cock into my stretched cunt with the greatest of ease.

"You two! Get ready!" he shouted at Emma and Sally, as he pulled out of my cunt and jumped to his feet. In seconds he was spraying my friends faces with his hot spunk. Both girls opened their mouths trying to catch some of it, like a fairground show, which caused much laughter among the men.

Someone handed me a drink at the same time that Mac, the singer, knelt between my legs. I took a gulp of brandy and coke, as he slid his long cock into me. After another gulp, I lay back, wrapped my legs around his hips and let him fuck the living daylights out of me. I'd seen him fucking Sally, and get a blowjob off Emma, so I knew that I was in for a long ride. I was right; he fucked me for what felt like hours.

So long in fact that I sucked off two other men, swallowing all of their cum before he finished, firing his deep into my belly.

After Mac had finished with me, I lay on my side, trembling, as I sipped my brandy and coke, watching the action in the rest of the room.

At different times I looked around the room to see my friends fucking and sucking in every conceivable position - two or three men at a time. At one stage Emma even licked spunk out of Sally's cunt while she sucked a roadies' cock, as Chrissie was trying to suck two cocks at once while a third man fucked her from behind.

Chrissie got fucked at both ends at least three times, with completely different men, but Emma turned out to be the dirtiest of us all.

After being fucked by Goose, we were lying beside the sofa when she told Corky, "I've just realised that I've still got one hole that you haven't fucked." He turned to her and grinned, "Do you want to fuck my arse?" she asked matter of factly!"

His cock immediately sprang to life, "Well it would be rude not to!" he laughed.

Emma then turned over, placing her arms on the sofa, next to me.

Everyone in the room perked up, and moved closer for a better look as Corky positioned his purple knob against her tiny hole. I was so close I could see the beads of sweat running down her crack and around her puckered anus.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" He asked her as the tip touched her skin.

Biting her lip she vigorously nodded her head as she spread her legs.

"Aaaaggghh!" she screamed as the knob stretched her anus and the first inch or so entered her arse.

"Aaaaggghh!" she continued, "That's it! Deeper, deeper! Ohhhh, yeeessss!"

Corky was grinning like a Cheshire Cat as his cock disappeared up my friends' arse, making her grip onto the cushions with white knuckles.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked.

"No, no, no!" she shouted, "Keep fucking me, keep fucking me!"

The men that were surrounding us were all laughing and cheering their friend on, as Emma began thrusting back with her hips.

My eyes were like saucers as I saw his fat cock stretching her tightest hole beyond recognition.

"Finger me, finger me! I want to cum!" she screamed at me.

The others looked at me and without thinking I slid my hand between her legs and touched my friends' pussy.

I'd masturbated regularly for the last five years, but this was the first time that I'd touched another woman's private parts.

She was so wet, when I parted her lips, there was so much love juice I thought that she was pissing on my hand. In seconds I'd found her clit.

"YES!" She squealed, "faster, faster! Both of you, faster!"

My fingers were a blur as Corky hammered his cock into Emma's' arse.

"Aaaaggghh, yeessss! Fuccckkking Yessss!" she groaned as I felt her pussy clench around my fingers, as she orgasmed.

Seconds later Corky tensed up and fired his fourth or fifth lot of cum into one of my friends.

My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw how stretched Emma's' ring was when his cock fell out, followed by streams of hot spunk.

"Who's next?" he asked as he rolled to one side, only to followed by four more men who fucked her arse in the next half hour, each one goaded and complimented by Emma. "Is that all you've got? I can't feel it!" "That's it! Rip my arse open!" "Fuck me, fuck me with that big thing!" she shouted.

At one stage Goose asked me if I wanted 'some of the same', but I refused. That would keep for another day.

I was now so drunk I was close to passing out but didn't trust the men to leave me alone!

When the last one had finished with Emma, Chrissie covered her sopping and bruised backside with her shirt. "I think she's had enough." She told a disappointed roadie who was swinging a rather large cock in her direction.

With that we slowly picked up our jeans and tops from the mess on the floor.

Emma could hardly move, so we had to dress her. In the mess Emma and I both lost our knickers, and Chrissie lost her top. Just her luck Mac gave her his stage shirt to wear!

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