Backstage Romance Ch. 06


I nodded and sighed, "Yeah, I just don't want her scaring him off. She can come on kind of strong, you know?"

Josh laughed. "Give her a little credit, man. Kelly knows how to dial it back when she needs to." He paused, savoring some private and probably obscene memory. "Or dial it up, for that matter."

When I returned after a decent interval, Jeff seemed subdued and a little shaken. I took one look and glared at Kelly. What did you say to him? I wanted to yell. She, on the other hand, looked coolly satisfied, as with a job well done. "Jeff, how about picking us out some songs to sing?" she asked sweetly.

The nervy bastard chose "Danny Boy." Fucking "Danny Boy." And sang it directly to me, in exactly the rich baritone voice I'd wished I possessed my entire life. From his station across the room, I could see Josh's eyes widen. Even Kelly looked impressed. I came so close to crying, I felt completely humiliated. And so horny I couldn't see straight. I made our excuses and dragged him out of there as quickly as I could, without even waiting for my song to come up in the queue. I needed my man, and I needed him now.

He might have been tense after his conversation with Kelly, but singing seemed to have calmed him down to practically a Zen state. As I fidgeted and practically vibrated beside him, he drove calmly and safely home, walked me to the door as usual, and let us in. I was on him in an instant, smothering him with a hungry, demanding kiss. Without breaking our connection, Jeff lifted me—my legs wrapped around his waist—and carried me into the bedroom.

I had been the one burning for action, but Jeff somehow seemed to have taken over all the initiative. Moving deliberately and with infuriating patience, he stripped me out of my clothes and kissed his way down my body to my hard, aching dick. Where he paused, his cheek pressed against my belly.

I was in glorious agony, feeling his warm, tantalizing breath against my glans. "Jeff," I whispered. "Jeff, please. I need you. Jeff. Now." Instead of taking me into his mouth, he ran one hand lightly up my legs to cradle my balls, one finger tapping at my entrance. I spread my legs and cocked my hips to allow him access. He circled the ring with his fingertip, probing gently at my twitching hole but not penetrating. The tip of his tongue darted out to sample the fluid oozing freely from my slit, causing me to tense and thrust toward the mouth I longed to fill. He evaded my efforts, instead increasing the pressure against my asshole.

"Jeff," I tried again. My voice sounded breathy and hoarse even to myself. "Please. Take me, damn it." I could feel his sadistic smile against my stomach, even if I couldn't see it. That fingertip was now dipping lightly into me, coaxing its way past the first tight ring of muscle. His lips briefly enclosed the very end of my cock in hot, wet velvet, then withdrew again. I hissed in tortured pleasure.

For the first time, he spoke. "You taste so good, baby." The strain in his voice betrayed how much self-control this slow torment was costing him. God, I loved hearing that sexy baritone quiver with anticipation. I could almost have come just from the sound.

Finally, without warning, Jeff's mouth engulfed my dick, even as his finger plunged at last deep into my ass. I think my scream woke half the neighborhood. From perfect restraint, he had suddenly become ravenous, ferocious, and the sensation drove me past any coherent thought. All I knew was Jeff, in me and around me, pushing me toward the brink, and all I could do was whimper as he drove me on.

Just when I would have thought I couldn't take any more, he introduced another finger to my welcoming ass, and lightly pinched my left nipple with his free hand. Over the edge I went, spurting jet after jet into Jeff's waiting mouth, panting and swearing. When my spasms had completely ceased, he withdrew from my body, leaving me feeling drained, empty, abandoned and incapable of any movement besides the heaving of my chest.

Jeff disappeared into the bathroom and returned with a warm, wet towel, which I could have told him was unnecessary, since he'd swallowed every drop of the cum he'd just won from me. It still felt soothing and nurturing when he cleaned me gently, and even more so when he wriggled out of his clothes and spooned up against me beneath the covers, holding my head against his chest. I fell asleep listening to Jeff's heartbeat, and to the sound of him softly humming "Danny Boy."

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